my favourite line in the movie :')

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Josh Gads singing or Luke Evans singing. Also, the Gaston song or the mob song :)

…why are you doing this to me anon WHAT DID I DOOOO- no, ok, it’s fine, deep breaths gaston cibia, deep breaths…

Ok. I love them both (Josh is such a cutie-pie oh my god I can’t) buuuuut I think I slightly prefer Mr. Evans ;w; ;;; and the fact that I heard him sing live and in person is a plus I guess. In the original 1991 movie the Mob Song was hands down my favourite together with Be Our Guest and I do think that Luke does his best in it (and LeFou’s line AAH), but I gotta go with “Gaston” in this case. :) There’s lots of Josh, lots of Luke and the dancing part d’awww </3 It’s my favourite part of the movie!

Anyway, my general answer to your questions should be this:

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Tony and Peter sharing the same sentiment on why they do what they do, they both blame themselves for not doing enough, and feel the responsibility to do more and better, to protect the people and the world they love and care about
(inspired by @knightinironarmor [x])

Prompts for writing, journals, get to know me’s or whatever

About me

Am I a clean or messy person?
Am I a tea or coffee person?
Am I a vegetarian/vegan?
Am I afraid of heights?
Am I allergic to anything?
Am I an early bird or a night owl?
Am I an extrovert or introvert?
Am I an innie or an outie?
Am I easily embarrassed?
Am I in a relationship?
Am I left or right handed?
Am I much of a daredevil?
Am I scared of the dark?
Am I social?
Am I superstitious?
Am I ticklish?
Can I bake?
Can I cook?
Can I curl my tongue?
Can I dance?
Can I drive?
Can I juggle?
Can I play poker?
Can I roll my r’s?
Can I sing?
Can I spell well?
Can I swim?
Can I wiggle my ears?
Do I correct people when they make mistakes?
Do I have a collection of anything?
Do I have a strong accent?
Do I have any nicknames?
Do I have any pet peeves?
Do I have any piercings?
Do I have any strange phobias?
Do I have more girl friends or boy friends?
Do I have much of an ego?
Do I judge a book by its cover?
Do I like bubble baths?
Do I like classical music?
Do I like clowns?
Do I like my handwriting?
Do I like roller-coasters?
Do I like scary movies?
Do I like shopping?
Do I like to gossip?
Do I like to talk on the phone?
Do I like travelling?
Do I play any instruments?
Do I sleep with the lights on or off?
Do I smile at strangers?
Do I suck or bite lollipops?
Do I talk to myself?
Do I tend to hold grudges?
Do I use earphones or headphones?
Do I use sarcasm a lot?
Do I want any tattoos?
Do I wear glasses?
Have I ever been on a plane?
Have I ever been on tv?
Have I ever been to the hospital?
Have I ever crashed a car?
Have I ever got in trouble with the law?
Have I ever had a rumour spread about me?
Have I ever had braces?
Have I ever pulled an all-nighter?
Have I ever skipped school?
Have I ever started a rumour?
Have I ever thrown up in the car?
How long does it take for me to get ready?
How many relationships have I ever had?
How old was I when I first got my period?
How tall am I?
What am I most likely to be doing when I am outside?
What am I usually doing on a Friday night?
What are my favourite bands?
What are my favourite flowers?
What can I smell in the air?
What colours mostly dominate my wardrobe?
What is my appearance like?
What is my culture?
What is my current wallpaper on my phone?
What is my full name and why did I get it?
What is my greatest strength?
What is my greatest weakness?
What is my guilty pleasure?
What is my Hogwarts house?
What is my most expensive piece of clothing?
What is my most heavily used makeup product?
What is my most used phrase?
What is my most used word?
What is my personality like?
What is my personality type?
What is my religion?
What is my spirit animal?
What is my strangest talent?
What is my zodiac sign?
What is one trend that I completely bought into?
What is something I can’t do no matter how hard I try?
What is something I hated as a child that I like now?
What is the last thing I bought?
What is the longest I’ve ever gone without sleep?
What is the pet I would like to have?
What is the worst injury I’ve ever gotten?
What language do I want to learn?
What video games do I play when I want to relax?
What was the last book I read?
What was the last movie I saw?
What word do I always use as an exclamation?
What word do I always use to describe something great?
Where do I currently live?
Which is my favourite season?


What is my favourite accent?
What is my favourite animal?
What is my favourite band?
What is my favourite childhood book?
What is my favourite colour?
What is my favourite drink?
What is my favourite flavour of ice cream?
What is my favourite food to eat on a rainy day?
What is my favourite food to eat on a sunny day?
What is my favourite number?
What is my favourite place on the planet?
What is my favourite radio station?
What is my favourite sandwich?
What is my favourite snack?
What is my favourite song?
What is my favourite swear word?
What is my favourite word?
What is my favourite thing to wear?


Do I remember the day I met …?
How are my mother and I similar and different?
What are the compliments I have given other people?
What are the compliments people have given me?
What do my best friend and I have in common?
What gifts would I like to give everyone?
What if I could meet anyone on this planet – who would I choose?
Where is my best friend?
Which actors & actresses do I trust enough to watch whatever they’re in?
Which teachers inspired me the most?
Who are my favourite characters?
Who are my friends?
Who are my parents?
Who are my sisters?
Who are the new people I met? – their names and where we met
Who are the writers I trust enough to read anything they write?
Who brings the sunshine on the days I see nothing but a grey sky?
Who is my best friend?
Who is my celebrity crush?
Who is my favourite youtuber?
Who is my role model?
Who is my secret valentine?
Who is someone I admire?
Who is someone that saved me?
Who is the most intelligent person I know?
Who is the most supportive person in my life right now?
Who was the last person I texted?
Who would I like to go on a midnight adventure with?
Who would I love to randomly see this week?
Who would I really like to hug?
Who would I really like to punch?
Why am I grateful for …?
Why am I grateful for dad?
Why am I grateful for mum?


A playlist for 12-year-old me
A playlist for throwback Thursday
A playlist for when I’m angry
A playlist for when I’m in love
A playlist for when I’m in the mood to party
A playlist for when I’m sad
A playlist of songs that I have on repeat
A playlist that makes me want to dance
A playlist that makes me want to sing
A playlist to inspire me
A playlist to listen to on the bus/train
A playlist with the classics
A song that really speaks to me
A song that was stuck in my head today
Bands and their logos
Song lyrics
What are the first 6 songs when I put my playlist on shuffle?
What song always brings a smile to my face?


A place where the architecture made me want to wake up and see the city skyline every morning
A place where the customer service made me tip £100
A place where the memories were unforgettable
A place where the nature made me want to live in the middle of nowhere
A place where the people restored my faith in humanity
How to get to my favourite place
Places I have never been to but want to see.
Somewhere I want to go before I die
Somewhere I want to go before I turn 20
Somewhere I would rather be right now.
What are the popular places in town?
What is the worst place I’ve been to?
Where is my favourite place to shop?
Where was I born?


A list of every single song on the albums released by my fav bands

Every tom and jerry’s ice cream flavour (I want to try).

Places I would like to see.

Sounds I like.

Sounds I dislike.

Sports I like.

Star signs.

The first 5 things I saw on my way home.

The first 5 words that come to mind.

The main roman gods.

The main Greek gods.

Things I don’t own but like.

Things I want to buy.

Top 10 episodes to watch

Top 10 favourite quotes.

Top 10 movies to watch.

Top 10 people I want to meet.

Top 10 places in Manchester.

Top 10 restaurants I love.

What is the sentence on line 13 of page 23 in the book nearest to me?

What movies do I watch when I’m feeling down?

What tv shows do I always recommend?

What were my favourite tv shows as a child?

What words don’t seem real to me?

Wish list


A memory in summer

A memory in winter

A memory with my family.

A memory with my friends.

I’ll never forget the day (a teacher) did this.

Memories from high school

Special moments I want to witness.

The story behind my first kiss

The story behind my last kiss

The stories behind my scars

What are the memories I never want to forget?

What is my saddest memory?

What is the first thing I remember?

What is the funniest thing I remember?

What was my most embarrassing moment?

What was the happiest day of my life?

What was the last concert I went to?

What was the most amazing thing I’ve ever witnessed?

What was the most disappointing thing in my life?

What was the most nervous I’ve ever been?

What was the saddest day of my life?

When was I last scared for my life?


A note to my favourite teachers.

Dear _____, I would like to tell you.

Dear 5-year-old me.

Dear 10-year-old me.

Dear 13-year-old me.

Dear 15-year-old me.

Dear 16-year-old me.

Dear 18-year-old me.

Dear 21-year-old me.

Dear 25-year-old me.

Dear all the boys I’ve liked.

Dear someone I need to forgive.

Letters to my future children.

Questions to answer

A wise person learns from the mistakes of others – do I agree?

Advice to any if the new kids at sf.

Am I a bad loser?

Am I a good liar?

Am I a writer?

Am I an artist?

Am I good at giving advice?

Am I happy with myself?

Am I happy with the person I’ve become?

Am I the kind of friend I would like to have as a friend?

Books I always reread

Can insanity bring on more creativity?

Do I admit when I’m wrong?

Do I believe that people are capable of change?

Do I belong here?

Do I hold grudges?

Do I have trust issues?

Do I like confrontation?

Do I live or do I just exist?

Do I prefer to be on camera or behind it?

Do I really want a cat?

Do I trust easily?

Have I ever been bullied?

Have I ever been on a date?

Have I ever felt like I wasn’t enough?

Have I ever felt rejected by my friends/family?

Have I ever had a friend turn into an enemy?

Have I ever had a paranormal experience?

Have I ever had a public perception of me change from good to bad?

Have I ever had a song or poem written about me?

Have I ever hopelessly failed a test?

Have I learnt from my mistakes?

How am I feeling?

How do I find comfort when I’m sad?

How do I vent my anger?

How do I want to be remembered?

How could I avoid getting hurt?

How does a (any appliance around the home) work?

How I think will determine how I live – agree or not?

How would I define my sense of humour?

What am I like when I’m angry?

What am I most afraid of?

What are some things that stand between me and complete happiness?

What did I like about being a kid?

What did I want to be when I was younger?

What do I admire most in others?

What do I hate about sf?

What do I hate most about myself?

What do I love most about myself?

What do I notice first when I see someone?

What do I think about selfies?

What do I think about the most?

What do I think could be improved in the educational system?

What do I think people think of me?

What do I touch first when I stick my arms out?

What do I wish I didn’t miss?

What do I wish for every night?

What does a rainbow mean to me?

What fictional character do I wish was real?

What fictional universe would I like to be a part of?

What is an experience that has made me stronger?

What is an item of clothing or jewellery you’ll never see me without?

What is my biggest dream and how do I plan on making it become a reality?

What is my biggest what if?

What is my greatest achievement?

What is my greatest failure?

What is my secret weapon to get someone to like me?

What is one aspect of myself that I feel confident about?

What is one thing I am interested in learning more about?

What is something that makes me feel vulnerable?

What is the best gift I’ve ever received?

What is the first thing I think of when I hear the word ‘heart’?

What is the hardest lesson I have had to learn in life?

What is the ideal age to be and why?

What is the most scandalous situation I’ve ever been involved in?

What is the nicest thing about a person?

What is the single best decision I’ve made in my life so far?

What is the single worst decision I’ve made in my life so far?

What makes a great relationship?

What makes me smile?

What motivates me to succeed?

What part of my life would I relive if I could?

What part of my life would I remove if I could?

What question am I afraid to tell the truth to?

What questions would I ask to get to know someone better?

What was I doing at 12am last night?

What was I like as a child and how did my personality change as I got older?

What was my favourite subject in school?What was the last lie I told?

What was the most ridiculous thing that made me cry?

What will I do in university?

What would I change about my sf?

What would I change about my life if you knew I would never die?

What would I change about the world?

What would I like to change this year?

What would I do differently if you knew that no one was judging me?

What would I do in the event of an apocalypse?

What would I have to see to cry tears of joy?

What would I want written on my tombstone?

When did I experience stage fright or nervousness in front of a crowd?

When do I feel most at peace?

When did I last send a handwritten letter to someone?

When did I not speak up, when I know I really should have?

When did I witness something controversial and had to keep it a secret?

When was the last time I cried?

Where do I see myself in 10 years’ time?

Where do I want to live?

Where is the best place to get pizza?

Where would I go if I got a plane ticket to anywhere?

Which do I value more in others, brains or beauty?

Who do I get on with better, girls or boys?

Who do I miss the most?

Who do I need the most?

Why couldn’t I get out of bed this morning?

Why couldn’t I sleep last night?

Why do I hate insects?

Why do dogs hate me and I hate them?

Will you lend me a hand – how do I think this idiom got started?

Would I ever spread gossip?

Would people consider me a diva?

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On a happy note, what are some of your favorite things about Lance? :3

oh boy 

  • he loves mermaids
  • “i dont need pants. im a mermaid”
  • he’s an amazing sniper and, as an archer, i have a soft spot for long-distance weapons and characters using them
  • he has pretty pretty blue eyes and they’re so expressive
  • sound effects
  • flirts with aliens at any given time, at all, like, me too??????
  • “hasta la later, keith” *dances aggressively*
  • helped pidge find money so she could buy a game she was excited about and also turned into a dolphin-human hybrid to do so. he loves her so much i want to die 
  • related: he’s probably the best older brother i bet he took his younger siblings to the beach and stayed w them all day and played with them and made sand castles and sand mermaids with them
  • literally puts his life in danger regularly to save people ???  the explosion and air vacuum thingie scenes come to mind. god he’s so good
  • that being said he can be kinda selfish (literally manipulated hunk into leaving his lion and coming w him to investigate mermaids just bc he likes mermaids) and i love that about him, i love that he’s not a perfect good boy, i wish the fandom would stop ignoring this tbh tbh
  • the entire scene in s2 where he was talking abt their plan and like, did amazing imitations. shook his butt. dabbed. literally morphed into a strange galra-humanoid thing for the sake of The Drama™
  • “that’s the tagline from like six of my favourite movies” lance is a big nerd confirmed
  • his fucking pickup lines are so funny? they’re so bad they’re good. i’d fall for them lance. i’d fall for them
  • takes the time to explain stuff when keith doesnt understand, like, they could have easily just made him make fun of keith for not getting the “vol” “tron” thing but he instead explains it 
  • also good at diffusing situations and thinking things thru *insert that god i wish that were me meme*
  • *talks fondly about his team and then immediately shits on himself* relatable tbh (but i wish he wouldnt)
  • god, his insecurities are so real they’re palpable. i think a lot of people can see themselves in him bc of them and that’s really cool
  • “is…that a cow” “mmhmmm” 
  • arguably the only paladin with any semblance of fashion sense
  • AND ON THAT NOTE HE’S A MALE CHARACTER WHO’S SHOWN TO LOVE SKINCARE UNABASHEDLY and that’s not something you ever see in media and as a cosmetician IT’S REALLY COOL BECAUSE NOW LITTLE BOYS WILL WATCH THIS AND SAY “hey lance is cool and he takes care of his skin maybe i should too!!!” like YES LANCE THANK YOU FOR DESTROYING TOXIC MASCULINITY 
  • the scene w coran and keith outside his door, when he cuts keith off with the buhububbUHBUHUHGBUHG >A< !!!!!
  • his little “yup” after shiro says the sharpshooter thing
  • *beautifully emerges from a coma to shoot someone, smirks, falls back into a coma beautifully*
  • also flirts w allura to hide the fact that he’s genuinely concerned about their situation that’s a big mood
  • flirts the moment he emerges from a fucking coma
  • flirts. so much. he’s always flirting i love that boy
  • when he had a squid on his head and just rolled w it
  • “this castle has gone apples and bananas!”
  • this:

edit: i forgot where i snagged this pic from but it was from one of @planced‘s gifsets :)

i coudl go on but for your sake i will stop

The Top 10 Films of 2016

Another year has passed, and since I remember people being interested last time, I have put together a fresh list running down my top 10 films of 2016. Enjoy, and look out for my top 10 most anticipated films of 2017 list @starwarsnonsense (which is my Star Wars blog)!

Honourable mentions: Rogue One, Kubo and the Two Strings, When Marnie Was There and Love and Friendship.

1. Paterson

One line review: An exquisitely understated and sweet portrait of the poetry of the mundane, elevated to the level of transcendence by a marvellously genuine and appealing performance from Adam Driver.

2. Nocturnal Animals

One line review: Not style over substance as some have claimed (though every frame is gorgeous), Nocturnal Animals is a deeply unsettling portrait of a seemingly immaculate life fractured by festering regrets.

3. Moana

One line review: My favourite of all the CG Disney animated movies, Moana is a wonderfully refreshing adventure that has relationships between women at its core.

4. Arrival

One line review: A beautiful piece of cinematic sci-fi that is ultimately a celebration of linguistics and love - this underlines that 2016 is truly the year of Amy Adams.

5. Your Name

One line review: A Ghibli-shaped hole in my heart was filled by this movie, which features wondrously detailed animation and some of the most ingenious and rewarding plotting I’ve ever seen.

6. Midnight Special

One line review: I bought a ticket for Adam Driver but loved Midnight Special for Michael Shannon, who delivers a powerhouse performance as a father willing to go to any lengths to protect his terrifyingly powerful child.

7. Zootopia

One line review: A perky and remarkably imaginative animated movie with a central message that promotes tolerance and compassion without resorting to preachiness.

8. Tale of Tales

One line review: The year’s best looking movie (sorry, Nocturnal Animals!) and one of the best and most authentic presentations of fairy tales I’ve ever seen on the big screen.

9. The Witch

One line review: The year’s most unusual horror movie relies on historical authenticity and the gradual build of a creepy atmosphere as opposed to cheap thrills, and is a remarkable evocation of the paranoia and superstition of the earliest European settlers of America.

10. The Girl With All The Gifts

One line review: This movie basically means Hollywood shouldn’t bother with a film of The Last of Us, since there’s nothing left to accomplish - the killer premise of child zombies is exploited to the fullest extent here, and the weird, faintly surreal ending truly lingers.

So I just saw Wonder Woman

I cannot stress enough how important for girls to have good, strong, female role models. I’ve been obsessed with Super heroes since I was TWELVE and I’ve NEVER seen a female super hero portrayed in a way that captured the strength and power the hero was capable of without sacrificing the passion or the innocence of the character. My favourite female super “hero” is actually the villain Harley Quinn purely because she is absolutely fearless and she refuses to take shit from anybody without fail. She was the only female super anything that I had seen with that attitude EVER. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love Harley and she will for ever be my queen of crazy, but tonight I finally found a version of a female hero whose main purpose wasn’t to be a sexy character that the “real” hero could flirt with. The film makers stayed true to the original costume, but not ONCE did I feel like they used it to sexualize her in an unnecessary way. She was sexy, naturally, but it wasn’t forced. She never had to use it in the attempt to seduce the bad guy, men were distracted by her, but the movie made it clear that that was not her fault, she was focused on her mission the entire time and never once faltered for a boy. They just did SO MANY THINGS RIGHT by keeping everything about her focused on her being a badass rather than her being fucking gorgeous, even though she is that too. The best part about her attitude is that she wasn’t “weird” because of it, it was normal and even encouraged for her to be like that. Speaking of attitude, let’s talk blocking. She was put in so many power positions throughout the movie, it was like she refused to let anyone ever look down on her. She had the high ground in SO MANY fights, she was running on rooftops, she was getting all up an some general’s face lecturing him about honour, and this girl WOULD NOT BACK DOWN. Someone tell her to stay put and she didn’t want to? She didn’t. She went exactly where she wanted, exactly when she wanted. And then, in one of my favourite moments, she FLIPS that classic “stay here, I’ll go ahead”, line that guys had been using on her throughout the movie back onto them before running STRAIGHT TOWARDS ENEMY FIRE AND TAKING OUT EVERY BAD GUY IN HER PATH. BUT for every ounce of magnificent attitude in her body, there was AT LEAST an equal amount of compassion. She genuinely cared for every civilian, for every soldier, for every person that she met and everything she did was guided by her desire to do what she believed was right. And despite being told she was wrong, that it was crazy, that “that’s not how the world works”, she was RIGHT. I won’t go into detail, because spoilers, but she was RIGHT. She also treated everybody like they were just as important as her and HELLO THIS GIRL IS TAKING OUT WHOLE PLATOONS NEARLY SINGLE HANDEDLY, SHE DESTROYED A FUCKING TANK AND SHE STILL DIDN’T SEE HERSELF AS BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. And more on that compassion thing? She was still very capable of emotions and you could see them swirl together and twist themselves into knots as she tried to process the idea that everything may not be as she was raised to believe. However this is the first time I’ve seen a female super being feel emotions as powerfully as that and, rather than becoming useless or distracted by them, she was actually STRONGER because of the passion she was feeling. Let me repeat that HER FEELINGS DID NOT IN ANY WAY PREVENT HER FROM BEING A COMPLETE AND TOTAL BADASS. EVEN MALE SUPER HEROES AREN’T GENERALLY ALLOWED TO DO THAT. AND as for things that don’t directly relate to Diana herself, it dealt with soldiers suffering from PTSD (whom she reminded of their value and still saw them as warriors), carried a heavy theme of honour and acting on what you believe in, and it didn’t use the demeaning of men as a tactic for female empowerment. To be clear, it showcased Diana’s strength without making the guys come across as weak, cowardly, or immoral. That’s a victory for equality. I was physically shaking on the edge of my seat for most of the movie, I’ve literally spent the last 8 years of my life waiting for a hero like this, 100/10, GO WATCH THIS MOVIE.

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I think my favourite subtle moment in the new Beauty and the Beast movie was during the Mob Song, Kill the Beast. Without spoiling anything, but LeFou’s earlier doubts in the movie, and then his line,

“There’s a beast running wild, there’s no question.
But I fear the wrong Monster’s released,”

is probably the most eye-opening moment for me. The whole movie was beautiful, but that line was just shocking.

Moana Inspired Prompts!

Because Mod Karissa saw it in the past week and can’t sleep at the moment! omg it was so amazing it’s literally tied with my ALLTIME favourite disney movie and then lin-manuel miranda just ahhhhhhh

(please keep in mind that these are inspired by the movie so they don’t necessarily fall within the cultural lines that the movie uses)

  • I’m a god/goddess and you (a demigod) keep stealing my stuff for the humans to use stOP THAT

  • I’m a god/goddess and my stuff was stolen and while you technically can’t interfere with people to get it back, you chose a champion to get it back for me

  • I’m next in line as chief but really, can’t we just give it to my younger sibling? They want it more anyways hey friend help me look like a bad chief but not too bad

  • I’m a demigod and I keep stealing your stuff and giving it to humans but I really just keep using it as an excuse to see you; you never noticed me otherwise

  • mermaid/man wanting to visit the land and person wanting to see the water and just. breaking rules to talk to each other and talk about the different cultures

  • explorer coming to an isolated island and the person wanting to travel being completely enamored with them

  • I wanted to travel on the sea so bad but i’m drowning in a bad storm and now you, the god/goddess of the sea takes pity on me and rescues me personally

Oh, by the way, I noticed one very tiny detail in Lego Batman movie. BUT it warms my heart.
Bruce loves “Jerry Maguire” and whatches it constantly. And there is a line in this movie, if you remember: “You had me at Hello” (said by Renée Zellweger).
In Lego movie in that romantic and wonderful finale Joker says pretty similar line: “You had me at Shut up”.

So, Joker says romantic words from the favourite romantic movie of Bruce. Just imagine them whatching this movie together on a couch and knowing the whole thing by hart. I mean… yeah… Lego movie IS gold.

Beauty and the Beast (Remake) Review

This is going to be a spoiler free review, so I won’t be able to go into too much detail, but let me give you a short preview of what I feel about the movie: It was utterly and undeniably magical!

I just left the cinema and instantly made my way home and to my laptop to write all this down so I would not forget a single thing I wanted to share with you guys, because let me tell you there is so much to say about this movie and all of it is good. Over the past couple of weeks I have seen so much negativity surround this movie, so many people threatening to boycott yet another movie they haven’t seen on the sheer basis that a character was supposedly gay and once more mistreated for it.

I write this to share with everyone willing to read just what an amazing experience it was watching this movie. I want to preface the following review by saying that both my best friend and I are not overly emotional people. Neither of us cry at the drop of a pin, especially not in the cinema. Yet in the matter of ten minutes both me and my friend had our first tears in our eyes. I say first, because the movie takes you on quite the emotional ride and it is magnificent. Now, I’m no professional, but I’d consider my opinion rather objective and trustworthy. Of course, I’d suggest you go see the movie yourself nevertheless.

Let me begin with the basics such as scenery, music and cast. The scenery was quite literally breathtaking. The second Emma Watson stepped out of her little home in that little village of France you are there with Belle. I had the pleasure to watch the movie in 3D IMAX and it was absolutely worth it. I’d recommend for anyone to pay those extra bucks, because I feel it really added to the tone of the movie.

While the CGI was certainly visible at times and slightly over the top for my taste here and there the overall feel of the movie is not damaged by it at all. Wherever the movie takes you, it seems real despite of it. The camera work is to thank for it as well, as it really helps to set a specific tone. All in all the movie does great in making you feel a certain emotion at the appropriate time by using all the means they are given to do so; including the sets and the way the camera is handled.

The music and especially the musical numbers were quite mesmerizing. Amongst the familiar classics like Beauty and the Beast itself the movie offered some new pieces as well. Especially one towards the end – sung by Dan Stevens as the Beast – caught my attention and heart in particular. They use the songs not only to entertain, but also to convey emotions and a deep insight into the characters themselves. Some performances I liked better than others – I was disappointed by the audible autotune used on Emma Watson herself – but overall the numbers were all equally entertaining.

As for the cast I have to admit I had my doubts. I was especially worried about Josh Gad as Le Fou as I’ve gotten to know him as a pretty poor comedic actor. I say poor as most jokes are at the expense of him and his weight rather than made by him. After watching the movie I can say that I could not be more pleased with the casting, even Josh Gad. I was honestly surprised as to how well he handled the role and happy to see him take on a more serious side. Of course he was still funny, but this time the humour wasn’t at his expense, but rather due to his wit and clever sarcasm.

Now I want to tackle the characters, specifically taking the accusations into account, and talk about how the movie performs in comparison to the old classic we all know and love. While a lot of the original story has remained untouched and recognizable, there still have been quite a few tweaks and they were for the better. They made the story more understandable, the characters more memorable and real. I am happy to note that the characters are granted a new depth they were lacking in the original. Thanks to that the story is much better fitting for our time, age and new audience.

Gaston I was especially pleased with, for multiple reasons. Towards the beginning of the movie I found him to be rather charming which was a clever move to make. It only made him seem worse when finally his facade dropped later on the movie. It makes you truly detest his character and therefor the movie managed to create a good villain in him. Despite being the bad guy, however, his relationship towards Le Fou is in no way hateful. In fact, their friendship is one I considered to be one of the most interesting in the entire movie!

As for Le Fou, I dare say he was one of my favourite characters. Contrary to his original counterpart he is in no way a fool. In fact, he is the one keeping Gaston in check, knowing his best friends behaviour, trying to keep him in line while simultaneously taking his jabs and making fun of him as well. Compared to the original, their relationship is much more equal and lighthearted. Gaston is still the dreamy guy everyone is into, but he doesn’t treat Le Fou as a peace of shit for it. In fact, despite his obviously homoerotic undertones, even towards Gaston, the latter never once ridicules him for it. Not only that, but Le Fou undergoes great character growth over the course of the movie and it was a pleasure to watch.

As for the Beauty and the Beast themselves, there is not too much to say. The characters themselves weren’t changed too much and yet there was still a fresh air about them. It’s hard to explain without giving too much away. However, I can say that both of them are obviously flawed and both of them undergo a growth as well. Not only the Beast but Belle too. Instead of brushing their flaws off once the plots wants them to be in love they are openly addressed and worked on. Both parties realize their mistakes and even admit to them. It certainly was a nice, little change and I happily watched their relationship develop step by step.

As for a direct comparison of the original to the new one I can say without doubt and guilt that the new movie is better. A lot of the flaws of the original – whether due to ignorance or because of the time it was created it – were taken care off in this movie. The Stockholm Syndrome people accuse the original of is handled better and I say this with a particular conversation in mind that directly addresses the issue of freedom there is for Belle. The movie also works much better in establishing the character, their relationships and especially their pasts. You get to know more about Belle and the Beast that give you a better insight into them and explain, to a certain extend, why their relationship develops the way it does.

So, in conclusion, the movie does great in sweeping you away into a beautiful, magical world. It has a great tone, the music is catchy, the scenery is breathtaking and it hits home in just the right places. While the original was beautiful and unique to experience and is an irreplaceable part of many childhoods, it was extremely flawed. While it isn’t to say that this version is not flawed – it undeniably is – the new Beauty and the Beast managed to give you nostalgia without making the same mistakes as its predecessor. It adds a new depth and strength to our already beloved characters that make me happy in the sense of knowing that another generation will grow up with a better version of our childhood heroes.

MY FAVOURITE MOVIES (highly recommend)

dead poets society
the breakfast club
begin again
great gatsby
the perks of being a wallflower
to kill a mockingbird
12 angry men
the bourne ultimatume
magnificent seven
les miserables
the edge of seventeen
a separation
eternal sunshine of the spotlight mind
requiem of a dreams
american history x
silver linings playbook
camp x-ray
curse of the golden flower
the hateful eight
crimson preak
the imitation game
harry potter and the deathly hallows
django unchained
max mad fury road
saving private ryan
captain fantastic
manchester by the sea
black swan
grave of the fireflies
sherlock the abominable bride
v for vendette
under the shadow
gone baby gone
the grand budapest hotel
a beautiful mind
the pianist
the revised fundamentals of caregiving
miracle in cell no 7
into the wild
a clockwork orange
persuit of happyness
the silence of the lamb

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My feelings on the PLL Finale

This is the post I promised about all of my feelings about the finale and the show, now that it has come to a close. I don’t have many good things to say about it so I am warning you now before you start reading. If you enjoyed the finale and are the kind of person whose mood (and in turn opinions) can be affected by those of others if they don’t match their own, don’t read on. Unfollow me, because a lot of what I post or reblog from now until I stop using this account will not be positive.

I envy any of you who loved the finale, as I mentioned yesterday, because this show has been really close to my heart, and I wouldn’t want to be the person who ruins those memories for you because I know how easy it is to change your mind about how you feel about something if everyone (or at least the majority) around you doesn’t feel the same way as you. If I were you, I would guard my feelings fiercely (if I were content with the finale) and keep away from all accounts that might make me second guess my views. However, if you are interested and can tolerate diverse views, or if you share the same frustrations as me, you’re welcome to read on!

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The Hardest Goodbye

Request: ‘You should write a reggie x reader where they’re dating and Reggie has to leave riverdale for good because of school or something and its really sad, like a homage to Ross Butler. Make me cry’ 

Pairing: Reggie x Reader

Warnings: none, this is the fluffiest shit I’ve ever written

Word count: 3316

A/N: I really tried with this one, I knew I needed to write this as soon as I got the request. P.S Ross Butler will always be the best Reggie Mantle

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(also before y’all come for me I know this gif’s from 13 rw, but I thought it was cute ok)

I awoke this morning feeling as grey as the cloud covered sky outside my window. The day had finally arrived, the day I’d been dreading for weeks. It was the day Reggie Mantle would be moving away from Riverdale, for good. 

It was exactly 1 month and 3 days ago when he told me he’d been offered a place at a prestigious football based school. I was over the moon for him, I remember feeling so proud. My boyfriend was going to be a famous athlete.

 That was until he told me that this school happened to be halfway across the country. Then the pride was replaced with a feeling of nausea, and it had stuck with me every day since.

I tried my best to be supportive and not let him know that with every passing day my heart broke a little more, I became an expert at putting up a front. I did this because I could tell how much he really wanted to go by the way his eyes would light up each and every time he spoke about it. Sometimes I’d slip up with my facade and he’d always be able to tell. “Don’t worry Y/N, we’ll skype every day and I’ll come visit you. I promise”. He would say over and over again. I’d always just nod and smile and pretend that this would be enough.

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High Tensions - Ten

Can I just say that I’m loving the the reactions this is getting!

Reid x Reader

He’d dreamt about her again. This time she’d been lying on his bed with her legs spread wide and he’d been situated between them with his mouth pressed up against her, tasting her as he lapped away at her clit. 

He’d woken up a sticky mess once more, his mouth almost watering. He swore he could still taste the sweet, yet bitter taste of her but he knew that wasn’t possible. 

They exchanged texts this morning making plans to meet up later on in the day and he’d received a few suprise photos from her which made his dick immediately hard again. This had to stop, and soon. If he didn’t fuck her soon he was scared he was going to fall asleep on the jet and wake up with Y/N and the rest of the team laughing at him as he humped and came all over the leather seats, no doubt moaning her name. 

Yet he wasn’t going to be the one to end it. At least not yet. 

He wondered what tonight would bring. Spencer had enjoyed their little cinema “date” the other week, not exactly knowing what it meant for them in terms of their relationship with each other. But she’d been right when she’d pointed out that they were two friends with a mutual attraction who were trying to bang each other senseless. What other word really was there? They weren’t “friends with benefits” because so far, there’d been no benefits.  

He thought back to the last week and a half. The case had hit Y/N hard, it had affected them all but seemed to have hurt her more as she’d developed a bond with the parents of the child they’d initially been called in to find. That had happened to them all on occasion, it was hard not feel drawn to certain people and the parents had been drawn to Y/N, always seeking her out to check for new information. When the case had gone bad and the news delivered, he’d heard her crying in her hotel room later that night. He’d wanted to go to her but when he’d left his room next door, he’d saw her door closing softly and then sound of JJ’s voice through the wood. He’d settled for giving her a hug when they’d got back to HQ. 

She’d seemed fine this morning, back to her usual bubbly self during their text exchange but he wanted to do something for her to make her feel better. He racked his brains. 

After and hour of thinking he kept coming back to the same thing. He didn’t want to just buy her something, or take her somewhere. 

But would she let him do the thing he was thinking off? He’d found a loophole that would allow it, if she saw things from his point of view. 

Well there was only one way to find out. 

He knocked her door at 8pm, takeout bag in hand. She answered wearing a shorts and vest pajama combo, her hair piled on top of her wet. It looked wet and she didn’t have any make up on, although she still looked stunning.

“Hey! Apologies for the lack of proper clothes. I’ve literally done nothing but cleaning and laundry all day and I’ve only just got out the shower. I lost track of time.” She took the take out bag from him and he followed her to through to her kitchen area. 

“No worries. I did say don’t bother getting dressed. Admittedly I had something else in mind, but beggers can’t be choosers.”

She grinned at him, handing him a beer and pulling out some plates. “Actually Spencer, in this case, beggers could be choosers. You beg for it and you can choose to do what you want to me.”

He rolled his eyes at her trying to let the comment wash over his head. He helped her plate up their food and headed over to the couch, placing his messenger bag on the floor next to him and making himself comfortable. 

“So what are we watching?” he asked. 

“Well considering how much we’ve been talking about it recently, I figured we could watch this.” Y/N produced a dvd from the coffee table next to her. 


“You’re not being serious?!” There was no way he could watch that with her, especially given the dreams he’d been having. 

“No I’m not. We’re watching this instead.” She produced another film. Don Jon. 

He knew that film was about a man with a porn and masturbation addiction and he could do without watching Joseph Gordon Levitt wanking himself stupid. He shook his head at her. 

“Well that brings me to my third and final option, this.“ 

Beauty and the Beast. 

“What?” she must have seen the look on his face. “It’s my favourite film and it makes me feel happy. And after the last case, I could kinda do with that.“ 

“Fine…. Put it on.” He watched her bound over to her dvd player and slip the disc in, her butt sticking out as she bent over. 

They ate and watched the film in companionable silence, her shushing him whenever he tried to feed her a random fact. 

“Did you know this film is based on…. ”

“Yes I know.”

“Did you know that Beast’s name is actually….”

“Adam, yes I know.”

“Did you…. ”

She chucked a cushion at him. “Spence, this is my favourite movie. I’ve watched it like a thousand times. I doubt there’s anything you could tell me about it that I don’t already know. Now shut up and let me watch. We can watch Doctor Who or something you like afterwards.”

It wasn’t like he wasn’t enjoying the movie, although he was enjoying watching Y/N watching it more. Her lips moved along with the character’s quietly singing along with them, or mouthing their lines. She really must have seen this film a thousand times to know it off by heart. It was sweet. And just another thing about her to add to the ever growing list of items he found desirable about her. 

The movie finished and as the credits rolled he could see her wiping away a tear. 

“Y/N. Do you want a hug?”

She looked at him suspiciously. 

“No funny business I swear. It’s just…… You’re crying.”

“Because of the movie, stupid film.” But she inched closer to him on the couch. 

“I never suggested it was anything other than the movies making you sad.” He held open his arms waiting to see if she’d move into them. 

She moved, slowly wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her body against his. 

Okay, perhaps offering a hug wasn’t such a good idea. The pajamas she was wearing didn’t offer much coverage and they were a thin cotton material. Luckily she was wearing a bra but he could still feel her chest pressed against his. 

“Thanks Spencer,” she sighed into his neck, her hands playing with his hair.

“What for?” he didn’t relax his grip on her, enjoying the feel of her against him. 

“Just….. I don’t know. Everything. I don’t think I tell you this enough but I honestly think you’re a great guy. You’re kind and sweet and you know when I’m feeling down and when I need a hug. You’re a great friend.”

Friend. Weren’t they a little past friends?

She continued, tilting her head slightly so that her words blew onto his neck. “Add that to the fact the you’re sexy as hell, and clearly know how to please a women in the bedroom. You’re obviously perfect.”

“I’m far from perfect Y/N. And sexy? That’s one word that doesn’t tend to get used in the same sentence as Spencer Reid.”

She was still pressed against him, her lips almost touching his neck. Her next words shocked him. “I think you’re perfect Spencer. Perfect for me at least. And……” she stopped herself, unsure of whether she should continue or not. He waited with baited breath. 

“And, erm….. Spencer. Maybe when we decide who’s won this little bet, we could actually go out on a proper date? One which we both know is an actual date.”

He knew that Y/N found him attractive, she’d said as much. And he knew that she must find him sexually attractive to have even been partaking in this game with him in the first place. 

If he was honest with himself he’d hoped and wanted something more to come out of it. But he was still totally surprised to hear that she wanted the same. 

He nodded at her. “We can do whatever you want Y/N.”

She broke the embrace and pulled away from him. “Well what I really want is for you to tell me you want me so I can win this damn thing and have a fucking orgasm.”

He laughed at her wondering if now was the time to ask her. It had to be really. 

“Y/N. Erm….. I was thinking earlier. I know how upset you’d been after the last case and I really wanted to do something nice for you.”

“You are doing something nice for me Spence. Just by being here with me.”

“Well I wanted to do something that would make you feel better…… And,  well I blame the fact that I’m in an almost constant state of arousal when I’m near you for pointing my brain in this direction, but the only thing I could think of to make you feel better was to offer to give you an orgasm. I’m not admitting defeat here by the way, but I found a loophole that I thought we could exploit just for the one night.”

He watched her face for a reaction, but she didn’t give anything away. A few moments later she finally spoke. “You want to make me come? Without breaking the rules?“ 

He nodded. 


He reached into his messenger bag pulling out the little box he’d picked up earlier and passing it to her. Now that had been an interesting shopping trip. 

“Spencer this is a vibrator. Why the hell do you have a bullet vibrator?” He could still see confusion on her face, but he detected a hint of a smile of her lips. 

“I bought it earlier. I know you have one, but the thing that you have, well it scares me quite frankly. This is much more simple and the woman in the shop said that it’s one of the best selling items.”

She laughed, the image of him in a sex shop amusing her. 

“I can’t use it though. It’s against the rules. It’s still self relief remember. If I use this on myself, you’d win.”

“That’s not what I’m getting at. I’d use it on you.”

Her jaw dropped and her cheeks coloured. 

“Technically we’re not breaking any rules because I wouldn’t actually be touching you. I’d be touching this. And you wouldn’t be touching yourself either. You get to orgasm and feel good, and I get to watch. And neither of us violates any of our self imposed rules. But it’s a one night only thing.”

“Why one night only?”

“Because otherwise, if I were to do this again, then you’d never admit defeat and I’ll never get to hear you telling me how badly you want my dick inside you.”

She breathed in deeply, before asking, “But what about you. You still don’t get to… Well, you know.”

“Honestly Y/N, twice now I’ve woken up covered in my own mess. The dreams I’ve been having about you…… Well, they’ll keep me going for a bit longer.”

He licked his lips at the memory,  hearing her whisper, “Oh my fucking God.”

“This isn’t a trick?” she clarified. 

“Nope, although if at any point you beg me to slip myself in, then I do still win. But otherwise, it won’t count against you. It will probably work in your favour to be honest. I’ve only dreamt about what you look like when you orgasm, seeing it might actually push me over the edge.”


She stood up from the couch, holding out her hand to him. He took it. 

The box in one hand, and his hand in her other, she led him to her bedroom. 


Pacify her ~ jughead jones 

Prompt - inspired by the Melanie Martinez song pacify her,
pairing - Jughead x reader 

notes - this is the first fic ive done based on a song i hope you all like it 

Tired blue boy walks my way,
Holding a girls hand. 
that basic bitch leaves finally,
now i can take her man

You had been sat in pops talking with Archie about his newest song something he’d written about Jason blossom. It was incredible how he could write a song so well and fast. Veronica sat humming to herself learning her notes and lyrics. The ding of the bell made you look up seeing Jughead wearing his signature Gray beanie he was never without. You loved Jughead Jones but never told him as he never seamed interested in you and fearing if you told him your feelings he’d stop being friends. He saw you, smiling when he did, you smile back before seeing Betty behind him holding his hand as they walk to the booth you was sat at. You all squashed up making room for the couple. Pop brought over milkshakes and fries for you all. 

Betty and Veronica had been taking about a charity dance at the school for the past hour, still insure on a theme. Archie asking if he could perform now having found his confidence to perform in front of a crowd. Both you and jug rolled your eyes, not bothered about school social activities chatted about his book. You had offered to help him in anyway you could, you mainly went with him when he wanted to talk to people about the night Jason disappeared, or read what he’d wrote giving your feedback.
The two girls left to go gather and sort out decorations, Archie wanted to see Valarie to work on a new song for the dance and ask if the pussycats was willing to perform too. 

“drive in?” jug asked you with a smile. You nodded, happy to get away from the planning of the dance. “please” you said in an mocking exaggerated way like you was dying of boredom. You grabbed your stuff walking towards the door waving bye to pop.

Someone told me stay away from things that aren’t yours
But was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?

Outside you waited for Jug as Archie asked him for a word before you both left. Betty forgot her bag and ran back in you stood with Veronica.  The raven haired girl eyed you suspiciously, “you do know there going out now right?” Veronica said with a hint of sarcasm. You looked confused at her “yes of course I do why would you ask me that” you say back quite defensively. Ronnie stepped forward looking in the window of pops to see where her friend was, “because your always with him, when she calls or visits, your always there or he has plans with you! Also don’t you think going back to Juggies alone is something you should do now he has a girlfriend?” her tone was accusing and her body language threatening but you didn’t let it bother you. Instead you smirked “look me and jug have been best friends since forever I don’t think Betty has anything to worry about” you stepped closer looking Ronnie right in the eye “and if Betty have a problem with me watching a movie with Jughead just like I have done for the past 10 years then she can come and tell me” you walked away smiling at Betty as she left pops. You stood on your toes seeing jug and Archie talking so sat on the wall listing to your music waiting for your them.

Archie waited for Betty to leave before he spoke “jug I’m happy for you and Betty but are you sure that’s who you truly want?” Jughead looked at his mate confused, although he knew exactly what Archie was talking about he didn’t want to have the conversation. “why are you asking me that?” jug quizzed still intrigued to what the red head meant. “since the 3rd grade you have had a crush on y/n and all of a sudden your loved up with Betty” Archie paused to think of what to say next “because if I didn’t know any better I’d say this was a way to make y/n jealous but you know your only going to push her away”. Jughead closed his eyes he knew everything Archie was saying had some truth he did love y/n but couldn’t keep crushing on her and be friends, the reason he was with Betty was to try shut down any feels for the beautiful y/h/c girl. “it’s not like that look there waiting let’s go” jug sternly told his friend walking to the doorway heading home you followed not sure if you should ask what had been said.

Pacify her
She’s getting on my nerves You don’t love her
Stop lying with those words

You sat with jug as and watched your favourite movie one you had both watched a thousand times but still loved, as one of your favorite parts came up you both looked at each other acting out the lines. It had been an hour and Betty had messaged jug at least 8 times. Jughead had looked but not replied to any, pressing pause on the movie you turned to him “what’s wrong?” you say knowing something was off with him. Jug tried to play it cool, “nothing” he said giving you a smile trying to take the remote back to play the rest of the movie.
Pulling your arm back so he missed you looked him in the eyes “so why did you have a face like a smacked ass when you left pops, or blanking Betty’s messages” you laugh hoping he would tell you what was in his mind. Jughead huffs “she wants to go to this dance as a couple and then to Cheryl’s house after”. He mimics Betty “the whole school will be there and I want to show off my boyfriend”. You both start laughing at it, “oh just go! you kind of have to now your dating and under the thumb can’t say no” you teased tried your hardest to hide the hurt or jealousy in your voice. Jughead rolled his eyes “I’m not under anything” you raised your eyebrows “look just go keep her happy it will shut her up, and me and Archie will be there too besides you can’t say no to the girl next door” you order more then tell him.

Jughead nodded taking his phone calling Betty “hello” he said waiting for her to talk “okay I’ll go the stupid dance but I’m not going to Cheryl’s party it’s not happening” he said smirking at you to show that she can’t always boss him around, you couldn’t hear what Betty said but Jugheads face frowned “yeah I love you too” your froze at his fast mumbled words, you wasn’t ready to hear that, it was hard enough trying to except them together, seeing them hold hands without hearing him tell her he loved her. You watched as he listened again to his blonde girlfriend he tug and play with his hair and ear, you had known jug over ten years it was something he only done when he was lying. A little bit of hope sparked inside you had he just lied when he told her he loved her you thought watching him say goodbye. You both sat back to watch the movie, you looked up at him gazing at the small TV screen thinking how gorgeous he was wishing you could tell him how you really felt.

I can’t stand her whining
Where’s her binky now?
And loving her seems tiring
So boy, just love me, down, down, down

The dance had been what every dance at school was like, music laughing some drinking. You had had a nice time you danced with Archie Veronica and even Jughead looked happy for the first time in weeks. Tired you went and sat with him, “she not made you dance yet?” you ask getting you drink. “no so don’t jinx me” he laughed watching Betty dance with Veronica.
The night was almost over Betty had finally asked and gotten jug to dance to which he looked miserable during. You sat laughing and pulling tongues at him when he looked at you, but you truly hated the sight of them slow dancing. After the song the whole group came back talking about Cheryl’s party. Archie, Betty and Veronica were all talking jug into going. “come jug come with us” Archie’s voice shouted over the music “it’s not my thing” he grumbled. Betty sat with a her hand on his leg “please it’s not going to be the same without you there” she wined at him. Jug looked at her really not wanting to go but knew he’d never get out of it agreed, he looked at you as you rolled your eyes laughing into your drink.  

The girls left the table to go and help set the stage for the pussy cats big finish. Val came over to tell Archie Josie had agreed to sing one of his songs before there’s. Archie jumped up to get his guitar leaving you alone with jug.  You laughed shaking your head at him, “your so under the thumb” you said before mimicking Jugheads voice “I’m not going to Cheryl’s party” jug just smiled at you “what are you laughing for your coming too” he said making your face drop. “and why would I do that?” you asked “because while one of us is distracting everyone the other can look around for clues to what happened to Jason” he smirked.
He was right it was the best and only chance you both had to get inside blossom manor, while jug was with Betty you could sneak about and find something for Jughead’s book.

You danced and sang with jug, Betty and Veronica to Archie’s song and once the pussy cats where finished you all headed to Cheryl’s after party. The party at the blossoms was different to the dance at school all rules where out, everyone was drinking and partying. You had tried to escape to look around but each time you had been seen by someone who wanted to talk or was already going that way. Even Jughead was having a hard time finding a way to escape Betty.
“let’s play a game!” you heard Cheryl’s voice boom over everyone. Groaning you sat with your friends as Cheryl called everyone over. “7 minutes in heaven is always a fun game” she said with a evil twisted smile. You knew Cheryl that smile meant trouble, though you didn’t expect you to be a target tonight.
After 3 pairs had already been picked you desperately wanted to leave, you didn’t care about clue hunting or juggies book. “y/n andddd” you froze when you heard the red head say your name, she extended the sound of the ‘and’ as she looked for a partner “Wednesday Addams” you heard Reggie shout as he walked out of the closet with Ethel. “yes y/n and Jughead” Cheryl squeals with delight. 

You looked at jug who didn’t really know what to do, he stood up to leave but Reggie and two other boys stood in the way of the door. “your not leaving until you’ve played” Cheryl sassed at him. 

Jughead looked at Betty who sadly smiled at him, “just go juggle it’s 7 minutes with your friend what’s the worst that can happen” she said in her sweetly voice. Jug rolled his eyes walking to the cupboard you quietly stood up following him. You wasn’t going to lie you wanted something like this to happen for years, you and Jughead matched up in childish game to maybe have a chance to kiss him, show or tell him how you felt, but you couldn’t help but feel disappointed that he was going out with Betty so anything you had always wanted to do was now off the cards.

The door slammed behind you as you squeezed in. It was clear something was up with him “what are we even doing here” he mumbled to himself, you laughed “playing 7 minutes in heaven I think” you smirked at him. Jug smiled back at you moving a little find room in the small space. His phone buzzed in his pocket, Betty had texted him but annoyed he didn’t read it but looked angry she was messaging him after less then a minute. “you know if your unhappy with her you can just end it” you say looking at his eyes lit up by the phone light. He frowned at you “why who says I’m unhappy?” He asked. You smirk at him “how about your face, body language” judgment looked confused “don’t give that look” you whisper shouted at him “you look sick and tired all the time you have a look of annoyance when she texts you if your happy then your not only lying to Betty and your friends but too yourself as well” you said annoyed turning to walk out thinking screw what Cheryl or anyone else says. You stopped when you felt jug grab your arm, “wait your right I’m lying” he admitted low.

Turning folding your arms to hear what else he had to say, he pulled of his beanie fiddling with the button, “I like Betty I do, but she’s not the girl i love” he said looking nervous, you made a small huh noise. The confusion was clear on your face it made Jughead chuckle “for someone so smart you can be so dumb” he stepped closer to you, in his mind he knew if he didn’t say anything now he never would “its you y/n your the girl I love” before you could speak his lent down and kissed you.

In that second you forgot everything that was going on his words running in your mind, it was everything you had dreamed of and more. Moving your arms around him pulling him closer in the lowest whisper to say “I love you too” then kiss him back more intensely then his.

Someone told me stay away from things that aren’t yours
But was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?
Pacify her
She’s getting on my nerves
You don’t love her
Stop lying with those words

Neither of you heard Cheryl shout “time” or the door open. You and Jughead quickly pulled apart from your kiss when the sudden flash of light and sound of gasps or woops came from everyone looking. The first face you saw was Betty’s, her bottom lip quivers as she stirred blankly at you both. “I always said jug and y/n was endgame” Kevin said louder then he meant too. Betty ran out the room and upstairs to Polly’s room. Instead of running after her jug just put his hat back on and left with Archie running after him.

You walked out of the closet with Cheryl’s saying something you didn’t really hear. You sat on the chair with your head in your hands, Veronica came over and sat next to you and quietly spoke “I thought you was only friends I told you the other day they was a thing and Betty loved him” her voice was calm but angry like it was a warning of some form. “leave it out Veronica” you said You could hear Reggie shouting across the room “you can kiss me like that any day y/n” with that you stood up to leave.

Archie finally caught up with Jughead at the front door. “jug, man what’s going on what was that?” he asked his friend. Jug paced up and down frustrated with himself torn between his feelings “I don’t know” was all he said back taking more steps “Betty saw what I’m I going to do” he blurted out looking at his friend for advice “I don’t know who you want to be with is only something you can answer” Archie told him sincerely. Jug sat on a chair hiding his face in his beanie “I like Betty she’s kind, sweet but y/n, is amazing funny gets me knows what I want before I do. Truly makes me smile, she’s…. ” Archie finished his sentence “the girl you’ve only ever wanted” jug nodded knowing what Archie said was true.
Betty walked down the stairs with a pregnant Polly close behind her she had heard what the boys had said feeling crushed but not surprised by her boyfriends revelation. Jug was thinking of what to say to Betty how to apologize when you walked out. You stopped waiting for someone to move or speak, Betty walked down the remaining steps, “you have to choose Jughead” she said looking at him. Jug stood there looked between you both wishing the ground would open swallowing him up. He looked at Betty and was about to speak, you couldn’t stand there and watch him choose her over you, you could feel your eyes filling up so before anyone could see you cry you ran out the blossom home without hearing what he said.

Back inside Jughead watched y/n run out he could see her crying as she ran past. “Betty I’m really sorry” he said. Betty closed her eyes nodding knowing that he did love y/n. Jughead looked at Archie who waved his hands telling Jughead to go after y/n. He ran outside and couldn’t see you anywhere, walking towards the gate he spun round looking feeling pissed at himself for upsetting you. He took his phone out his pocket finding your number, calling it. You saw his call but didn’t answer it, you couldn’t talk to him in the broken mess you felt. Jughead heard your ring tone and followed the sound finding you sitting on the grass, leaned against a tree. At first he didn’t speak just quietly sat next to you.
Wiping your face you didn’t look up at him, you looked at the ground trying to stop the silent tears. “if you had stayed you would of heard my answer” he said looking at you waiting for you to look back at him. when you did he was smiling, you felt his hand rest over yours curling his fingers round “you I chose you y/n, I’ve always wanted you to be mine” you widen you eyes searching for any hint of a lie. When you didn’t answer he he bent forward kissing you “y/n will you be mine?” He asked as he gently rubbed his nose across yours “yes” you say giving him a small kiss back. Jughead stood up and held out his hand helping you up “wanna get out of here?” He said more then asked, “definitely” you smile wide, he put his arm around your shoulder as you both walked home.

cybersinner  asked:

I'm in the middle of finals week (ugh), do you think you could do some lazy day headcanons for McCree and his S/O

I would be honoured!! McCree is my absolute favourite and I’m currently dealing with a tough breakup right now so I needed this as well. Thank you!

  • On days like this, changing out of pyjamas was almost illegal
  • It was probably around 2 PM before both of you decided to roll out of bed, that was of course after the two of you had previously spent 3 hours cuddling and refusing to move even an inch.
  • All American breakfast? Obviously. McCree’s rustic cooking skills never failed to impress you as you tried to learn along the way
  • Whilst he’d finish up n the kitchen, you’d put on your favouite movie and pull out multiple blankets and pillows.
  • Jesse would come in with two plates and sigh as he saw your grinning face as you sat there surrounded by soft things.
        ~ “Darl, you’ve watching this movie three times this week alone!”
        ~ “I know but it’s my favourite
  • You’d curl up against him as you enjoy binge watching old classic movies, laughing when he’d quote the odd line or sing along quietly.
  • Take out later that night seemed to be tradition on days like this
  • However the two of you would groan as you heard the doorbell ring, play fighting to see who’d answer the door
  • Eventually, you’d give in to his puppy eyes and soft smiles
  • The mood changed as you dimmed the lights, turned on the fireplace and cuddled closer to him - he was so warm
  • It was inevitable that you’d fall asleep on him.
  • As the final credits would roll, he’d admire your sleeping figure fondly before scooping you up in his arms and carrying you back to bed.