my favourite is winston

  • (When D.Va first got her Mech)
  • D.Va: Dibs on the Pink one!
  • Winston: D.VA, you do not want that one. It’s our newest current model; it’s bright pink and has the latest upgrades.
  • Which is a nice way of saying, everyone and their dog will be gunning for that thing!
  • Seriously, it’s like running around the battlefield asking to get shot.
  • D.Va: Pink’s my favourite colour!
  • Winston: On second thought, that robot was made for you.
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had a dream that i was at this ultimate stereotypical sleepover – nail polish, gossip, pillow fights, the whole deal.  

there was also a bloody decapitated head on a pike in the middle of the room, but on the plus side, deadpool can braid hair like a frickin tolkien elf

The only Overwath characters I’ll touch are Roadhog and Winston because they fit my favourite character tropes to write

-Grumpy older person very comfortable in their identity

Ardern's New Zealand election bid punctured by post-truth politics | Toby Manhire
‘Jacindamania’ saw a spectacular rise in Labour’s prospects, only to have them hobbled by false National attack ads
By Toby Manhire

My favourite paragraph:

The balance of power will be held by Winston Peters, the leader of the New Zealand First party. One senior National MP who remembers Peters’ previous role in a National-led government in the 1990s recently told the Guardian that working with him was like “being stuck in a cage with a possum”.