my favourite is winston

  • (When D.Va first got her Mech)
  • D.Va: Dibs on the Pink one!
  • Winston: D.VA, you do not want that one. It’s our newest current model; it’s bright pink and has the latest upgrades.
  • Which is a nice way of saying, everyone and their dog will be gunning for that thing!
  • Seriously, it’s like running around the battlefield asking to get shot.
  • D.Va: Pink’s my favourite colour!
  • Winston: On second thought, that robot was made for you.
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Are there any characters from the tomb raider games (2013 reboot) you'd wanna see?

i love roth, jonah, reyes, and alex, but if u do make one ensure you put a personal spin on them because dat individualité is what i thrive upon and trust.

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Hana giggled with a smirk, “Oh? I would have guessed Emily would have reminded you of mint, she sounds like your favorite.”

“And you know how to cheer people up, Lena. That’s my favorite thing about you.”

Lena blushed slightly and shrugged, rubbing the back of her head. “Yeah, Emily’s my favourite person.” She agreed, but grinning at Hana.

“But you’re my favourite agent.” There was a pause. “But… don’t tell Winston. He might get a little upset.”