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10th January 2016 - Three years since INFINITE H’s debut. 

Happy Anniversary our multi-talented duo! 


Nothing’s changed, it never will. 2010.06.09 → 2013.06.09 

All 7 of them individually tried their best to achieve their dreams, but before they were a team, they knew there was a possibility for it to not work out. So being in a team, debuting, and being loved by so many people seemed impossible at first. But those late night practices were carried on with a sense of responsibility, that this is what they chose and this is what they wanted. And it wasn’t just one or two days of practicing, but for some years and some months. And with a smile they face the camera, creating their own road, and creating who they wanted to become. When people like this exist in the world, it gives me the courage and strength to try even harder. And it has finally come to this, Happy #3YearsWithINFINITE.