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“& when all pretenses fell away, it’d be no exaggeration if I said the smile that remained might have been what I was fighting for all along.”

the warrior who loved.

Artist Update: Pre-colour lineart/shading vs. final product. I think this is one of those pieces where the idea means so much to me that I’ll undoubtedly be going back to it & doing a before & after re-paint once I’ve accumulated [far] more digital art savvy bc it needs to be done justice. But anywho! Voila for now! Exactly 1 week into the digital art game where I’ve drawn every day consecutively (how?!) & I think it’s safe to say we’re seeing some measure of improvement :’)

About the Subject: Fai D. Flourite from Tsubasa Chronicle series by legendary mangaka group CLAMP. I don’t think any character on any medium - fictional or otherwise has resonated with me as much as our ostensibly bumbling magician so this piece [& his smiles that are no longer for airs] remain a very close concept to my heart. This work is also 800% pro KuroFai as indicative by whose perspective this was, unquestionably, captured from.
Expect an obnoxious amount of art for this pairing.

Art trades! Requests! Collabs! I’m all about them! Holla at me :3

I really wanted to do a project on celebrating ace headcanons and fan representations of ace-spec and aro-spec people. being a sapphic (pan) ace myself its a subject that is dear to me. But  I thought, instead of being boring and just creating a whole lot of art on it Why don’t I support, promote and celebrate some of the creative projects others have already made?

So here is the thing. If you have any fanfics featuring ace or aro headcanons that you have read and loved, or have written and would like to see illustrated, message me with the fic name, author name and hosting website (or url).  and I will pick my favourites to do an illustration for on my art blog (linking to the fic as well)

(not technically limited to fandom, though i would prefer to illustrate fics for fandoms  I actually know)


graham, damon. 1992

I saw the witch

There’s a grave stone in Glenwood Cemetery, Yazoo City, which reads: “According to local legend, on May 25th 1904, the witch of Yazoo City broke out of these curious chain links surrounding her grave and burned down Yazoo City.” This stone fell and cracked shortly after being installed, and the surrounding chains constantly fall apart after being repaired. And I know why. And you know why.

My entry for the upcoming Delta Zine - a zine about the Mississippi Delta organised by John Lee.