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“I—I always wanted a friend, too,” he admits, just barely above a whisper. “You’ll be my friend?”

The two most precious cinnamon-rolls from reverse by @blackkatmagic ft. my favourite book in my native language.

(I drew this little thing for you after what happend on You’re the best author in our fandom and you deserve everything ♥)

Part of my reverse!fanart series:

Kurama - Kurama & Naruto - Kushina

{Baby Clothes} Jumin Han x MC

   Clothes shopping is always difficult. Especially for someone that can’t even dress them self. And also a tiny child, yeah, that was the reason. You didn’t even know how big or small it was going to be, and “newborn” was a very general size. Sure, you could always shop preemie, but again, the not knowing the possible size was really getting to you.
   As you begin to look through rack upon rack in frustration, you heard a familiar call, “Oh, (MC). Fancy seeing you here.” It was Jaehee Kang, your closest friend, and your husband’s chief assistant. Perhaps that was why you had grown so close.
   "Oh, Jaehee! What are you doing here? Did Jumin send you on some sort of insane errand?“ You asked with a laugh.
   Your comment earned a sigh from Jaehee, “How did you know? Apparently, the very specific food that Elizabeth the 3rd must have was sold out for online delivery, and since she only has three-fourths of one bag left, I was tasked with getting a new one.”
   "I’m so sorry about that,“ you sympathised, "but if you would like, I can talk to him about it.”
   She adamantly shook her head, “Oh no, it’s fine, I suppose.” She glanced at the small clothes in your arms, “You’re buying baby clothes?”
   You looked down, embarrassed that you had taken this long to pick out a few simple things, “Oh, yeah… but I have to get going now. I should’ve left a long time ago, actually.” You let out a nervous laugh and made your way around her.
   "Oh, alright. See you later, (MC).“
   "Yeah, see you!” You said cheerfully, finding your way to a checkout and asking them to giftwrap the small box they were put in.
   Seeing (MC) around while shopping wasn’t such an uncommon occurrence, after all, Mr. Han wanted her only to shop at the most prestigious stores, even if it was just for groceries or basic needs. Originally he had insisted that she just order for the groceries to be delivered so she wouldn’t have to go to the trouble, but they had compromised her to go shopping, but only at the stores that sold the best. His words, “Only the best for my princess.”
   Not shortly after paying for the food, did I text him.
   "Mr. Han?“
   "Yes, Assistant Kang?”
   "I saw (MC) at the store just a moment ago.“
   "That’s not uncommon.”
   "Ordinarily I wouldn’t report this, but it was what she was shopping for that has me a bit concerned.“
   I sighed, “No. Baby clothes. Several pieces. Both for a boy and a girl.”
   It was a while before he responded, but when he did, he offered a simple, “Thank you for telling me this.”
    As you exited the store and got into the car, you quickly drew your phone out of your bag and pulled your recent messages with your husband up on the screen.
   "Hey, babe. Just leaving the store and I’m gonna pick up lunch. You want anything?“
   He responded a minute later, "No, I’m fine. Thanks for asking, but I’m not all that hungry.”
   "You sure? I know you’re busy, but that’s no excuse to skip lunch…“
   "You being healthy is all I need to sustain myself. Pick up anything you would like.”
   You blushed at his comment, “Alright, if you’re sure. You want me to drop by and eat lunch there? I can just ask Driver Kim to drop off the groceries at home.”
   "That would be great.“ He replied. You smiled and looked up from your phone. Sushi it would be, then.
   As you took the elevator up to the office, you shifted from foot to foot. Every time you visited Jumin at work you always got insanely happy. Maybe it was because he was such a busy man, that you felt grateful every time he took time out of his schedule and replaced it with you. The thought brought a smile to your face as you heard the familiar ding of the elevator, signaling you had arrived at your desired floor. Clutching the bag of food in your hands, you took the normal route to Jumin’s office.
   Making your way to his office, you spotted Jaehee sitting at the desk just beyond his office door and she gladly let you in. You gave her a polite bow and small thank you.
   Once he heard the door close behind you, he stood up and rushed over to you, enveloping you in a hug almost instantly. "Woah!” You started, “What’s this all about?” You asked.
   "I just…“ He said, planting a kiss on the top of your head, stroking your hair, "I missed you.” He admitted.
   You blushed a bit, “Hey, you would’ve seen me at home. Plus, you’re gonna make me drop the food.”
   He reluctantly let you go, “Oh, right. What did you end up getting after all?”
   You happily raised the plastic bag, “Sushi! There’s too much, though, so you can ha-”
   He cut you off, “Absolutely not. You can’t eat that.”
   You looked at him confused, “But why not? C'mon, I’ve been craving some for a while now. I picked it up from my favourite sushi place and everything. The rolls are huge! I thought you would like some too. I know you said you weren’t hungry, but…” You trailed off.
   "Thank you for the offer, but no. And you shouldn’t eat it either. I did some research and too much fish is really bad. It can contain mercury, which is not healthy, and you should also limit your consumption of shellfish to 12 ounces per week. and judging by this bag,“ he said taking it from my hand and raising and lowering it gauge the weight, "there’s probably a lot more than 12 ounces in here. It’s simply just not healthy for the baby.” He finished.
   "Wait, what?“ you asked.
   "The baby.” He stated simply. “You shouldn’t eat a lot of seafood when you’re pregnant because it could contain things that could harm it.”
   "Where did you get that information from?“ You asked.
   "I told you, I did some research.”
   "Not the fish thing!“ You burst out, "My being pregnant!.”
   "Oh… that.“ He started, "Assistant Kang told me she saw you at the store. You were shopping for baby clothes, so I just drew a natural conclusion.” His cheeks were slightly reddened, “I just didn’t want you to mistakenly harm the baby by eating something you weren’t supposed to. I’m sorry if I offended you.” He offered, sitting back down in his desk chair and resting his chin on his palm. His eyes were trained intently on you.
   You didn’t quite know how to respond, “Jumin… I’m so sorry, but I… I’m not pregnant. I told you a few weeks ago that my friend was having a baby shower… maybe you forgot? She’s having twins, so I had to buy some clothes for both of them… I didn’t realise that Jaehee would tell you, but I guess it’s my fault for not explaining the situation to her. I’m so sorry. You seem really happy and… Just don’t get mad at Jaehee, okay? She must’ve drawn the same conclusion, so it’s not her fault.” You leaned across the desk and rested your hand on his cheek.
   You could see that Jumin’s eyes were full of embarrassment, but among the jumble of feelings, one almost as prominent as the embarrassment was sadness. He was genuinely happy about the situation, and now he had that small hope taken away from him. “Oh, I see. I’m sorry for stopping you then. Go ahead and eat.” He said, gesturing to the food and turning back to his computer, trying to busy himself with his pile of never ending work.
  “Hey. No. You don’t get to do that. Forget the food. I know that this is  bothering you. I’m sorry, but I’ll make it up to you. What do you want? We could… get another cat? Or I could make you a nice big meal?” You sighed at your lack of good ideas. But how do you try to make something up to a man who could have anything he wanted at a snap of his fingers?
   He looked up with a glint in his eye, “Well… how about we have an actual kid? Or two?” He asked.
   You let out a small laugh and covered your mouth in an attempt to cover your raging blush. No matter how long you were married to him, you knew you would always get flustered whenever he talked about having children. It was the kind of worry that you wouldn’t make a good mother, no matter how much he assured you that you would be. And how does one even raise a child? And diaper changing??? How does one even?
   However, at this moment you knew that you were ready. You knew that this man, this amazing, wonderful man would be by your side through it all. Through the good, the bad, the ugly, and the uncertainties that lie ahead. After all, wasn’t that what you promised each other on your wedding day?
   You looked down at the diamond ring you wore on your finger. The ring you had worn for a good 5 years, and you looked up to meet your husband’s eyes, the playful glint long gone, and a look of pure love that had occupied the space instead. “Okay.” You said with a small smile. He leaned over and planted a kiss on your warm lips, as he pulled away with a smile.
   He came back around the desk, and gave you a long, warm hug, “Then, I can’t wait.” He replied.


semercury  asked:

you may have been asked this before, but other than corpse party, what are your favorite video games?

I like a lot of indie RPG stuff (they’re all on my laptop which is out of commission so I haven’t played them in a really long time). I download them from vgperson. The following are my favourites:

- Ib

- END ROLL (I actually have an Incorrect Quotes blog for this one too!) shameless self-promo

- The Strange Men series (The Crooked Man, The Sandman, and The Boogie Man are the ones I’ve played; I haven’t yet have the chance to download and play the Hanged Man)

I’ve also played Mad Father, Misao, and some of the others that you often see Let’s Players do, but I personally don’t think they’re that good

(I’m also in the very early stages of making my own RPG, but I seriously doubt it’ll ever be finished)

Alexa Chung on heartbreak

“One night in Paris I saw Marianne Faithfull sitting in the corner of a bar. I am a self-confessed groupie - I have never dated a man who was not a lead singer. To me, Marianne Faithfull is the holy grail of Groupiedom. So of course in a drunken haze (it was Fashion Week) I barrelled over to her and just straight up asked her how she got over Mick Jagger. Because how, HOW, do you get over Mick Jagger?!! She said, ‘Dahhhling, you can’t believe the lyrics.’ I don’t really know what this means. So I asked my mum instead (about heartbreak, not Mick Jagger (I wish)) and she told me:

"Nobody goes through life without having their heart broken and one day you’ll wake up and it will be okay.”

Barrenjoey Fog

15/4/16 northern Sydney, Australia

Probably my favourite sunrise to date. The fog rolled in from the river system and out to sea, even blanketing the lighthouse that sits atop the hill on the right. Never seen anything like it and may never again. So I made sure I took plenty of shots and a few time lapses too. So spectacular to see!



And last, but not least, and perhaps, just maybe, my favourite photos from the weekend… my lovely, little niece Lily!  She rolled over for the first time in front of my eyes, so this little lady is thriving and happy! I still can’t get over how much I love her, and how when I’m not with her, I miss her. 

Awkward. - Taylor Caniff

A/N - my friend really likes writing and she’s been wanting to write imagines for a while. Here is one she wrote, tell me if you guys liked it and if you did she’s gonna take some requests, send them to my ask and she’ll post them from this blog x

You wandered through the stands of the movie store looking for something to watch during you and your boyfriend, Taylor’s movie night.

Spotting your favourite film on the next stand over you quickly dashed around the corner and reached for it. Only for your hand to clash with another. Pulling back you turned to look at the girl in front of you.

Scanning her up and down, you subtly cringed thinking how messy you looked compared to her death trap heels and flawless makeup. You shifted slightly, suddenly uncomfortable in your sweatpants and hoodie.

The girl slowly lifted the DVD from the shelf and smiled, “Oh I’m sorry, here,” she passed the DVD to you, “You can have it, I’ve already seen this movie like 20 times.” Smiling back you you answered, “Thanks, so have I actually, it’s just fun to put my boyfriend through the torture of watching it.” The two of you giggled and began talking a little.

“(y/n),” you heard Taylor call from somewhere in the store. Suddenly you saw the girl’s - who had introduced herself as Sabrina - eyes double in size. Concerned you asked, “Oh my God what’s wrong?” Whipping her head around quickly she whispered, “I think that was my ex’s voice." 

Now it was your eyes that grew wide as you realised this was the Sabrina that Taylor had told you about countless times. Saying she had never really gotten over him and still occasionally texted him, but that you had nothing to worry about.

And you never had worried, until now seeing her standing in front of you, looking like she had just came from tea with the queen. While you looked like you had just gotten out of bed two hours ago, which in reality you had after spending a lazy day with your boyfriend.

Again you heard him call your name out, closer this time and you turned around to see him standing in the same aisle as you and Sabrina. Before you could even breathe Sabrina had already pushed past you and was flirting talking to Taylor.

You watched with wide eyes as she giggled and rubbed his arm, but almost laughed yourself at his uncomfortable expression. Playing with him you turned to walk away, but looked back over your shoulder to meet his pleading eyes.

Not being able to resist that face you slowly made your way over to them and stood next to Sabrina, who stopped talking to look at you. Clearing your throat you lifted up the DVD and smiled at Taylor asking, “Can we please get this one babe? You know it’s my favourite.” Sighing he rolled his eyes and took it from your hand. Sabrina then spoke, with a slight look of envy and nervousness in her eyes, “So (y/n) this is your boyfriend that you were talking about?” Smiling slightly you replied, “Yes he is and I get that he’s your ex and you’re not really over him yet, but do you mind not flirting with him four feet away from me?” 

Looking at the floor nervously she nodded slightly and quickly scurried away.

Turning back to Taylor you rolled your eyes at the smirk set on his lips, knowing what he was about to say. “You’re cute when you’re jealous baby.” And there it was. shaking your head you snatched the DVD from his hand and began walking to the counter to pay, muttering, “I wasn’t jealous.” 

Standing at the counter you felt two arms wrap around your waist and Taylor rest his head on your shoulder, “I know you were, but like I’ve said before you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I only have eyes for you.” You leaned back into him and smiled, knowing he was telling the truth, he was yours and you were his.


[[[internal freakout occurs]]]


Did I mention contests? How about contests? Contests. Imagine the plot lines of contests brought back into an awesome 3D landscape with battle moves, judging panels, and audience members. I’m sure new mechanics will rise up, as well. Will Pokemon be able to wear clothing? Can you be able to customize them like your trainer?

More Mega-evos!

Mega evolutions are great… and to be honest Mega Swampert and Mega Sceptile are next. They’re a given considering Blaziken got one. How about Kyorge and Groudon? And Rayquaza! The newly added alpha and omega symbols on the legendaries can be a clue to how they’ll mega evolve and what types of abilities they’d have. Let’s not forget other ‘mons, too. How about Flygon and Salamence? I have a feeling they’ll be similar to the X and Y versions with how houndooomite and manectite had stones available in only one of the versions.


Remember how badass team flare was? And how awesome their sprites were and how they threw the pokeballs and were just overtly awesome? Well think about that and multiple it by your favourite antagonist team! I can only imagine the plot line behind them.

Revised Music:

The music that we all know and love are from ruby and sapphire. The elite four, gym battles, route music, aqua/magma hideout, the regis, the legendaries, the underwater explorations (THIS POINT IS NEXT BTW). The music is sure to be revamped and made awesome and will definitely make me have a mental breakdown with nostalgia.


Gamefreak will definitely bring HM Dive back. They kind of have to considering that more than half of Hoenn is waterlogged. And how will this mechanic look in 3D? Freaking awesome (have I said awesome too many times now?)

The Cities/Landscapes:

I’m just going to mention Sootopolis and your imagination will run wild. Imagine Petalburgh Woods, the gyms (look how awesome they were in x/y), Fortree City, the abandoned ship, THE FACKIN’ VOLCANO WITH YOUR LITTLE SOOTSACK, the desert, the routes, the Mount Pyre, Lilycove, etc. SO MUCH can be done with these landscapes and I’m basically pacing back and forth and am about to break down crying.

More Customization:

In x/y we were introduced to trainer customization. Heck yeah!? New region, new clothes? I’m in. 

Introduction of pokemon past gen 3:

Ever wonder what Hoenn now contains after 3 new generations of pokemon? I’m pretty sure hundreds have migrated! 


When I mention characters like Roxanne, Flannery, Norman, Wally, Wiona, Steven, Brawley, May, Brenden, etc, so many memories flood into my head. But what will the game do with these characters? Will Flannery be the newbie gym leader anymore or will she be experienced and confident after all of these years? I’m very excited to see the character developments and see who stays a gym leader and who takes over. But I do have a hunch that Wally will be the champion. I also feel like when the character meets Norman we’ll get a lecture on how we remind them of their kid (eeeek!) Which leads me to my next point,


Will these games take place many years after the original r/s games were announced? After the beasts of the sea and land were put to rest, perhaps team Magma and Aqua are at it again taking revenge on the region of Hoenn that stopped them the first time. I highly doubt that the r/s remakes will be the exact same plot as they were last time. Gamefreak has too many things up their sleeves for that to happen. But the real question is, will the games take place in the future or past?

X/Y Mechanics:

We were introduced to many things in x/y. Sky battles, wondertrade, that lovely GTS, as well as pokemonamie! These are likely to carry out into the new additions of gen 6, which will be, you guessed it, awesome. Will more pokemon get to evolve like Sylveon? Perhaps some branch off evolutions like gallade and gardie, but using pokemonamie instead?


One think I loved in x/y was the social aspect of travelling with a whole bunch of friends and rivals. We were able to interact with so many people and each person had their own separate goal. I really hope this happens in the remakes because it gets lonely after a while travelling with just one rival… I also find the characters in x/y had VERY distinct personalities. I hope this follows through with new characters and friends.


I don’t know about you, but I love em. So much. Fairy is my second favourite type (aside from water), and with the new classifications still rolling in I wouldn’t be surprised if Skitty and Delcatty along with other gen 3 pokemon were retyped as such. Who knows, we may even get a few new pokes roaming around to get us familiar with gen 7?? It’s a long shot but fun to think about, that’s for sure.

The goddamn Storyline of awesomeness:

Did I mention storyline? I’m so stoked for this, as are many other fans. What’s going to happen you think? The Alpha and Omega are too new to make too many speculations on, but I think they may be linked with megaevolution of some kind. After all, Kyogre got a random design on its head so I don’t think my guess is too far off.

As for the actual plot, will latios/latias have any play in it? Will they be like suicune in heart gold and soul silver? And how about rayquaza? Will it try to stop the rampaging legendaries and then fall to defeat once they mega evolve and dual against it? Will we have to help rayquaza mega evolve to stop the beasts!? There are so many questions, and too much time in between these releases.

We just have to keep wondering what will happen next, but the news will continue to leak through in the coming weeks and months. This is just the beginning when it comes to speculation, and you can find the newest theories and news right at

Happy Hoenn Partying!!