my favourite favourite favourite one :'(


Tagged by @karawek !!! Thanks for the tag lovely - ps. look at her aesthetic post and cry at how beautiful it is! The challenge was to to make an aesthetic post out of only pics on my phone. 

Son, let me tell you how hard this was… cause I take pictures of everything on my phone and I haven’t backed it up in a long time.. SO THERE WERE A LOT OF PICTURES TO GO THROUGH, but i think i’ve got it figured out!! : D and this turned out to be pretty fun!! 

… my aesthetic is still figuring itself out ok??? XDD 

I’m tagging: @misskatiegirl (who i know will be coming in with them nice sunset pics!!), @yunyin, @insanitysbloomings, @twindoodle, @siderealsandman, @re-unknown, @qookyquiche, @raydara12, @megupic, @this-was-a-terrible-idea, @geek-fashionista, @gijinkart, @kwinh, @kaethemonster

no pressure to do it! but id love to see what y’all come up with ^^ and if you’re reading this you’re tagged too sucka!! XD

anonymous asked:

It's your larrimation/SAO&VocabL. otp anon and I need to know all the thoughts on the thing that Harry aka dramatic baby Mick Ziggy Starboy just shabammed on us with a 30 sec. advert? recorded on someone's phone? off of the tv? And then he's wet? And eyes? And Xavier Dolan? Maybe? He just released the kracken. I was not ready.



Now…let’s pretend this is a story all about how Harold’s life got flipped-turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute…DONT YOU DARE SMIRK…to show you what happens after he drowns at Dunkirk

Time for a new start, new art, goodbye smoke and mirrors, he leaving the dark

got that light ahead Harry, you’re making us wary, could this new path of yours be revolutionary?

reach out and grab it, the past is the past. What a visual metaphor for a true iconoclast

He sees beyond him, but what does he do? Stay in the dark or fukin COME THROUGH?


we see you Hersh and your soul-snatching greens

april 7th we’ll know what this afterlife means.