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Ok if you’re having a bad day imagine: Adam in an oversized Harvard sweater, tucked up next to Ronan and Opal, all chattering nonsensically. It’s summer and the flowers are blooming and Adam’s nailed last semester (obviously, he worked his ass off). Ronan is overwhelmingly happy that Adam’s back for the summer (even though they’ve have routined visits and late night phone calls) and Opal kissed Adam’s cheeks at least eight times the first day he was back. Wow, they’re all so?? Happy?? And okay, and healthy and loved.

The Missing Scene

A gift for @darlinglena for their coming out anniversary!

“I’ll see you back at the DEO.” J’onn spoke gruffly as he turned to hurry off. Kara sighed, realising she should have guessed that he wouldn’t come to the Hospital with her. She shifted Lena’s weight around carefully and kept hurrying towards the hospital.

It was a few hours later when Lena came back to herself. Kara, still in her Supergirl uniform, was lounging in a nearby chair, not wanting to leave until she was certain that Lena was okay.

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Artist self rec tag

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Civil War: The Broadway Musical

What What…in the butt

Nomad: Tits of Freedom



Hawke slowly dying internally

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anonymous asked:

Could you please explain the cow joke? I don't get it.

* Ok so a lot of people didn’t get this comic and I expected that, but the anon did ask me what my favourite BAD joke was, and the cow joke has been one of my favourite dumb jokes ever since I was a kid. It’s THAT old to me, which is why it’s very dear to me and I wanted to share it despite, well, the foreseen lack of response from my followers lmao.

* As much as I hate explaining jokes, enough people have been confused by this one for me to just sit down and do it.

* The joke is that there is no joke.

* It’s a little something called anti-humour - it happens when the ‘joke’ has a build up but no actual punchline. Instead, the “punchline” is an obvious and/or SUPER underwhelming response.

* How do you get four cows in one car? Well a regular car has four seats so obviously the cows will be properly sat, two in the front, two in the back. Why would you think anything else? The answer is so obvious.

* Another good (well, “good”) one that my friend told me recently is, how do you put an elephant into the fridge in four steps?

* You take an elephant, open the fridge door, put the elephant in, and close the fridge door.

* Okay, so how do you put a giraffe in the fridge?

* You take a giraffe, open the fridge door, take the elephant out, put the giraffe in, and close the fridge door.

* I mean, it’s just common sense???? You can’t fit an elephant AND a giraffe in a fridge, don’t be ridiculous.

* Honestly, a lot of anti-humour just sounds like Papyrus reasoning; speaking of something ridiculous and giving it an obvious explanation. That’s what makes it lovable. 

* The joke of the comic was, that the cow question, while humorous to me, was just an obvious everyday thing to Papyrus because DUH??

dragonessage  asked:

Why 3jarsofbees? Why not get yourself a grenade belt and get 4wholejarsofbees. :)

Look here, I spend all my time sitting at a computer doing important things like writing about elf cuddles and making my favourite characters say dumb things on fake facebook. You think I have time to go OUTSIDE into THE SUNLIGHT and loot corpses for spare grenade belts??????

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anonymous asked:

TBH I don't really know why people hate the kardashians as much as they do! Like from my knowledge they haven't done anything seriously wrong and sure they became famous bc of Kim's sex tape but so many people become famous for stupid reasons it's honestly ridiculous! And you have to admit they're fantastic business women and srsly beautiful!

Most of the hate is because they’re successful women who get credited by the media as “fashion and beauty innovators” but actually a solid 95% of what they do in terms of fashion and beauty has come from the black community. Also people like to chat shit because Kim likes a nude selfie, as if y'all ain’t ever seen a naked human body before, as if the skin we’re in is something to be ashamed of rather than embrace.

But I love the Kardashians tbh, as in Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. They were all business women before Kim’s tape leaked, Khloe and Kourtney were running Dash, Kim literally used to work as a PA to Paris Hilton, which I imagine would be more stressful than most 9-5 jobs, bc that’s a woman that built a house for her dogs. She’s gonna have some crazy ass requests. They’ve all built their brand hugely, they’re genius business women quite honestly, the amount of stores the managed to open, like be real, the three of them actually did real work when they were beginning the building of the Kardashian Empire they now have. And then outside of that, they’re all such family people, that’s such a tight family and I got a lot of respect for people that put family first, and they do, they’re literally each other’s best friends and their kids will never be lonely because they have so many cousins/siblings, it’s a lovely thing. And I had mad respect for Kim anyway, but then after everything she went through in Paris last year and how much class and dignity she’s handled that situation with, even more so. Also, I really believe that Kim is genuinely incredibly intelligent, like I feel like she’s an observer, watches what’s going on and takes it in and learns. Like remember when she just dropped those statistics about gun violence in America and it was legit content and everyone was like “woah Kim, didn’t even know u paid attention to this stuff”. But yeah, I really like Kim, Khloe and Kourtney.