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Donna Tartt & Wes Anderson, della Festa del Cinema di Roma, October 2015

Little Monster part 6


Pairing: Professor!Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: Foul language, mentions of sex but without explicit content. If this isn’t your cup of tea, please skip!

Word count: 1.571

Summary: Professor Steve doesn’t know what to do with himself.

A/N: I’ve been suffering from serious writer’s block. All I can seem to get on the page is crap. This is my attempt at restoring the balance and getting myself out there again. Hope you like it.

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It’s not like I have a crush on you.

Hello, Love Bugs! 

Dan X Reader.

Warnings- Adult themes. 

Dan x reader where they are friends who got really drunk and they end up having hot makeout session :^) Much love :* -Anon

The coffee table was lined with little shot glasses, cans and the odd mug filled with a mix matched amount of different alcohols. Dan had a bad week after a video he shot was randomly deleted. Your week didn’t have anything specific that made it bad but it was long. So the two of you decided to drink away your woes. Sure it’s not the healthiest to drink away your pain. But it wasn’t just drinking, it was drinking with a friend while bitching about your day. That is the way to drink away your sorrows. With a friend.

“Why did we pour every type of alcohol we could find in this apartment into a bunch of mugs?” Dan laughed as he grabbed a random mug from the table to take a swig of the once burning liquid. Once because by now after the amount the two of you drank there was no longer any burn to the alcohol content.

“I think we thought would see if mixing alcohols makes you more drunk.” You took the cup from him downing the last of the cinnamon flavour.

“Drunker, I think you meant drunker. God, you’re really showing your intoxication level, my love.” Putting the mug back on the table you rested your head on his shoulder watching the movie that the two of you had put on earlier. You felt a quick kiss to your head. You grabbed Dan’s hand in yours. The two of you never really cuddled or we’re touchy unless the two of you were drunk.

“Why is it you become such a smart ass when you drink?” You gave his chest a quick smack before turning to face him.”Tell me what the video was about.” Dan took a deep breath as he tried to recreate what the video was about in his mind. It was harder than he thought however because his brain was feeling particularly fuzzy at this very moment.

“I don’t really remember the most of it. To be honest it’s probably a sign that it wasn’t that good” You shook your head in disagreement.

“I love your video’s I mean I generally love you and your personality.” Quickly raising your hands to your mouth you were a little shocked those words just came out. “ Don’t take that the wrong way.” Dan pushed the hair out of your face with a little shake of his head.

“So let me fully understand. You love my personality but the rest can fuck off?” you puffed out a little breath like he was obviously supposed to understand.

“No I love you, But I’m not sure I’m in love with you. You’re my favourite. Ugh, I just can’t find the fucking words. Do you understand? You’re my best friend.” Dan thought for a moment before squinting his eyes in confusion.

“Sometimes I feel like it would be easier to understand what you’re saying to me through a semaphore.” It was your turn to be confused.

“Now look at who is using big words while drunk.” You grabbed another mug of mysterious liquid before Dan took it away from you. You gave him a pouty face before he finished the shot. You wanted.

“You don’t need anymore. I don’t either.” You took your thumb and wiped over the bottom of hip lip collecting the little droplet of liquor. Dan smiled as you put the finger in your mouth. “Why you?”

“Why what?” Dan didn’t answer with words. He didn’t need to. His lips were on yours. It was a stronger burn then the liquor could ever give you. The warmth was from your toes all the way back to your lips. Your brain was fuzzier than the drunk could ever give you. Your arms were around his neck. If you were going to kiss Dan you were going to make it like all of the times you had imagined it would be like. It was as if Dan was reading your mind. He wrapped his arms around your hips to help pull you closer. You felt his tongue run over your bottom lip. You opened up to him letting him invade your mouth. He tasted like liquor and mint. It was a weird combination but it worked for some reason. You didn’t want to but if you didn’t pull away to take a breath you may turn blue from lack of oxygen.

“That was.” Dan didn’t let you finish as he crashed his lips back into yours. It was simply and utterly bliss.

Wrong arm, dear.

So, something that I’ve been thinking of for a little while is just… how much Lucio makes sense as a synesthete and how exactly his gun might work (lot of people question how the soundwaves could materialize like that etc etc). Also the subtle hints that Blizzard may be giving us?

If you don’t already know, synesthesia (also known as synaesthesia… which is also the title of the cover of Lucio’s album… coincidence? I doubt it) is a combination of the senses. There are a handful of different types! One of the most known ones (that I also fall under!) is relating sound and visual colours. Which is where I go to my next thought.

That’s how his gun works. His gun emits sounds and are translated to colour waves. Maybe his headset and visor help translate that somehow. There’s slightly different tunes when you’re on speed and healing, so that’s sort of how it could work with the two being different effect colours when shooting; I don’t know how to eloquently word this so pardon me on that.

I don’t know if I’m reaching a bit with this, but me finding out this info and seeing the potential sort of call out to synesthetes makes me so happy.

Also I’m gonna continue to think that one of his songs “We Move Together As One” is both a hint at team play and a sort of play on words about synesthesia with the we being the correlation to sound and colour.

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“Do you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain and little, I am soulless and heartless? You think wrong! - I have as much soul as you, - and full as much heart! 

Sometimes I like to think about the fact that if Genos ever did a TV interview, he’d spend the whole damn thing talking about his sensei.