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Donna Tartt & Wes Anderson, della Festa del Cinema di Roma, October 2015


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So, something that I’ve been thinking of for a little while is just… how much Lucio makes sense as a synesthete and how exactly his gun might work (lot of people question how the soundwaves could materialize like that etc etc). Also the subtle hints that Blizzard may be giving us?

If you don’t already know, synesthesia (also known as synaesthesia… which is also the title of the cover of Lucio’s album… coincidence? I doubt it) is a combination of the senses. There are a handful of different types! One of the most known ones (that I also fall under!) is relating sound and visual colours. Which is where I go to my next thought.

That’s how his gun works. His gun emits sounds and are translated to colour waves. Maybe his headset and visor help translate that somehow. There’s slightly different tunes when you’re on speed and healing, so that’s sort of how it could work with the two being different effect colours when shooting; I don’t know how to eloquently word this so pardon me on that.

I don’t know if I’m reaching a bit with this, but me finding out this info and seeing the potential sort of call out to synesthetes makes me so happy.

Also I’m gonna continue to think that one of his songs “We Move Together As One” is both a hint at team play and a sort of play on words about synesthesia with the we being the correlation to sound and colour.

Sometimes I like to think about the fact that if Genos ever did a TV interview, he’d spend the whole damn thing talking about his sensei.