my favourite color

imagine keith struggling with his crush on lance and having no idea how to approach the guy, so he resolves to asking him directly about it but pretending it’s about someone else.

“so there’s this guy i like…. and you’re really good okay at flirting so i thought i could ask for your help”

lance gets suspicious bc they haven’t met many people in space (and also i love the idea of lance figuring out and having fun with it) “sure man no problem! you could use some of my pickup lines if you want! what’s he like?”

and keith tries to give this really vague description of lance which eventually ends in him just gushing about lance. “he’s such a funny guy” “i love his smile” “he’s brave and generous i admire him” “we um..started off with the wrong foot and now i can’t stop thinking about him” “my favourite color is blue like his eyes” *blushes even harder than before*

lance, smiling knowingly: wow sounds like you got it real bad

keith: i just want him to notice me you know? i really want to do something *sighs*

in the end lance tells him “who knows maybe he likes you back and doesn’t think your hair is that bad” before going out of of the room leaving a very lovestruck keith on the floor

If language can’t express everything, why do we bother?
Poetry makes no sense but we keep reading. My favourite color is blue. I painted my room blue once and things made sense for awhile. My thoughts are dim and blue and I think I’m my own foil. I wanted to be something worth loving, a color worth looking at. I wanted to live and be more than a shadow that paid attention to peoples fake smiles and melancholy that lied between each laughter. My thoughts are scattered, yes yes I get lost in my head a lot. I’ve always felt off. I ache for something more than this ordinary life but I’m too lazy to go search for my Great perhaps. what a joke. Maybe you’re like me. I’m still searching for myself. Some nights I dream about the universe and how we came to be. I’ve seen love crash and burn. I’ve seen who I am and I’m still lost.
I can feel my breathing and heartbeat, slow but steady, sun and moon.
I’m falling deeper into a sky that isn’t designed for swimming.
Maybe life doesn’t make much sense now.
Some day we’ll forget about who we are today, some day we’ll change forever. Some day you’ll understand the why.
—  Vivian M

“Fucking hell, you are  so beautiful.”

it took me hours to decide how to color this omg but here is the love of my life, noora sætre ♥︎


Happy holidays @zaibl0tarts! I’m your @secretsolenoid santa! I’ve heard that you especially like the Jett Twins and Blurr, and it just so happens that I do as well. I’ve had a lot of fun with your gift!

One of my favorite moments from Transformers Animated is when Jettstorm asks his brother to take a picture of himself with the Decepticon prisoners “for the fanbots at home”. I had the feeling that, if given the chance, they would probably overuse social media apps like Instagram and decorate their pictures with stickers sometimes. Poor Blurr just got caught in the middle of their shenanigans! 

Pink is my favourite color, so I used it a lot here, but if you happen to hate it let me know so that I can change it to a color that fits your preferences!

Anyhow, I wish you happy holidays again and lots on fun in the fandom for 2017! ₍⁽⁰꒫⁰⁾₎◞❢