my favourite bros!!!!

due to popular demand here’s more power rangers au. Keith, Allura and Pidge are the only power rangers so far, Shiro is one a secondary character, Matt is the special effects guy and Hunk is Lance’s bestie so he’s not involved in the show.

a little extra:

Things Sanders Sides Never Said #41

Logan: What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?

Virgil, Patton, and Roman: I don’t know, what’s the difference?

Logan: I don’t know and I don’t care.

one star each for la furia roja and the three lions!

i was thoroughly devastated. i had never felt so gutted before when spain was defeated by russia in luzhniki; i was almost crying when i saw mr. iniesta in the field because this would be his last appearance in world cup.

yet yesterday, in the same place, england lost to croatia. but im proud of them. england has finally risen; awaken from their long dream. it was their first time since 1990 they made it through semifinal. what a dream!

i love spain and england team i hope the lads will be back stronger and better in the next time👊 looking forwards to their play@euro 2020!!!!!

(((anyway i love it more when england team wears red jersey)))

gabriel in every scene (131/?)


Matching Evan and Connor icons for you and your imaginary bro!

(Eek I didn’t mean for these to be icon shaped, I was just playing around with some double exposure stuff and I liked how it turned out!) I might make some more of these for different characters, it was kinda fun! 😊💙🌳

Feel free to use these with credit to me!

anyway you know what. what’s truly and 100% important to me is that craig, mat, damien and hugo are safe and sound 24/7 that’s all i care about because i’m tired and they are Good

Happy Birthday @nojuro !


you’re a king, so you must have some grandiose justice as facade, but i understand, even if you don’t tell me. you can’t continue to live without directing your wrath at someone, right? even after you defeat them, you will transfer that hate to someone else, right? the two of us will probably keep on fighting everything in this world that rejects us, even after there is no one left in the world. because we’re that kind of human after all. and that’s fine with me. by doing that, you will become my king who will push forward no matter what, because we have to fucking break that shitty destiny of this world. we will fight to the death. are you ready for that?