my favourite bone in the body

my favourite thing about the lalbum is that louis has such a wide range of music tastes that i have no idea what its gonna sound like. will it be pop? rock? indie pop? country? edm? adult contemporary? chamber music? folk? idk but im gonna snap every bone in body either way


Dating my little sister: the things you need to know. 

By Darry Curtis.

1. My sister is always right, no matter the situation. Even when she is wrong, she is right and you best not forget that.
2. My sister doesn’t kiss, and so long as you’re dating her… neither do you. Proceed to break this rule… I dare you. 
3. Everything you do to my sister, I will do to you- that’s not a threat, that’s a promise. 
4. When you pick her up for a date I expect you to bring tulips, they’re her favourite. I expect you to hold the door open and walk her to the front door- you best be the most gentlemanly gentleman that you can possibly be. Chivalry is not dead, but you will be if you break one of these rules.
5. My sister is a queen, and if you want every bone in your body intact you will treat her as such.
6. She is a good person, don’t even try to get her hooked on reckless things like drugs and alcohol or cigarettes. I find out everything, I have eyes and ears all around town. 
7. She has allergies to nuts and if she gets an allergic reaction when you’re with her… you’ll lose all your damn teeth. 
8. If you want to date my little sister I want your phone number, I also want your address- if you don’t wish to obey you can get the heck out of her life. 
9. If I have good enough reason to suspect that you’ve hurt my sister, emotionally or otherwise, you will suffer a long and painful death.
10. My precious, little sister is not to be toyed with. She isn’t game, she isn’t a booty call. She isn’t a girl that you can date to get over your ex. She is special, unique, there is not a single girl like her, so if she chose you, she chose you for a reason. Don’t break her heart or I’ll break every single rib in your rib cage… and then I’ll break your fingers and by the time I’m through with you, you’ll be wishing for death. 

Ridge - Roadkill to shelf

WARNING !! This post contains photos and descriptions of dead animals, skinned animals, decomposition, maggots, and the general gory details involved with cleaning up bones.

I’ve gotten a couple asks about the methods I use to clean bones, so I thought I’d put together a quick summary of the journey of my female Badger, Ridge, from road to shelf. It’s not really a tutorial, but I have almost kind of written it like one - keep in mind this is just Ridge’s personal cleanup journey, and all the steps she went through while being processed (it’s pretty similar for all my roadkill though) It’s a bit garbled and I haven’t really clarified anything… Hm. Maybe I will put together a proper tutorial in the future. For now, this is Ridge~

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ah The Suriel from Gossip Girl
  • book interpretation of The Suriel: tattered robes, body of worn bone, lipless mouth, too-large teeth and long spindly fingers
  • fandom interpretation of The Suriel: favourite loyal bitch who's all about that drama life and will tell you if that outfit don't fly (most probably also ships feysand)
The Foxhole Court, Chapter 11 – Orange Sportsball Gets The Fuck Real

In which the Foxes play their first match of the season, I have questions about American college sports, my Percy Jackson obsession has a brief cameo, and I’m sadly less excited about Actual Sportsball Games than I should be.

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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Day 2 of the 10 day Robron Challenge (Saturday 11th Feb): Favourite Aaron quote to Robert

Super Soap Week was incredible, and it was so different to anything I’d seen before.  I was blown away with every episode and who would’ve thought that we’d get a whole episode dedicated to Robron? 

In one year, we went from thinking that there was no turning back for their relationship to Aaron declaring that he’d never stopped loving Robert.  I feel so emotional watching this because Aaron didn’t just say it to make Robert feel better (Robert had just told Aaron something that he couldn’t say to anyone else, might I add), he did it because he loves Robert with every bone in his body and there’s no one else he could ever love more.


Addicted Appreciation Week (Ailin’s Day 1)
↪ Favourite Character: Richard Connor Cobalt.

I am proud of the choices I’ve made in life, and I won’t let other people dig beneath my skin and make me feel ashamed of who I am.
There isn’t a single bone in my body that cowers. I will always stand six-feet-and-four-inches tall.



by Jeanann Verlee

1. You know how this ends
There is nothing you can do to change it,
so make peace with it now. Ready your hands
for the callus, shred the cloth for bandages,
prepare the rosaries.

2. When you meet him, (outside the grocery,
along the boardwalk, beneath the overpass),
you will not know what he is. He will be neither
too charming, nor too handsome. Not thunder, not polish.

3. The day you fall in love, his mouth will spill
your name. He will repeat. And repeat.
He will not touch you. He will watch your hips.
Study whatever ample you have. Will ask
to watch you dance. When you turn to leave,
he will use your name like a choke chain.

4. He will call you miracle. Your face
will unravel. This is his magic.
When he begs you promise, say yes.

5. When he offers his lips, take them. Take his
arms, his throat, take his toes. When he offers,
gorge. Swallow everything whole. Gag. Vomit.
Swallow more. Do not hesitate. No time for polite
or coy.         Take.

6. When the minions call you whore, nod.

7. He will tell you of the others.
How they went crazy in their sleep,
awaiting his return. Do not flinch.
Do not doubt your thickened fingertips.
Stand upright. You promised.

8. When you find him in his room
thrashing the sheets, pressing his palms
into the walls, howling,
his face, a river—close the door.
This is how he makes wine.
Leave him to his sorcery.

9. When he explains how he cannot love you,
that he will never be yours alone, when he tells
how the meek and the gluttons, the tempted, the proud
are his angels—do not mourn. Smile.
Feed him. Wash his hair.

10. He is a king among thieves.
The leeches will hollow his skin, the crows,
reduce him to bones. His own heart
will empty him. Allow for the bleed. Be ready
with tourniquet and prayer.

11. In the dry burn of dawn, after the last
of the lashes, the thorns and the spittle,
when his limp body is laid at your feet,
remember the night he loved you. The ember
of his eyes and the way the words came like honey.

12. You were made for this.

+25 Best Science Pick Up Line

1) You are so hot, you denature my enzyme.

2) Hey baby, will a little more alcohol catalyse this reaction?

3) Me and you would undergo more energetic reaction than Potassium and water.

4) If you were oxygen, I would be an alkali metal so I could get in you and explode.

5) You’re hotter than a bunsen burner set to fall power.

6) Girl are you solid, liquid or gas? Because you matter.

7) Excuse me, but I’m really attracted to you and according to Newton’s laws of gravitation, you’re attracted to me, too.

8) Are you made of Copper and Terrarium? Because you’re CuTe.

9) Are you made of Barium and Beryllium? Because you’re a total BaBe.

10) Do you have 11 protons cause you are Sodium Fine.

11) You must be tg e square root of -1 because you can’t be real.

12) Are you made of Fluorine, Iodine and Neon? Because you’re FINe.

13) I told a chemistry joke, there was no reaction.

14) Are you made of Beryllium, Gold and Titanium? Because you are BeAuTiFull.

15) Are you 2 or more atoms held together by a chemical bond because you’re a mole-cute.

16) You know why men are so much sexier than woman? Because you can’t spell sexy without ‘xy’.

17) You must be a red blood cell, because you take the oxygen away from my lungs and straight to my heart.

18) Lets F-U-C-K and make some chemistry.

19) What’s the suns favourite pick up line? “Hey babe, you look like you need some VITAMIN D”

20) Are you made of Nickle, Cesium, Arsenic and Sulfur? Because you’re got a NiCe AsS.

21) When I look at you, my body contains 207 bones.

22) Are you gravity? Because you’re are an attractive force.

23) Can I call you global warming? Because you heat this place up.

24) You must be asthma, because you take my break away.

25) Are you a scientific method? Because I have a reaction for you.

26) Are you a monomer of glucose? Because damn you are sweet.

27) Will you be the substrate to my enzyme?

28) Are you charged? Because I find you attractive.
N-Er-Dy ;)

  • Skulduggery: [in Mevolent's dimension] If you and I are the same person why are you still evil?
  • Lord Vile: True evil is born through pain and loss...when I was a lad, I once had a beautiful hat...and then one day I lost it.
  • [awkward pause]
  • Skulduggery: That's...that's it!?
  • Lord Vile: What do you mean?
  • Skulduggery: That's your emotionally scarring backstory? That's your great tragedy? My family was murdered in front of me and I was tortured for days before I died, only to come back to life as a bag of bones, literally, they burned my body at a stake and tossed the bones in a bag. And you're telling me you lost your favourite hat? That's it? That's all you got? Really? I had to fight wars, I've lost almost everyone I've ever cared about, and I spent a year in an alternate dimension being tortured by evil gods!
  • Lord Vile: Well how did you feel when you lost that hat?
  • Skulduggery: I never lost the hat.
  • Lord Vile: Well perhaps if you did, you would have kept your armour on.

Gosh anon, I’m not sure its a trick really? And I’m certainly no expert! heck, I’m still really new to all of this :/ but! Here’s what I’ve picked up so far.

=u= I’m going to use my 3 favourite boys to show ‘tall and thin’, 'tall and stocky’, and 'short and chubby’.

So usually, if a person is long and thin, so is their face. same with short and chubby. It’s all proportionate, really. Someone who’s tall and stocky usually will still have a longer face, but it might be a bit rounder, or just thicker looking. 

If you’re kinda looking to start somewhere simple, draw yourself a body basics. I like to include where 'lungs’ are, because that’s where someone’s ribs stop, and that influences shape.

1 & 2 are pretty much the same, because tall. but 3 over there is short, so, squish him a bit. his torso wont be much different, only a little shorter, and shorten his legs a bit - I raised where his belly button is going, because, well, yeah it would be higher.

Okay, there’s loads of little shapes and shit I could draw in, but, seriously, here’s the basics.

So tall and thin means you’re sticking to that basic stick thin shape. shoulders are going to be a bit bony, legs are going to look way longer, and you’ll see a bit of a dip where his ribs end. look at his skinny little neck! his arms ware going to be thin and look exaggerated just like his legs.

Tall and stocky is going to be a bit soft in the tum. that means bye bye hip bones. make his legs a little thicker, shoulders a bit broader. even his calves aren’t going to be so thin any more. The internet tends to call this body type 'skinnyfat’, so plug that in when you go reference hunting.

Short and chubby! okay so this my favourite to draw because wow, curves are fun. Wider hips, wider neck, bigger shoulders, thicker arms and thick thighs that could crush a man’s skull! Love handles are a thing, even his chest gets some weight on it. Everything sorta falls a bit, weight wise, because gravity, so yeah that cute pudgy tum is going to droop a bit. Look at loads of references, heck, look at yourself when you’re bent over! there’s going to be creases in the stomach area, the bellybutton gets a little line horizontally, and the more weight on the lower part of a tummy, the more defined a vertical crease is going to be there.

I find it hard to get nice references for heavier body types, so I end up doing a lot of peeking in the mirror, or just messing around until I’m happy with how the body and curves look.

But yes!!! references!!! look at them! watch some youtube life-drawing videos, find online life-drawing groups! it’ll help a whole bunch!

oh!! for drawing girls, its generally the same, but you should be studying the way weight sits differently, and get used to how different butts and boobs sit on a body. again, lots of references!!! c: 
Hope that helps!

EXO & their pick up lines (fixed)
  • Suho: *blushes* "I don’t really believe in love at first sight, until I saw you."
  • Sehun: “ I like every bone in your body, especially mine..”
  • Chanyeol: "There’s only one thing I want to change about you. Your last name." *Dork smile*
  • Kai: "Pizza is my second favourite thing to eat in bed"
  • Lay: "Hey, tie your shoes! I don’t want you falling for anyone else".
  • D.O: "Let’s commit the perfect crime: I’ll steal you’re heart, and you’ll steal mine*
  • Tao: *Sassy* "Your shirt has to go, but you can stay."
  • Baekhyun: "Your lips look so lonely…Would they like to meet mine?"
  • Kris: "You know, sweetie, my lips won’t just kiss themselves…"
  • Chen: "Would you grab my arm so I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel?"
  • Luhan: "There is something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn’t have your number in it."
  • Xiumin: "Sorry, I can’t hold on… I’ve already fallen for you." *lovely Minie*
flickers among the flat pink roses [fitz/ophelia]

Obligatory baby fic for Father’s Day. Set in the Framework, more specifically Inhuman Baby Verse although it reads as a generic, any-verse setting really. The “you did it” line from 4x21 inspired me. Also, special thanks to @plinys for encouraging me. [also on ao3]

Title from Sylvia Plath’s poem ‘Morning Song’ because it’s one of my favourites and it’s about a baby, okay.

A burning ache pours out violently from the base of Ophelia’s spine, flames licking down the insides of her thighs and up to her pelvis. Her insides ignite and she yelps through gritted teeth, a desperate kind of sound, gripping Leopold’s hand tighter, knuckles turning white. There’s a terrible tension in every crevice of her body and for a moment it’s like her bones are on the verge of snapping.

She can feel her muscles drawing together and she’s suddenly pulled forward, taut as a bowstring as her body shakes. There’s pressure and more pressure and then sudden relief and she’s still burning but she can breathe again.

“You did it.” The words spill from Leopold’s mouth with something like wonder. He leans in to brush a strand of damp hair from Ophelia’s face and tucks it behind her ear. Lets his fingers linger there for a moment, cupping her cheek.

“You did it.” He says and there’s a note of incredulity in his voice as he presses a kiss against her temple.

“I did it.” Ophelia echoes breathlessly, hand circling his wrist as if to keep him there.

A cry rings out, breaking through the silence, and it’s clear, so clear and loud and magnificent. Leopold’s eyes instinctively follow the sound and he’s met with the sight of a pink bundle in the nurse’s arms.

“Would you like to hold her?” She asks, and suddenly there’s something else, something like fear, sitting heavy in the pit of his stomach because how? He doesn’t know how.

Leopold looks to Ophelia for guidance and she nods at him, giving him a small smile in lieu of encouragement. Her lips are pale and her cheeks are flushed, skin glistening with a sheen of sweat, damp hair sticking to the nape of her neck, clear evidence of her strain. It was a long delivery, difficult and not without complications and though she’s sure that nothing has ever hurt that much, muscles still burning, bones still aching, she’s never felt more whole.

“It’s okay.” She tells him because that’s what he needs to hear, because she can read tension in the pull of his shoulders, nerves in the line of his mouth, fear in his eyes.

He gently uncurls his fingers and lets go of her hand, standing as the nurse walks towards him, breath hitching as she settles the bundle into the crook of his arms.

Leo holds her close; a little girl, his― their daughter, with Ophelia’s dark hair and his eyes and skin the color of creamy ivory. A little girl who, Leo realizes, in little more than an instant, just became his entire world.

And when he looks at her, he thinks of space. Of the cosmos, vast and beautiful―of supernovae and entire universes―of the beginning of time and life itself. And science doesn’t account for miracles but maybe it should, because that is exactly what she is, the only credible explanation for her very existence.

She doesn’t cry, breathing in quick, startled moth-breaths, eyes wide and blinking as she gazes up at him. She is tiny, so tiny in his arms, so fragile and precious and he’s caught, filled with a sudden, all-consuming desire to protect her.

And loving her―loving her is effortless. It feels natural and―necessary. She is necessary. He’s known this as long as he’s known of her existence but he didn’t understand it, not really, not in the way Ophelia did as she carried her beneath her heart.

A beat, and the realization sinks in―she’s here. She’s real. Not just a flutter of movement beneath his palm, not just something small and miraculous growing beneath the expanse of Ophelia’s skin but a warm, steady weight in his arms.

I’ve waited for you, he thinks.

“She’s beautiful.” Leo says, mouth curving around something soft and quiet but it’s not enough. She’s so much more than that. She’s everything.

Sunshine’s Birthday

 “Happy birthday, Laslow!”

 Before he could turn around, Laslow instead gasped in shock at the feel of someone crashing behind him. “Pi-Pieri!”

 The cheerful paladin merely giggled at the baffled reaction. “Look, look!” Left arm quickly lifted away from his right shoulder, Pieri spun around so that she faced him. “Pieri baked a super duper delicious cupcake for Laslow’s birthday!” Like a rabbit, she began hopping in front of him.

 Upon seeing the delicious blueberry icing on the cupcake, Laslow both had to fight back the blush in his cheek and the saliva in his mouth. “Ah, thank you, my dear!” Lips curved the widest, happiest smile she had ever seen, Laslow timidly scratched the side of his neck. “This is such a ‘sweet’ gift I’ve ever gotten.” He then gave a playful wink, which only burned his face a brighter shade of red at the stupid pun.

 He almost felt like cupping his face in shame when Pieri laughed joyfully at the joke.

 “You’re so silly, Laslow!” Without a single hesitation, she gently tugged down one side of the foil before moving the delicious pastry towards his mouth. “Come on, come on, open wiiiide!”

 As embarrassed as he was, they both knew Laslow was also happy beyond belief to be retrieving such a treatment on his birthday.

 So with a trembling smile and tightly shut eyes, he opened his mouth.

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anonymous asked:

fave albums of the year?

ummm. here’s 17 good ones

  • the body ‘no one deserves happiness’. eclectic mix of dirty dark muddy sludge elements and female vocals.
  • radian ‘on a dark silent off’. glitchy, free improvisation-ish at times and quite catchy on others. very interesting.
  • ka ‘honor killed the samurai’. weird far east inspired samples layered below some tight rapping.
  • body sculptures ‘a body turns to eden’. nicely balanced influences of synth, ambient and industrial.
  • acronym ‘entangled in vines’. i got a soft spot for ambient techno.
  • boy harsher ‘yr body is nothing’. solid synth music with female vocals.
  • shinichi atobe ‘world’. as i said, soft spot for ambient techno. really well done.
  • grebenstein ‘strong proud stupid and superior’. angsty dark industrial techno.
  • clipping ‘splendor and misery’. such a perfect execution of a truly unique theme.
  • haraam ‘let the swords tear me to pieces’. weird post-muslimgauze music.
  • ricky eat acid ‘talk to you soon’. both two releases he did this year is great, intimate and gentle.
  • autechre ‘elseq 1-5′. wth. this was weird and unexpected and i should really listen to it again.
  • rosen & spydet ‘drengen ved brystet’. warm yet cold, retro synth-ambient sounds.
  • shxcxchcxsh ‘sSsSsSsSsSs’. minimal, bare-boned ambient techno with great percussion.
  • klara lewis ‘too’. dark experimental ambient, a bit haxan cloak-ish
  • varg ‘ჟინვალი’. cold, infinite, beautiful. varg is my favourite artist of the past few years.
  • moor mother ‘fetish bones’. industrial, political, experimental hiphop.

and 17 i should listen to/ listen again : 

jk flesh ‘rise above’, thom sonny green ‘high anxiety’, rainforest spiritual enslavement ‘green graves’, norman westberg ‘mri’, jon mueller ‘tongues’, h. takahashi ‘body trip’, moomin ‘ a minor thought’, basic house ‘government’, kevin verwijmeren ‘those glorious heights’, innercity ensemble ‘III’, letherette ‘last night on the planet’, violence conjugale ‘vices et mensonges’, isorinne ‘echoic memoir’, pierrot lunaire ‘dog chakra’, micromelancolie ‘leaving hades’, delta topco ‘iv’, crane’s dreams ‘ Дом Юности’

anonymous asked:

Kochei i love your art! Specially how you draw bodies! Could you please give a few hints to this newbie wannabe artist?

hello anon! thanks a lot c:

I’ll try to give out a few tips but as usual i don’t have a real technique besides ‘observe and learn’, which i did over a few years. because i’m a bad student.

- maybe the real advice i could give is to observe VERY MUSCLED bodies. It’s the easiest way to see the muscles, where they are, how they function. to draw bodies properly you have to know anatomy, and it includes bones and muscles. look at pictures of athletes (specifically bodybuilders), the muscles are usually visible enough.

- secondly, there are easy ‘ways’ with shapes to build up a human body, give it basic shapes, and here are some examples how to do it :

- Figure Drawing. Everybody will tell you that drawing from life is super duper important, but hey i know it’s not always easy nor possible so. Take photographs as references. And this kind of website is perfect for the same way, one of my favourite thing to do is to pause the live action movies/series i’m watching to sketch one character and their pose. a very quick sketch will do and you can make it better afterwards if you feel like it.

- Finally, varying the body types is the most enjoyable to me. when you know how muscles and fat work and you just have to combine some. you can have a character with a fat belly and muscled arms, thick tights and tiny upper body, etc etc. Usually the Olympics pictures are nice to take references from because they display people who trained different muscles for different kind of sport.

Hope it’ll help you! Good luck with the art, dear newbie, and have fun :)

IT- Irregular plurals of nouns in Italian

Something I find interesting in Italian is the irregular plurals of nouns. Let’s review regular plurals first:

  • masc. nouns in -o, -a => -i
  • fem. nouns in -a => -e
  • masc. & fem. nouns in -e => -i

These are obviously remnants of Latin declensions (-us => -i and -a => -ae), but it’s not the matter here. So we first have a few unpredictable ones:

  • il dio => gli dèi
  • l'uomo => gli uomini
  • il bue => i buoi
  • la mano => le mani
  • l'ala => le ali

I won’t talk about stuff like belga/belgi or medico/medici (should be -ghi and -chi to keep the hard sound), but I’ll rather jump to irregular masculine words with a feminine plural in -a. There are 3 sorts:

> Simple plural in -a

  • il centinaio => le centinaia
  • il paio => le paia
  • l'uovo => le uova
  • il dito =>le dita

> Double plural, reg. masc. in -i & irreg. fem. in -a

  • il ginocchio => le ginocchia / i ginocchi
  • il vestigio => le vestigia / i vestigi

> Double plural, like above, but with different meanings (!!!) (my favourite ones and the reason of this post) (yes this makes me happy) (this is cool): generally the fem. plural in -a is the literal meaning, and the masc. plural in -i is the figurative meaning (but sometimes it’s the opposite)

  • il membro => le membra (body limbs) / i membri (group members)
  • il braccio => le braccia (body’s) / i bracci (arm of a river, armchair)
  • il labbro = le labbra (lips) / i labbri (of a wound)
  • l'osso => le ossa (man’s bones) / gli ossi (animals’ bones)
  • il grido => le grida (man’s) / i gridi (animals)
  • il muro => le mura (city walls, defensive walls) / i muri (house walls)

Obviously this post is not exhaustive, and doesn’t cover ALL the irregular plurals in Italian, but rather the most common and important ones (and the coolest ones obv).

They Approve- Scott McCall

A/N: I’m going to try writing in the third person and see how it goes. 

Beacon County. It sounded like a normal place, plenty of humans to eat. It was where Y/N Mikaelson decided she would stay. Yes, you read correctly, Mikaelson. You may be wondering how she managed to escape her family. I tell you it wasn’t easy. It included killing a few people but there was nothing she wouldn’t do to get away from her family, especially when they were at each other’s throats. 

Her first action in this town was to compel a woman to let her live in her house. Y/N was living there under the lie that she was this old woman’s niece’s daughter and that her family had passed on leaving her as Y/N’s only family. A few weeks later, the deed’s of the house were put under Y/N’s name and she killed the woman, a few extra sleeping pills and draining her blood gave the illusion she died in her sleep which is what Y/N needed. 

It was at the funeral of this old woman where Y/N smelt a wolf. The scent lingered on a tall brown haired boy. Werewolves? In this town? Y/n decided to investigate. She cornered him at the wake.

“What is your name?”

“Stiles Stilinski.”

“Who is your alpha?”

“Scott McCall.”

“How many more of there are you?”

“There are a few thousand humans here dude”

She stopped. No one even in her thousand years of living had answered to her compulsion with sarcasm.

“Do you have vervain growing in this town?”

“What’s vervain?”

She ignored him and pressed on.

“slap yourself.”

“No, why would I slap myself? Look, I’m like 75% sure that you’re not a human. I’ll take you to Scott if you tell me what you are.”

You showed him your fangs.

“Cool!” He pocketed something.

“What is that?”

“Mountain ash. It’s probably beacon hills version of that vervain stuff”

The boy, Stiles, lead her to a beat up blue truck.

“Roscoe, vampire. Vampire, Roscoe”

“My name’s Y/N.”

“Right, Y/N”

“Look, no offence but I’d much rather take my car.”

She turned and walked to her range rover.

“Well, I take Roscoe everywhere so you can follow me.” 

She rolled her eyes and got in her car and followed him.

In the short while Y/N had been in this town she didn’t see much of it. From the short drive to the Alpha she came to the realisation she was in white picket fence territory, something she wasn’t used to.

Stiles stopped and parked up outside a well kept home. She followed his actions and walked straight into their home.

“Scott! I got someone you need to meet!”

She walked into the living room which was full of teenagers and two adult men. She gagged at the overwhelming scent of wolves, something she hadn’t smelt in a long time.

“Sorry, you guys just really stink.”

“Pack, Y/N. Y/N, Pack”

“Which one of you is the Alpha?”

She was surprised to see that a tall brown haired boy stood up. His hair was in a quiff and he had a neutral expression. She could see his muscles through his shirt, and they were not a bad sight.

“I’m Scott McCall.”

“Y/N Mikaelson.”

“Mikaelson?” A redhead asked.

“Yes why?”

She went on her phone and read something out loud.”

“Fearing for their lives, Esther turned her family into beings that could not be harmed, allergic to sunlight and feasted on the blood of humans. Her children, Finn, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol, Rebekah and Y/N and her Husband Mikael were the first vampires to be created. They have been nicknamed The Originals”

The pack turned and looked at her. 

“Well, Finn’s dead, Nik is now half vampire half werewolf since mummy dearest got into bed with the Alpha of a wolf pack and Kol’s dead for the second time after reincarnated witch Finn cursed reincarnated witch Kol and Dad’s dead too since Klaus stabbed him to kill my aunt Dahlia.”

The pack looked very confused.

“Most of my family is dead.”

“No offence but why are you here?”

“Just a little get away from my brothers is all. Klaus and Elijah can be pretty over bearing at times.”

“Why did you want to meet me?”He asked looking you up and down

“Set some boundaries, I feast on humans you can either cover it up or I’ll begin to eat you too.”

“What were you trying to do to me after the funeral?”

“Compulsion. An example.”

She went towards a tall blond haired boy wearing a scarf.

“Slap your self.”

He complied. 

“Ow, what the fuck?”

“It is a power that I have that’s like mind control. You do whatever I want. It’s good for eating people and you don’t want them to scream, you just compel them to not scream and drain the lives out of them. Any way boundaries don’t interfere with what I do.”

And with that she used her vampire speed and left the home. 

Over time Y/N had to join the local high school to prevent any suspicion. During her time at school she often found herself surrounded by the Alpha. In his words he was ‘making sure you don’t noticed drinking the blood of students during the lunch hour’. It turned out that the two had some things in common and it took a short while for him to ask her out on a date. It was successful and they went on many more until he asked her to be his girlfriend. The title of girlfriend mean’t that Y/N had joined their pack. The new addition had different reactions. Lydia and Liam, the two people she was closest with were overjoyed. Kira, on the other hand, was not. It turns out she has a crush on Scott and the news about Y/N and Scott’s relationship was not good news. Nonetheless, they were a cute couple. They looked out for each other during fights and knew how to calm the other down during stressful times, Scott really cared for Y/N and Y/N really cared for him.


“OK, Stiles managed to steal a bunch of the evidence from his dad. Three people in the last week have been killed and found tossed on the side of the road.”

Y/N took a folder from the coffee and returned to her seat on Scott’s lap, he placed his hand on her thigh and rested his head on her shoulder, which earned her a look from Kira. She opened the folder and held it in a way that Scott and Y/N could both read it.  

“So one had their head ripped off, another one had been slashed by a knife and the most recent on had-”

She read the two words and stopped talking

“Puncture wounds” Scott finished off.

The pack looked up and stared at her, looking for an explanation.

“I swear, it’s not me. I’ve been drinking the blood bags Melissa’s been giving me. I have a feeling it’s my brothers. They’re in Beacon Hills.”

As if on cue, Niklaus, Elijah and Freya sauntered into Y/N’s home, she got up immediately and stood in front of her pack. 

Klaus tutted.

“I’ll admit, it was a whole lot easier for you to live in a home where we don’t need to be invited in.”


Klaus held up his hand to shush Elijah.

“I’ve been going out of my head for the past 4 months trying to find you. I questioned every witch in the quarter and none of them knew where you were. Every locator spell backfired. Until a few weeks ago, when little old Davina Claire was shunned from her coven. It seems like the magic she used to conceal you fizzled out.” 

He walked towards Y/N and pulled her into a embrace.

“My dear sister, how we have missed you. We thought of many ways to bring you home and I didn’t want to do this to you Y/N, but it seems you and I share the same stubbornness and you won’t return home without it.” 

He pulled out a dagger and went to dagger Y/N with it. Scott’s eyes widened and he rushed to Klaus, grabbing his hand and stopping it from being stabbed into her back.

“Leave. Her. Alone” He growled, his red Alpha eyes flashing.

Klaus laughed.

“Does this little boy expect to stop me?”

He let go of Y/N and used his vampire speed to have him pushed against the wall, held up by his neck. Isaac went to help him but Freya stopped him with her magic.

“My little sister needs to return home. She belongs with her family. Not some teenage wolf boy.”

“It’s not up to. You. She can. Do what. She wants.” He began to lose his breath

Isaacs yells of pain got louder.

“STOP” Y/N yelled, hating to see two parts of her life in conflict.

Nik dropped Scott and Freya stopped hurting Isaac. Y/N ran to Scott and helped him up.

“Can you not see that I am happy here? I don’t want to go back to the quarter. I am staying in Beacon Hills. No matter how many times you kidnap me and take me back to New Orleans I will leave and I will come back here. You need to stop this Niklaus. You’ve ruined Rebekah’s life, must you ruin mine too?”

“Enough! I am protecting you. That is all I have ever done so don’t you dare-” Nik yelled.

“I’m protecting you, it’s for your safety. Every fucking time I get away from you, you come and shout at me and expect me to step back into line. I’m sick of it Nik and I’m sick of being controlled. I like it here. People are friends with me because they like me for me, not because my big brother will kill their family.”

Elijah understood what Y/N was going through for he had seen Klaus’ impact on her life. He would kill men that were in love with his sister in the fear that she would leave their family.

“Niklaus, Y/N, if I may, it seems our sister had found friends in this group of mismatched supernatural creatures. I will not stand here and let you stop her from living her life as she pleases.” Elijah interjected

She smiled at Elijah.

“This is why you’ve always been my favourite ‘Lijah”

Klaus turned to her with a murderous look.

“You just pissed him off more dude, you should’ve stayed on his side.” Stiles yelled from behind Liam.

“I will not stand by and let Elijah be your favourite sibling. I’m not letting this happen. Which is why, Y/N, you can stay. However, you need to visit us and Christmas must be spent in New Orleans, Rebekah won’t stand for us being separated on one of her favourite days. I want an hour long face time session every Saturday is that understood?”

“Yes, Nik”

“Now come here and give your big brother a hug.”

Klaus held out his arms and Y/N ran into them giving him the hugest good bye hug. She did the same to Elijah and Freya.

“Before I leave, you wolf boy. Come here.”

Scott stepped forward and faced Elijah.

“If you dare hurt my sister, I will ensure that every bone in your body is broken 100 times over. I will cut you open and fill you with wolfsbane if I find out you have hurt her in any way.” 

“I promise I won’t hurt her, sirs and- and ma’am”

Klaus smiled at him as amused.

“Well we should leave.” Stiles said, scratching the back of his head.

“Yes, we all should and let your little Alpha process what has happened. Might I add that my brother is a very noble man and he does good on his promises, no matter how bloody the outcome.” Klaus said with a smirk

Soon the house was empty except for Y/N and Scott. Scott was sat on the sofa while Y/N got him a glass of water.

He took a sip and put his arm around Y/N

“So you just met my brothers.”

“Yeah I did.”


“They’re pretty scary. Your sister is badass too.”

“Well at least they approve, I mean you wouldn’t want the most powerful vampires and witch in the world hating you.”

“I don’t care if they didn’t approve, no one can stop me from loving you.”

Y/N froze.

“You love me?”

Scott blushed realising what he said, but with the look on Y/N’s face it looked like it was a mistake. 

“Well I mean love is a strong emotion and I know that we’re-”

She cut him off with a kiss.

“I love you too, Scott.”

He gazed down on the beautiful woman beside him and he was content. His pack was at it’s strongest and although he had lost Allison, Scott had a new love and he could tell that his and Y/N’s love story would be an epic one. 

Tell Him

Tell him. Go on, tell him that you no longer desire to be

a punching bag for his insecurities, a reinforcement

of his manhood. Tell him that you will eat his soul

if he dares lay his hands on you once more and you

will spit it back on the ground it came from. He is not

the God you pray to at church so why make him the

God you kneel to at midnight if he shows you no mercy?

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, so my darling

why have you let him paint your pupils with sorrow when you

know deep down that you carry fire inside of you. Not the

type of fire that burns bones into ashes but the type of fire

that sets a dark room alight. You are not the daughter of

Poseidon so stop letting him fill your eyes with water, you’ve

got angels wanting to guard them and they never really liked

the sea…

The next time he calls you fat, tell him that you ate so much

love as a child so that in case you mistakenly managed to swallow

a word of hate one day your body would reject it. The next time he

calls you ugly, tell him that’s the exact reason why the devil decided

to inhabit him and not you. The next time he tells you that you’ve

offended him, laugh. Laugh like all your bones are funny bones

and yell “F**K YOU” then turn around and dance your way out of

that room. Let him stare at your body with anger in his eyes and

regret in his belly, your body which he so adored and explored in

private but abhorred and ignored in public, girl you need to apologise

to God because you just let that little boy disrespect one of His
favourite paintings.

He is no man, I know. My mother taught me that men are meant to

support the woman by their side and my father told me that men

have to be willing to sacrifice… That boy is not ready to sacrifice

his sense of entitlement for your smile.

My darling, you are red rose petals on white linen sheets, an image

of passion, so shine, like your soul is a constellation of stars.

—  BT, Tell Him