my favourite beauty icon!

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@claravoswald | Als is pretty in pastels! Theirs is one of my favourite icons on my dash right now. She makes beautiful, pastel-coloured gifs in the same “handmade” way that I do mine, which makes us kindred spirits in a way. While English is not her first language, you would never know because she has aced it! And she runs @timelordinthetardis, which I didn’t work out until a few minutes ago. She’s just a wonderful person and I’m so happy we’re mutuals!

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1k Blog rates

Hi! I completed 2 milestones today: 1 month of this blog and also 1k followers!!! 😄
Therefore, I’m going to be doing some blog rates! (Don’t worry I won’t be mean, it’s just a lot of fun!!)
-Must be following me
-Must reblog this post (likes don’t count)
-Send me an ask saying what your favourite subject at school is
Subject: I hate it | it’s not my favourite | it’s okay | it’s pretty fun | it’s my favourite!!!
Icon: Good | cute | pretty | beautiful | gorgeous!!
Theme: good | great | awesome | amazing | omg send me the code!!!
URL: good | great | awesome | amazing | why didn’t I think of that??
Content: good | great | awesome | amazing | reblogged them all!!
Following? No, sorry | am now | already was | I’ll follow you to Oblivion and back!!
Overall: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10
Blog rates will close at 10pm GMT on Wednesday 4th January 2017
Thanks all!!