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Deancas Graphics Challenge | punkascas
↳ Prompt: Round Ten – Endverse

Let us be damned
Let us be weird
Let us love the things
Which most do not

don’t forget about me
even when i doubt you
i’m no good without you

doubt by twenty one pilots

Esmond Knight, 1935.


“He was there when he was needed, and how he got ‘there’ you often wondered. He never received recognition for his bravery, his heroic servicing of the wounded … If any man who struggled in the snow and the cold, in the many attacks through the open and through the woods, ever deserved such a medal, it was our medic, Gene Roe.” 
- Lieutenant Foley (Band of Brothers p. 181)

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Nickname: i dont rlly have one? like my parents literally gave me a nickname as my actual name lol abbie 4 lyf

Zodiac: aries

Height: 5’4

Last thing i googled: why does my dog love apples so much

Favourite music artist: my bae troye sivan

Last movie i saw: spider man: homecoming… or baby driver?? can’t remember which order i saw them in lol

Why did i choose my url: i love pink and i love prompto argentum

Do i have any other blogs: i do i have an old one i used to use for fanfiction and i did make a writing one but i think i’ll just post my writing here tbh

What did your last relationship teach you: my last what

Religious or spiritual: idk, i havent rlly thought about it but spiritual i guess?

Favourite colour: pink pink pink pink pink pink pink pi

average hours of sleep: i cant function if i havent had at least seven hours ngl

Lucky number: 6

Favourite Character: this question sucks wtf. either billy kaplan, teddy altman, america chavez, prompto argentum, bucky barnes, or diana prince? how can i choose one?????

How many blankets do i sleep with: one at home and two at uni bc my olaf blanket is decorative and functional

Dream job: idk….. i want to work to improve the lives of children so i guess charity work? or education maybe?

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If someone asked me why I like Zhang Yixing, these would probably be just some of my answers.

More than a celebrity, more than a bias, more than the glory of the stage, you are a role model to many. At least, you remind me everyday to be a better person. If I could be half the person you are, I think I would be very happy.

While going through a year’s worth of your videos for your countdown which I didn’t finish T.T, there have been so many great moments this year, but so much more we can never see. This year has been tough, but you’ve come a long way, I’m proud of you.

Let’s walk to the end. 生日快乐,小萌宝,我的长沙小骄傲!