my favourite battle couple

anonymous asked:

Hak x Green Dragon or Hak x Suwon?

Pff you keep forgetting Jae Ha’s name :P At least you didn’t call him Victor 

Tsk, you just want me to draw you OTP art ;) ok but really. Actually good question. 

Ok so Hak and Jae Ha. Well Jae Ha would totally go for it if Hak let him, you know he would. And their dynamic is very amusing and I think they get along better than Hak would like to admit. Also Jae Ha really “gets” Hak, really fast, and he’s a very supportive friend at the end of the day. Also, battle couple. They’re one of my favourite teams when it comes to fighting.

Hak x Suwon has that childhood best friends element to it that I’m a complete sucker for. There was all this mutual respect, trust and admiration. Also, regardless of how you want to interpret, these two love(d) each other so much. Everything was beautiful and they wanted to be together forever (with Yona too) T_T

But hey, one of these people betrayed Hak DEEPLY and one didn’t so, easy winner~