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Part II to Summer Lovin’, see what I did there with the name lmfao I’m a genius!! Anyways, enjoy this mess.
Pairings: Brendon Urie x Sarah Urie, Brendon Urie x Fem!Reader
Warnings: daddy kink, lots of dirty talk, some choking, gags, orgasm denial, b calls reader ‘kitten’ throughout whole thing
Word Count: 3.5k

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🎉! 10 years !🎉

About Perrie (from tour programme)


To my little loves, whilst you’re reading thie I hope you’re getting ready for the best night of your lives! Go crazy, go wild, lose all inhibitions and let us entertain you! Because of you I’m up on that stage tonight so thank you for making my dreams come true. I love you with all my heart.


Jesy on Perrie - Bubbly  
Leigh on Perrie - Silly 
Jade on Perrie - Sunshine


Favourite colour? Blue
Favourite flower? Daisy or a sunflower 
Favourite Glory Days song? Your Love, it reminds me of my boyfriend
Favourite song to perform live? Power!
Favourite quality in a person? To make me laugh
Favourite Disney character? I love Olaf and Rapunzel from Tangled
Favourite places you’ve been to? Hong Kong, Japan or Australia
Favourite part Of the day? When I’ve finished work, taken my make up off, put PJs on and am having a snuggle with my boyfriend!
Favourite comfort food? My mammy’s dinners 
Favourite thing to do on the tour bus? Get in my bunk and sleep!
Favourite thing to do with the girls? Have a sleepover or go shopping
Favourite people in the world? My family, my friends, my girls, Alex and my babies (animals)
Favourite quote? Everything happens for a reason!
Favourite way to spend your free time? Going to Disneyland! Or sleeping
Favourite emoji? 😍
Favourite memories in the band? There’s too many, but a BRIT Award is pretty up there!


Would you rather fly or be invisible? Why? Fly -So I can fly wherever I want! 
Would you rather have a pet dinosaur or a pet unicorn, Unicorn - Called Pezzacorn 
Would you rather go back in time or forward in time? Stay where I am because where I am right now I’ve never felt more content! 
Would you rather go to the beach or Disney world? Impossible question to answer! 
Winter or summer? Summer - I love everything about it and I’m a summer baby 
Beach or adventure? Where? Adventure - Road trip! 
Board games or video games? Which? Board games - Monopoly! 
Cats or dogs? Dogs - Hatch rules! 
Truth or dare? Dare 
Cookies or cake? Asking me that is almost like asking Joey from Friends to share food! 
Cheese and onion or salt and vinegar? Can’t choose! Love them both 
Margherita or pepperoni? Pepperoni 
Romance or horror films? Which? Romance - The Notebook and Because I Said So are two of my faves 
Are you a morning or a night person? I am NOT a morning person, definitely night 
Club Of pub? Pub 
Attend Hogwarts or live in Disneyland? Live in Disneyland 
Describe yourself in 3 words. Spontaneous, bubbly, loopy! 
Where would you go if you were invisible? I’d go to Jake Gyllenhaal’s dressing room with Jesy 
Swap lives with someone for a day - who is it?! Beyonce 
If you were stranded on a tropical island what 2 things would you want with you? My dad and Ray Mears 
If you could choose your nickname what would it be? Pep 
If you were a super hero what would your powers be? All of them! 
A genie grants you three wishes - what are they? Health, wealth and happiness for me and all my loved ones 

Thanks pezzailoveyou for HQ pic of tour programme!


If I stayed so close to Rob, I’d die. 😍😍😍

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ohhh P with Jeff is so cute imagine them playing together and P ask him if she would marry her 😂

It would be the classic first crush in her life, which would have the missus in awe and Harry going stir-crazy because his little girl is going through her first crush and love, even though it’s just an infatuation.

Persephone would experience it with Grimmy more since he’s from the UK and he pops round the Styles house almost every day to see everyone and she’d also experience it with Jeff as she grew up and she would always get jealous when Glenne and Jeff were being cosy together in front of her. Whether they visited the UK for a leisurely trip or whether it was when Harry took his girls to America for work purposes. Snuggling up between them when they sat on the sofa or sitting on Jeff’s lap when she needed to go for a nap or whining for him when he gave Glenne some love and some affection. Getting grumpy when they kissed, when they walked hand-in-hand, when they sat beside one another in restaurants or at the kitchen table.

So when they’re in America for a trip and they’re staying with Jeff and Glenne for a few days, she tries to squeeze in as much time with him as she possible can because she hasn’t seen him in so long. The missus keeps Glenne occupied with pregnancy talk and Harry makes runs out to a takeaway restaurant to get dinner for afternoon. So when Jeff has been occupied with Glenne and hasn’t been paying much attention to her, she gets grumpy and jealous and resides to finding a spot on the sofa in the living room. 

“What’s the matter, Bug? Are you not talkin’ to your Uncle Jeff now, huh? Why not?” He chuckles, kneeling in front of her and cupping her knees in his hands, “daddy told me, before he left to get food, that you have to go for a nap soon. Shall we go and have a cuddle? Do you want me to put you to bed? Glenne’s busy talking to your mum about the new baby.”

“Daddy usually cuddles me, Uncle Jeff,” she admits as Jeff chuckles, “don’t wan’a go for a nap though. M’not tired.”

“What do you wan’a do instead then, hm?”

“Uncle Jeff, I wan’a marry you instead,” she giggles, leaning forward and wrapping her arms around his neck as he lifts her from the sofa and twirls her around, legs around his waist, “can we?”

“But, I married Auntie Glenne, Bug. You came to the wedding, you silly thing.”

Her eyebrows would furrow on her face, lips turning downwards, “don’t you love me?”

“Of course I love you. Always have done, little miss. Since your mummy and daddy brought you all the way here, to America, when you were a new baby. You’re always going to be my number one favourite girl,” he chuckles, kissing her temple, “come on. Daddy will scold me and kick my bum if he finds out you haven’t gone for your nap.” xx

An extended Collection of my Favourite Vintage Names



Daddy Teaching // NJH

Apparently we have a new teacher for math and I can’t help but over hear people saying he’s extremely sexy for a 25 yr old. “Hello class I am your new teacher Mr. Horan” All I can say is that those people were damn right. He had a white shirt with the sleeves rolled to his elbows which he paired with denim jeans. I could also hear his sexy irish accent. He continued to talk about himself and I just stared in awe. “Y/N Y/L/N” My head snapped up, he smiled and said “are you present” smirking afterwards. I realised he was taking the roll. “U-h uh yeah” he chuckled and didn’t wipe that smirk off his face. Class continued and he gave a quiz to see where we were at. Did I mention he wore glasses? Because holy fuck does he look good in them. The bell rang and I slowly packed my things so I could stay a bit longer behind. As I was exiting the door Mr. Horan grabbed my wrist, swiftly turned me around, closed the door and pushed me up against it. It happened so fast that I couldn’t comprehend the fact that he was only inches away from my face and I could smell his minty breath. “Do you really think I didn’t notice you staring” “I-i a-h ah” He chuckled deeply. “Ya know y/n you’re so fucking sexy” he was slowly taking my books out of my arm that was not pinned up against the door as he licked his lips staring at me the entire time. “Imagine what daddy could do to you” “Da-ddy?” “Yes baby girl, daddy” He placed the books down carrying me over to his desk. Kids were already in class and my biology teacher probably thought I was skipping. “I need to get to class” I said shyly. He shushed me and placed his rather large hand over my mouth. “Hi Hannah, i’m with y/n right now and she wont be attending class, she has to help me with something” and as soon as he said that I had to help him he stared straight into my eyes. I knew exactly what he needed help with. “We got a whole hour to our selves baby girl” “I-i’ve never done this before” “Daddy will teach you yeah” he winked and I just nodded rapidly. He slowly bought his head down and kissed me, we were slowly making out. His hands were roaming my entire body. He sneaked his hands under my t-shirt to cup my breasts which cause me to let a satisfying moan leave my lips. He started to kiss my jaw down to my neck and started sucking. Fuck was he good at this. He made sure to leave a mark in my sweet spot which he found easily making sure to leave a mark, I moaned again at the feeling of him massaging my breasts, “thats my favourite fucking sound in the world baby girl” I just moaned again. He stopped and looked me straight in the eyes and said “you sure you want to do this” “imagine what daddy could do to me” I responded, quoting his own words. He just growled and said “daddys gonna make you feel so good” He lifted my t-shirt up revealing my black laced bra. He licked his lips at the sight, this bra was too small so they were for sure popping out. I started unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his sexy torso. I pulled the shirt off and he groaned. I started to palm him through his jeans, and I didn’t know if that was pleasing him until he moaned my name. “Stop it baby girl im the one who is supposed to be playing with you” he pulled my hand away from his hard cock. He lifted me up onto the desk and put his hands onto my bra clasp and unclasped it, pulling it down my arms and revealing my tits. “So sexy baby, so so so sexy” he started to suck on my tits using the other hand to massage the other one, he swapped his hand and started sucking the other tit. I was a moaning mess “fuck daddy that feels so good” “mmmm baby girl you love daddys mouth yeah” I moaned as a response. I put my hands down and courageously unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, un zipping them and seeing them drop. You could see his hard dick in his tight white boxers. I was already wet. He unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans as well, pulling them down. We were both just in our underwear. He carefully laid me down on the desk bending my legs so my heels were on the edge of the desk and my knees bent, realising he needed to take my panties off he harshly pulled my legs out of the position. He pulled my matching black lace panties down and once again licked his lips which I knew was a good sign, placing my legs back to their position. He slowly pulled his boxers down as his erection sprung free. He was huge. He came forward and kissed me as I felt his thumb circling my pussy, I gasped then moaned in his mouth “you like that baby girl, you love daddys big fingers” he pushed one finger in as I screamed and he started pumping rapidly, adding another one in. “DADDY FUCK YES DADDY THAT FEELS SO GOOD” “SCREAM OUT MY NAME BABY GIRL LET EVERYONE KNOW WHO’S FUCKING YOU” he pulled out and I whimpered at the lost connection of his fingers inside me. He put his finger up to tell me to wait as he looked through his bag pulling out a condom, opening and sliding onto his large cock. “Tell me to stop if it hurts to much baby girl” I nodded. He slowly but surely entered his dick into my pussy. It hurt like hell. He didnt move as he let me adjust. “Daddy please start moving” I begged as he slowly started thrusting into me. I was crying out in pain but it was worth it “daddy will stop if it hurts to much” “n-o no keep on going” I was thankful that he cared. The pain slowly started to turn into pleasure and I started to scream “DADDY FASTER FUCK DADDY I LOVE YOUR COCK FASTER” “FUCK YES BABY GIRL YOURE SO TIGHT YOU FEEL SO GOOD” it was really hot in the room and I could feel myself almost reaching my high. His large dick was filling me up so good. “DADDY IM ABOUT TO CUM” “CUM ALL OVER DADDYS COCK BABY GIRL” and I did as he also came in the condom. He pulled out and bent down to lick my pussy so there were no juices left. “You taste so good baby girl” I was so flushed I didn’t answer. He took the condom off making sure to wrap it in tissue so people wouldnt see and chucked it into the bin. I put my clothes back on and so did he. The bell rang, what perfect timing. He kissed me slowly again as if I would break under him. I pulled away realising I needed to get to my next class “see you tomorrow baby girl” he winked, “bye daddy”

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Captain Phasma? (Character ask) :o

who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favourite

Love that shiny girl <3