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Name: Marcos Antonio Vargas Perez

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Likes: Drawing, play videogames, role-playing and chat with my friends.

Dislikes: Studying, having no internet, vegetables, annoying little children.

Have a pet? Yes, he is an adult dog and his name is Ñoño.

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Favourite color? Red.

School or university? University.

What do you study? Digital Animation and Game Development.

here some light studies with 2 of the 3 of my favourite characters x3

and some experimentation for hapstablook I’m still not sure how to interpret ghosts specially coming from a game that’s far more cartoony that my style.

But it was fun trying o analize transparency and light both at the same time

(If you have paiting tips for this please do tell me, everybit helps xDD)

but anywyas, I’m still working on that animation, and dang it is a lot of work but I’m getting there I’m just making sure it looks fluid and beautiful!! but in the meanwhile have patings xDD

Night in the woods again :P, seems to be my thing now. Wonder what I’ll be doing anddrawing after Jack finishes the game. Watching this in the evening before going to sleep is my safe place. I love the voices, colours, dialogues, character’s and the game in general even more every episode.
Really liked the last one! It was so calming and yet still scary. This part was probably my favourite because it was just so thoughtful, that’s why I drew it obvs. Jack as Mae today cause he really identified with her last episode. We all kinda do. (Especially since she’s bi/pan. Like how awesome is that! I love this game for showing how normal being queer is. Gregg and Angus and now Mae :3)
I hope Jack gets better soon and am looking forward to the next episode!

Shadow of the Colossus

At the start of the year, we were given a list of games. Each month we are to write an analysis on 1 game that we haven’t yet played off that list.

Shadow of the Colossus is one of them, I was shattered when I realised I couldn’t write about it. I didn’t have an excuse to go play it again. After all, it is my favourite game. (At the moment).

Looking at it in class made me so happy. Here’s what we did:

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what is your fav opening????


Honestly this OP gives me so many good mems fhdjfkdsfds. The song is great and the animation is amazing. We get to see Aoba Johsai!! And of course our Karasuno bois. I love the game scenesthey used in it, plus Hinata/Little Giant comparisons (WHO REMEMBERS THE LIL GIANT DISCOURSE? My blog was a baby at that point.) Yeah, it’s definitely my fave. Makes me kind of emotional actually. My 2nd favourite is definitely the S3 “Hikare Are” one. I’m gonna gif that one soon cause IT’S BEAUTIFUL. >:)

Some doodles of me and Skelly, my Doedicurus, before I go to bed.

Whenever we travel out to the open desert for supplies for our base in Scorched Earth, I play a game of tag with her bc her running animation is the cutest thing in the world, and her favourite thing to do (completely unprompted) is to waddle over to rock formations and smash them to pieces to get sand and stones and she’s my FavTM, goodnight.

Alrighty then, this started off as a study of the movement in overwatch with just rough animation that was never going to see the light of day… then I kept going… and going. A month passed.. and I kept going. This ended up as such a big project that I realised I had jumped into a bottemless sea withought learning how to swim.
Needless to say, Im super happy that I managed to just about pull this off with little to no knowledge on the subject. Junkrat is my favourite character in the game but I think that I like Jackrat a little more haha.

I have gotten so used to seeing Jackrat, when I see Junkrat with his actual face, I now get confused for a split second XD 

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Name: Belle
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5 Favourite Fictional Characters: At least I don’t have to do ten this time.

Percy Jackson

Hiccup Haddock

Ray Palmer

Peter Parker

Queenie Goldstein

4 Movies I’d Rewatch Over and Over:

How to Train Your Dragon (Which I have)

Jurassic World (Which I have)

Zootopia (Which I have)

Tangled (Which I have)

(I have lost count of how many times I’ve rewatched those movies)

3 Favourite TV Shows:

The Flash

Race to the Edge


2 of My Favourite Ships:



1 thing I love About Myself:

My creativity

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Day 16 - Game With The Best Cutscenes

Final Fantasy XIII

Say what you want about this game, but most would agree, It’s cutscenes were epic! The animation used in them was beautiful and the scene where the gang return to Eden is one of my favourites in any video game.

30 Day Video Game Challenge

“Play it Again, Glottis”

Grim Fandango has been in the top list of my favourite games since my brother showed it to me many years ago. I never knew what it was that appealed to lil ol’ me, but now as an adult I get to fully experience it again. 

It’s been a while since the remaster came out but It’s never too late to see your favourite travel agent and his driver.

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Crawling painfully out from underneath six hours of Inside like…I may have found my new favourite indie game, but I’m also scarred for fucking life, what the fuck.

Reasons to play: gorgeous animation and music, creative puzzles, one of the freshest story-telling experiences I’ve had in a while.

Reasons to skip: you hate puzzles, you have no tolerance for body horror, you don’t like short games.

lolirock season 2 episode ranks~<3

well I got a green light from the lolirock team, so here’s my rank of fav episodes and what I enjoy about the episode XD


and the BEST episode goes toooo: FORGET YOU!

this is the episode that gave me so much inspiration to do a backstory for Praxina, literally every animator here had so much feels for praxina after watching this episode, some even cried.T.T

and now episodes that are equally EPIC but not as best as the above(sorry XD):

-Princess Brenda P1& 2: I wanted to animate this!!Why? cause mephisto and praxina rocks here,the beautiful visuals of them showing off their powers are seriously wow!

-Stop in the name of Lev P1 & 2: prepare for uncertainty and heartbreaks~~ This really reminds you that ephidea is at war and why people are what they are.

-Truth be told: prepare to be mindblown for this episode, really,I only got to see the character designs and story board, but even that was already very shocking, truth be told indeed……

-Wicked Red: OK, every animator had fun with Auriana here, we did a lot of acting, n crazy hair flippings haha, favourite episode of auriana so far.

-Amaru-niverse: Best Amaru episode ever! also because we  have creatve freedom to do what ever we want to make him super uber lovable  =W= 

- Dancing shoes: awesome Talia episode, was gonna be my last episode but they gave me something else to handle. none the less, i am sure my friends will do a good job for Talia.

-Cute as a doll: ok I had fun torturing Lyna =P but many animators love doing Lyna and Carissa~

-Super cute kitten: this tittle is very hilariously ironic, i was in charge of animating the big revelation scene, so do look forward! XD

-Desert heat: prepare tissues for this too, it was the last episode I handled a special arc for Auriana.

-Puppylove: my best animation sequence,we are getting a lot of amaru this season, and a lot of surprises in store for him.

-If you can’t beat em: we had fun with mephisto~~then again we always do, prepare for a lot of laughing in this episode~! XD

- Amateur hour: A simple story, but wow the fight sequence and acting with this side character was so good.

-Rex: a certain someone is back~, tho animating him was quite hard ==(his facial proportions are really hard to keep on model), but I got best animation so not complaining XD

-Statue game: Carissa,go~!! she is fast becoming my favourite to animate.I think her personality can be relate able to many girls out there.

-The ruby of the Orient: another simple story but I love the sub character and the delivery of the mystery and plot twist.

This is the end of my list, some of you might be wondering why I didn’t put the big epic finale, “Crowning Glory” up, thats because I only saw the character designs and story, I will only judge it once i see more news from my friends.