my favourite angel

I like to imagine Neil giggles a lot when he gets tipsy. Imagine: Andrew and Neil sitting on the roof, sharing a bottle of whiskey, Andrew’s bitching about Kevin and Exy and Neil is just lying with his head on his lap, staring up at his stupid face and losing his shit. Andrew alternates between glaring at him and shutting him up with a kiss. 


Get To Know Me Meme: Current Celebrity Crushes [2/5] Hilarie Burton

“I don’t engage in social media, which has its good and bad sides, I guess - but the good side is when people hate my guts, I’m kind of oblivious to it.“


I drew Castiel again! In ink! Again! The photo I was looking at didn’t show the top of his hair though, so instead of improvising, I just stopped. XD
And just so you know, the only pen in our house that I could get to work was some cheap candy cane pen that was bought like, seven years ago. It actually worked pretty well. I was surprised.

I’m trying to be positive about this one… because even though the eyes look really off, and I accidentally started outlining the lips (which were already perfect before), I still… I mean… I’m getting better at this ink stuff. XD

if there’s no great glorious end to all this, if nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do. because that’s all there is. what we do. now. today. i fought for so long, for redemption, for a reward, and finally just to beat the other guy, but i never got it. and now you do? not all of it. all i wanna do is help. i wanna help because, i don’t think people should suffer as they do. because, if there’s no bigger meaning, then the smallest act of kindness is the greatest thing in the world.