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Can we talk about how Siobhan went into that house alone, knowing it would likely mean her death, and didn't ask for backup, probably because she didn't want to endanger her kids? (I mean, he escaped from an entire board room, so, as much as I hate Ferdinand, I can't deny that he is tough). Siobhan gave up her life, took out this huge danger, and was crying while she wrote a letter telling her kids not to be sad. I love that woman.

YES PLEASE LET’S. Thank you for sending this because I have many thoughts and feelings about the whole thing and have been meaning to write them down. I apologise in advance for the length of this, I suffer from chronic word vomit and I’m in the denial/angry grieving stages. 

From day one, the thing that motivated Siobhan was her need to keep Felix, Kira and Sarah safe. All of her actions were done with that in mind and MDK said herself that there was nothing S wouldn’t do to ensure her family’s safety, her taking on Ferdinand alone was obviously one of those instances. And yes, I admire her for doing it and it gave me all sorts of feels. She’s a deliciously complex character and her doing what she did is only testament of how brave, courageous and selfless S was when it came to those she loved. I love her character to bits and genuinely feel like she is one of the most amazingly written characters that television has ever seen. However, I am still bitter about the situation for the following reasons: 

One. I feel like S was smarter than that. She was a very astute woman and had proven countless of times throughout the show that she knew when to back off; when fighting would be void. How many times have we seen her back away from a fight, only to come back at the right time and win? As you say, Ferdinand was very strong and S knew this. For her to go into the house alone, knowing very well that the chance of her surviving is slim, was a bit OOC in my opinion. Again, remember that her sole aim this whole time has been to protect her family. She needs to be around for that. As much as I’d like to believe that S’s bonds with the other, more authoritative characters (e.g. Art) were strong, I do not think she would entrust Felix/Sarah/Kira’s safety with anybody else. Not necessarily because she doesn’t trust them, but because she knows the extent of her own skills, abilities and resources. 

Two. To be honest, I really don’t think that killing her did much story-wise and the way it was treated was a little disrespectful to her character (yes I went there). Sure, now Sarah has to step up and fill S’s shoes as the head matriarch of the family, but with only one episode left I really don’t know how they’re going to put Sarah there and make it seem believable. Sarah has come a long way and her character development has been great, but it’s still Siobhan we’re talking about. 40-something minutes isn’t enough time. 

If S really had to die in order for Sarah to take that final step towards family matriarch I would have rather had it happen earlier on, giving the characters more time to process her death and us the opportunity to watch them grow stronger from it. It would have made Sarah’s transition so much more believable. Now with only one episode left, and as 5x09 confirmed for me, things will be too rushed. The funeral, service and time spent showing the characters grieve were all way too short imo. And this isn’t even me being biased because S is my favourite character. Siobhan was a h u g e part of the story. Without her it would have been game-over ages ago. She was home, and deserved a better sendoff, which she could have gotten had they had more time (read: killed her earlier). 

Three. Can we just talk about her letter for one moment because it was very beautiful and emotional and I really loved it. But then I found out that it was basically just a slightly rephrased extract from a poem, and sure I still adore it because it’s a beautiful poem, but I mean ????? why ????? The writing of this show has been absolutely brilliant so the creators are obviously capable, why couldn’t they have just had S write a real letter? At this point S is convinced that she is dying, and I refuse to believe that she decides that a poem - frequently read at funerals - is the best way to say goodbye to her family, the family she loved and devoted her life to protect. 

All in all, I am never not going to be bitter over the death of Siobhan Sadler because I feel like it was poorly planned. The one thing that makes it easier is the fact that she ended up killing Ferdinand after she had been shot in the heart. She was a feckin badass and went out doing what she always has - protecting her loved ones. 

My favourite part about Leroux-faithful E/C stories is always the moment when Christine says “I love you” for the first time and at first, Erik rants and does not believe her and there’s a lot of crying and then he finally does and they’re both crying and Erik’s just like

October 30, 2014

Today’s Dream Destination is one of two amazing towns owned by mischacrossing, Fawn (it consists of nine deer and one unicorn)!

I wore the cute outfit I found at the plaza. This town is still a work in progress, and I can only imagine how amazing it will look when it’s all finished! If you see an area on the ground that looks like a sleeping cat, it’s the location for a planned PWP.

First of all, this. I think it’s adorable! The carnations e a really nice touch.

I think my favourite part of Fawn is outside the café. I really love the bamboo and the azalea bushes! They look beautiful in spring.

The first house I visited was that of the sweets fairy, Lolli!

I love the way her home is set up. It’s like a cute candy store! It really suits the way I think a sweets fairy would be: kawaii, merry and sweet!

Onto the next house, belonging to Rossa, the garden fairy.

Again, a really well planned out little house she’s got there! Decorated with saplings, flower furniture and lots of colour, it’s the perfect home for a cute fairy like Rossa.

And finally, the last house: The castle of Mischa, the Queen fairy!

I picked my two favourite rooms or her, because I couldn’t pick just one.

This main room makes a perfect living area, mud room and study.

The bedroom is about as cute as it gets! I especially love that wallpaper.

If you’d like to visit the amazingly cute and magical town of Fawn, the Dream Address is 5300-4781-6551. I hope you all enjoyed this entry, and see you next time!