my favorites magazines


Lucky Cat-ch Magazine for all your shipping needs. I even labeled all these dorks’ relationships:

The Cool Couple, the Chill Couple, the Cute Couple, the Cheeky Couple, the Captivating Couple, and the Courtly Couple

One of my favorite things in Japanese magazines is random charts. I don’t know why but it amuses me immensely. The Feb issue of Animage is no exception as it gives each episode a category and percentage, like this:

So episode was given Surprise: 90% (The 10% was probably him assuming this was a more realistic version of the Victor appearing naked in the baths fantasies that we all assume he had)

Each ep is given one, and half of them are completely random lol

Ep 2: Russian Yankee 80%
Ep 3: Eros 90%
Ep 4: Being yourself 60%
Ep 5: Love 100%
Ep 6: Rivalry 80%
Ep 7: Frazzled Crying 100%
Ep 8: It’s JJ Style! 90%
Ep 9: Encouragement 70%
Ep 10: Friendship 90%
Ep 11: Agape 100%
Ep 12: Stay Close to Me: 120%

The last one made me aw, I’m not ashamed.

my favorite is when magazines and newspapers run think pieces on taylor and enlist random publicists to give random opinions on how to “fix” her career like listen up bitch if u were really so good at PR she’d have hired u instead of her kickass publicist and also her career ain’t broken she just dropped the #4 US selling first week single (#1 for a female) this year with no promo bye


More of The Last Guardian arrived today…or in this case The Great Man-Eating Eagle Toriko! After beating the game back in December, I knew I had to get the JP release along with the soundtrack. I picked both of these up from when I noticed the game price had dropped rather significantly. I paid nearly full retail for the OST but for me personally it was more than worth it!

Honestly..if the price drops anymore, I would recommend the first print JP release for the Brutus booklet alone. The Fumito Ueda Material Book is an amazing piece to have. Brutus is my favorite JP magazine - so to have their style and presentation showcase one of my favorite Japanese VG Directors/Designers is a perfect marriage.

I just bought this and (I’m not promoted but) this is one of my new favorite crime magazines. If you can find it I suggest you buy it. This month it had a lot of interesting things from Dylann, death row confessions and Ramirez. I’m sorry but I felt the need to share. (Oh yeah there is also Dahmer and school trip strangling XD). But yeahhh if you can’t buy it pm me and I’ll summarize any part you want