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Shakespeare (Part I)

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Harry X Reader (AU)

In which Harry is a poetic frat boy who just so happens to be the TA for your new English class.

Author’s note: This is gonna be a multi-part fic!! I’m really excited for it and would love any and all feedback. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing. Xo

You aren’t a newbie, but your frazzled appearance might portray you that way.

Autumn air nips at your cheeks as you rush around the corner and continue along the edge of the sidewalk. Your feet carry you around other students who aren’t as pressed for time. They give you amused side-glances  as you hustle into the entrance of the closest brick building.

This was supposed to be your semester, the one where you get to class early and rewrite your notes by hand and get straight As. But one-too-many snoozed alarms later and your first day of classes has become your worst nightmare.

You take the stairs two at a time, and are rushing through the doorway to the second floor when you slam full force into a particularly solid shoulder. You’re knocked off balance and a flurry of papers careen through the air to scatter the floor around you.

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Dating Newt Scamander Would Include...

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I felt like I needed to get something up today so here is my own “Dating Newt Scamander Would Include” thing 

Warning:  I’m 80% sure these suck

  • Him being the little spoon
  • You being the little spoon when Newt needs a ‘teddy bear’
  • Newt being a surprisingly good cook
  • You becoming the fathers to Newt’s creatures because he had already deemed himself the mummy
  • You teasing Newt for it
  • Newt’s older brother Theseus flirting with you and making Newt insecure
  • You French kissing Newt and letting him know he’s the only man for you
  • Your parents being a bit concerned with all the creatures at first
  • But soon see how much you and Newt love each other
  • Them treating Newt like a son
  • Newt’s parents being thrilled their son had found someone
  • Them being two of the nicest people you have ever met
  • Baby pictures and funny stories of little Newt
  • “Aww you were so cute!”
  • “Am I not cute anymore???” (He was genuinely concerned)
  • “More like sexy.”
  • That really turning Newt on
  • Newt having a habit of hugging you from behind when you’re in the middle of doing something
  • “Newwwt!  My bottle of ink!”
  • “The glass!”
  • “Ouch!  I burned myself on the stove!”
  • “My book!”
  • But you secretly love it when he does that
  • You two spending hours cuddling and enjoying each others company
  • You stealing Newt’s blue coat when you’re cold
  • One time you spent an hour staring at Newt trying to determine if his eyes were blue or green
  • “What on Earth are you doing?”
  • “Trying to figure out if your eyes are sea foam green or cerulean.”
  • “…”
  • You having Newt read new parts of his book to you in bed every night
  • You and Newt honestly being the cutest couple in New York
  • Newt growing really fond of the feeling of you running your fingers through his hair
  • Newt taking you on all his trips with him because one time he left without you and realized that he literally couldn’t survive without you
  • Newt giving you forehead kisses
  • Even if you’re just passing each other in a hallway
  • Having to levitate Newt out of the case when he falls asleep down there
  • The Niffler occasionally escaping from the case and trying to snuggle in bed with you both
  • Newt getting protective
  • “You little bugger!  Have to take everything golden from me, don’t you?”
  • Blushing when he calls you ‘golden’
  • Hugs can last anywhere from five seconds to five minutes
  • Asking Newt why you can’t have a dog but can have potentially lethal beasts in the house
  • “Dogs are a lot of work.”
  • “Newt.” *points around to all the creatures and beasts*
  • “Oh.  Uh.”
  • Newt eventually giving in and lets you get a dog
  • You name him Jacob

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

RFA + Saeran and Kissing

-this boy has never had a girlfriend before so at first he’s very hesitant to kiss you
-sure, he kissed you at the party but he was under a few drugs at the time because of his eye and he was feeling confident
-but after everything calms down and you’re really together as a couple you’re the one to initiate most of the kisses since he’s n e r v o u s as hell
-over time though he gains a little more confidence and wants to be more of a man to you so he starts taking the lead
-forehead kisses, cheek smooches, kissing your hands, neck, face, everything he can get his lips on
-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)
-as time passes he now just casually leans over to you and puckers his lips obnoxiously until you kiss him
-you pretend to be annoyed but you love him so much you just always kiss him back
-one day you went to visit him at work to bring him lunch and when he saw you his heart was swelling with so much love for you that he just kissed you as soon as you walked into his office and you both just made out the entire time, the lunch you made for him left cold on his desk
-his favorite type of kisses: forehead kisses, it makes him feel manly and they’re very sweet and full of pure loving intentions

-you’re his first real partner in a long time so you best believe you’re getting all the smooches he can possibly give
-he’s been touch starved for a while so he just usually smooches you whenever you’re near him
-he loves it when he peppers kisses all over your face and you laugh and grin so wide
-it makes his heart swell so much it feels like it’s gonna burst (in a good way)
-he just loves kissing you so much!!
-sometimes it can be overwhelming but you still accept all his kisses because why would you say no to zen?? he’s just a handsome boy trying his best!!
-he’s also surprisingly not really extra when it comes to kissing
-like you’ll come home for the grocery store and he’ll do one of those airport movie types of run to meet you at the doorway and then picks you up and spins you around while kissing you
-“i missed you babe”
-“zen we literally saw each other 30 minutes ago, zen- no stop crying”
-despite those extra moments here and there his kisses are sweet and genuine you love him and he loves you and that’s all that matters
-his favorite type of kisses: kissing your hand, because it makes him feel like your real knight in shining armor

-isn’t a big fan of too much affection
-sure she’ll give you a peck here and there but she never truly kisses you unless she’s feeling really affectionate or there’s a big occasion going on
-it makes you sad at first but then you realize jaehee is just naturally not an affectionate person
-after a while you give up on hoping that she’ll kiss you until you find it she l o v e s it when you kiss her
-even though she ain’t a big fan of kissing you she’s a hella big fan of you kissing her
-she lives for your kisses man, it’s what keeps her going during rough days at the cafe and just rough days in general
-though she doesn’t kiss you on her own accord too often she’ll accept all of your kisses with open arms, though she’ll never admit it out loud she loves your smooches a lot
-sometimes if you catch her at the right moment and pepper her face with kisses she’ll giggle while blushing and kiss you smack right on the mouth
-it’s very rare though but when she does it your heart just loses it you love her so much f uck
-please just kiss her, you have nothing to lose
-her favorite types of kisses: when you kiss her cheek and it makes that cartoony smooching noise, it just makes her so happy??

-this man, oh boy, he fucking l i v e s for your kisses
-since he believes in sex after marriage, kisses from you are what keep him sane in the meantime before your wedding night
-you both are engaged but he still really wants to ravish you so kisses are what keep him at bay
-he’s also been touch starved for most of his life due to his distrust of woman and just general cold nature that he’s had for most of his life so your sweet kisses are what he loves the most next to you and elizabeth the 3rd
-he loves when you kiss him multiple times on his lips
-it makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside and reminds him that you’re all his
-he loves when y'all just have make out sessions in his office
-they’re sweet and full of love most of the time but sometimes they can turn hot and messy but most of the time they’re just sweet and cute
-one time when you were drunk out of your mind and laying on your shared bed while giggling about how funny elizabeth the 3rd’s ‘bean paws’ looked he was filled with so much love for you that he just kept kissing your face all over
-your drunk self was beyond confused but you tried to kiss him back and in that stupid moment of you lazily returning his kisses he realized that he was truly and deeply in love with you
-favorite types of kisses: it isn’t really a kiss but he loves when he’s about to kiss you on the mouth and you close your eyes and your breath hitches and he can see the anticipation written all over your face as you wait for him to collide his lip with yours. (also he loves kissing you on the head, it’s sweet and simple but it’s the only way he can show his affection for you without having to say it aloud)

-you’d assume saeyoung loves kisses the most
-and you’re right!!
-he just loves feeling loved??
-even though there’s nights where he lays awake thinking about how he doesn’t deserve your love he still really enjoys it
-he loves pressing his lips against yours and just showing you his love for you in a way he can without having to say it
-he also loves the way you react to his kisses more than anything else in the world
-like how your reactions range from sweet little giggles to high pitched whines
-he l i v e s for when you kiss him.
-whether it’d be an affection little kiss on the forehead or a hot messy sloppy kiss on the mouth it’s all worth the same to him, as long as they’re coming from you
-sometimes when you ask for a kiss while he’s working he’ll ignore you and you’ll be upset for a little while but as soon as he finishes work he just bombards you with every type of kiss you can think of until you’re suffocating in them
-”saeyou- please i can’t breathe”
-”you take my breath away too, mc”
-”no saeyoung- i love you but i actually can’t breathe get off me”
-his favorite type types of kisses: hot make-out sessions on his office chair. y'all are just so needy and full of pure raw lust and want it makes his heart go wild

(v isn’t fully blind in my scenarios, i headcannon that after a while of being with MC they convince him to get surgery and he can see again, but only out of one eye since the other eye was too bad to save. sorry for the previous confusion on this) -this man was very hesitant to kiss you at first
-like he would kiss your forehead and hands and cheeks but never fully on your mouth
-you’re the one who usually had to initiate those
-you never really bothered to pester him about not kissing you on the mouth too much because you know he needs to adjust to this new relationship with you
-so you just give this sweet man time, because you understand that he just got out of a toxic relationship with a cult leader who blinded him
-it’s kind of hard to get into the swing of things with a ‘normal’ relationship him but after a few months of dating you best believe you’re getting all the kisses he can offer you
-sometimes you both will just be walking around hand in hand and he’ll stop you both and cup his hands around your face and just kiss you for a long time
-you both sometimes do photo shoots where he puts the camera on a timer and he kisses you in every way he can without getting too frisky
-the photos are cute and sweet and he has an album dedicated to them that he can look at whenever he needs to look at your sweet smile and kisses
-his favorite types of kisses: when you’re pulled up close to his chest fast asleep and he can just press his lips lazily to your head over and over again without you waking up. it makes him feel like he’s worth something to be cradling you like this and showing you small tokens of affections.

-at first when you tried kissing him he was literally just like: no
-he apparently didn’t like kissing!! or anything ‘normal’ couples did!!
-it makes him uncomfortable to be showered in so much affection so suddenly after having it be stripped away from him for so many years
-you, being the understanding partner you are, give him as much space and time as he needs
-after a while though he allows you to kiss stuff like his hands and forehead
-never on the lips though because simply the thought of it overwhelms the poor babe
-after a year and a few months of dating he suddenly kisses you on the lips while you both are binge watching criminal minds, it was completely out of nowhere and you were just like: !!!
-y'all then make kissing a normal thing
-sometimes when making out he might get overwhelmed or embarrassed so you have to stop but other than that you’re allowed to kiss him whenever and however you want now which is great, 10/10 you love
-his favorite types of kisses: when you both are just sitting on his bed and you randomly kiss his knuckles or the palm of his hand. it just makes him feel so loved and happy.

Time of Your Life

A belated birthday present to my beloved @disraeligearsgoestumblin who wanted a Check, Please! ficlet. I hope this bit of nonsense suffices!

         “Thanks for joining Falcs TV for our Livestream, everyone. We’ve got something special for you today. We’re checking out if these boys can do more than play great hockey. Join me as we test the team on their hidden talents.” Georgia winked at the camera before leading it to Thirdy.

         “Alright, we’re going to start with the old men of the team. All the Falcs Fans know this guy, Thirdy, what have you got for us today?”

         Thirdy held up a long balloon. “I’ll be making some awesome balloon animals, George.”

         Georgia turned to raise her eyebrow to the camera as Thirdy squeaked through a clumsy sculpting job. After a few moments, he held up…something. The long, bent balloon had two little nubs twisted into its base.

         “It’s a giraffe!” Thirdy tried to smile confidently.  

         “It’s obscene.” Marty snickered, earning an out of frame kick to the shin from Georgia. “What? Look at that thing! Giraffes have four legs, Thirdy.”

         “It’s the front view of the giraffe!” Thirdy frowned.

         “Well, that was wonderful, let’s move on to Marty, shall we?” Georgia stepped quickly away from Thirdy and his semi-phallic balloon. “Marty, what do you have for us today?”

         “First, I’d like to take a moment, as senior captain of the Falcs, to apologize for the inappropriate content in Thirdy’s talent. We at the Falcs don’t condone such inappropriate-” The balloon whooshed through the frame, smacking Marty squarely on the forehead. Marty looked at the camera with a raised eyebrow. “My special talent is killing co-captains.”

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70 and 67

67. “You’re strong baby, you have to be.” & 70. “I can’t stand seeing you like this.”


Never had Harry ever wished to not receive a call from you. It was when you were with your best friend, supposed to drive her back home before going to Harry’s to have a bubble bath while listening to your favorite music. He had gotten a call from you, answering and immediately asking you,

“What’s taking you so long, baby?”

You weren’t the one to answer. It was your panicking best friend, sobbing to Harry.

“Harry! We- Accident, Y/N, she’s- Please come!” His heart dropped, the color leaving from his face before he shakily asked her where they were before he ran to his car, calling the ambulance.

When he reached you, his eyes were already bloodshot, crying soundly as he ran to your damaged car, finding your best friend by your side but out of the car.

“Y/N, Harry’s here, Harry’s here.” She cried as she held your upper part.

Harry ran, biting his fist when he saw you; your legs trapped under the car as you screamed painfully. “Help is on the way, baby. I’m here, I’m here,” He cried as he took your best friend’s place.

“Am I going to die?” You cried, your head on his lap.

“No! Fuck, no!” Harry cried, wiping your tears away rapidly.

“I can’t- I can’t feel my legs!” You cried out.

Just then, Harry heard the sirens, seeing the paramedics and firefighters rushing to your side.

“You’re strong baby, you have to be.” He cried, “I love you, yeah? You’re going to be okay, baby.”

You gave him a small smile, numbness taking over your body.

“It’s okay baby, you’re so strong. So strong!” He cried as officers held him back while firefighters were getting you out of the car.
“Let me go! I have to be with her!”

“You have to calm down, sir. They’re doing the best they can.”

He watched as the paramedics placed you on the stretcher, rushing to the van.

“Let me go with her, please! She’s my girlfriend. Please!” Harry pleaded.

“Harry!” You screamed, looking at the paramedic beside you, “I want him, please!”

After getting a nod, Harry rushed to your side, sitting and taking a hold of you hand, pressing kisses to your knuckles. “It’s okay now. It’s okay.” He whispered, beginning to stroke your hair gently.

Hours later, Harry was pacing in the waiting room as your family, friends and his family waited. Harry had checked up on your best friend who fortunately only had a few bruises and a sprained ankle.

Upon seeing the doctor leave your room, Harry and your parents rushed to him. “How is she? Is she awake?”

The doctor gave them a reassuring smile and a nod. “Although miss Y/L/N has to be hospitalized for no less than a week, she’s awake and interacting fine. Still shook up of course, the accident had happened to her side and she’s going to go through PTSD but this isn’t anything she can’t get through. As for the injuries, the left leg is broken and is now in a cast that should be taken off no less than 3 months from now, the right foot is mildly sprained, we’re going to give her repairing creams for it and a some bruises. Fortunately, nothing is internal or needs a surgery. She’s a very lucky one.”

Everyone released a breath they had been holding, thankful that it was nothing too serious. “Can we see her?” Your mother asked.

“You can, but I 2 at a time the most. She’s a little droopy but that’s from the drug we gave her.”

Harry had told them that he would be the last to go in, not having the heart to see his girlfriend bruised up and in pain and having to do nothing about it.

When everyone had left your room with smiles on their faces and a supportive pat on Harry’s back, it was his turn.

“She keeps asking for you.” One of your friends told Harry, making his heart warm up.
He gave her a small smile before walking past her, knocking on the door before opening the door slowly, sticking his head inside first.

You gave him a tired smile and making a grabby hand at him jokingly. He smiled back, entering and closing the door behind him before walking warily towards you, sitting down the chair beside you and instantly looking down at his hands, tears stinging his eyes.

“Hey, hey, look at me.” You said softly, reaching your hand out to him.

He put your hand in his, interlocking your fingers before sniffling, still not looking at you. “I can’t stand seeing you like this.” He said quietly, wiping his cheek with his shoulder and sniffling.

“Please? I want to see your eyes.” You whispered. Harry sighed, looking at you with his tearful eyes. “There are my favorite green eyes.” You smiled.

He chuckled, giving your knuckles a kiss, looking at you. “You’re such a badass, do you know that?”

“I think I’m rocking the forehead cut, don’t you think?” You asked slowly, a joking smile on your face.

“Definitely, baby. Definitely.”


hope you liked it! x

anonymous asked:

Are you still accepting prompts <3 If so please can you do one where Kim says “Oh, come on. You know you love me,” to Trini, to which she responds with “I’d sell you to Satan for one corn chip.”, of course she is joking because she secretly is a softie for her tol gf :) (PS: i love your blog <3)

Hi! I am so sorry that this took so long for me to answer to. School has really been trying to take me down lately. Hopefully this isn’t too bad! P.S. Thank you! I <3 U.

“Trini,” Kim says once more, barely concealed exasperation in her tone. “We have to finish studying. The bio test is tomorrow. Can you please focus?”

Trini looks up to meet Kim’s dark eyes, from where she had been staring absent-mindedly at the mini galaxy swirling within the center of the morphing grid. 

She looks up and she sees that the girl’s gaze is set on her pointedly, in mild annoyance–probably has been for a minute or so–and though she does feel guilty for how often she’s been spacing out during this study session, her exhaustion wins out in the battle as to what she’s going to express. 

So, she sighs and falls back with a dramatic groan, throwing her right forearm over her eyes and her left over her stomach. 

“Nooo,” she drawls out then. “I’m so tired. We’ve been studying for hours, Kim. If we don’t have it at this point, then we aren’t going to have it at all.”

And Trini’s eyes might be covered, but she can just picture the small frown that pulls down Kim’s lips next, an adorable pout that always makes the shorter girl weak in her knees and even weaker in resolve. 

“That’s not true. You just give up too easily,” Kim says.

“Or maybe you don’t know when to give up,” Trini replies in turn. “Seriously, Kim. You know that I love you, but you also know how you get when it comes to these things.” 

Kim scoffs.

“Well, sorry for just trying to get us to pass biology so that we won’t have to add summer school to our schedules this year. Sue me if that’s so wrong.”

Trini removes her arm from over her face now, so that she can instead look at the other girl, who is sitting a few feet away from her, with her legs crossed and her short hair tucked behind her ears, a pencil resting just against the back of one as well. 

Her brown eyes are settled onto Trini still, and her eyebrows are furrowed deeply over them, a crease in between them that is just a bit too serious for the yellow ranger’s liking; Kim always stresses herself too much over these tests.

Trini rolls over onto her stomach, and she props herself up with her elbows, her hands clasped before her as a slow smirk makes its way onto her lips. She raises her eyebrows, and a playful look glints within her eyes. 

“You know, I’d much rather just screw y–.”

“Don’t be vulgar!” Kim interrupts, an abrupt laugh bubbling from her now smiling lips as she tosses a crumpled piece of paper at Trini’s head. 

Trini starts to chuckle too, but when the ball hits her face, she gasps dramatically before throwing her body backwards, her hand coming up to cover her nose as her shoulders hit the metal of the floor. 

“Ow!” she exclaims. “I’ve been hit! Oh God, I’ve been struck down right in the middle of my prime!”

She rolls lightly from side to side, her face covered now by both of her hands, and she manages to keep her act up for about thirty more seconds before Kim’s laughter breaks her façade.

A smile spreads across her lips as the air just above her shifts with the addition of a new presence, but she quickly forces it to morph into an exaggerated frown as Kim’s hands grab gently at her wrists, to pull her hands away from her face. 

“Oh, don’t be so dramatic,” Kim tells her lightly when she’s met with the sight of Trini’s pout. “I barely even tossed it at you, you baby.”

Trini’s pout deepens, her bottom lip jutting out even further and her eyebrows creasing even more so. 

“That hurt,” she insists. “I should report you to the authorities.”

“And tell them what exactly?” Kim asks with a soft giggle. “That you’re a big baby that can’t take a paper ball to the face? Because that’s the truth, and if you say anything else they’ll just put you in jail; They don’t like liars.”

“I’m not sure that’s how the whole justice system works, Kim,” Trini says. “Do you even pay attention in Government class?”

Kim hums thoughtfully with a tilt of her head before answering with an honest, “No.”

Trini laughs, shaking her head and pursing her lips as she does so. 

“See, and then you wonder why you’re stressed about the tests we take. I only got transferred into Government earlier this semester and even I know more than you. That’s sad, babe.”

“Hey!” Kim exclaims. “It is not my fault that the only classes I can’t pay attention in are the ones you’re in. I do just fine in the other five classes I take. So, technically, it’s all your fault that I get so stressed. You’re the catalyst for the chain of events that leads to me not knowing anything about the subject.”

“Well, looky there. You used the word catalyst correctly! There’s one correct question on the Bio test right there!” 

Trini laughs as Kim scowls at her, but her laugh quickly morphs into a low whine as the other girl smacks at her upper arm. 

“Ow!” she says again, her hand coming up to rub at her bicep. “What is with you and hurting me?! This is not how relationships are supposed to go, you know!”

Kim just shrugs. 

“Stop saying stupid things, and then I won’t hit you. It’s as simple as that.” 

Trini frowns.

“I don’t say stupid things!” she protests. “I think you just enjoy hitting me! Which I definitely do not enjoy, and which I do not want to take any longer!”

With the conclusion of her sentence, she turns over to push herself up onto her knees, and then her feet. She makes it about two steps before strong arms are wrapping around her waist, their hold firm and familiar. 

“Oh, come on. Stop being so dramatic,” Kim says as she pulls Trini’s body back to be flush against hers. “You know you love me.”

Trini definitely does not melt into Kim’s touch at all as she fights the smile trying to tug at the corners of her lips–Nope, not a single bit. 

“Honestly?” she asks monotonously, to prove that fact. “I’d sell you to Satan for one corn chip.” Kim gasps. “And not even like a Tostito’s corn chip. I’d do it for a Walgreen’s brand one.”

The grip on her waist loosens, and it gives her the opportunity to turn around within them. 

She’s met with Kim’s pout, this time, and her heart practically swells within her chest, full and ready to overflow with endearment, at the sight.

“That was surprisingly more painful than one would expect,” Kim says seriously, a thoughtful furrow to her eyebrows. “Have you been working on that one for a while or something? Because, ouch.”

Trini chuckles lowly as she begins to, slowly, wrap her own arms around Kim’s waist.

“Actually, yes,” she replies. “I was going to use that one on Zack, the next time he tried to convince me that he was my favorite person, but, hey, the opportunity presented itself.”

She shrugs and tries to keep in the giggle that pushes at her lips as Kim’s puppy dog eyes widen.

“So now you’re implying that I’m not your favorite person?” the pink ranger asks, completely affronted. “Well, then what am I even doing here?”

She goes to pull away, but Trini isn’t having it.

“Okay, okay. Don’t leave. I’m sorry. I was just kidding,” the yellow ranger says, tightening her grip around the other girl. “You know you’re my favorite, baby. I was just kidding.”

Kim continues to look down at her with an unconvinced expression, her lips downturned and pursed. 

“Oh, come on! I was just kiddinggg,” Trini insists after a few moments. “You know you’re my favorite. My one and only. The one true love of my life. The best thing to ever happen to me. My girl–.”

Kim finally laughs then, her smile breaking through the resistance she had been trying to continue, and her dark eyes shining as she leans down to rest her forehead against Trini’s own. 

“Okay,” she interjects gently. “I believe you.” She presses a soft kiss to Trini’s nose. “You’re my favorite too. My one and only. The one true love of my life. The best thing to ever happen to me.”

Warmth swells within Trini’s chest at that, and it spreads through her entire body, from the bottom of her feet to the tips of her fingers, just as it always does. She smiles, loving and calm. 

“Well, good. Because that would’ve been embarrassing if not.”

Kim hums lightly as she leans in.

“True,” she says, her lips hovering just above Trini’s own.

A few seconds pass, and then the yellow ranger is closing the distance between them, connecting their lips slowly and softly, comfortable and familiar.

They kiss for some moments, and then when they pull back, they press their foreheads together again. 

“I love you,” Kim admits, quiet and true.

Trini smiles. 

“I love you too.” 

Kim raises an eyebrow.

“So, does that mean you’ll keep studying with me, then?”

Trini throws her head back with a groan. 

“I guess it does.”

The smile that Kim flashes her before pulling her back to their books makes the prospect of learning about the different types of reactions not as hard to bear.

Man, Trini has it so bad.


Spencer comes home still wearing his unfortunate work attire and you have no qualms about getting down to business. 

Warnings: none, just beautiful cutesy goodness


Something about Spencer turning up at home with his FBI vest still firmly strapped over his fitted button up got you in the mood to rip it and the rest of his clothing right off. The vest was intended to ward off danger and advertise just who the unsub of the day was up against. Right now, it was just succeeding in luring you in.

As it was, you were too tangled in blankets on the couch and too caught in the snares of sleep to convince yourself to get up. Luckily, Spencer spared you the effort and draped himself over your sprawled form. His lips kissed at your hair, forehead, and fluttering eyelids.

“Why aren’t you in bed? This is the prime time for your brain to replenish itself. How do you expect to function at work if you’re always waiting up for me?”

“I was watching my show,” you defended.

“You’re watching the shopping channel. You can admit if you just wanted to see my face,” he teased, brown eyes dancing in reflection of the warm lamp light.

You blinked sleepily at the screen, then up at your gorgeous husband. His hair was combed down across his forehead, one half and jutting up like your hand had already claimed it. You did slid your hands into it, tugging him down to meet your mouth.

“Alright.” He cut off the TV and your advances. “Time for bed.”

The trek down the hallway was one the two of you made in varied states of dress. You tugged at his clothes to recreate one of your favorites. He hummed, pulling you into the bedroom as you worked off that damned vest.

“Wait, wait,” he murmured, mouth letting out the weakest whine when yours latched onto his throat. “I wanted to ask you something before we did this again.”

“This being us making love?”

“Yes,” he panted out as you left a hickey on his collar bone that would bloom with the flowers in the morning.

“So ask.” Sleep was a distant friend now, carnal need awakening not only you mind, but the needy nooks of your body.

“Let’s make a baby.”

You straightened to meet his gaze. “Where’s the question?”

“Do you want to? I got to see Henry today and he’s so beautiful and so smart and JJ is so happy. I want that for us.”

You studied him and his tender gaze. You wondered how it would be when directed at children. You wondered what those soft eyes would look like on that child.

“So let’s be happy, Spence.” You threw your shirt at the far wall and set to work on your leggings.

“You mean it? You want a baby with me? Statistically the odds of us conceiving after only one attempt are not in our favor, but if we do and you’re not really ready, we should decide now to wait.” You kissed him, guiding his hands to unclip your bra. “I may have signed up for a newsletter on daycares in our area today. I know that’s jumping ahead but I just wanted to be prepared whenever you were.” You pushed on his shoulders, easing him down to his knees and sliding your knee over his back to coax him towards your singing heat; you needed both him and it to fall silent.

A flash up of brown settled his eyes on yours and you released a sly smile. “I don’t have a single doubt you’ll be an amazing dad.”

His smile flickered, blindingly brilliant and you had time only to latch on to the strap of his vest before he set to some well-deserved overtime work.

Wayhaught - 4am cuddle.

Here’s my first Wayhaught fic. It’s short and fluffy but I love cuddly Wayhaught. Enjoy! Also I wrote this in like 10 minutes, so sorry if there’s mistakes. ——

God nicole hated night shift.

She never had before…

Before Waverly.

Before Waverly, Nicole actually liked night shifts. They were quiet, productive, and mostly uneventful.

But now,’ all night shifts meant was a night away from Waverly. Her Waverly.

Now her night shifts consisted of looking through pictures of them on her phone. Daydreaming of what they’d be doing if she wasn’t sitting at her lonely desk. Smiling at text that made her blush.

It was 11:30pm when the first “I miss you” text came in. Which soon resulted in a “come over later text”.

“Babe I’m not gonna be out until like 4am. It’s pointless.” Nicole typed back.

“It’s not pointless. I’ll take any time I can get with my baby…even if it means cuddling at 4am.” Nicole smiled at Waverly’s response.

N- “You’re crazy Waves.”

W- “Crazy about you.”

N- “Corny.”

W- “You like it.”

N- “I totally do.”

W- “So you’ll come over when you’re done?”

N- “Yes, I’ll come over.”
N- “But please try to get some sleep.”

Nicole counted the minutes until she could leave. She spent most of that time wondering how she had survived night shifts before Waverly was in her life. They were painfully boring.

Nicole was now sneaking through the front door of the old house. She quietly took off her boots and hung her jacket on the coat rack by the door. She headed up the stairs to Waverly’s room, trying her best to avoid the creeks in the old wooden floorboards. She had almost made it to Waverly’s room when Wynonna sauntered out of the bathroom in her long t-shirt.

“Sup Haught?” She smirked and nodded her head.

“Hi Wynonna.” Nicole blushed as she halted her movement.

“Another sleepover huh?” Wynonna laughed as she passed the redhead. “Just don’t forget your towel again when you take a shower tomorrow morning, okay?”

“Trust me I won't….I’m still scared from last time.” She sighed as she continued to Waverly’s door.

She gently pushed it open to find Waverly curled up in a ball in her bed. It was a small bed, perfect for cuddling. Nicole laughed at the layers of blankets she had on top of her, as she closed the door. She undressed as quietly as possible before sneaking into bed with her girlfriend.

“Finally.” Waverly yawned as she immediately curled into Nicole.

“Baby, you promised me you’d try to sleep.” Nicole sighed, running her fingers through her girlfriends hair.

“I did try.” Waverly commented. “But I couldn’t, I was to cold.”

“Babe….” nicole laughed under her breath “you literally have 1 comforter and 3 blankets on top of you, how are you cold?”

Waverly let her eyes drift open until they fell onto Nicole’s. She smiled a bit. “I was missing my 5th blanket.” Nicole laughed again and kissed her forehead. “And that’s my favorite one.”

Nicole pulled Waverly in close and squeezed her tight. She rubbed her hands down her girlfriend’s arms and back to warm her up. “Better?”

“Mmmm much.” Waverly hummed. She rolled over so her back was pressed into Nicole. Nicole pulled her closed and wrapped her arms around her. She was use to being the big spoon with Waverly. She loved it. “You’re so warm.” Waverly mumbled.

Nicole smiled and kissed the back of Waverly’s neck. “Shhhh try to sleep babe.”

A Lesson in Love (The Chance Meeting)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2.304

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - have I told you lately that I love you (and your editing assistance)?

Originally posted by metal-armed-jesus

“Good evening,” an older man greets as soon as you enter the quaint, off-campus bookstore. His white hair is tucked under a hat and a pair of lightly tinted, thick-framed glasses sits on the bridge of his nose. “How can I help you today, Miss –”

“Y/N,” you insert, unraveling the scarf from around your neck. Outside, it was freezing. Inside this store, it’s comfortably warm.

“Miss Y/N,” he repeats in a voice that matches the calm ambiance of the store. “I’m Stan, the owner of this establishment.”

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BTS Reaction To: Their S/O Suffers From Chronic Migraines

Warning(s): might give you a migraine because it almost gave me one trying to relive the symptoms in my head

Author’s Note: This ask intrigued me especially, since I don’t see a lot of reactions online for things as brutal as migraines. I wouldn’t consider myself a migraine sufferer, but in my junior year of high school, I probably had a migraine about every two months. BUT, they lasted about two weeks at a time. They got so bad at one time that I was rushed to the ER. I haven’t had a migraine in a while, thank God for that, but I feel that I will have at least one in the future (since they run in the maternal side of my family rip). Migraines have many different triggers and vary in intensity from person-to-person, but I tried my best to describe them in words.

seokjin: The postdrome phase, though seeming like a relief to those who never underwent migraines, only added onto the torture you endured through the attack phase. Because the migraine took out all your energy, you were only left tired and confused each time.

Thankfully there were those, like your boyfriend Seokjin, who made this period more enjoyable for you.

Usually, Seokjin did his best to cook you a high-quality meal during postdrome, but this time around, he might’ve went overboard. The bed tray on top of you almost collapsed under the weight of plates upon plates pf food placed on it.

“I made sure to not cook with anything that had a strong, distinctive smell, just in case that brings your headache back,” Seokjin explained. “I know how sensitive you are to smell when you get migraines.”

“Oh, no, it’s okay: I think most of that phase is over,” you assured him groggily, looking down at all the food he prepared for you. Was he cooking for just you, or you and all six of his fellow bandmates? “But I don’t think I’ll be able to finish this? I haven’t eaten anything but crackers for days…”

Seokjin sighed.

“I know, but I just wanted to make sure you had plenty to eat tonight, especially since you still plan on going to work tomorrow. Don’t worry if you don’t finish it.”

He pointed at you in warning.

“But,” There was a large pause after, “This is probably the only time I’ll let you get away with not finishing everything.”

You rolled your eyes.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

yoongi: In your opinion, migraines were the worst when no one was around to nurse you through them. So, whenever a migraine struck you alone at home, you had no choice but to mope to your room, shut the doors and blinds, and cry silently until the pain lulled you to sleep.

Thinking you were asleep, Yoongi only shrugged and pulled the door shut, opting to spend his time in the small, makeshift studio of your apartment that he had put together in hopes of spending more of his time closer to you.

Though the room was located at the other end of the apartment, you were still sensitive to even the tiniest sounds. So, to you, his upcoming projects were as loud as they would be sitting front row at one of his sold-out concerts.

You finally decided to open your phone, squint at the intense light, and text out your frustrations.

‘Please turn your music down.’

His reply was unusually quick.

‘Did I wake you up from your six hour nap?’

‘Migraine.’ The text was small yet powerful.

In an instant, the music disappeared, allowing the house to be flooded with overwhelming silence. This silence was perfect for your throbbing migraine, however. You sighed with relief.

‘Better?’ That was your boyfriend’s only question. Too tired to type out words, you sent a thumbs-up emoji. He replied immediately.

‘Okay, good.’

Before turning off your phone and trying to catch up on some much-needed sleep, a final message caused your phone to vibrate once more.

‘Now stop texting me with that bright ass phone, close your eyes, and go to sleep.’

You laughed for the first time that day.

Originally posted by cyyphr

hoseok: You jumped as the bedroom door opened, slowly flooding the entire room with a minimal amount of light. But in your current state, this light had the intensity of a thousand suns, so you pulled the sheer bedsheets over your head, doing your best to retreat back into your safe haven of darkness.

Despite not seeing, you already knew it was Hoseok. He had taken free time away from his family to nurse you through this migraine episode, no matter how much you begged for him to visit them.

Placing two cold water bottles on the nightstand, he whispered, “Do you need anything else?”

“No,” you muttered. “Please just stay with me.”

“Of course,” Hoseok whispered, moving slowly into the bed and taking his place beside you. He was careful enough to keep his distance from you, for your hot flashes were way too sporadic at the moment. His only contact with you was by holding your sweaty hand, caressing the skin with his thumb. “Just promise me you’ll rest more, okay?”

You’ll try.

Originally posted by omojinyounghobi

namjoon: It was the fourth and probably last day of this tortuous migraine. Day by day, the pain lessened, so much that you could move around the house without becoming nauseated, walk into the sunlight without being burned alive, and finally fall asleep without hours upon hours of restlessness before.

But it came back.

In the middle of the night, you shot up from your slumber, panting heavily. Despite the darkness in the room, everything before you spun, revolved, and twisted around quickly, creating objects in your otherwise blank line of vision.

“Y/N?” Despite being a generally heavy sleeper, Namjoon rose up immediately after you. He was always alert during the most difficult times of your life, and this definitely was one of them.

You could only curl in on yourself pathetically, holding your head as your body began to shake with either pain or sobs: probably both. Namjoon reached out to touch your hand, but you couldn’t feel anything: nothing but the mind-splitting pain wreaking havoc on your brain.

You stuttered as you tried to speak. “N-Namjoon—”


Within seconds you were in his arms, numb to everything as he rushed your quaking body to the nearest hospital.

Originally posted by r-tothe-m

jimin: Whenever a migraine visited, you were adamant on staying tucked in your bed, only moving momentarily to use the bathroom or check the time. So, it was uncharacteristic for you to agree to moving from your comforting bed, opting to step into a warm, lavender oil bath prepared by your boyfriend instead.

When he turned to leave, you surprisingly made Jimin stay. And so here he was, sitting with his back to you on the plush, bathroom rug to keep you company.

“And why exactly do I have to turn away from you?” Jimin wondered, following the wood pattern on of the bathroom’s cabinets to keep him from boredom. “I’ve seen you naked hundreds of times already.”

“Because you know how disgusting I look whenever I have migraines,” you answered matter-of-factly, as if his question was ridiculous. “It’s embarrassing.”

“You don’t look disgusting,” Jimin assured you, turning to look at you. “You just look like a woman, strong enough to deal with anything that comes at her, even if it’s something like a migraine.”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

taehyung: After months of being together, you and Taehyung still struggled to formulate a specific way to treat your dreadful migraines. But one day, in the midst of one of your episodes, you found your dazed self stepping out of the bed and heading towards the living room, relieved at finally finding the possible cure to all these terrible migraines.

This cure was Taehyung’s singing. Despite your hatred for sound during these moments in your life, his voice was an exception. So he was surprised when you took your spot in his lap, urging him to continue and then falling asleep in his arms within minutes.

Since this revelation, you two were glued to one another whenever a migraine hit you. Each time, you would lie in Taehyung’s arms as sung to you, allowing his soft melodies to put you to sleep.

“Are you sure my singing isn’t too loud for you?” Taehyung asked for the hundredth time, massaging his fingers into your scalp.

“Mmmm, less talking, more singing,” you whined, opening your eyes in annoyance.

With a gentle kiss to your forehead, Taehyung was back at it again, serenading you with one of his favorite childhood lullabies.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

jungkook: At this point, the ice pack on your head only made your migraine worse seemingly working alongside the chronic illness to crush your skull into pieces. Since crying did nothing to get you out this situation, you finally gave up.

Until Jungkook came in.

“I’m not sure if this would help, but online it said that gel packs are better than just ice for treating migraines,” Jungkook explained, leaning forward to place the pack on your forehead. “It should be a lot lighter.”

As soon as the innovation made contact with your skin, cool relief replaced your hot flashes. Your eyes fluttered closed at the relaxing sensation.

“Did that help?” he asked, sitting at your bedside to hold your hand.

His gestures were shy and tentative, something completely different from what you usually saw on stage when he was doing what he genuinely loved. Jungkook feared seeing you angry or, even worse, inflicting you with more pain.

“You’re so cute.” Your answer wasn’t entirely related, but it said enough.

Jungkook smiled at your words.

Originally posted by bangtanofarmys

Hopefully this was accurate. If you can’t tell, darkness, baths, soft music, caffeine, gel packs, cold water, crackers, and even just having my mom lie in bed with me until I fall asleep yes I’m lame help my migraines.

Meeting The Gallaghers (Ch.2)

I don’t usually post the second part of a series until it reaches 50-75 notes, but it’s about time I do what I want, right? Enjoy.

It’s Y/N’s first day of public school, she’s making friends, enemies, and hey, she’s even been invited to a party.

Tag List: @kelly-alston @sagittarius521

Chapter One

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I Just Wanna // Lee Taeyong


the prompt: I would like to request/suggest two song based scenarios, the 1st one based on “I just wanna make love to you” with Taeyong.

words: 1195

category: fluffy fluff

author note: i realize the chorus is kinda angst so i cut the entire chorus bc i wanted to write a husband!taeyong fluff. also i’m a pure bean so there is no love making in this. rather, it’s about the little things that make love so attractive to us :)

- destinee

Originally posted by haechanz

i am so very soft for this boy

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anonymous asked:

Since you love angst so much, how about an ill s/o x todoroki OR bakugou one shot thing? you get to choose whether the s/o lives or not uwu

Angst is my new favorite genre. I decided to do both of them for you because it’s hard to choose between the two. Enjoy these and the outcomes. [Admin Denki]


You coughed, putting your sleeve over your mouth. You repositioned yourself in the hospital bed, turning to face Todoroki. Your eyes were sunken and your face was a lot more pale than when he had first met you. Todoroki moved strands of your hair off your forehead.

“You’re looking better than yesterday.” Todoroki said, holding your hand. You squeezed his a little.

“And I know you’re lying to me.” You smiled sadly, looking into his different colored eyes. He placed a kiss on your forehead.

“I think you look perfect to me.” Todoroki muttered, making you smile. He turned away for a moment, rummaging through his bookbag. You tried looking over his shoulder, wondering what he had.

“Whatcha doing?” You asked, leaning over the edge of the bed. He ignored the question for a moment before pulling out a book.

“I think this is your favorite.  .  . I was looking through your books.” Todoroki admitted, letting you see the book. You smiled when you saw it.

“This is a good book. Are you going to read it to me?” You asked, letting Todoroki take it back. He nodded, opening it up.

“Now We Are Six.  .  . Us Two.

Wherever I am, there’s always Pooh,

There’s always Pooh and Me.

Whatever I do, he wants to do,

“Where are you going today?” says Pooh:

“Well, that’s very good ‘cos I was too.

Let’s go together,” says Pooh, says he.

“Let’s go together,” says Pooh.”

Todoroki read the different poems and short stories to you as you laid on your side. You closed your eyes after a couple of chapters, letting Todoroki’s voice lull you into a comfortable sleep. He looked up at you, seeing you had fallen asleep. He closed the book quietly, kissing your forehead. The door opened and a nurse came in.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I can come back later.” She said.

“No, no. I’m just leaving. They’re asleep.” Todoroki explained, putting the book back in his bag and standing up.

“Your visits really help.” The nurse smiled. “It gives them hope. They really are getting better. Treatments are tough on their body, but it’s slowly getting there. By the end of the year.  .  . they should be able to leave the hospital.” Todoroki looked up when he heard the nurse say that.

“Really?” He asked, looking hopeful.

“Yes.” She nodded with a smile. Todoroki gently squeezed your hand, a little smile on his face.

“She really does look better today.”


“Are you ready?” Bakugou asked, holding the handles on your wheelchair.

“I was born ready.” You smirked, holding on to the sides. Bakugou jumped up on the back of the chair and pushed it down the hill. You felt the wind rush past your face as you descended down the steep sidewalk. You screamed in delight, zooming down. Bakugou laughed, holding on to the back of the chair. The chair flew past people on benches and finally slowed down by the entrance of the hospital.

“That was amazing! We have to do it again!” You said, excitedly.

“We can go back up before your fucking nurse-”

“Ahem.” You both paused, turning to see a nurse standing by the entrance. She had her arms crossed and tapping her foot. You both sighed upon seeing her.

“Can we just-?”

“No. You are coming back inside. No more outside time. You two can just walk around inside.” The nurse said, turning on her heel to walk inside.

“What a bitch.” Bakugou scoffed, wheeling you back in the hospital. He started walking with you, looking around.

“She’s just doing her job.” You shrugged. Bakugou looked around the empty hallways.

“Hey, I have an idea.” Bakugou said, stopping your chair.

“I trust you.” A smirk came on your face. Bakugou started walking again, but then his pace started to quicken. You giggled as Bakugou broke out in a run, pushing you around the floor. You squeeled in joy, putting your hands in the air. You stopped by an empty hallway and had to calm yourself down.

“Oh my god, Bakugou. I love you so much.” You laughed, looking back at him. Bakugou had a grin on his face, always having fun when he came to visit. Which was everyday before and after school. He leaned down and kissed you, letting you put your hand over his.

“I make everyday awesome in this dump.” Bakugou said arrogantly. You smiled, leaning back in the chair. You felt tired now.

“You really do.” You nodded your head. “Can you take me back to my room. I’m feeling tired.” Bakugou knew not to push any of your limits at this point. He wheeled you back to the hospital room and helped you get into your bed. Bakugou laid down with you, putting kisses on your face.

“God, you’re acting so clingy today. What’s up?” You asked, leaning on Bakugou. He glared at you when you phrased it like that.

“Is it a crime to fucking kiss you?” Bakugou asked, rather loudly. You giggled, pecking his lips.

“Not at all.” You responded.

“Excuse me.” Your nurse stood at the door. “Visiting hours are over.”

“Oh, c’mon-”

“You can come back in the morning. We already let you stay an hour extra.” The nurse said, stepping aside. You sighed, pecking Bakugou one last time. He gave you a long kiss, wanting to remember what your lips felt like against his. He got off your bed and walked out, throwing a glare at your nurse.

“What a disrespectful boy.” Your nurse muttered. You shrugged.

“He’s really sweet, you know. I love him.” You smiled. The nurse shook her head and took a step out of the room.

Bakugou came first thing in the morning, waiting at the front desk. He always came before school started. No one was helping until he spotted the familiar, strict nurse. He walked over to her.

“Hey, there’s no one at the fucking desk. And you guys bitch at me to sign in.” Bakugou huffed. He noticed that the nurse’s eyes were puffy and red and he had a sinking feeling in his gut. “What happened?”

“I’m sorry. They.  .  . (Y/n) passed away last night.” The nurse’s words were solemn. Bakugou could feel his whole body sink as he stood there in the quiet hallway.

“What the fuck do you mean? They were just fine yesterday!” Bakugou could not help how he raised his voice.

“Mr. Bakugou.  .  . nothing we could have done would have helped. (Y/n)’s body was weak. You knew that. They’re dead.” Bakugou’s eyes were wide, frozen in his place. He felt his eyes start to burn from wet tears.

“No.  .  . no! They’re not dead! They were fine yesterday!” Bakugou screamed, wanting to keep his tears from spilling over. The nurse was taken aback, but sighed.

“I’m sorry. I know how much you loved (Y/n).” She started.

“No, you don’t! You don’t fucking understand!” Bakugou turned around as the tears spilled down his cheeks. He ran out of the hospital, no matter how much the nurse yelled at him. He ran away from the hospital, away from the idea of you. He hated how much it hurt and how hard he was crying. He hated you for dying on him. He hated how you were gone. He hated your absence. He cried, wishing you were with him. He cried, needing you.

“You’re such an unfair bitch.  .  .” Bakugou muttered, wiping tears from his eyes.

ML Fluff Month Day 8 - New


Rated: T
Pairing: Adrinette

For: @miraculousfluffmonth


Day 1 / Day 9

“I can’t today, Alya. I told you that I was going to see Adrien’s new apartment this afternoon,” Marinette explained with her phone to her ear while measuring fabric for her newest design.

“Oh, that’s right. Gotta go check out your lover boy’s new digs.”

She groaned. “You’ve been around Nino too long. You’re starting to sound like him.”

Alya snorted on the other end of the line. “Don’t give me that. Do you know how many cheesy jokes and puns I’ve had to endure since you and Adrien have been together? That boy has a worse sense of humor than Chat Noir.”

Laughing nervously in response, Marinette replied, “I can’t argue with that. But, good thing you love us, right?”

“I have to with all that you two put me through. All of the crushing and love-sick goo-goo eyes. Time in my life I’ll never get back.”

“Yeah, yeah. Anyway, I’m sorry I can’t see you, but hey, that gives you time with Nino, doesn’t it?” she chimed as she began to pack her supplies back into her kit. She had to get dressed and ready to go meet Adrien.

“Girl, I live with Nino. I spend more time with that boy than I do with myself.”

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Homecooked-Rafael Barba

Rafael Barba x Reader

Imagine: Rafael going home after losing a case.

He leaned back against his chair, eyes sharp as a razor, glaring right at the defendant. The tips of his fingers turned white from holding his gold pen too hard. Fury coursed through his veins as the smug defendant flashed him a knowing and confident look, taunting him for losing the case. “Court is adjourned.” The judge pound her gavel and the courtroom was dismissed.

Rafael was furious with himself. How could he let someone who had no law experience beat him like he was some amateur? He went to Harvard for goodness sake. He worked hard to get to stand where he is now. So where did he go wrong?

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Who You've Become

Summary: How Charles got his plants in Logan.

“Logan, he needs a hobby. He may be senile but—“

“Don’t you ever call him that. That’s the Professor you’re talking about. He has one of the strongest minds in the world.”

“That might have been, once. But now? You can’t possibly believe that he’s anything but half mad anymore. Even when he takes his pills, he’s half mad and only a quarter coherent. Maybe you don’t notice, but I can’t help but to. I spend most of the day with him, Logan.”

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More Than You Know

In which Yoongi shows the other side of him.

Words Count: 1.3k
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Min Yoongi x OC

Description: It was written for my best friend’s birthday! ♡

She stirred in her sleep when she sensed the feeling of the bed dip behind her.

It was the two pairs of arms sneaked behind her waist and embraced her into his warmth that had her awaken. She did not even need to turn around to figure out who exactly it was.

It was the light kiss on her head that had a smile split across her face.

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Say You’ll Want Me Pt. 4

Originally posted by wrestlingsmarkmatty

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

I feel like crying right now because this part is finally done lol. I’m really hoping part 5 comes to me a lot easier, I already have a chunk of it planned out. Anyway, I was planning lots of fluffy smut for this part but it just didn’t happen. I’d rather have no smut than half-hearted smut lol. I do have some planned for the next part though. Thanks for your patience guys <3

Tags: @daintymissdevitt @lclb13 @iloveenzoamore @ang-78 @legitlunatic @fan-fiction-galore @imaginingwwesuperstars @silverrawrs @tooweirdforlifex @darwarsnoam @alexispoo @shadow-of-wonder @mindsetcalamity @omgmissmillie @skyrina @lifeoutofcontrol @laigy2213 @bulletbaybay @thedeboniardevistation @doitwithcole @helluvawriter @allgirlswrestlingclub @sarahmatthews7 @waynscastle @jazzytoosweet @mermaidfett @laziestgirlintheworld @alexahood21 @thathpchick @valeonmars @xxmaddhatter39xx @mrlooch @laochbaineann @fearlessflawlessdior @jenn0755 @wrasslin-x @megan-monroe @brooklyns-scumbag @phlebotomyprincess1 @rollinstrash @squirrel666 @effy-christine @wweximaginesxd @pjanina13 @awkward-potato-imagines @persephone93 @zombiexbody @fandom-preferences-imagines @superkixbaybay

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Originally posted by harrysgolden

Today had to be the longest day I’ve ever had. The day started off with me waking up hours before my alarm clock only to empty the contents of my stomach into the toilet. 

“It’s probably food poisoning,” Harry said as he gathered my thick curls into a makeshift ponytail. I nodded as I sat against the porcelain, wiping the corner of my mouth with the back of my hand.

Just as I had finally managed to doze off afterwards, my alarm clock blared through the peacefulness 5 minutes later. 

“Feeling better?” Harry rasped as he turned over to face me on our bed. I nodded and pecked him on the forehead before I went to get ready for work. After I was freshly showered and dressed, I went into the kitchen to make a bowl of cereal and put the kettle on for Harry. He walked in a few minutes later, kissing me on the cheek before preparing his tea.

“’M gonna be home late tomorrow. Nick invited me and some others for drinks after the show.”

“Okay. Who else is going?” I asked out of sheer curiosity.

“Just a couple of the guys,” he shrugged. I frowned as I processed his answer. Why does he seem so reluctant? 

“Say hi to Townes for me,” I spat out. My eyes widened in surprise as I spoke without thinking. Harry went rigid and set his cup down slowly. 

“Y/n, we’ve been through this. I told you before that I’m yours and yours only. Why are you bringing this up again, months after we’ve already moved past it?” 

“Save it Harry! You release one album and suddenly you’re screwing anything that walks, aren’t you?” I glared as tears surfaced. His face held a mixture of shock and hurt at my outburst and quite honestly, I was too. I had no idea where all of this was coming from. What the hell is wrong with me?

“That’s not fair, Y/n.”

“I’m gonna be late,” I said as I grabbed my bowl and placed it in the sink before storming out the door.

I spent most of work beating myself up about the argument this morning. It seemed like that was all we did these days. I had forgiven Harry completely after hearing Carolina the day his album was released because I had no doubt that he was all mine. It was lowkey one of my favorite songs off the album. So where did that outburst come from? 

After what seemed like forever, I was finally off from work and I felt completely drained. I made my way home, taking note of the time on the dashboard of my car. Harry should be home now. 

I walked into our home and saw him in the living room finishing up a call. When it ended, we looked at each other for a bit, unsure of what to say. I sighed before making my way over to the couch where he was seated.

“I’m so sorry for what I said this morning. It was out of line and totally uncalled for.” I waited eagerly for his reaction in hopes that he’d forgive me, but my hope dwindled when he simply nodded and went into the bedroom. I followed him after a few minutes and stood in the doorway.

“H?” He looked up at me from his laptop. “Are you still mad?”

He ran his hands across his face before releasing a sigh. “M'not mad, love, m'just tired.”

“Okay, well I’ll let you rest while I go make dinner–“

“No, Y/n,” he sighed. “I meant tha’ ’m tired of the constant arguments over nothin’.” I stared at him in confusion before it dawned on me.

“Are you– are we–”

“No no no,” he shook his head as he slowly walked towards me before stopping a few inches away. “I just– I tqhink we should take a break.”

Tears surfaced once again today and I slowly nodded before making my way to the closet and pulling out a small suitcase.

“You don’t have to do that. I was going to crash with Ben–”

“You’ve got it all figured out, don’t you?” I stated sarcastically as I shoved my belongings into the bag.


“It’s fine,” I lied as I quickly wiped my unshed aW before I turned to him. “This could be good for us.”

“Please, stay here while I go.” I shook my head before tying my curls up into a quick bun.

“No worries, I’ll just stay with Uri,” I said before making my way out.


His voice was cut off by the slam of the front door. I quickly got into my car, letting the tears fall as I rested my head on the steering wheel. After a few minutes, I picked up my phone that I had carelessly tossed in the passenger seat and called my best friend Uri.

“Hey Uri,” I sniffled when she picked up on the third ring. “Is it okay if I crash at your place for a couple days?”

“…We’ve been fighting for weeks now, and I know that it’s all my fault! I honestly have no idea why I’ve been jeopardizing this when he’s the only good thing in my life,” I sniffled as I spooned more ice cream into my mouth. Uri and I were currently sitting on her couch as she hugged me close to her for comfort. We stayed like this for an hour, me talking and her listening, until we decided to call it a night.

I woke up the next morning with bile in my throat and practically sprinted into the bathroom before emptying the contents of my stomach.

“You alright?” Uri asked as she held my hair back. 

“Yeah. Probably still sick from yesterday,” I said.

“Wait. This happened yesterday too? When was the last time you got your period?” 

I thought for a moment before dragging my hands across my face.


Uri and I went to the drugstore to pick up a couple pregnancy tests before making our way back to her house. The two minutes it took to wait for the results was one of the longest waits in my life. When the two minutes were up, I anxiously looked over at the countertop to see two strong pink lines.

“Oh my God.” I’m pregnant. 

Uri looked over at the stick before pulling me into a hug. “How are you going to tell Harry?“ 

I sighed before running my hands through my hair. “I honestly have no idea. The timing could not be more perfect.” 

“I think it’d be in both of your best interests if you told him sooner rather than later, break or not.”

“You’re right,” I agreed. “Can we just keep it between the two of us for now? I want to be the one to tell him.”

“Of course,” Uri nodded. “Now c’mon, I’ll make us some pancakes.”

We ended up having a movie marathon before I dozed off halfway through.

“Y/n! Y/n!”

I awakened to a frantic Uri. “What’s wrong?” I asked groggily.

“Okay please please don’t hate me when I tell you this! I’m so so sorry about, I honestly didn’t mean it. Oh God, I’m a horrible friend and I–”

“Uri,” I said sternly, cutting off her rambling. “What did you do?”

She took a deep breath before responding. “Harry called to ask how you were since you didn’t take the news so well about the break and I may have let it slip out that you have morning sickness and he put the pieces together and now he’s on his way over here,” she rushed out. I sat there wide-eyed as I processed the information before bursting into tears. 

“I-I just want-ed to tell him m-myself,” I sobbed. I felt like an idiot but I honestly couldn’t help my hormones. 

“I’m so sorry Y/n, please don’t cry. It was an honest mistake, I’m sorry–” 

A knock on the door interrupted the beginning of Uri’s string of apologies.

“I’ll get it,” she said as she quickly stood up from the couch. Harry walked in a few seconds later and made his way over to me, still sobbing. He pulled me into a hug as I cried on his chest. 

“I’m s-sorry for everything, I didn’t mean anything I said in those arguments,” I hiccuped after I calmed down a bit. 

“’S’alright, love. I know you couldn’t help it.”

“A-and I’m sorry f-for not telling you sooner.”

He sighed as he continued to play with my curls. “I’ll admit that I was a little hurt when I had ta’ find out from Uri instead of you, but communication’s somethin’ we have ta’ work on.” 

I nodded before looking up at him. “I love you, you know that? I hate fighting with you.”

He gave me a small smile and pecked me on the forehead before replying. “I love you, Y/n, and I love our unborn child just the same. I can’t wait to spend the future with my two favorite girls.” 

I quirked an eyebrow. “How do you know it’s gonna be a girl?”

“I know these things,” he said, pointing to his heart, “call it father’s intuition.”

I playfully rolled my eyes before he stood up. 

“C’mon love,” he said, reaching for my hand, “let’s go home.”

sorry for the wait anon, hope you liked it!