my favorite young justice characters

k but you know that episode in season one of YJ where the Justice League is deciding what new members to add or whatever? Why??? Doesn’t Aquaman???? suggest Kaldur??????? Like they induct fuckin Roy who’s been a suspicious toddler all fuckin season but not Kaldur, literally the most responsible character in the show?????????? They inducted fucking Plastic-Man, but not Kaldur. Ok. sounds fake but ok.

robin: looks like we won this one >:)

evil scientist: not so fast! with the power of project lmnop i will take you down gluguguguglug…..rrr…..

heroes: small but manly gasp

evil scientist: (turning into a really big creature) grr….rrr….ahh….

swing swoong fighting

kid flash: something annoying

parts of the building collapses on the bad guy

aqualad: we've done it

robin: i knew we could (:

batman suddenly appearing: im batman………what is going on here

a speech is given thru like 5 different ppl

batman: well you will still need to be Punished. you broke our Rules. very Important. >:(

kid arrow: :/

robin: :(


i am in bed avoiding getting up & going to library to work on my heckin essay so here’s the thing @mightwing (🔪🔪🔪) tagged me in, my 10 favorite characters

1. Wally West – Young Justice
2. Jake Peralta - Brooklyn 99
3. Kamala Khan - Marvel
4. Andy Dwyer - Parks & Rec
5. Kate Bishop - Marvel
6. Rudy Steiner - The Book Thief
7. Percy Jackson - from percy jackson obviously
8. Steve Rogers - mcu NOT marvel comics i don’t know that steve
9. Elizabeth Swann - Pirates of the Caribbean
10. Buffy Summers - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

i’m tagging @the-cray-is-on-display @sims2deluxe and also anyone else who wants to do it should