my favorite work of art

the irony in this is that i wrote this on the back of a piece that i ruined, and in doing so i ruined the marker i was writing with. it was my favorite marker. sometimes art doesn’t work in your favor, but that’s okay.

anonymous asked:

What is your opinion on graffiti? Especially on pieces that are on buildings

Some are great, most are mediocre. Some treat walls like the back page of a notebook as a surface to write their own name endless times, for me that is visual noise, but some really take advantage of the potential of an urban canvas to create great works of art.

Here are some of my favorite street artists:


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Happy birthday Julie ❤ - @feather97 @feather97 @feather97 @feather97

Look what I got today, my dudes

Happy 13th birthday to my favorite album of all time. Few works of art of any kind have had the impact on my life that this album has. Thank you for being there for me for 13 years.