my favorite waterfalls


The Legacy of Emperor Tsao

Emperor Tsao’s short reign was unremarkable by the standards of the ordinarily bloodthirsty mogu dynasties, notable mostly for administrative reorganization.

He did, however, leave a lasting legacy to the pandaren people. By imperial edict, pandaren slaves were permitted to read, write, and establish their own schools.

While many mogu monuments were removed after the revolution, Emperor Tsao’s likeness remains here on the coast, greeting the sun every morning and looking over the people he helped to save.

colored and finished piece from this sketch i did last night! i have a ton of work to do, but i wanted to do one more fun personal piece before i dive into technical work! it’s available in pretty huge sizes in my society6!!

i love messing around with color palettes and making my colored stuff just that borderline of “my goodness this could probably be a little less vibrant couldn’t it”


Godafoss by marina weishaupt
Via Flickr:
By far my favorite waterfall. Instagram: Tumblr: 500px: marinaweishaupt