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The Legacy of Emperor Tsao

Emperor Tsao’s short reign was unremarkable by the standards of the ordinarily bloodthirsty mogu dynasties, notable mostly for administrative reorganization.

He did, however, leave a lasting legacy to the pandaren people. By imperial edict, pandaren slaves were permitted to read, write, and establish their own schools.

While many mogu monuments were removed after the revolution, Emperor Tsao’s likeness remains here on the coast, greeting the sun every morning and looking over the people he helped to save.

colored and finished piece from this sketch i did last night! i have a ton of work to do, but i wanted to do one more fun personal piece before i dive into technical work! it’s available in pretty huge sizes in my society6!!

i love messing around with color palettes and making my colored stuff just that borderline of “my goodness this could probably be a little less vibrant couldn’t it”

Chittenango Falls, New York

One of my all time favorite waterfalls, these tumble 167 feet down over 400-million year old limestone cliffs. These falls are located near the town of Chittenango, NY, hometown of L. Frank Baum who wrote The Wizard of Oz :)

“Chittenango” means “where waters run North” and comes from the language of the Oneida people of the First Nations (one of the five founding tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy). “Oneida” or Onayotekaonotyu means “People of the Standing Stone”.,_New_York

gif by rivermusic, March 2015

Cross-Checking: Chapter 13

Happy Saturday!! Oh hello sexy hockey Peeta. Thanks to @loving-mellark for the gorgeous banner, I get to look at you yet again. <3

A MASSIVE, huge thank you to @papofglencoe. Without her, I’m not sure this chapter would have happened or have been so good. She pushed me to be the best writer I could be, and I could not be more thankful. <3

And thanks to all of you for continuing to support and read and review C-C. I could not be more appreciative of your words. You truly blow me away every time. 

We are sticking with Katniss for this chapter as it’s an important one from viewpoint…

I slowly pick up my coffee and take a sip. Over the rim of the cup, my eyes make contact with Peeta’s. The worry he is feeling is apparent and matches my own. I rack my brain, trying to think of what Graham could possibly have to tell us, and come up empty. The last time his doctor had stopped by, I had been here and heard about how well he was doing, so at least I don’t think it’s health-related. Suddenly, my heart drops. Then I take a deep breath. Surely Graham would never tell Peeta about Willow without my consent. He may push me to tell him, but I don’t think he would just outwardly tell him over bacon and coffee. Right?

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