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The Most Underrated Newsies Line

Okay, but from a storyteller’s point of view, let me tell you about my favorite line in Newsies (of which there are many, seriously, what an amazing lyric book this play has).

When the boys first go on strike, they’ve called the other newsboys to take a stand with them, but on the day of the Strike no one else shows up. Davey and Jack try to encourage their friends who are with them to not back down when they’re left alone and together they sing the line:

And say to all the others who did not follow through

“You’re still our brothers, and we will fight for you.“

In any other story, and indeed in almost every other story, this line would not exist. Every other time, if part of the rebellion or the soldiers or the gang fails to stand with the heroes, the reaction is one of scorn. We as the audience are shown and taught that those cowardly traitors mean nothing. We get angry at them, we turn our back on them and say "watch us get along without you.” The heroes will stand despite them, and often actually to spite them, to prove them wrong for backing down.

Not so in Newsies. Instead, we’re giving a beautiful picture of friendship, challenge, and loyalty. In that one line we see the heart of Jack and Davey and the rest: They know the newsboys are nervous, confused, afraid, and they don’t blame them for it; rather, they continue to stand and they do so in the name of those who couldn’t stand with them at the start.

And two minutes later, thanks to their courage, we see the rest of the Newsies gather behind them and join the Strike

and I don’t know guys

I just- *throws hands up in wordless appreciation*

That’s good stuff right there.

(Now I’m going to go watch it for the fourth time, byeeee)

                  ~*Stanford Pines: The Violet Knight*~

4th of July - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

Word Count: 1816

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Unbeta’d. All Mistakes are mine. Gifs aren’t mine. Credit to the owners. 

Daddy’s Little Lovebug Masterlist

“Daddy stop!” JoJo’s giggles could be heard throughout the bunker and you made your way to the source, trying to find out just how Dean was torturing your daughter to elicit that kind of laughter. “Daddy!”

“What?” He questioned, a smile of his own lighting up his face. “I’m trying to get you to wave it right! Now go!” He grabbed her arm that was holding a tiny American flag and shook it violently, waving the flag every which way making her whole body shake. You couldn’t resist snapping a picture of them playing before making your presence known.

“You really love torturing her, don’t you?” You stood in the doorway, crossing your arms over your chest and leaning against the doorframe, completely enthralled in watching them battle one another. “And what are you even wearing?” Dean Winchester before JoJo would never have been caught dead in a red, white, and blue star necklace and a sequined 4th of July hat, but damned if he wasn’t wearing one now.

“It’s patriotic, Y/N/N. Where’s your 4th of July stuff?”

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Hotel California Chapter 2: You do What?

Dean Winchester x Reader

1400 Words

Story Summary: After an unfortunate incident at work, you take a couple of days for yourself, planning on staying at the nice restaurant at the edge of town. There you meet a handsome green eyed man who comes to your rescue when you’re visited by a ghost.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

You didn’t pay any attention to the fact that you were loosely wrapped up in a towel, it being the only thing covering you up from Dean’s view. You were too busy launching yourself into his arms, your heart still pounding from your scare.

You hastily noticed he was still dressed in the same jeans and flannel, before you pressed your head tightly to his chest, relieved to feel his arms tighten around you. You felt his head move back and forth, before he whispered into your ear. “Sweetheart, not that I mind having you wet and almost naked in my arms, but maybe the hallway isn’t the best place.”

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A New Boy

Request: angst anon here!! i would love a yule ball imagine (although its a rare occasion) where the reader turns down all the “popular guys” for newt, but he ends up having a ball (hah) with leta instead? and she like ends up going with a popular guy and dances with him and actually has fun and newt is lowkey hurt?? hopefully that made sense haha. please and thank you 💗 btw i saw the tag on “i do… not” and you are just the sweetest little thing!! i will never stop giving you these random ideas 😊

Word Count: 6,887

Pairing: Reader x OC, Newt x Leta

Requested by: @aurrorgoldstein

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WARNING: Language

I know the world seems cold and empty, but I promise you, if you search for the light, you will one day find it.

The corridors of Hogwarts are empty, chilly, a quick breeze somehow bursting through them. A ghost, you figure, digging your nails into your palm and praying they leave you alone. On a night like this, with such a mission in your head, you do not want to be bothered.

Night is quickly dropping her blanket over the sky outside, and most students have already scurried to bed, their voices whispering of the night upcoming, of the dance, the ball, the evening you’re dreading. With quick steps, you find yourself climbing to the Gryffindor common room, muttering the password, and clambering through.

It’s hot inside, the fireplace roaring up with a loud orchestra of clicks and pops and even a few snaps. Few students linger, but the ones that do, that are also dateless for the ball tomorrow, are draped over the maroon couches and royal red chairs, heads popping up to view your intrusion.

“Sorry,” you murmur, cheeks heating up, “but has anyone seen Michael Rodgers?”

One boy, a fifth year you recognize vaguely from classes, lazily raises his head and eyes you once over. “You’re here to talk to him?”

“I don’t see why I would ask for him otherwise.” The words earn a snicker from the others in the room, who drop their heads but leave their ears pointing in your direction.

“I suppose,” the boy sighs, shoving himself to his feet, “I could go see if he’s up, but no promises.”

You nod, biting your cheek. That’s all you can ask for, someone to check.

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#59 “I will bite your face off.”

@satanic-phelei thank you for waiting! Here is your request, I hope you like it! Also, please let me know if you would like me to reword it for any other pronouns.

Y/n, trying to look threatening, glared at the entirely too chipper looking face of her boyfriend. Dressed in her fuzzy pajamas and funky slippers, she knew she didn’t make an imposing image, but it was the thought that counted. It was way too early for this bullshit. Peter was the first to break the silence:

“Good morning, Y/n!”

“Bite me. Or better yet, come closer; I’ll bite your face off.” she groaned, finally catching a glimpse of a clock. “Four in the morning? Really?”

He rolled his eyes in response. “It’s going to be worth it, I promise.”

She crossed her arms and waited.

“Come with me and there’s coffee in it for you?” he offered, causing her to smile, finally.

“Where are we going?” she asked.


Neverland in the early morning was an even darker and more foreboding looking forest than it was in the daytime, which was really saying something. Y/n was basically blind, following Peter to whatever his destination was. It was cold. It was wet. It wasn’t her bed, the only place they should be early Saturday mornings. Y/n could picture it now: warm sheets, tangled limbs, and sleepy smiles. She poked Peter on the shoulder.

“Not that I’m only in this for the coffee, but… Where’s the coffee?”

He chuckled. “We’re only a few minutes away.”

True to his word, after three more minutes of blundering around in the darkness, the forest parted to reveal a cliff which overlooked the water. Any witty remarks Y/n had thought up about potential murder locations vanished when the first hint of sunrise dawned over the horizon. The entire sky lit up in pinks and oranges, and the sea reflected the colors in bright, shimmery waves. It was a stunning view. Y/n blinked at the brightness and beauty and jumped when she felt Peter’s arms wrap around her waist from behind. He rested his head on her shoulder.

“This is one of my favorite views. I used to come here all the time before I met you. There’s something about it that makes loneliness less bitter.” he murmured.

“It’s beautiful.” Y/n whispered. She could feel him smile against her cheek.

“So are you.”

They stood in silence, taking in the view until the last bits of pink faded from the sky. Y/n found herself yawning.

“Oh, yeah,” she said, yawning again, “Whatever happened to the promise of coffee?”

Peter, ever the romantic, stuck his tongue out. He rummaged through his pockets, tossed some brown beans at her, and ran off into the trees laughing. Coffee beans. By the time Y/n had fully processed what just happened, he was already out of sight. She raced after him.

“Peter!” she shouted, in between peals of laughter. “I’m going to kill you!”

“You’ll have to catch me first!” came his faint reply.

It was definitely too early for this, but Y/n couldn’t even remember why she cared.

Imagine - Dan Howell

It’s Saturday night, summer is in full swing, which meant mother nature blessed us with weather that was worthy of our presence. It was tough enough to get ourselves out of the apartment and among other people, but I couldn’t let this warm night be wasted away.

The clock read 7:31pm and the sun was beginning to set. An assortment of blues and violets painted the sky outside our window. I kept staring at them, trying to bring the beauty inside. 

After several minutes of longing, I grabbed the pikachu sitting on the side table next to me and chucked it at Dan.

“Y/N, what the hell?” He flinched slightly, but his position on the couch was undisturbed. “Also, your aim is quite terrible.” 

“Maybe I was aiming for that little strand that sticks out on the side of your head.” He was right, his face was my target, but something had happened midair, causing it to shift and brush right past his temple.

He raised his eyebrows, staring at me, until a laugh broke through his tightly lined lips.

“No, but really. We should go outside.”

“There’s people out there, you know how I feel about social interaction.”

“But look at it out there. You’d rather look at it through a window? The beach is literally a few paces away.”

Dan closed his laptop and set it aside, focusing intensely on my face. “You’re serious about this, aren’t you?”

“I wouldn’t have thrown the pikachu if I weren’t.”

Ten minutes later, Dan and I had ventured out of the apartment, rushed across the unnaturally deserted street, and found a place on the beach. Several other people had the same idea as us and brought blankets to sit down on. 

“Damn,” I say, watching others admire the view from their brightly colored blankets.

“What?” Dan asks, his attention drawn to something in the distance.

“Forgot a blanket. Guess I was too excited to even think to grab one.” I notice Dan ignoring what I was saying.

I watch him for a second, admiring the violets and blues reflecting from his eyes. A little pink blushed his cheeks from the wind. It didn’t seem to bother any of the curls on his head, as if aware not to mess anything up. Looking at Dan right now, was like being inside of a painting, wanting so badly to live in it forever.

I poke his arm to bring him back to me. “What’s on your mind?”

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I continue. “Are you… actually enjoying yourself?” 

A smirk creeps from the corner of his lips.

“I think you are!” 

“Yeah, yeah. It is nice out here.”

“But the view though, right?”

“It’s pretty spectacular.” He confesses, watching a seagull fly over the water. “But it’s not my favorite view.”

“Don’t ruin it. We’re having such a good moment.”

“You don’t even know what I’m going to say.” He adds.

“Let me guess, something about your laptop screen…”

“Am I that predictable?” Dan shifts his body so he’s facing me, waiting for my reply.

“Meh, sometimes. I think I just know you too well.”

“Not well enough though.” He scratches the back of his neck nervously and looks back out at the water. “What I was going to say was that you’re my favorite view, but you spoiled the moment.”

“Aw, Dan!” I wrap my arms around him and rest my head against his shoulder.

He stands still, shaking his head. “Nope, nuh uh, too late, you ruined it.”

I lift my head up to look at him. “Can we just rewind and do this over again? Then I can just shut my trap and let you be romantic.”

“But then it’d be too perfect, which isn’t us. I like us.”

“Me too.” I lay my head back on his shoulder and close my eyes as the wind brushes through my hair.

The sun is slowly setting, only moments away from saying goodnight and introducing the moon to those spanned out across the beach. I savor this moment with Dan, because we don’t get as many like this. Where it’s just him and me, together, away from electronics, the internet, everyone. We aren’t alone on this beach, but it feels like it

Trying to get outside to see this view nagged me all night. All I wanted was to convince Dan to come out with me, so we could see it together. To be able to sit beside the ocean when the sun kissed the horizon and the colors slowly blended into the night. 

And I was able to do that, and Dan was actually enjoying himself. It was perfect.

But just when I thought the night couldn’t get any better, Dan presses his lips against my head and the sunset doesn’t seem so important anymore.

366! Three hundred and sixty six! Wow, that was quite the project! I realize I’m off schedule by a few days due to some personal time last year, but I’m glad I kept with it. I hope you all enjoyed the daily posts and that I was able to keep it interesting, along with some quality imagery!

For my final image of this 366 project, I’d like to share with you one of my favorite views in the United States. From the Green River overlook in Canyonlands National Park, one can stand at the brim of a nearly vertical thousand foot drop looking out at the distant mountains, plateaus, and buttes, carved out by millions of years of river erosion. I find this place extraordinarily serene and peaceful to sit and study the shapes of the landscape below. Time seems to stretch out in a place like this, you can feel it in the air.

Thank you for taking the time to like, comment and share my photography throughout the past year! I’m going to take a week off from posting to social media just to recollect my thoughts. I still have plenty more to share in 2017 and I have some exciting announcements planned for the year ahead. See you all in a few days!

Day 366/366

Expanse - Canyonlands National Park, Utah

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Okie I just wanted to let you know that I mcfrikin love ur personality and how you view things, you're my favorite voltron artist rn and you just honestly slay my life 😂 bless ✨💞

this is so sweet :’)))) thank you

This is my last AP exam ever, you guys! And in honor of it, I’ve got a study guide that (thankfully) doesn’t involve a huge table of equations. In reality, this is just meant to be some ideas as to how to organize your thoughts for the four major parts of the exam- the multiple choice and the three essays.

Multiple Choice 

  • There’s 4 to 5 passages on the multiple choice, each of them with anywhere from 10 to 18 questions about them. 
  • At least one of these passages (more likely two or three) is going to be from before the start of the 20th century; that means formal diction. That’s going to take you a little bit more time to decode. 
    • There’s going to be a few questions on the purpose of the writing, just to make sure you understood it. 
    • this also means a lot of antecedent questions; basically, they’re going to ask what a particular pronoun, maybe “it” or “they”, refers to in a passage. That involves really tracking the sentence through its entirety- they may use “it” near the end of a long, winding, run-on sentence to refer to something near the beginning. 
    • That also means some questions on footnotes. The College Board, or whatever source they got the passage from, may include footnotes to help explain some stuff. They may ask you about the purpose of the footnote- why include it? What value does it add to the passage? The answer is usually that it gives context to some word choice in the passage.
  • The rest of the passages may be more familiar language, but that means they’re going to ask you more questions about the author’s purpose or argument. 
    • There’s probably going to be a few footnote questions here too, just for kicks
    • A lot of them may be about grammar or structure; just remember, if you see the word syntax, they’re literally just asking about the structure of the passage. They like to use fancy words for simple concepts.
  • And remember- there’s no guess penalty!! Leave no questions blank- even if you just choose at random, take a guess. 

The Essays 

Argument Essay

  • The argument essay is arguably (heh) the easiest essay on the exam. It should be the most familiar to anyone who’s gone through four years of English- it’s structured exactly like the essays you write all the time for basic English courses. 
  • That said, you should probably devote as little time as possible to it in order to get through the harder essays; shoot for 35 minutes.
  • Remember to include a counter-argument!! It can literally be two sentences, and it can be anywhere in the essay, but you need one
  • They’ll give you one of several types of prompts:
    • challenge, defend or qualify
    • defend, refute or quality 
    • determine the extent to which _____ is true
    • argue your view on 
    • … or something to that effect 
  • This may be framed in one of several ways: 
    • You could get the ‘silver platter’, which is “challenge, defend or qualify [the author’s] view that [the author’s view, explicitly stated]”
    • Or you could get the more abstract, have-to-work-a-little-harder “challenge, defend or qualify [the author’s] views.” 
  • The first-person voice is generally acceptable here, especially if they literally ask you for your opinion or experiences. If you bring in outside examples from your own life, the “I” voice is fine. 

Rhetorical Analysis 

  • The most uniquely “Lang” of the bunch, the rhetorical analysis is actually my favorite. They’re asking you to identify the author’s views, and then from there identify the ways they get those ideas across. 
    • Here, you also either get the “silver platter” or the abstract prompt:  “identify the ways in which [the author] argues their view on [the author’s view, explicitly stated]” or “identify the ways in which [the author] communicates their view on [topic].” 
  • You can organize this in one of several ways: 
    • By appeals (ethos, pathos and logos)- this should, in the body paragraphs, identify what techniques are used to build each appeal
    • By techniques (do they use allusion? apostrophe? a particular diction type?)- this should, in the body paragraphs, identify which appeals these techniques strengthen 
    • By chronology (what does the author do first? next? last?) 
    • By purpose (only works if the writing has multiple purposes) 
  • Try to take the recommended 40 minutes to write this one.
  • No counter needed! yay! 
  • This is where tone is pretty important- and luckily, I wrote a post on that earlier, which you can find here. shameless self promo ayyyy
  • this is a pretty cute graphic that helps to explain the flow of the essay (from @heyemmateach)

Synthesis Essay

  • This is, for most people, the hardest essay on the exam. That’s because it requires you to read and use a whole bunch of sources you’ve never seen before in one essay. But that’s ok- you just need to understand how and why you’re using those sources. 
  • You get 15 minutes before you start writing anything to read all of the essay prompts- I’d actually spend that time primarily looking over your sources for this essay
  • They tend to provide you with 8-10 sources; use a minimum of 3, but shoot for 4
  • You need a counter-argument on this one!!! 
  • Remember those 5 minutes you stole from the argument essay? Use them here and take 45 minutes on this one. 
  • This essay is somewhere between the argument and rhetorical analysis- maybe that’s why it’s called the synthesis essay, huh, I didn’t think of that until now
  • You’re not writing a purely opinion essay, per say, but they usually phrase it something like “explain the most important factors to consider in deciding on [a certain issue].” 
    • That means you have to look at it from both sides (hence the counter), and you need to state your personal position (as in challenge, defend or qualify) while relying only on the sources provided 
  • You get what in the other two essays might be called the “author’s view” from your multiple sources; you need to look at what issues the sources address and build the essay off of those. 
    • So, as an example- I did a practice in which they asked me for the “most important factors to consider when deciding whether or not to go to college.” After reading through the sources, I settled on cost, employability and personal happiness, and then argued my opinion (that you should go to college) using what those sources said on those issues. 
  • Try to pick sources that you can use in multiple parts of the essay- they speak to multiple sides of the issue. 

That about covers the major points of the exam- other than those basic structure points, it’s your chance to show off what a sophisticated, clear writer you are! Take the chance to show off a little bit of your insights and persuasiveness. 

Best of luck on the AP exam- I know you’ll kick butt! 

Taking Back Control

A/N: Wow, 2 fics from me in one week!? That’s the power of Negan Smut Week for ya. This time I’m finishing up my last prompt for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s 2K Writing Challenge: NeganxOlivia. This scene takes place before Spencer’s death (and I personally like to imagine Olivia doesn’t get killed because wtf AMC why do you have to take all my favorite characters away???) Depending on how you view Olivia, you might find this out of character for her but I kind of wanted her to show a bit of confidence and power over that bad boy we all love. So I hope you all enjoy, because I had a lot of fun writing this (especially because I relate with Olivia and I’d totally be her best friend) <3

Words: 3357

Warnings: Smut, some dom and sub stuff, light bondage, cunnilingus, Negan’s filthy mouth.

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

Originally posted by heartfulloffandoms

Silently, Olivia stepped into the empty guest bedroom after the most uncomfortable dinner she’d ever had, even more so than any holiday meal in years past. She exhaled a shaky sigh before removing her glasses and pinching the bridge of her nose. As hard as she tried she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. She cursed to herself, frustrated with how she couldn’t control the emotions that stress brought on.

Damn him, Olivia thought. Damn that smug asshole. Who did he think he was, making fun of her weight and then asking to fuck her the next? What kind of pathetic excuse for a woman did he take her for? If there was anything that Olivia was proud of, it was the fact that she had found some hidden power within herself to stun Negan with a simple slap.

Olivia replaced her glasses on her face and smiled to herself as she stared at her right hand. She swore that she could still feel the way that his cheek connected with her palm. At that moment, she had felt strong when she watched how Negan’s eyes widened in shock and he needed a brief pause to recover. Where was that inner badass when Olivia needed her so many times for bullies in her past?

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