my favorite video games

my favorite video game joke is referring to main characters as the game name like “there goes halo!” “hey it’s john bioshock!” because too-serious gamer dudes will never think you’re joking for some reason

Just Another Day at the Ranch

I must say, Slime Rancher is one of my favorite series so far. I get motion sickness from video games, so I can’t play them for long periods of time. That’s why it’s nice to watch others have fun with it. And if I start to feel sick, I can take a break, and the game moves on like nothing happened.

Plus it’s always nice to watch Jack enjoy video games :D

Speed Paint


Endless List of Favorite Video Games: Spyro the Dragon (1998)
“Spyro the Dragon, you’ve defeated Guh-nasty Guh-norc, collected the dragon eggs, saved all the dragons, and recovered every bit of treasure in the Dragon Kingdom. How do you feel?” “I feel fired up, Bob!”