my favorite video games


Endless List of Favorite Video Games: Spyro the Dragon (1998)
“Spyro the Dragon, you’ve defeated Guh-nasty Guh-norc, collected the dragon eggs, saved all the dragons, and recovered every bit of treasure in the Dragon Kingdom. How do you feel?” “I feel fired up, Bob!”

my favorite video game thing is when people are “tricked” into making some kind of incredibly destructive machinery amd are really suprised when its used for evil

like otacon was so shocked to find out his walking tank that he programmed with a fucking t rex roar was, in fact, a bad thing

I forgot that my niece is 7 years old, so when I casually mentioned that Garrus Vakarian was my space husband she took it literally and burst into tears, asking my sister why she wasn’t allowed to go to the wedding. I showed her a picture of Garrus, hoping that would explain that I was kidding without me spelling it out, but all she did was squint at it and ask if he was wearing a mask or he really looked like a dinosaur.

One of my favorite video game tropes is the ‘Boss Squad’

I love when games just have a group of SUPER BEASTS that are established early in the game that you’ll get to fight.

Like Metal Gear Solid has a really cool one

So does Skies of Arcadia

The Trails series too

but the best one is when they have all these crazy guys with different designs and powers

and then the last one is just a fucking guy with a sword and he’s more beast than all the others put together


Favorite female villains in video games.