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The 100 Reactions

If there’s anyone who enjoys watching the episode reaction videos but doesn’t want to deal with the anti, or c.lexa biased, commentary here are a few bellarke/show positive channels that give really good reactions.

  • HelenKomSkaikru (obviously)- her reactions are hilarious and she’s totally pro bellarke. She’s done reactions since 3x09. (@helenkomskaikru)
  • Freyyo- she just started doing reactions for the last 3 episodes but her videos are great 
  • FandomReactions- they’ve done reactions since the beginning of the season and they’re pretty funny, lots of crying. 
  • TorchwoodBoy- does pretty unbiased reactions and really enjoys the show. He’s done reactions for the whole show but some videos got deleted for copyright.

These are just a few that I really enjoy. If anyone has anymore feel free to add on. Just figured I’d help out.