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Okay one I love you! And I love everything that you write! I always check on here 😂 Can you do a chocobros x reader trying on their bf clothes or cosplaying? Btw you are awesome! Okay bye! x3

Awww, I love you too! This is seriously one of my favorite things! Couples exchanging clothes are super cute and I’m all about it all the time!



One of your favorite things to do was to sit with Noctis while he was fishing. His arms wrapped tightly around you, as he held the rod, and the moment that he felt a tug the two of you would work together to bring the fish to shore. Yet you had never expected to suddenly be torn from the docks and sent splashing into the water below.

“You okay in there?” Noctis asked, knocking on the bathroom door, you had currently been in there for the last 45 minutes attempting to scrub the smell of lake and fish off of you.

“Yeah, I’ll be out in a second.” You called, looking to the mess of black clothes before you. Sharing a suitcase with your boyfriend, you had realized that at this time Ignis must have taken both of your clothes to be washed with the others, and the only clean outfit you had available now was one of Noctis’s.

Looking up from his phone, Noctis was shocked to see you in his clothes. You had worn his jackets multiple times, and even on some occasions, you’d steal a shirt to sleep in. Yet to see you in the full attire the Prince was known for, you looked so cute.

“Sorry, I had to steal your clothes sweetie, I think Iggy is doing a load of land-eee!” You squeaked as he embraced you tightly, nuzzling into your shoulder. “Noct?”

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Scars and All (Luke Hemmings) *

yall pls dont let this one fade into obscurity ok this might be my favorite imagine ive ever written

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, scars


“Okay, seriously,” Michael huffed suddenly beside you, “Why do you wear those things all the time?” He nudged your glove-covered hands, pulling your attention away from the conversation you’d previously been having with Luke.

“I’ve told you a million times, Mikey,” you shook your head, “I don’t wanna rush into things.”

“Yeah, but… How are you supposed to meet your soulmate if you always wear them?” he insisted, “Like… Do you at least take them off when you’re alone?” You simply laughed while Ashton interrupted.

“Come on, Mike,” he chuckled softly at the sound of your laugh, “There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make sure the attraction you feel toward someone is genuine and not just because you know they’re your soulmate.”

Thank you!” you squeaked, happy someone understood your reasoning for the gloves.

“I’m not so sure you even have hands at this point,” Michael huffed.

“Obviously, I have hands, Mikey!” you laughed, “It’d be kind of hard to wear gloves if I didn’t!”

“You could have put gloves on mannequin hands and duct taped them to your wrists,” Luke pointed out.

“You guys are a little too obsessed with this,” you informed them with another shake of your head.

“But you could have met your soulmate already and you won’t know because you never take those gloves off!” Calum insisted.

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Nye’s Goretober List

I didn’t really see any one list I liked, so I went ahead and made a mashup of my favorites! Hopefully I’ll have the time to keep up, so wish me luck!

Tagging/blacklisting: I will be tagging all posts with “Goretober”, “Goretober 2017″ and “Nye’s Shop of Horrors”, as well as the prompt for that day, for the blacklisting of specific things. If you don’t want to see the stuff on your dash, these are the tags to block.

Feel free to use this list if you want!

1. Excessive lacerations
2. Stitches
3. Decapitation
4. Nosebleed
5. Extra limbs/eyes
6. Eye Trauma
7. Gut Spill
8. Amputation
9. Bites
10. Impaled
11. Trypophobia
12. Slit throat
13. Monster form
14. Mouth Trauma
15. Backstabbed
16. Heartbroken
17. Head Trauma
17. Bones
18. Possession
19. Crying
20. Nyctophobia
21. Hanahaki Disease
22. Bloodbath
23. Spine
24. Candy gore
25. Burns
26. Plant growth
27. Drowning
28. Smile
29. Barbed Wire
30. Bruises
31. Bandaged up

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Can you do prompt 4 hayrides (haunted please!) with Dean?

“This crap is so itchy.” Dean grumbled and brushed the hay from his jacket sleeves. You sighed and leaned back against the wooden board behind you, head falling backward as you looked at the sky in defeat. “What?” 

“Nothing, Dean. I just… this has always been one of my favorite things to do this time of year and y- you hate it.” Your eyes closed slowly as the tractor started up and the exhausted puffed out a cloud of grey smoke. 

“Hey, come here.” Dean snaked his arm behind your lower back and scooted you across the hay bale until you were pressed against his side. “I’m sorry. It’s just all this Halloween stuff has always been so weird to me and Sam. We hunt monsters for a living, so when we come to do things like this it - it just doesn’t do anything for us, you know?” You nodded. 

“I get that, really, I do, but I just wish you would try to have fun with it. Let them scare you, let them bring their chainless chainsaws in here and brush against your leg, let them laugh in your face and make the people around you cower away. Please?” You leaned against his shoulder and he leaned down, his cheek resting on the top of your head.

“Yeah, I’ll try.” He squeezed you as the tractor and cart rounded the first corner into a pitch black field. 

“Oh shit.” You breathed, clutching onto Dean’s shirt under his jacket. “Dean.” 

“I’m right here.” He wrapped his other arm around the front of you and drew you closer to him. You felt him jump when someone in costume tapped on his shoulder and he turned to face him. 

“Give me the girl.” The man rasped. Dean swallowed hard and shook his head. “Give. Me. The girl.” With his last word, he reached out and laid his hand on your shoulder, making you jump. You clawed at Dean’s skin through his clothes, and he felt your heart racing against his side. “She’s scared. I can smell it.” The scratchy voice was coming closer to you as you curled yourself into a ball and wiggled into Dean’s lap. “You can keep her for now, but I’ll be back, don’t you worry.” He jumped off the side of the wagon and ran back into the darkness.

“It’s okay baby girl, he’s gone.” Dean murmured against your head. As you looked up at him with fearful eyes, he realized why you wanted him with you so badly. You were terrified of this stuff, no matter how many real monsters you’d seen. The jump scare aspect of all of this was so much different than the stuff you hunted from day to day. You needed to be protected, and that’s what Dean had promised he would do, so he did. 

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i just thought of a question ok lou what are your favorite movies and what's your favorite thing to do during your free time also can fiona answer this too thanks

“I’m kind of a closet homebody/movie junkie, so you asked the right question. I’ve seen pretty much everything there is to see, and I love to complain about my gripes with all of them, but my all time favorite is Mildred Pierce. I love dissecting old film noirs because I find it interesting how the art of filmmaking came to really thrive…Kubrick is fun to study, too. Where the Wild Things Are is also a favorite. One that made me cry recently was Room. (No, not The Room, just Room. Although the former is a classic in its own way.) I also really liked Gone Girl and Ex Machina, complexity and despair, y’know. I eat it up. Part of me wishes I’d became a professional movie critic, but that seems like a bitter lifestyle.

My favorite thing to do…well, all of the above. I’m content as long as Fiona is there. Actually something we’ve been doing as of late is taking the subway to a new line or stop we’ve never gotten off before and wandering around, finding the hidden gems. So far we found a morbid anatomy museum that Fi was particularly fascinated by, and a really rad hole-in-the-wall Chinese place. I’d recommend the authentic mapo tofu.”

“who are you?? i like ummmmm. i like beetlejuice and ghostbusters. i don’t think this is a movie and also don’t tell my mom but sometimes when i can’t sleep i sneak into the living room and watch um i think it’s called dexter, because i like to see the blood.

i like to make slime and put it in mr. tuttle’s mailbox!!! and hang out with my mom she’s cool”


The tension between nature and the human hand in restorations is my favorite thing to continually puzzle over. This week in Restoration Ecology, we had to write on an experience of the Curtis Prairie in September

I live with a pile of highlighters for all my reading homework. It’s about time I started drawing with them too.

I absolutely love that Eleanor is still atttracted to Chidi and Tahani the 2nd time around. And is the old Janet still in there somehow? How did she know to bring Jason to where Chidi, Eleanor and Tahani were? I think the gang is gonna figure things out a lot quicker this time. My favorite part in all this is seeing all the behind the scenes shenanigans. Vicki “real Eleanor” is my favorite already. lol!!

Y'all. I’m tentatively taking personal aesthetic/moodboard requests. Tell me things like your name/gender/sexuality (if you want), your favorite color(s), hogwarts house, zodiac sign (can also be sun/moon/rising), mbti type, hobbies, things you love, etc. Just like, a brief description of yourself. Anon is okay, but non-anon will take precedence and mutuals will probably be my priority.

(Just a heads up: I might not make all of them, and I’ll most likely stop taking them if I get a lot right away! Check the reblogs on this post to see if I’m still taking them!)

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Hey ya Mr. Dark. Simple question because I can't think of anything: what's your favorite food? Also how ya doing?

I am doing well, my dear. Thank you for asking. 
The day has been stressful, but it is nice to have some free time to spend with all of you for a change. 
As for food, I enjoy quite a few things. I do not really require to eat it but I can still enjoy fine dining. 
I am however, rather partial to sharing ice cream with a date…. 

-Cerevire Darkiplier

Thoughts on the V Route! (Spoilers)

Full on disclaimer: This is purely my opinion on the route, and in no way am I trying to force my opinions onto anyone, or am I expecting people to agree fully. We all have different opinions and that’s okay! Please don’t harass me over any opinion stated in this, as I’m just sharing this for people who are interested and my intention is that and that only. Thanks! 💕

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UMMMM?? So Far From the Tree is probably my favorite fic of all time???????!! Having Mal being the protective girlfriend is the cutest thing and ??!!???!❤️️❤️️💗

Mal is such the protective girlfriend!!! But like, still Mal at the same time????? Like if you look at Evie the wrong way she will literally snap you in half and burn your corpse but then turn right around to smooth back Evie’s hair like “ignore them bby are u ok? I got u some ice cream. Love you.”

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It's fresher's flu time, my guys! Everyone is sick because everyone just started living together all crammed into one space and all sharing amenities and touching everyone else's things and it's honestly just a disaster half of my hall is sick right now.

You know, fresher’s flu is honestly one of my favorite things to write, but IRL, it’s like a literal taste of hell. I hope you manage to avoid it, sweets!

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Was there ever a moment where you took a break from PPG? I generally love PPG as a whole, but I like to take breaks from it once in a while to avoid over-exposure.

I mean, as much as people believe that all I do is think about the Powerpuff Girls, watch the Powerpuff Girls, eat Powerpuff Girls related foods, say Powerpuff Girls related things, wear Powerpuff Girls related clothing, surround myself with Powerpuff Girls items to soak up Powerpuff Girls energy in order to one day become a Powerpuff girl myself…

…I DO have a life outside of the Powerpuff Girls. But it IS my favorite cartoon of all time and I’ll never pass up an opportunity to talk about it!

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Okay I don't know you and I've never met you but you just make me so incredibly happy. You're so sweet to everyone and you spread positivity like its your job. I love seeing things like that on my dash and its part of the reason I have post notifications on for you. I just don't see much unprovoked, unapologetic positivity much anymore and pretty much anything you do can make me smile. So thank you for being there for everyone in your life, whether it's over the internet or in person. Thank you.

This entire message is so touching. Thank you darlin, for taking time out of your day to tell me this. I love making people smile, it’s my favorite thing to do on this planet.
I hope you have a wonderful day today

💙all the love💙

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I was tagged by both @sea-ship-howell and @mochaphill woop thanks y’all

rules?: answers the questions and tag nine (9) people that you want to get to know better, so here we go

relationship status: imma single pringle

favorite color: purple (but I feel the need to say “my favorite color is you” since that’s my blog name. also shout out to you if you get that reference)

lipstick or chapstick: chapstick

last song: The Ocean- Mike Perry, Shy Martin

last movie: The Finest Hour (I’m pretty sure I watched something after that but I can’t remember heck)

top 3 tv shows: Once Upon a Time, The Flash, and uhhh Stranger Things?

3 ships: umm phan, adrienette, and Ken (which is a ship name I made up myself for an obscure series with hardly any fandom, called the Tiger Saga, and it’s like my all time fave series 1564567776/10 recommend)

I tag: @phan0ddity @wallflowersbloom @sunflowerphils @perhaps-trees-and-tea @just-a-weirdo-dia @pyxishowell @roseypatch @latenightdork and @theofficial01 sorry if you’ve already been tagged for this, and you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but have fun!!

bb19 opinions ~

josh started off being my least-liked player this season, but about halfway through he slowly started becoming my favorite. he let emotions get to him, but someone with that soft of a heart deserves to win that money more than any “strategy” does. many people will disagree with me, saying he didn’t “play” the game, but he did. he won so many competitions, was real with everyone, and had genuine love in his heart. josh was annoying, loud, and weird. but all of those things are much better than being a lying, self-absorbed back-stabber. i liked paul a lot for a long time, until his “strategy” became manipulation. his little comment on the finale episode also was a dick move, telling josh he “brought” him to the top so he could “beat him”, when all josh did was tell the evicted players the truth; he did not throw paul under the bus. he said him, christmas, and paul were in an alliance, meaning he would be throwing himself under the bus just as bad. this vent got a lot longer than i intended, holy shit i need to stfu. but my ending note is that i believe a person’s true intentions should result in their karma. josh is a sensitive little meatball with a heart bigger than the pacific ocean and he deserved every penny. and paul still won 50k, so i’d still be pretty damn happy.


These things happened:

- A box full of marathon training supplies came in the mail - long distance friends are the best 💗

- The nice warm Venice beach kept appearing in my thoughts. Then two hours later, without discussing this, Boyfriend replicated the insanely priced pasta dinner we had after getting drunk all day at the Venice beach.

- I was told I look good, twice in 24 hours. I liked hearing that because I am feeling good and tired simultaneously 24/7. It’s peak week and I’m loving it here in the cave.

- I ran 10 miles in 1:36!!!!

Rules: tag 9 people to get to know them
i was tagged by my sweetheart @hecates-garden (i love you)
Relationship status: single but i’m crushing on someone ooooh
Favorite colors: black and pastel pink (but not together lol ew)
Lipstick or chapstick: (nude) lipstick
Last song listened to: Time -Pink Floyd
Last movie: The Sandlot
Top 3 shows: Game Of Thrones, Stranger Things, Orange Is The New Black
Top 3 ships: me + my mutuals, me + my crush, me + a good fucking sleep schedule tbh

i’m tagging my babes @darksiderconfessions @snoketh @reygirloflight @ben-solo @baensolo @ciastkociastko @empress-ren @eggspots @space-ace and any other mutual who want to do this (y'all know i love learning about youuu)

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Hi, same person from the last ask! Honestly though, I feel as you do. Namjoon made sure to give Jimin the extra mile attention. I'm happy about that at least, but the others weren't as interested. Especially J-Hope and Yoongi. When Jimin was playing with them they seemed a little uneasy, and I felt heartbroken. I'm not sure if I was the only one to notice Yoongi saying things under his breath or...??? Props to Minjoon though. Also, props to you for being my all time favorite blog! 🤧😍☺️

namjoon always makes sure to acknowledge jimin’s efforts 🤧🤧🤧 true love

yeah i kinda wanted jimin to move and just let them sit next to each other. it was hard to watch. i didn’t notice yoongi talking to himself but they sometimes mouth comments to themselves!

😩😩😩 what?? thank you;; 💖✨

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Do you have any dimension hopping or time travel fanfiction? I feel like I've went through all of them, and I'm thinking that I need to actually stop being lazy and write my own at some point because the time travel/dimension hopping idea is like my favorite fanfiction trope.

You’ve come to the wrong place >_< This is the only dimension travel fic I have

Forging Reality - winterstorrm

Despite Theo’s comments, Draco knows that he doesn’t fancy Potter – not the slightest bit. However, once he sees how right they can be with his own eyes, he’ll do anything to make that his reality.