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I am a huge Dumbledore fan, I have loved him ever since the start of the series and I love him even more at the end. And I get furious when people blame him for things that aren’t his fault and hate him for things that he didn’t do. I especially hate bashing of any kind especially when they try to make Dumbledore be evil. He has his flaws but I’ll defend him to the death most of the time, out of all the HP characters he’s my baby.

However, the one thing I keep thinking about is the whole Willow/Werewolf prank. As much as I love Dumbledore, I can’t get over this. Every time I think about it I feel bad for Snape and find myself going “Albus…WTF?!” I can defend Dumbledore from a lot of accusations using canon, but I CANNOT defend this. Albus, what the hell? Snape isn’t my favorite but he’s still a kid who almost died! Merlin’s beard, man, what were you thinking?! Now I love Sirius to pieces, but his little ass needed to get expelled or locked up for that crap. JK Rowling, I keep thinking about this scene and I need you to come up with an explanation for this, something so I can get it out of my head. Unfortunately, this confession may attract Dumbledore bashers (I pray not), I will always love him. But gods dammit if this scene doesn’t make me want to throttle him. What was his reason? I really need a canon reason why this happened, and a good one. The whole “he favored Gryffindor” deal that haters use isn’t good enough for me. Nobody favors a house to that extent, it’d be bad business.

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Phil!! What are your top 5 favorite B99 fics of all time? Include yours if you want!!


here goes (in no particular order):

1) i’ve been sleepwalking too close to the fire – the myth, the legend, the work of art by my dear, dear friend @elsaclack

2) but the absolute luck of it is, love is in our hearts by my other dear, dear friend @emilybrontay

3) five things that don’t change once they start dating (and one thing that does) by nubbins_for_all

4) think once, think twice by Fahye

5) when the world falls apart, who’s with you on the other side? by my third dear, dear friend, @parlegee

honourable mention to the little ones are climbing up the walls by cashewdani, because i really couldnt leave it out it is just. so good

Things I learned while watching the SDR2 stage show:

I shall preface this with the fact that I was an actor working in private theater companies all throughout high school and into college. I studied theater to a point before stepping away to pursue my main goals. I’m not saying this to insinuate I am better than you at understanding acting, far from it. I just am stating this simply because I look at a lot of theater productions from a very different and strange point of view.

Here we go:

  • The actor who played Komaeda was REALLY good.
  • The way they wrote Komaeda in the stage show was REALLY good.
  • I love that they wrote the characters to do other things instead of just listen to whomever is speaking. There are side conversations and mini plots that are never picked up on, but you know they occur because all characters don’t focus on one person the whole time like in the game.
  • Koizumi. I still love her. She’s my favorite SDR2 character and forever will be. 
  • Saionji, moving on up. She was adorable.
  • Tsumiki, ALSO moving up. Didn’t like her all that much in the game, but I’m growing to really like her. 
  • Pekoyama was played by a woman who NAILED her mannerisms, but she sounded like she had Jess’ nose infection.
  • Compared to theater in America I found the overall experience to be quite pleasing. The use of sound effects was much more common here and I feel like it was an absolute NIGHTMARE for the crew to handle all the lighting while following along with the stage direction. 
  • That being said, the hair effect was weird for Kamukura. They did a good job with the wigs. Woulda preferred a wig.
  • The guy who played Hanamura was not a great actor. Jess accurately described him as having a mush mouth. That being said, I don’t think he needed to be a good actor. He couldn’t take a fall all that well…and I think that has more to do with his body type than anything. He was a larger guy and speaking from experience…its hard for bigger people to take a fall. He seemed more awkward than the rest, but it added a type of charm to his character. I felt bad for him in the stage show….I’ve hated him everyone else, haha.
  • I felt bad that a lot of characters got swept under the rug because of the time constraint. Nidai had the most content cut from his character and while I liked his actor (he had a cool voice), his character ultimately suffered for it. You knew very little about him.
  • Gundam was great. They cast him near perfectly. 
  • Nanami was great, Hinata was great, a lot of characters really nailed their stuff. 

I used to constantly head to the theater when I was in the States and this was my first time heading back to see any sort of production. I was very impressed. I’m sure there is more that I’ll most likely think about after I post this, and I may talk more about it in the future, but I think I’ll end it here for now. Its a long enough post, haha.   

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I've been following you since homestuck (like many others I'm sure haha) and have yet to not be entirely jazzed every time you post another song for a new fandom I'm in, but never have I been as excited for one as I am about that TaZ song oh boy, thank you so much for creating so many amazing things!! What are some of your favorite characters?

Thanks so much! Glad to have u along for the ride on my fandom hopping lol. :)

If you mean for taz, Taako is my big time fav obviously, followed by angus and lucretia, but i honestly love all the characters TvT

Kind of a new AU I have in mind

So if anyone doesn’t know, I am a huuuge Zelda fan. I pre-ordered Breath of the Wild last October, paid it off and everything, and I had been planning a party with my friend (singular friend, not plural) for the past 3 years. Only problem was, when it came out, I was eyeball deep in Mchanzo and Overwatch. Don’t get me wrong, I deeply enjoyed the game and it honestly was almost like a religious experience playing it with my beautiful friend, I love her so much. I think it is now one of my favorite Zelda games of all time, if not replacing Twilight Princess on my list as number one, but thats besides the point. Anyway, to tie my rambling up, I am so deep into Mchanzo that while I was playing BoTW, I couldn’t help but think about it. So with the help of @goddesofawesome, I have made a little AU, crossover kind of thing :) also if you don’t want any spoilers for BoTW, I’d suggest not reading any farther than this.

Basically, my idea for this (and I have art for it, just nothing super great yet) is that Hanzo and Genji are the two princes of Hyrule and sons of King Shojiro. Jesse Mccree is the chosen hero and Hylian champion, also the personal knight/bodygaurd of Prince Hanzo. Along with the different champions of the races of Hyrule, Mercy of the Zora, Reinhardt of the Gorons, Pharah of the Rito and Ana of the Gerudo, Hanzo and Jesse are tasked to find a way to defeat Calamity Ganon before he can attack Hyrule using the Divine Beasts and Guardians created by the Shambali (the Sheikah in this AU) 10,000 years ago.
Hanzo, being the Prince of Legend, has the power to seal Ganon away forever, so he studies everuthing he can about trying to unlock this power while visiting the Springs of Courage, Power and Wisdom. He feels like he is a failure because no matter what he does, he can’t unlock this power. Hanzo and Jesse have a relationship with one another, one that Shojiro disapproves of, but can do nothing about seeing as how Jesse is the Hylian champion and Hanzo is the Prince of Legend. He wants Jesse dead for touching his son, but can’t afford to sacrifice the one hope to save Hyrule before it is destroyed by Calamity Ganon. Instead, he takes it out on Hanzo, berating him and blaming his “unholy” connection with Jesse as the reason that he can’t summom his power to seal Ganon. Genji, to his dismay, is tasked with assisting the champion by studying and assisting the Shambali with the Guardians.
Everything goes to hell when Calamity Ganon strikes the Divine Beasts and their champions, killing all four of them and taking control over the Guardians and Divine Beasts. He then uses them to attack Hyrule Castle, killing Shojiro and siezing the castle from the Hyrulean Royal Family.
Jesse takes Genji and Hanzo and flees the castle, attempting to escort them to Hateno Village, where they can travel to Fort Akkala to try to make a stand against Ganon. On the way though, they are attacked by hundreds of Guardians. Jesse uses the Master Sword to protect Hanzo and Genji and slays most of the Guardians, but is mortally wounded during the fight. Hanzo, to save his beloved, finally is able to unlock his power and uses it to destroy the remaining Guardians, saving himself and Genji. It was too late for Jesse though, and he passes away in Hanzo’s arms. Hanzo tells Genji and Zenyatta, one of the Shambali, to take Jesse to the Shrine of Resurrection and seal him there to revive him. Genji offers to stay amd be sealed with him so he could guide Jesse when he finally wakes up.
Once Genji and Jesse are gone, Hanzo casts an enchantment so that Genji doesn’t remember him or the tragedy that ensued when he wakes up with Jesse. Then Hanzo takes the Master Sword back to its resting place in the Lost Woods, in front of the Great Deku Tree. There he decides that in order to give Jesse and Genji, as well as all of Hyrule a fighting chance, he will go to Hyrule Castle and temporarily seal Ganon away. Entrusting Zenyatta with Jesse’s trademark serape, to be given back to Jesse when he is ready, he travels back to Hyrule Castle and seals himself and Ganon away. Ganon uses the height of his power during blood moons to revive some of the Guardians and inhabit Hyrule with as many monsters as he can.
A hundred years pass, and finally Jesse is ready to be awakened. Using what little power he has, Hanzo wakes Jesse and Genji, both of whom have lost all of their memories of Hyrule, Hanzo and Ganon. He tells Jesse to use the Shambali slate to guide himself and Genji to wherever it is they need to go. Upon leaving the Shrine of Ressurection, Jesse and Genji meet an old man in a cloak who helps them recover runes for their slate, like magnesis and stasis. He also gives them both paragliders so they can leave the giant plateau that the Shrine is located.
After they complete a few tasks for him, he tells them of the past and what their objective is. He also apologizes to Jesse for being so cruel to him, and tells him that after 100 years, he realized that what he did to his son was wrong. After giving them his explanation and their paragliders he tells them that they need to free Hanzo from his prison in the castle. They leave the plateau and head for Kakariko village, the home of the Shambali. Once there, Zenyatta, the leader of the Shambali, tell them that the only way they can save Hanzo and Hyrule is the free the spirits of the champions and take back control of the Divine Beasts.
After freeing all the spirits, they set out to regain their memories, hoping that they will lead to the Master Sword. Hanzo’s spirit helps them along the way and slowly over time, they recover all of their memories, as well as the location of the Master Sword. With the power of the champions and the Master Sword, they storm the castle, killing all the Guardians on the way. After clearing the castle of all the Guardians and monsters, they make their way to the Sanctum where Hanzo and Ganon are.
They get there just as the last of Hanzo’s sealing powers wane and Ganon is unleashed. Genji gets locked out, leaving Jesse to fight 5 different forms of Ganon, Thunderblight Ganon, Waterblight Ganon, Fireblight Ganon, and Windblight Ganon. After defeating those forms, Ganon’s next form is that of a spider (which btw, is made of guardian legs and like ganon nasty, its awful and terrifying, I hate it so much) made of Guardian pieces.
After defeating that form, Hanzo transports Jesse outside of the castle into Hyrule Field where Ganon has taken his final form as a giant celestial boar and tells him that the beast before him is the last form of Ganon and thats its weak. Hanzo tells Jesse that he needs to weaken it more so Hanzo can seal it away forever, and gives Jesse the Light Bow and Light Arrows. Using his horse, Jessabelle, Jesse manages to weaken Ganon to the point where Hanzo can finally be freed and seal Ganon away forever. After Ganon is sealed away, Hanzo and Jesse travel across Hyrule with Genji to fix what damage Calamity Ganon caused. Eventually, Hanzo becomes King with Jesse ruling by his side, Genji decides that he doesn’t want to be the prince of Hyrule anymore and leaves to explore and adventure on his own.

Thats pretty much all i have for right now, but I am gonna write like an actual story for it, and I already have part of the first chapter written. I am not super great at writing so I’m sorry if its bad, and I’m sorry if you don’t like this AU, I just have a severe Zelda and Mchanzo addiction and this is the best way I can express it rn :)


Sitting here forever waiting for a haircut.
Thought I’d share one of my favorite things of all time on the Internet. It cheered me up as it always does.

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Why are you mutuals with some terrible people? E.g. abusers and empty shallow airheads, the type of people you used to rant about all of the time? Disappointed because you were one of my favorite blogs but now I have to unfollow.

What are you talking about who tf is an abuser? I’m not aware of any of my mutuals being abuser  and if i was I’d  block them….Idk you gotta stop taking tumblr seriously like I don’t  care about this site like I used to at all. 90 % of people on here is a shallow airhead  so fuck it man o_0  i’m just tryna reblog some photos and do my own thing. what’s the point in thinking about it any deeper this site aint worth it

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Nickname: Kaylee (Its what I go by in America since people can’t pronounce it)
Gender: female
Star sign: Libra
Height: 180 something cm
Time right now: 12:29 am
Last thing I googled: 12 pm
Favorite Band:  Gorillaz, Twenty One Pilots
Favorite Single Artist: Lin Manuel Miranda
Last Song stuck in my head: Saturnz Barz
Last movie I watched: I think Doctor Strange
Last TV show I watched: Samurai Jack
When I created my blog: Late last year I think
What do I post: Usually art, mostly fanart, mostly voltron fanart
Do you have any other blogs: yes, but I’d rather not say
Why did you choose your url: My sister is a banana and apparently pineapple in german is anana. Also I’m Korean.
Posts: 225
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
Pokémon team: Instict
Favorite color: Anything aesthetically pleasing
Average hours of sleep: 5-7
Lucky numbers: 7 and 13
Favorite characters: Too much man…to much…
What are you wearing right now: baggy magenta sweater and blue fuzzy pajama pants
Dream job: storyboard artist for an animated tv show and someday possible direct one myself
Dream trip: To the icecream store

I tag: anyone else who wants to do it! I want to get to know you guys better!!

My Aphrodite Origin Story

If you had told me this time last year that I was going to be working with Aphrodite I would have laughed. At the time I wasn’t sure deity was ever going to be a thing for me, beyond archetypal/story work, and, if we are being honest, I really didn’t like her. Eros and Psyche is one of my all-time favorite myths, as is Atalanta… and when that’s your jam Aphrodite kind of comes off as a possible Snow White queen archetype’s mythological origins. Which, I mean, that’s not wrong… it’s just not everything.

Fast forward to just starting Year and a Day Tarot (#yaadt) with Alie! This was the first really ritual based practice I had brought into my life since declaring myself “vaguely witchy maybe” last year. Alie’s ritual, inspired by The Craft, was really a perfect introduction back into a kind of living I hadn’t explored since I was a teen. It was kind of a Pandora’s Box full of spirituality, since we’re talking myths.

When we reached The Empress something curious happened: I went all out. I had my Marie Antoinette doll set up as my stand-in (space limitations have me using dolls and the like as a proxy) and I rounded up materials for the four suits that were “on brand” for that pinkish aesthetic. I even wore a heart festooned dress with pinks and golds. I just felt compelled, no other reason. Weirder still: my cat, who never showed an interest in my tarot work before, was watching the whole thing quite intently. Afterwards, the Empress really made herself available to me and it was one of the most powerful experiences from #yaadt to date. I have been wondering if this was actually “first contact”—I just wasn’t sure who I was talking to yet.

In February of this year I really devoted myself to “sorting out this Two of Cups bullshit”—my hang ups with love. I worked a LOT with Eros and Psyche as a narrative of the balance of love and trust, which probably opened the gateway a little bit more.

This month started with my going “I do want to give deity work a try” and really researching Sophia, thinking maybe I found a wisdom goddess I could get behind. Nope, nothing. I wasn’t frustrated, I just figured it wasn’t for me. Life resumed as normal for a little while.

Then, one morning, I was drawing my card of the day at my altar space. I was putting the card on its little stand and taking in my lovely space. All of a sudden there was a voice in my head:

You really like beautiful things, she said and I could feel her smirk. And I knew who she was– years of being a mythology buff probably helped. 

Later the same morning, I was putting away some books and there she was again, a little less distant and just as sassy about it: You really do love a good romance, don’t you? Shame there’s not a goddess for romance and beautiful things.

At this point I’m sort of taking in my whole room like I am seeing it for the first time. The Austen, the E. M. Forster, the actual trash romance novels (I’m looking at you, Sookie Stackhouse), my beautiful dolls, the dried flowers, and all the knickknacks. The little ways I am always trying to make things prettier. The birds, especially, I’ve got a lot of doves, swans, geese, and songbirds in my décor. And then there were the unicorns—they come from sea foam, darling, just like me.

Crap. I’ve been working with her for years and I just never noticed.

So, um, I’m working with Aphrodite now. This was why I was looking things up and found the goose/swan art trope. I have no idea what I am doing, only that I am apparently very much hers and I am much more okay with this than I would have speculated at an earlier point in time. 

When you realize it's been exactly 7 years since How To Train Your Dragon came out in theaters and you just feel a lot of things.

HTTYD will always be my favorite movie. Not just for the witty writing or the original storyline but for the animation and the all around likable characters as well as many other things it did so incredibly well.

I saw this film four different times in theaters and many more on DVD. Every time I rewatch it I fall more and more in love. It’s important to see something so brilliant come out of a children’s animation studio in the day and age when animation is being taken less seriously. These films have taken an approach to storytelling that is different. They are packed with heart and important lessons about family, loyalty and being true to who you really are inside.

It’s been 7 years since the film that completely changed my outlook on life and animation in general. I can’t wait for 3!

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1. Least favorite number, if you have one?

Oh. Mmh only a single number? That’d be 6. In german it sounds exactly like…another thing which makes me uncomfortable.

2. Favorite fandom of all time?

I think FF XV. You know, because of Noctis & Prompto. And Promptis of course. I love them so much

3. Do you watch Reality TV show at all? And things like cooking shows and game shows count.

I do watch them with my family sometimes! There’s this game show here, it’s real fun to watch. ^-^

4. Any favorite adult fiction book?

What what what? Does that mean…the thing? Umm, no no no, I can’t even watch people kissing in movies at the moment…

5. Any other hobbies that you love, and that you do a lot, that your followers might not know about?

I think I already mentioned quite a lot of them…:o

I tend to daydream a lot, is that a hobby? And I also love gardening. It always calms me.

6. Hamster or Guinea Pig?

I’ve never had a hamster or a guinea pig myself, but my sister used to have hamsters. I’d probably go for guinea pig because their lifespan is quite a bit longer…it always hits me really hard when a pet dies.

7. If you could see any color that humans can’t see (such as infra red or ultra violet), which would you want to view?

Mmh…good question. Ultra violet, I guess.

8. Shounen or Shoujo?


9. Would you choose a cat, owl, or toad to take to Hogwarts? Or none of the above?

Definitely a cat! I love cats <3

10. Would you rather live in Panem or Westeros, if you had to?

I haven’t watched Game of Thrones, but Panem is really cruel. So I’d go for Westeros???

11. Phantom of the Opera or Les Misérables?

Aaaah I haven’t watched either of them yet, so I can’t answer this question…I’m sorry ;____;

Wait now I have to come up with 11 questions myself. Oh no. Expect really stupid questions, I’m sorry ;_;

My questions: 

1. Do you believe in ghosts?

2. If you could choose to be either a mermaid/merman or a fairy, how would you decide?

3. Playstation or Xbox?

4. If you could change your name to whatever you’d like, what would it be?

5. Do you have a favourite song? If yes, which one is it?

6. Let’s say you got magical power, how would you use it?

7. Favourite flower?

8. Do you play an instrument? If you do, what is it?

9. Favourite season?

10. If you were able to let one single fictional character come to life, who would it be?

11. What’s most important in life?

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Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

My coach lives like a mile from campus, but we didn’t know exactly where. UNTIL she added me on Garmin Connect so we found out what block she lived on. So last night at like 10 PM, two of my friends and I bought beets (her favorite veggie) and brussels sprouts (her dog’s favorite veggie) and left them on her car.

This morning she came to practice and told us how the weirdest thing happened. She woke up early to do her run and saw all these vegetables just on her car. Naturally she assumed it was one of us, but we told her we didn’t rat out teammates.

So we’re doing a workout at the track and every time we finished a rep she would grill us about who left the beets on her car. At one point we were like “oh look at that our rest is up, need to go run.” And she HOPPED IN AND STARTED RUNNING WITH US IN HER JEANS AND FLATS. So 4 of us are being chased around the track by our coach yelling “WHO LEFT THE BEETS??!” And we’re all trying to run and as we’re hysterically laughing.

Last year someone left Valentine’s in the locker room and we never found out who it was. So we told her that if she told us the secret Valentine person we would tell her who left the beets. So in the end we told her the 3 people (including me) who did it and she started dancing around because she right off the bat had guessed that it was 2 of us. 

It was so funny and made our workout in the 75 degree weather that much more enjoyable. Get yourself a fun team like mine!

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Nickname: Ally (everyone calls me by my nickname lmao, i have different ones than this tho too)
Gender: female
Star Sign: gemini
Height: 5′5 (165cm)
Time right now: 10:33am
Last thing I googled: cost of tuition for SBCC (its for an assignment lmao)
Favorite Bands: ikon, bts, all the other things on my blog lmao
Favorite Solo Artists: hyuna, dean, cjamm, live, jay park, the list goes on tbh
Song stuck in your head: you were beautiful by day6
Last movie I watched: nocturnal animals (it was insane)
Last TV Show I watched: Real time with bill maher (its a political show)
When did you create your blog: oh god,,, like 2013
What kind of stuff do you post: kpop, khiphop, kdramas, kshows
When did your blog reach its peak: is there rlly even a peak
Do you have any other blogs: nope
Do you get asks regularly: lmao 
Why you chose your URL: yoongi is a bean and when this blog became kpop related he had mint hair so..
Following: 92 (i used to follow only like 30 blogs)
Posts: 86,503 (I MADE THIS BLOG IN 2013 OK)
Hogwarts House: hufflepuff
Pokémon Team: i was team instinct but i dont like poke GO 
Favorite colours: sunset orange, black
Average hours of sleep: 6-8 hrs
Lucky Numbers: 13
Favorite manga Characters: i dont rlly read manga but Ulquiorra from bleach is a fav right now for me
How many blankets do you sleep with: 2 or 3
Dream job: a nurse
Dream trip: japan and korea

Just got done seeing Power Rangers. It could have been a bit better, but it was still pretty good. Build up to them suiting up took them awhile but I really liked the movie was about the kids and building their bond rather than just giving them the suits and throwing them at Rita.

Some things I really liked. They switched the colors around so the black guy isn’t the black ranger and the Asian chick isn’t yellow. Billy is autistic and my favorite character and Trini is gay. Brian Cranston made a good Zordon, but I felt they could have given him more to do. Alpha looked weird but he was great in motion. Same for the armor.

And lastly, It’s Morphin’ Time, Go Go Power Rangers, Ay Yi Yi, and THE SONG were all used. Long story short, if you’ve ever liked Power Rangers, you’ll like the movie. Maybe even love it. If you’ve never seen it, you’ll still at least like it.

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how was it working in the mansion? that's one of the rides I've always wanted to work at. p.s you're super fucking hot.

It can be super stressful at times bc its essentially themed people herding in the dark, and often times there’s a lot of bad timing over guest-related happenings that can mess up the flow of things. That being said, I do enjoy it a lot from time to time, depending on the position I get and what guests are like. Since mansion in my all time favorite ride and I grew up as an hm snob, I do my best to deliver the kind of experence other hm fans would really dig


Hot dang…

An incredible orchestrated medley of Undertale songs that resurrected this blog from the dead.  Exquisite arrangement with beautiful playing.  Toby Fox himself tweeted about it on Twitter.  

0:04 - Determination (speech intro)
1:07 - Spear of Justice
2:47 - sans.
3:32 - Papyrus (Bonetrousle)
4:32 - Bergentrückung / Asgore
5:45 - Toriel (Heartache)
6:39 - Asgore (reprise)

I have no words to say except that I love pretty much everything about this, and I highly recommend you give this a try if you like good things.  It’s a little on the longer side.  It is well worth the length.

Also the second half of the song is quite possibly my favorite Undertale performance of all time.  It’s at least top five.

anyway my favorite thing about the trashladins is how absolutely perfect pidge got keith’s hair, she got the exact way that his bangs lay & she even got the little sprig of hair at the top of his head & she clearly spent a fair amount of time attaching multiple pieces of trash together to make it look just like his hair

but with lance she just

absolutely did not try at all, that’s not even kind of what his hair looks like, pidge what the whole hell