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Ahh, you saying the library house thing about the host makes me think of the Great Gatsby and now I can't help but think the host holds neighborhood get togethers for the rest of them, but never shows himself

And the host would have the money (like Gatsby had) from when he was the author

i actually really love this holy shit. great gatsby is one of my all time favorite books for some odd reason. but that would be really cool??? like he invites all the egos (jack’s included) and whoever else wants to come, but he’s nowhere to be seen at his parties? he just stays in his library during them 💛

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: "Baby Its Cold Outside" (long story)

What a lovely day in hospitality it has been.

This story begins the same as most of our favorite stories do. the dreaded and unrelenting 3rd party reservation. This guest in particular had been such a pleasure to speak with i decided to share the story with y'all. we had a hotwire guest in house who had complained about various small things throughout her 2 night stay but never accepted any solutions that we offered. today was her day to check out. Apparently the guest didn’t get the memo. they left for the day and left all their personal belongings in the room. At check out time (noon) my manager and housekeeping went up to the room, gathered up all their belongings, and put them in our locked meeting room. when i arrived for my 3-11 shift i was given all these details and told that they would need to leave as soon as they got all their belongings from the meeting room. Fast forward to 4:35 pm and this is what ensued.

I will refer to the guest as “sketchy sally” (SS) and the hotwire employee as the ‘weather man" (WM)

SS: our keys aren’t working i need a new one.

Me: Actually check-out was 4 1/2hrs ago, we have gathered all your belongings and put them in our meeting room. Here is a key to that meeting room. It is down the hall and on the right, also here is your receipt for the damages in the room which have been billed to the credit card you provided at check in for incidentals.

SS: naw we check out tomorrow!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

Me: no ma'am check out was today at noon.

SS:I made back to back reservations!!! SEEE?!?! (she showed me a hotwire reservation that confirmed she checks out today)

Me:(with a slight grin i tried my hardest to suppress) Yes. see here it says checking out on Wednesday the 21st.


Me:(an even bigger grin this time) Ma'am that is today.

SS: w-w-well… you cant just kick us out in the middle of the day! here ill just make another reservation on hotwire.

Me: and I will cancel that reservation. Due to the damage in the room you are no longer welcome to stay here. now please, you need to get your things and leave.

about this time the man whom i assume is the father of her ill behaved children came down from the floors wondering why she didn’t have a new room key yet. i re-explain everything to him and he loses. his. shit. starts yelling, cursing, and making threats of violence towards me and pacing in front of the desk. At this point i call the local PD and explain the situation. i have tried to de-escalate but it has failed. officer arrives within minutes. they change their story of course but ultimately the officer tells them they need to leave and escorts them off the property. no one threw ant punches so I’m happy. not 2 minutes after they pulled out of our parking lot the phone rings.

Me: hi my name is blah blah blah

WM: Hi this is “weather man” from Hotwire i am calling on behalf of our mutual customer sketchy sally.

Me: yes. I am familiar with her.

WM: our guest is saying you are not honoring they’re reservation.

Me: the guest was supposed to check out today at noon but didn’t, then they proceeded to threaten me with violence. also the room they stayed in for the last 2 day was damaged, and so they are no longer welcome to stay at this property.

WM: ok sir i hear what you are saying but our customer has children and no where to go, think of her children, it will be cold tonight.

Me: well she should have thought about that before she damaged a room and her husband threatened to beat me up. Also just so you are aware we are in the middle of the Sonoran desert and it is currently 118 degrees F, it will most likely still be over 100 degrees at midnight. - click

Edit: i was going to change it from “ant punches” to “any punches”, but after the mental image that conjures up, i think ill just leave it XD

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Truth or dare? Truth= tell us something embarrassing. Dare= give us the supervillain science minion hippo photo shoot we all know we need.

i can’t give you the photo shoot as a gimmick come on now

and my favorite stories are embarrassing ones so there’s that 

one time in college i was grocery shopping with my roommates and one of them asked me to go grab her an avocado and i defs didn’t know what an avocado looked like from the outside so I grabbed a super unrip mango instead. they have never let me live that one down.

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what are your favourite things about using FL Studio?

My favorite thing about using FL Studio is that it enables me to make music without needing precise fingers and muscle memory.  I was diagnosed with ideational dyspraxia when I was young, which is a developmental fine-motor issue which impairs muscle memory and precision in regards to repetitive fine-motor action, and this always made it very difficult for me to develop skill with physical instruments.  That didn’t really stop me, because I still collected them and played them all the time at home, but could never gain enough consistency in my playing to perform in a band or record anything.  Three years ago, when I was 19 years old, a friend of mine gave me a crack of FL Studio and I decided that I was going to get really good at it so that I could finally get all the melodies swimming around in my head out into the world, and I fell in love with it.

I still love physical instruments a lot, and I play piano whenever I get the chance, but odds are you’ll never see me playing one live.

Not Another...

Sims Tag!

I was tagged by @neutralsupply, @simsomedia

1. What’s your favorite sims death? The fly one in sims 2 – mostly because I completely did not expect all those flies to rise up and kill me.

2. Alpha CC or Maxis Match? I am mostly alpha. I still like a lot of the clay male hairs and I try to have everything in my lots/clothes have simlish or no words at all. I have so much cc that I need to recolor T-T

3. Do you cheat when your sims gain weight? No, because I micromanage my sims into having routines when I play.

4. Do you use move objects? Only EVERY TIME I’M IN BUILD MODE.

5. Favorite mod? MC Command Center, Pose player, Wicked Whims :X

6. First expansion/game/stuff pack you got? I bought the Sims 3 bundle with Late Night and some other thing I can’t remember. It’s been a while

7. Do you pronounce “live mode” like aLIVE or LIVing? LIVE. As in:

8. Who’s your favorite sim that you’ve made? Allison Katz or Sophia Castellanos. I don’t mess with offspring faces.

9. Have you made a simself? Yes, she rarely pops up around my game so it’s a treat to see her. HEY THAT’S ME! GET OUT OF THE SHOT, ME!

10. What sim traits do you give yourself? I think I gave myself hot-headed, geeky, and clumsy.

11. Which is your favorite EA hair color? Black or Dark Brown

12. Favorite EA hair? Short, spiky cuts.

13. Favorite life stage? Young Adult, I guess. Full options, none of the slight wrinkles.

14. Are you a builder or are you in it for the gameplay? I do all of it at some point. Right now, I’m in story-mode.

15. Are you a CC creator? Not a very good one. Most of the nice stuff I have for download are conversions.

16. Do you have any simblr friends/a sim squad? I don’t know what a simssquad is but it sounds funny. Friends, I have some of those, yes.

17. What’s your favorite game? (1, 2, 3, or 4) 4 doesn’t take me hours to load and hasn’t eaten my computer yet, so Imma go with 4.

18. Do you have any sims merch? Aside from the games, no.

19. Do you have a YouTube for sims? Nope. That’d be the most boring youtube channel ever.

20. How has your “sim style” changed throughout your years of playing? I’m more family-oriented and have started playing through generations instead of just one sim. I also take waaaaay more screenshots because of tumblr.

21. What’s your Origin ID? sorrys0rrysorry

22. Who’s your favorite CC creator? Depends on what I’m looking for – Furniture: @mxims, @sanoysims, @daer0n, simcredible; Clothes: @sims4-marigold, @ooobsooo; Misc items/clutter; @aroundthesims, @budgie2budgie, @brittpinkiesims; Poses: @beverlyallitsims, @dearkims, @eslanes, @something-wicked-sims, @qvoix; Makeup: @pralinesims; Hair: Nightcrawler, Anto; Overlays: MsBlue; Eyes: @alf-si

23. How long have you had a simblr? Almost two years now!

24. How do you edit your pictures? I’m usually pretty lazy with editing my pictures. I use one of three shadow/highlights settings that I’ve saved, run it through topaz clarity/detail depending on how I’m feeling and then put on a analog filter preset that I’ve saved in Nik Collection for posts. It takes me a couple of minutes. On single photos, I’m usually experimenting with stuff. Sometimes I even find something that I save to keep using!

25. What expansion/game/stuff pack do you want next? S E A S O N S. SEASONSSEASONSSEASONS.

25. What expansion/game/stuff pack is your favorite so far? Get Together/City Living

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A- age: 19

B- birthplace: USA

C- current time: 8:37 pm

D- last thing you drank: pink lemonade!

E- easiest person to talk to: the ol’ BFF

F- favorite song:  haaaaaa it changes all the fucking time. rn, ‘rowboats,’ by Regina Spektor. 'viva la vida’ by coldplay has also been a fave since i was like fifteen. also 'press your number’ and 'drip drop’ by taemin is something ive been watching on repeat. OTL

G- grossest memory: oof uhhhh well one time a few years ago, a mouse got into our house. it was chaos. my mom and i got up on the table and were screaming bec my dog was chasing it all over and kept making it run into things, my mom’s leg included. doggo ran it into a corner and sort of pinned it to the wall with his paws. being the overfriendly, curious, unintentionally-destructive doof he is, he started fucking licking the mouse. like grooming the poor thing. we managed to get it away from him and safely into a box, and for maybe five minutes, everything was back to normal. until we found the bloody remnants of it’s tail on the floor.

yeahhhhh, that’s the first gross thing that comes to mind.

H- horror yes or no?: hell yeah!!! but with a cuddle buddy pls.

I- in love? a resounding nope

J- jealous of people? sometimes! I really try not to be, it makes me feel bad. 

K- killed someone? not yet. :)

L- love at first sight or should I walk past again? keep walking

M- middle name: jay

N- number of siblings: 3

O- one wish? enough money to live comfortably and tip waiters extra on the regular would be great

P- person you last called? a guy working at a restaurant that i made dinner reservations for

Q- question you’re always asked: (person looks over my shoulder as im drawing) “did you draw that?” no, i just have a pen poised over this half-finished drawing that someone left here, and am very concentrated on it.

R- reason to smile: my dog, the sandwiches they sell at the coffee shop down the road, and Sousuke Yamazaki

S- song you last sang: 'Waving through the window’ from the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack :’>

T- time you woke up: 6:30 am, which is weird cause i stayed up REALLY late and it’s my day off

U- underwear color: dark red

V- vacation: venice in winter is the best place in the entire world to be. also disneyland

W- worst habit: Mr. Procrastination visits me much too often tyvm

X- x-rays: ??? is this asking my opinion of them? have i ever gotten one? ill answer both - im glad they’re around and probably at some point

Y- your favourite food: there is a place. a place in the belly of the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, that sells the best damn banana gelato in the universe. so good that even if there’s eight feet of snow outside, you get yourself a cup. that banana gelato surpasses all concern of temperature

Z- zodiac sign: Libra

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I'm in love w/ ur art style, teach me how to nose properly ples

Aww that’s very sweet! Nice icon btw!

Well, when I draw a nose, I take time deciding how it’ll look like. Noses are my favorite thing to draw when designing a character! 

It depends on the character’s personality. If someone is snooby, they might look all high and mighty and have a nose like this. 

The nose is a lot more pointy and in the air?? If that makes sense lmao. 

Or this guy right here is a lot grumpy looking. So I think a bigger, hooked nose suits him better. 

I don’t know, you just gotta play around with noses and see what suits your character! Have some variety! That’s what makes a character fun. 

About me

I was tagged by the awesome @msrafterdark
So here are a few things about me:

Rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to know better!
A - age: 34
B - birthplace: somewhere near Paris, France
C - current time: 8.01AM
D - drink you last had: coffee
E - easiest person to talk to: my best friend
F - favorite song: I have like a million favorites… this morning it would be Here comes the sun by The Beatles 
G - grossest memory: walking into my daughter’s room to wake her up, and my feet going “splash splash” on something wet. She had been sick and had thrown up all around her bed. And didn’t even wake up… 
I - in love?: Yes! Definitely!
J - jealous of people?: aren’t we all?
K - killed someone?: No never 
L - love at first sight or should I walk by again: love at first sight, no. Lust at first sight, yes. 
M - middle name: Jeanne
N - number of siblings: 1
O - one wish: I wish I could eat whatever I want and never gain a single pound. 
P - person you called last: a coworker 
Q - question you’re always asked: “no, really, are your eyes blue or green? I can’t tell!!“
R - reason to smile: my daughter 
S - song you sang last: “Coco Câline” by Julien Doré 
U - underwear color: pink
V - vacation: my last destination was Athens but that was a school trip (so needless to say it wasn’t that relaxing). Next destination is a week by the ocean. Very simple and extremely relaxing
X - x-rays: too many! I suffer from very flexible joints and sprained every finger, wrist, knee, ankle… 
Y - your favourite food: I’m French, so I’ll say it’s foie gras 😉
Z - zodiac sign: Capricorn (remember! I’m a January girl!)


I’m tagging @therobbinsnest @sunshinetoday @becksndot5 @sunflowerseedsandscience @storybycorey @conversationinthehallway @urflirtytoday2012 @jeannem32 @alldolleduppink @chileananderson @contrivedcoincidences6 @puzzlingpeaceamd anyone who wants to play, really…

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6, 22, 30

are you religious/spiritual?

not necessarily, i’m more agnostic. i mean i kinda feel like there’s some sort of higher beings out there but idk????? i don’t wanna follow a specific religion tho

list the top five things you spend the most time doing, in order.

  1. loving my girlfriend i do this all day every day duh
  2. dissociating - i also do this constantly but it’s usually at a tolerable level so
  3. sitting at my desk, on the computer - i spend a pretty equal amount of time just hanging out online, drawing, and working on music-related stuff so
  4. interacting with my cats in some way shape or form
  5. laying down and spacing out

pick one of your favorite quotes.

“if you feel lonely, watch a horror movie with the lights out. you won’t feel so alone anymore” or however that one was worded

my favorite thing each doctor (eighth on) has Actually Done In The Show

eight: within literally twelve hours of coming into existence, breaks into someone’s car and Literally Pulls A Medical Probe Out Of His Chest

war: insults and deeply offends himself nine times over the course of one (1) episode

nine: switches out a guy’s gun with a banana and looks Extremely Pleased With Himself immediately after

ten: that time he got onto a sontaran ship and the sontarans were all “AN INTRUDER! HOW DID HE GET IN?!” and he just said “in-tru-da window”

eleven: manages to get himself, himself, and himself stuck in a cell with a wooden door and came up with multiple convoluted plans to get out only to have clara burst through the door, revealing that it was never really locked and he and his two previous selves could have just walked out at any time

twelve: nyoom

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T and U plz

T: Any fandom tropes you can’t stand?

Not really. The only thing I CAN’T stand is when things are rushed. Like I need progression and character development first

U: Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much.

Oooh okay uhm-

@beccaanne814-blog Becca puts so much thought, time into her fic and honestly, I love everything she puts out. Her Masterlistis something I go to when I need something to read. He Cowboy AU has me waiting for Tuesday’s like i need it to live

@buckyywiththegoodhair wrote one of my all time favorite fics.  A Lesson in Love is one of the best things I have read in a long time. Has all my favorite things. Character development, realistic plot twists, some unseen plot twists and an over all great thing that I love.

@iwillbeinmynest My fave. Need I say more lol. Kate is one of the most hardworking people I have known, and I often want her help doing things because i am a child who cant do anything on her own. Her Masterlist is a mile long and full of A++ content

FanFic Ask Game

My camper came into the dealer last Wednesday. After a week of dealer prep, it’ll be ready for me. I pick it up the 28th.

Why does dealer prep take a week? ‘You have to understand, we’re right in the middle of our summer busy season. We’re swamped!’

Well, shit, Kevin. If I’d known I’d be bothering you in the busy season, I wouldn’t have waited until December to place the order.

Anyway. Griping aside, I’m sorting gear, getting ready to roll, finding things need fixed (REALLY should have washed the butter keeper before it got stored…). There’s a pile of gear ready to go in my living room. And because I have a very observant dog, next to it is a pile of her favorite toys. All her idea.

Time to get moving. Reckon I’ll prep through the Fourth, then hit the road once all the yahoos have headed back to their cities and towns.

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A situation where James s/o snuck out, only to start thinking of nice things they did together even though he kidnapped them and returning with a gift basket full of stuff they know he likes and an apology? Sorry this my first time sending an ask. I really really like your blog

I’m glad you like my blog!

S/O couldn’t take it anymore more. His quiet laugh whenever they made a funny joke, his gentle smile when they obsessed over their favorite shows, his warm embrace, all of those promises. They missed it all. Sure he kidnapped them,,,but compared to how it all could’ve gone it wasn’t too bad. Would he even let me come back? There was only one way to find out. S/O knocked on the door to see James grunt and stare them down. “H-hey…..I’m sorry about trying to leave I…I r-realized I would m-m-miss here!” S/O stammered, shoving the basket to him. James took a look inside and in an instant his frown became a smile. “Maple it’s fine….I love you too” he muttered, looking at all the things they bought him. “I’m sorry James” they whispered as they went inside. “Apology accepted” he replied, putting the gift basket down and hugging them tightly. S/O sighed. Maybe it’s not so bad here after all…


Sara Lance taking over typical heterosexual endings (1x08/2x12)