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NCT as 2017 Hogwarts freshmen✨


The rise of my girl Lucille, not in particular order (kind of goes right to left). Lucille in the hospital, Lucille on her own, on the road, finding the leather jacket, then finding the baseball bat. Eventually becoming leader of the Saviors and Rick’s mortal enemy~ 


im broke and im sad so i made this 

  • currently cannot buy BTS BON VOYAGE Season 2 
  • isn’t registered as an offical ARMY
  • can’t buy merch
    -saves enough money to buy merch (cue tears of joy)
    -gets bitchsmacked by shipping costs (cue tears of sadness)
  • can’t buy concert tickets or plane tickets
  • *is in europe*
  • the only way to support is by voting and sharing things on twitter
  • w e e p i n g
  • jealousy over other ARMYs BTS collections (i will admit to that)
  • doesn’t understand korean but smiles when the boys laugh (because i care very much about their happiness and health)
  • eng subs are my favorite thing
  • quietly awaiting for someone to upload and share BTS BON VOYAGE Season 2 on some other platform
  • *prints out picture of BTS* ”this is the closest i’ll ever get to them”
  • remembering that BTS is grateful for all of their fans including international  ARMYs and that they’re thankful and you feel much love and appreciation :’)
  • *is still broke but rich in love and support for BTS*
'RuPaul's Drag Race' Winner Fights Conservative Power: 'Drag Is a Form of Activism'
Sasha Velour tells EW ‘freeing’ art form will combat ‘cultures of fear and hate’

Condragulations, Sasha Velour!

Some of my favorite bits:

-  “Everyone in the top four is worthy of the [title] and deserves it [but] in the end, the job of a drag superstar is to take an audience and lead them on a fantasy that makes people feel inspired, strong, and proud…”

-  “Clearly, I love queer history, learning, thinking about things really hard, and having these discussions about them… I hope that’s my legacy: this serious person with a tough veneer is about all these things, about what queer culture has been and should be, because we need that in order to combat from this political era. We need a historical, political kind of drag.”

-  “…It was bittersweet… when I was going out to perform against Peppermint, Shea said, “Go win this for us, for our team.”

- “ Conservatism is all about surfaces and labels and presentation, and drag says, no, we refuse to follow any rules about that.”

yakoucchu  asked:

It seems you like it, and I like it too :) I send Howl's Moving Castle for the Fandom thing!

  • Favorite Male Character = CALCIFER (jk it’s Howl)
  • Least Favorite Character = Madam Sullivan. She’s a stone cold boss and I love it but she’s all too ok with helping with a war that endangers the people of her kingdom. Politicians, eh?
  • Favorite Ship = SOPHIE AND HOWL MY B O I 
  • Favorite Friendship = Tie between Sophie and Calcifer and Sophie and Markl. They’re both darling and dear friendships that deserve more attention.
  • Favorite Quote: Can anything Sophie says ever be a quote? She’s seriously so fuckin sassy and incredibly quotable. Fuckin. “So just find a field and stand in it?” Bruh. That little monologue she goes on about how good Howl is? B r u h. And Howl, when Sophie bangs into that belltower while they’re escaping and he just says “Wow, you’re good.” And don’t get me sTARTED on Calcifer. This movie’s writing is impeccable
  • Worst Character Death (if any) = NO ONE DIES at least in the ghibli version.
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment = Sophie being a boss ass bitch in charge in the last third of the movie tbh.
  • Saddest Moment = For some reason, the scene with Howl eating Calcifer and losing his heart as a child and Sophie watching it. It always makes me feel… empty. Is that weird? It’s weird. Sophie having that “dream” of talking to a nearly too far gone Howl tugs at me too.
  • Favorite Location = That fuckin… fairytale land that is Howl’s private study area. The flowers and the water and the fog and the cl o u d s breathtaking i die every time.

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what are your favourite things about using FL Studio?

My favorite thing about using FL Studio is that it enables me to make music without needing precise fingers and muscle memory.  I was diagnosed with ideational dyspraxia when I was young, which is a developmental fine-motor issue which impairs muscle memory and precision in regards to repetitive fine-motor action, and this always made it very difficult for me to develop skill with physical instruments.  That didn’t really stop me, because I still collected them and played them all the time at home, but could never gain enough consistency in my playing to perform in a band or record anything.  Three years ago, when I was 19 years old, a friend of mine gave me a crack of FL Studio and I decided that I was going to get really good at it so that I could finally get all the melodies swimming around in my head out into the world, and I fell in love with it.

I still love physical instruments a lot, and I play piano whenever I get the chance, but odds are you’ll never see me playing one live.

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literally every single album by gregory and the hawk is so perfect like. leche is a MASTERPIECE but nobody ever talks about come, now or in your dreams and they're both such good albums. boats and birds is an amazing song don't get me wrong but wild west and the bolder thing to do are two of the most beautiful pieces of music i've ever heard and they deserve more recognition

LECHE IS SO GOOD!! and in your dreams is too…geez the bolder thing to do is one of my favorite songs ever i think, i completely agree w/ you on all of that. boats & birds is a REAL GOOD album but i feel like the only song ppl focus on is boats and birds & i wish gregory and the hawk would get more recognition for her music

meredith godreau saved my entire life tf

After long not-drawing-anything time, I finally had free time and was eager to draw something. First thing that came to my mind was “something pretty”.

Well that is what pretty thing to me is…. My favorite FF7 character!

I like when he just became an adult with long fringe hair and all which make him still look like a teenage boy a little bit.

i’m gonna be real, all those years i spent being NOT in love were chill and good for me i think, but being in love is so great….. i am admittedly often self-centered, and almost all of my favorite things are solitary activities, so i always thought i was one of those people who was designed specifically to be alone. i had fully resigned myself to that fate. but it is SO cool to have someone in my life to love & be loved in return. and now i realize more than ever that love is NOT a scam, NOT a fiction, but a real and detectable thing. almost concrete. nothing that you can go out an manufacture, but just an organic thing that grows and takes shape and blooms. i’m very thankful to be experiencing love, and i know love is real, and it is out there waiting for everyone!

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T and U plz

T: Any fandom tropes you can’t stand?

Not really. The only thing I CAN’T stand is when things are rushed. Like I need progression and character development first

U: Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much.

Oooh okay uhm-

@beccaanne814-blog Becca puts so much thought, time into her fic and honestly, I love everything she puts out. Her Masterlistis something I go to when I need something to read. He Cowboy AU has me waiting for Tuesday’s like i need it to live

@buckyywiththegoodhair wrote one of my all time favorite fics.  A Lesson in Love is one of the best things I have read in a long time. Has all my favorite things. Character development, realistic plot twists, some unseen plot twists and an over all great thing that I love.

@iwillbeinmynest My fave. Need I say more lol. Kate is one of the most hardworking people I have known, and I often want her help doing things because i am a child who cant do anything on her own. Her Masterlist is a mile long and full of A++ content

FanFic Ask Game


Me: *watching How to Train Your Dragon* Doesn’t Toothless look kind of like Deku’s mask?

Me: … know what, he kinda does…. 



Sara Lance taking over typical heterosexual endings (1x08/2x12)

69/100 pictures of the BAEne of my existence, christopher robert evans.


My favorite thing is when an idol’s face shows up on the screen and the fans begin screeching, but the idol doesn’t know why they’re screaming all of a sudden, but then they go to look at the big screen and see their face and find out they’re the reason for the cheers and then they get all shy and don’t know what to do and-

omg just idols being loved and them being surprised/baffled at the amout of love shown towards them