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The dark side of a Force Bond

“I’m being torn apart.”

“I wanna be free of this pain.”

“I’m dying, Rey. All my family belongings will be passed to you.”

“You take a bowcaster shot and walks it off…”

*incoherent grumbles*

“Only to be taken down by menstrual cramps?”


the calendar // panic! at the disco

If I were an award-giving body but thank goodness I’m not

1. Best Intro Scene / Opening Credits Award
2. Most Realistic Medical Drama in K-Drama History—Squirting Blood And All Award
3. Best Open-Mouthed Kiss With Epic Background Music Award
4. Most Daring Move Award: Kiss In The First Episode – Kang Dong-Joo + Yoon Seo Jung In The Supplies Room
5. Most Daring Line In Any Drama Award: “I Like you, sunbae. I want to sleep with you.”
6. Most Fast-Paced Drama Every Damn Episode Is Worth It Award
7. Best Wrapped – Up Ending in K-Drama Award
8. Best Squad Walk Scene Award

1. Favorite Fusion Saguek – Fantasy Drama of 2016 Award
2. Freaking Tearjerker Drama of the Year Award
3. Drama With The Most Subbed Versions In K-Drama History Award
4. Best Fandom Award
5. Drama With The Most Close-Up Views Award
6. Drama With The Most Ridiculously Obvious Editing Mistakes But Who Cares Award
7. Drama With The Best Couple “Spot” Award
8. Best Soundtrack Including The Instrumentals Award

GOBLIN Awards:
1. Drama With The Most Slo-Mo Scenes Ever Award
2. Snail Turtle Sloth Award: Story Development
3. Drama With The Most Cars Destroyed Award
4. Unique Plot Awards
5. Breathtaking Cinematography Award

1. Drama With The Most Disasters Award
2. Best Unplanned Confession Award
3. Most Military Equipment Being Abused Award

1. Drama With The Most Beautiful Youth Cast Award
2. Best Shower Scene Award (4-in-1)
3. Most Beautiful King of Fusion Saguek Award: Sam Maek Jong
4. Most DIVIDED Fandom Award
5. Most ‘Eye-candy’ Cast In A Fusion Saguek Drama Award
6. Multi-talented Female Character Award: Kim Ah Ro
7. Fast-Learner Male Character Award: Dog Bird/ Sun Woo
8. Youngest Old Person Character Award: Pa Oh, The Forever 22
9. Best OTP Of The Year Award: Sae Ro (Gae Sae and Ah Ro)
10. Most Kissy Male Lead Ever And We Love It Award: Dog Bird

1. Best Second Male Lead Scene Stealer Award
2. Creepiest Male Lead But He Is Hot AF Award

1. Most Creative Kiss Award: Kissing Off Froth From SO Lips
2. Longest Kiss In Front Of People In A Party Award: 40 Seconds

Special Awards:

“Adorable Crybaby Of The Year Award:”
Hwarang: The Beginning (Ah Ro/Go Ara)
Another Miss Oh (Oh Hae-Young/Seo Hyun-Jin)

“Most Lovable Villains:”
Joseon Gunman (Choi Won-shin/ Yu Oh-Seong)
The K2 (Choi Yoo Jin/Song Yoon Ah)
Scholar Who Walks The Night (Gwi/Lee Soo-Hyuk)

“Best Office Setting:”
She Was Pretty (THE MOST Magazine)
The Witch’s Romance (THE TROUBLEMAKER Magazine)

“Most Demented Mothers in K-Drama:”
Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (Empress Yoo/Park Ji-Young)
Hwarang: The Beginning (Kim Ji-soo/Queen Jiso)
Uncontrollably Fond (Shin Young-ok/Jin Kyung)

“He Is Everywhere Award:”
Sung Dong-il
(Hwarang: The Beginning)
(Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
(Legend of the Blue Sea)
(The K2) cameo
(Dear My Friends)
(Reply 1988)
(Pied Piper) cameo

This is my trick for remembering trigonometric values. Forget memorizing those little charts or triangles, this is so much easier. 

I learnt this in 10th grade from my favorite teacher (who wasn’t actually my maths teacher at the time) and I still used it for the rest of High School and will probably continue to use it in University.

So what do you do? You draw the chart in the picture. That one. 

OK, but how do you read it? Like a table. (If you’re unfamiliar with radians, do not worry. It also works in degrees, just write: 0, 30, 45, 60, 90 instead.)

For example, if you want to find the sin(pi/2), you simply start at sin(x) and then move over until you’re at pi/2 (or 90 degrees). It says sqrt(4). Now you put that over 2, and you have it. Sin(pi/2) = (sqrt(4))/2, also known as 2/2, or 1. 

If you want to find the cos(pi/4), you do the same thing: start at cos(x), move until (pi/4). It says sqrt(2), now put that over 2, and you have cos(pi/4) = sqrt(2)/2.

For tan(x), just take the sin(x) value and divide it by the cos(x) value!

So tan(pi/6) = sqrt(1) / sqrt(3) = 1/sqrt(3).

I find this so easy to remember because the first line starts at zero and increases, and the second line starts at 4 and decreases. It works for any values (yes, even ones above pi/2!) and it’s so simple. I encourage you to start by writing it out on every paper, when you’re studying, and on your exams. 

Flitwick is adorable! Seriously… he gave a box full of sugar mice to Harry for standing up to Umbridge!!! How cute is that? Also, throughout the series it is frequently mentioned how chill he is; leaving his students talk while practicing charms and how the only kind of detention he ever gives is lines… Flitwick would certainly be one of my favorite teachers!

You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.
Tell me about your despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
Meanwhile the world goes on.
Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain
are moving across the landscapes,
over the prairies and the deep trees,
the mountains and the rivers.
Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air, are heading home again.
Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting –
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.
—  “Wild Geese”
by Mary Oliver

Did I ever tell you guys about how a kid in my class asked my chemistry teacher what’s his stance on gay marriage and he responded with “why don’t you ask my boyfriend” in the sassiest tone bc it was pretty much the best thing ever

Teacher: Ok, we are going to be learning about the hydrocycle today, please write down the information im telling you on a document.
Teacher: *explains what the hydrocycle is*
Teacher: Some places this can happen is lakes, rivers, oceans, ponds-
Me: *yawns*
Teacher: Creeks

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How I Met My Favorite Teacher:
  • Teacher: What are you reading on your phone, young lady?!
  • Me: Fanfiction.
  • Teacher: …what kind?
  • Me: Harry Potter.
  • Teacher: really? I prefer Lord of the Rings, but I sometimes read Harry Potter. *excited expression*
  • Me: No way, who do you ship?
  • Teacher: Drarry
  • Me: Holy…mother of…AHHHH *Starts fangirling loudly*
  • Teacher: *fangirls also*
You need to see the world someday. And I’m not saying it needs to be now; it needs to be when you’re mature enough to know what’s right or wrong and young enough to not be tied down by a job or marriage.
Book a plane. Don’t spend a week before checking the hotels in the area or whatever, just go. Live. See the world. Breathe. Because you need to experience that at least once in your life.
—  Advice from my English teacher.

most of my favorite teachers/lecturers ever have been geminis. they open the lecture with a laugh, communicate clearly, make friends with students, and teach using insightful anecdotes. geminis don’t do, they teach 

SNK Fic Rec (yes finally!)

Okay so I promised the cutie @ship-on-ice​ that I’ll do a rec on SNK fics, so here it is ! I didn’t discover hidden treasures but still ;)


  • Not The Monster You Wished For -  JustAWritist : I didn’t I had a thing for disabled!Eren but here it is ! The treatment of PTSD and disability were so on point, I’m impressed. If you manage to forget about the incoherency of Eren’s age, it’s all good (we only learn about it near the end anyway) ! Also the build is so slow it killed me ? Like agh just kiss already you morons omg.
  • I Heard You Talking - screwtodayimsleeping : Omg this one is one of my favorite ! English Teacher!Eren, History teacher!Levi, nurse!Petra and the whole 104th class forming couples ? A receipt for success. Seriously, go read it !
  • Freedom of the Press - kylar : THIS FIC ! This fic, omg, this one got me on the Ereri train for real. One of the first I read, Modern day AU, soccer player!Levi and photographer!Eren. I wished it never stopped so I could go on reading forever. I’ve read more stuff from this author and wow, is it possible to be this talented ? (The fact that they also write Haikyuu stuff literally killed me). Let’s forget that the USA managed to pass the pools at the World Cup by beating Uruguay and everything is perfect haha (I mean come on, Uruguay is 9th and the USA 28th, this is past UNBELIEVABLE - yes I’m a soccer nerd).
  • That Photocopy Freak - EvangelineSinclair : This one is just fluff and really funny. Hanji and Isabel teasing Levi must be one of my favorite thing.
  • Après Toi - synergic : Okay here is the heavy angst. And when I say heavy it’s self-harm and suicidal heavy. I cried reading it but happy ending though.
  • Aren’t those wedding flowers ? - milleandra : Neighbours Eren and Levi, Flowershop. This one is really short but SO MUCH FLUFF. It’s impossible to stop smiling after reading it.
  • If The Rain Stops - kipnotize : Policeman!Levi, Flower!Eren. This fic is angsty but it’s light and hapy ending ! This may sound weird, but I loved  the fact that it rains so much in the fic. It as one of the first Ereri fic I read, and if you’re missing out if you don’t read it ;)
  • Prayer - ChildishSadism : This fic is in fairytale style, Eren being the sun child and Levi the moon child. I really loved it, also the writing style is awesome. Just click and read it, you won’t regret it
  • Junkyard Dogs - acidtowns : This one is Prison!AU, and the one I’m most reserved about. The angst is heavy and good, and the plot twist is awesome. But the ending is open and if there’s something that I don’t like much, it’s open ending. Not everybody’s like me though, so you should give it a try!
  • Fuck: My Life - mongoose_bite : Okay this isn’t strictly Ereri, but Erureri. Porn actors Levi, Eren and Erwin. Also the most ethical porn I’ve ever seen/read. 182k words of awesomeness, go read it if it’s not already done !
  •  Art Of War - catsonfire : 52k words and it’s just fluff ! I think I died reading that fic, and just thinking about it, my soul departed to heaven - bye and don’t forget to read it
  • Color Me Dawn - orphan_account : Levi wering eyeliner and working in a flowershop (yes I have a thing with flowershop) and football player!Eren. This is also insane fluff so read it and join me in the Ereri fluff paradise.
  • Click on my Heart - CocoaChoux : The first genderfluid character fic I read and I’M GLAD I DID ! Eren is so cute, Mikasa too, and her and Levi are like family goals. Also Gamer!Levvi really got me to play video games again. This is all fluff and really well written, full of respect and acceptance, if only humanity was like this.

Okay so this is the end. I wanted to do an Eruri rec too but this one is already too long and I have more Eruri fic to rec. Anyway, there’s some well-known fic on this and some not so well known. Hope you like everything (and @ship-on-ice, once your exams are done, you can start reading ;) ).