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Um...I am currently in this complicated relationship and he wants to keep it that way.I don't I have tried to talk to him.One of my favorite teachers found out and he also has that teacher. The teacher has been talking to both of us...He says he "ships it u.p.s."WHAT TO DO ZOO??? Also I REALLY LIKE HIM.I have tried to get over him but feelings grew stronger. DOESN'T HELP THAT MY FRIENDS HAVE NOW BECOME FRIENDS WITH HIM THANKS TO MEE!also now my whole technology class knows...o0pssY.

be honest with him. tell him what you want and if he cant offer that to you… there will be plenty of other guys that will 

I want Hugo to fight me,,,,,,, gently,,,,, with cuddles,,,,,,


dream daddy: a dad dating simulator aesthetics

hugo vega + orange

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Sanders Sides as Things my APLang Teacher has Said

Patton: The other day I asked my boyfriend what he likes about me and he said he likes how much I love our dogs, even if it’s annoying

Roman: [In reference to reading The Crucible aloud in class] I’ll be reading for 5 of the roles in this act, not because y’all suck at reading, but because I’m a better actor than all of you :)

Logan: There’s about a 90% chance that I’m done with all of you right now. The other 10% is amusement at the fact that we’re only 3 weeks in and I’ve already had an ‘I’m done with you’ moment

Virgil: Can we not talk about death while I’m having an existential crisis? I don't need that in my brain when I’m already thinking about how all of us are just meaningless particles floating in space

things my teacher has said: voltron edition

lance: all you can hear are papers, and the sound of me JUDGING!

keith: i was on the bouncy house, fighting back tears.

shiro: behind this smile, is the real fear of death and morality.

pidge: we’re gonna take your lack of knowledge, and smack it.

hunk: yeah, eat my darn bread! eat it!

allura: for some reason in school, they’re weird about things that are the same shape as guns.

coran: you know the rules: please don’t fall asleep. if you fall asleep you will be punished.

The Signs as People I’ve Known

Aries: She was the epitome of a free spirit. Her blunt and aggressive personality wore on me at times, but she was a genuine person who struggled in her mind more than she let show. She could kick anyone’s ass, and she knew it.

Taurus: The first guy I hooked up with in college that was actually good. Short with broad shoulders, he was intimidating in public, but a vulnerable romantic in private. He was hard to connect with, but he continued to pop up here and there. I think he’s a newscaster now.

Gemini: My favorite teacher of all time. Junior English and Journalism, which I had back to back. She taught me the importance of writing through the blocks. We’re now good friends years later. She told me I changed her life as a student. She inspires me to this day.

Cancer: She’s obsessed with history, the moon, and nature. I met her on the first day of high school and we’ve been friends ever since. A Leslie Knope type. I consider her my family. A giant nerd with a lot of love to give. Crazy hair and wears her heart on her sleeve. She likes to dance on the roof with her cat.

Leo: He married one of my best friends, a redneck with a giant heart. He’s a ‘straight’ white male redneck from Virginia who loves drag race, admits everyone’s a little gay, and would literally do anything for his wife. He can fix anything, or will drive everyone crazy trying. One of the shyest guys I know at first.

Virgo: My momma. I’m biased, but everyone agree she’s probably the most selfless hard working person I know. Shes prone to disappear without warning, but she deserves it after spending every day helping people. She’d be happy living in a shack in the mountains as long as she could see her loved ones.

Libra: My first best friend, we spent every weekend together playing pretend and video games. He encouraged me to be myself and to do what I love. He was always taller than me, and had a new girlfriend every few months.

Scorpio: I met her my first night working at forever21. She was genuinely the most beautiful woman I’d ever met, and still is. Me and her would be stationed by the front doors to intimidate shoplifters with our Scorpio glare. She went on to be a fitness guru in California living the most aesthetic ass life ever.

Sagittarius: This is the bitch you want on your side in an argument. If Daria was done by Disney, she’d be it. Art ho and owns it. She’s an underrated fashion icon and scrapbooking addict. A walking contradiction, and I can relate to that. Just wants to hold tiny animals and talk shit about your enemies while watching YouTube poop.

Capricorn: One of my dearest friends who moved away. Prone to bad choices, she was born a rebel. She can pull of any look, and probably has. Most woke friend in the group. Covered in freckles. She has pet rabbits she treats better than herself and most people. Extremely difficult to read sometimes.

Aquarius: We go way back, and he is the wildest craziest fucker I’ve ever known. From sexual escapades, possibly not legal ventures, and his encyclopedia-like knowledge of film and music, he’s an enigma unlike any other being on earth. Tall and lanky with a perpetual baby face. Don’t pick up his phone call if you don’t have at least half an hour to lose.

Pisces: The best sex I’ve ever had, and one of the dreamiest souls ever. He keeps a lot to himself, but randomly his emotions and thoughts would pour out at 3am. He has a beautiful voice, and is really well liked. Works well with kids too! The ideal boyfriend on paper, but we both agreed that’s not in our cards. I was lying, but I don’t think he was. Hates social media, but loves social gatherings.


tae woon smiling at eun ho a character progression

High school teacher au

Hi, look at my stupid au I made with someone while half asleep

Patton- World History

Logan- Math

Virgil- Chemistry

Roman- Theater

Patton is the type of teacher who is bright, bubbly, and full of joy. All his morning students wonder how the hell he is so chipper in the morning. You better believe he has the best dad jokes in the entire school, he never seems to run out of history based joke even though he says like 20 a class period. He’s just an all around fun teacher to have and everyone loves him, lots of students trust him.

Logan is you’re standard, stereotypical teacher down to the tie. He does try to keep up with modern trends though and it’s the funniest thing ever. He still has his flash card. One minute he’s using big words half the class doesn’t understand and then he just says “omg” in the most unfitting tone, its amusing. Ask him to dab, he likes to dab and everyone’s reactions. He’s a great teacher, and he loves to share his knowledge and very happy with where his is in life career wise.

Virgil is the lazy but overly cautious teacher. He’s not “lazy”, he’s just really tired and he can’t really help it. He also understands how stressful school can be so he made his reputation as the laid back teacher as he let’s the kids do almost everything they want. No assigned seats, you can listen to your music, hats are allowed, he doesn’t even care if you curse. It helps kids feel like they have freedom and just chill out in an open environment. If there was ever a place to have a panic/anxiety attack it’s there because he knows exactly how to help. Other than that his class is easy to keep up in as long as you do his assignments in class since he doesn’t give homework and he tests are pretty mild. No pop quizzes either. He has a cult but it’s not really a cult, I might elaborate later

Roman. Roman is the best theater teacher. He is so enthusiastic about this, the theater is his passion. He was in it as a teen and he wants to give the experiences he had too these new children who are so amazing and talented and he’s just so dang proud of them. He starts off his class with a song to get everyone in the mood and everyone is welcome to join him. Warm up kids, you gotta sing in this class. He will go to great lengths to give these kids the best he can, he will fight for his students. The most eccentric teacher in the whole school and proud of it. He will fight Virgil over coffee in the morning, and that is his Disney mug Virge fight him.

Btw, they are all Mr. Sanders which confuses so many people and it’s great

I’ve been reflecting on my years in special ed and I remember as a kid the first thing I noticed was that the teachers seemed a little too happy. They were unusually bright and cheery all the time. Later I realized that this is how they think you’re supposed to talk to ND kids. I remember one time in class a teacher explained something and then-in front of the WHOLE class- she singled me out and asked “did you get that, (my name)?” I tried to play it cool and said something like “uh, yeah, you just said that” to which she responded in an obnoxiously cheery tone “good! That means you’re listening!” I felt mortified and patronized beyond description.

Looking back, I realize that the best teachers who I never felt patronized by where the ones who had learning disabilities themselves. This one teacher with ADHD was one of my favorite teachers and he was so awesome and I’d always look forward to class with him. He’s talk about his own issues with organization and stuff and I really get like he understood us students.

I don’t mean to make a generalization but I really feel like most NT special ed teachers are doing their jobs for the wrong reasons. I get the impression that they see special ed as a charity project for them so they can feel like a good person or be like one of those special ed teachers in those inspiration porn articles (“heartwarming! this special ed teacher smiled at his students!”). ND special ed teachers have a much better connection with their students in my experience because although every learning disability is different, they understand the basic experience the student is going through and they don’t feel the need to put in this stilted bright-and-cheery persona.

this time i’m not holding back
i’m flying in with my fists up
and my throat raw
and my jaw clenched
and my eyes angry
i’m screaming at the sky for giving
me a love as wonderful as ours and
ripping it away before i had time to hold on
i’m screaming at you for hurting me in
each and every way possible and not
caring about the ways you left me bleeding
i’m going to tell my friends i love them
and i’m going to give my favorite teachers
flowers and all my appreciation
i will say no
i’m going to live my life in all the ways you
never allowed me to
i will never contain myself for you or for
anyone again
i will never tame my fire and i will never
calm my tide
i am a natural disaster and i always have been
i don’t know how i lost sight of who i was
but i’m glad that i found it again
because i am a hurricane
i am a tsunami
i am a fucking wildfire
and you made me feel like a drizzle
—  a love (i think) i had to lose, pt. 2
You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.
Tell me about your despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
Meanwhile the world goes on.
Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain
are moving across the landscapes,
over the prairies and the deep trees,
the mountains and the rivers.
Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air, are heading home again.
Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting –
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.
—  “Wild Geese”
by Mary Oliver

am i the moon to her sun? 

fuck no. (i could never reflect as brightly.)

all i know how to be is her sky—

to give her this vast expanse, 
maybe a rainbow or two in spring,
some stars over her shoulder. 

—a canvas for her light that envelops me completely.


she’s my wife. my sun. the person i thought about. in the end. // f.o.

lwd & skop challenge. day 7. ryke & daisy. 

This is my trick for remembering trigonometric values. Forget memorizing those little charts or triangles, this is so much easier. 

I learnt this in 10th grade from my favorite teacher (who wasn’t actually my maths teacher at the time) and I still used it for the rest of High School and will probably continue to use it in University.

So what do you do? You draw the chart in the picture. That one. 

OK, but how do you read it? Like a table. (If you’re unfamiliar with radians, do not worry. It also works in degrees, just write: 0, 30, 45, 60, 90 instead.)

For example, if you want to find the sin(pi/2), you simply start at sin(x) and then move over until you’re at pi/2 (or 90 degrees). It says sqrt(4). Now you put that over 2, and you have it. Sin(pi/2) = (sqrt(4))/2, also known as 2/2, or 1. 

If you want to find the cos(pi/4), you do the same thing: start at cos(x), move until (pi/4). It says sqrt(2), now put that over 2, and you have cos(pi/4) = sqrt(2)/2.

For tan(x), just take the sin(x) value and divide it by the cos(x) value!

So tan(pi/6) = sqrt(1) / sqrt(3) = 1/sqrt(3).

I find this so easy to remember because the first line starts at zero and increases, and the second line starts at 4 and decreases. It works for any values (yes, even ones above pi/2!) and it’s so simple. I encourage you to start by writing it out on every paper, when you’re studying, and on your exams.