my favorite sweater ever


I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but oversized sweaters and leggings are my favorite things ever right now! Also, I’ve been trying to change up my modeling a bit lately. I know I kind of do the same thing over and over, and it gets old. So, we’ll see how creative I can get with the limited space I have :p

Anyway, only 12 days till Christmas!!!!!! 

Compilation of Jaebum Focuses

  my favorite performances (and everybody elses) : 

Non-Performance fancams I love: 

if you want to add any more please message me, but these are just some of my many favorites


Suga found these at a thrift store and gave the golf one to Daichi as a joke, but Daichi actually liked it and wears it all the time, even when he’s supposed to be wearing a christmas themed sweater.

(I really did find both of these in thrift stores and that golf sweater is my favorite find ever of all time, I think)