my favorite stoners

first stop drop an take a hit. 🙈 idk kinda lame. i finally found a really good spot for recording so yay and also got fix my old broken bong. 😊 I hope luck and good vibes float your way guys. 😙 gonna go ahead and call out all my favorite stoner blogs. much love to all you beauties 💕💕💕


i can’t even believe this is the same person
left pic just taken like a second ago (just playing the clock at work ya girl’s here til 5)
right pic taken a week or so ago?
for y'all who don’t know (bc i had a recent flow of followers like hey what’s up) i’m a pastry chef at a casino in my home state who since christmas has been working night shift and it’s
eh not bad it definitely could be worse
honestly i was diggin how my bangs were doing a thing and i wanted to take an ugly selfie lol
can’t wait to get home smooch cam do the weed and GO TO BED 💖