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If you guys were thinking of picking up Wynonna Earp the cast is great & the show needs higher ratings & these are some ways you can help us renew it:

-If you’re in America you can watch most of the episodes free of syfy (I believe all of them) & watch the new episodes Friday nights @ 10

-If you’re not in America you can watch it on Netflix & tweet about renewing it when the show is airing on Friday nights

This show puts women at the center & keeps getting better diversity wise (adding a gay man of color and a Latina women in the recent season plus two black men in authority roles) & has one of the healthiest lesbian relationships I’ve ever seen on television!!

So please if you’re interested please check out Wynonna Earp, the cast is great and the story line keeps getting better

Things I want to see in VLD SEASON 3


-please bring back Shiro. If y'all don’t, then my boy Keith may never smile again and I honestly just can’t take that

-speaking of Keith and Shiro, GIVE 👏🏻 ME 👏🏻 THEIR 👏🏻 BACKSTORY 👏🏻 I wanna know how they met, their relationship, etc

-speaking of backstories, can I have some Garrison flashbacks? Like show me more Misadventures of Hunk and Lance™

-bring Matt back. Let my girl Pidge be happy pls

-I am 10000000% here for a bit of Langst tho. Tell me about the family and the planet he misses dearly. Or the rain or the ocean.


-Just more of Lance all around.

tfw when ur new coworker is a fellow Queer™ and u are rly hitting it off, but then she says “i’ll be back, i’m gonna go vape” and u have to physically shove ur judgement into the bowels of ur brain

I love everything about this gif. Mick handing out forks. Look at his diva face. Paul throwing his. Topper being adorable. And Joe like “Gimme my fork bitch.” And that smile too ❤️

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