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I like how it’s supposed be all mysterious and “hmmm, I wonder who that person is who took the soul sword? It could be anybody!” Like bitch WE ALREADY KNOW ITS SEBASTIAN!

The footsteps outside his door were quiet, but not quiet enough. Loki scowled at the book he was trying to translate - and making no headway in. “I told you not to bother me,” he said loudly. “I’m in the middle of something.”

The lack of response was so surprising that Loki looked up, only to start a little. His door was already open, and Thor was standing there staring at Loki like he’d never seen him before. Loki jerked to his feet. 

“Thor! You can’t just barge in,” he started to say, but then he realized - it was Thor, but he did not look as he had an hour ago. His hair was longer, for one, and he was taller, broader even than he already was. Loki blinked twice.

“Brother,” Thor said, and there was something odd in his voice. He looked like he wanted to say more, but was lost for words. Loki recovered himself, tensing. 

“You are not my brother,” he said. 

Thor - or the man who looked like him - flinched. Actually flinched, like Loki had struck him, something flickering across his expression that made Loki’s stomach drop. “I am,” he said. “I think - something has happened.” 

Something? I saw my brother not an hour past-”

“Loki,” the imposter said, his voice oddly strangled. He stepped inside and shut the door, and Loki tensed further, summoning one of his knives. “Are you…” He took a half step toward Loki, reaching out, and he brought the knife up. 

“Stay back or I shall call a guard,” he said, keeping his voice from trembling through an effort of will. “Explain yourself. Who are you?”

The man’s jaw worked and it looked like the gesture Thor made when he was upset and trying not to show it. Exactly like, and it was uncanny enough to make Loki feel suddenly cold. “I am who I say,” he said. “And you are - you are Loki.” 

Loki fidgeted under the intensity of that gaze fixed on him. “You have no proof of your words,” he accused, buying time. He glanced toward the window - and fell still. 

There was dust on his shelves. A thick layer of it, even though a moment before they’d been clean. The window and curtains were closed when he had left them open. And now that he was looking…

A thousand small details. This wasn’t his room. 

He felt his chest tighten, fear worming into his heart. Dust. Why should there be dust on his shelves?

Why had Thor looked so surprised to find him here? 

Something was very wrong.

“Loki?” Thor sounded uncertain, and that was wrong too, the list only growing longer. “Look at me. Please.” 

The please jangled against his strained nerves but Loki turned, unable to ignore him. “Is this the future?” He blurted out, feeling himself start to shake. Thor looked startled and covered it poorly, but for the most part he was still staring at Loki as he had been all this time, with a strange sort of hunger. 

“I’m not certain what has happened,” he said at length, which wasn’t an answer. 

Loki’s dread deepened. He swallowed hard and looked again at the shelves. At the bed, perfectly made. 

“Am I dead?” He asked, and wished his voice didn’t tremble quite as much as it did. 

Thor did that little jerk again, like Loki’s words hurt. “Loki,” he said. It wasn’t a no, and Loki felt himself start to shake.

“No,” Thor said abruptly, his voice rough. “No. You are not.” There was something fierce and terrifying and desperate in his voice, and when Loki looked at him, in his eyes. His brother, but…not. Half a stranger. “You live, and I will protect you.”

Cotton Candy

Pairings: Peter Parker x Wilson!Reader

Request: Hi! A request where reader is Wade’s sister and it’s Peter x reader, includes all the avengers. Thank you!           

Vision has created a chatroom.

Vision has added Peter.

Vision: Thor is hogging the kiddies rides. I do not know where Rogers is and I can’t find you and Y/N to help me stop him.

Peter: Cap is with Mr. Stark winning prizes.

Peter: And Y/N is with me on the Ferris wheel but it got stuck, we can see everyone from up here.

Vision: I can fly the both of you down, if you’d like.

Peter: No!

Peter: The view from up here is beautiful.

Peter: But it’s not as beautiful as Y/N.

Vision has added Y/N.

Vision: Your first date with Peter seems to be going well, quite romantic. Being stuck on the Ferris wheel, alone.

Y/N: It would be romantic.

Y/N: If my brother wasn’t in the seat in front of us.

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Day six of @kiribakuweek2k17 and I’m bringing more fluff!  Check the tags for more notes on this piece if you’re interested!

“You know I wanted to be there today.”

“I do.”

“It wasn’t my fault I got called in to work last minute.”

“I know that.”

“There was an emergency downtown and my Quirk was best suited—”


Kirishima snapped out of his rambling and turned at the sound of his name.  Bakugou sat up in bed with his arms crossed, watching Kirishima with a stern gaze. His book lay discarded on the nightstand and he had moved his glasses to the top of his head.  Kirishima chewed his lower lip.  He felt awful and the way Bakugou looked at him wasn’t helping.

“Come here.”

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El felt lonely.

 And not the ‘I haven’t seen my friends in a week’ or anything like that.

 It was more the, ’I’m going to be fundamentally different from everyone I meet and love for my entire life’ and ’I carry stones in my chest but force out a breath to convince everyone I’m a semblance of stable’ kind of lonely. 

 As you can imagine it’d be hard to explain her form of loneliness to any of the people in her life. 

 So she didn’t. 

 Living was hard for El, it’s not like she didn’t love being alive, loving and being loved in return. Because she was immensely grateful that she’s at the point of life that she was. 

 But you can love something and still be hurt from it. 

 The boys knew that thunderstorms frightened her, that coke brought back memories that did nothing to serve her, that cats and her aren’t compatible, that bathing was still challenging although showers were far easier for her then baths. They knew that, all of her friends and family got the point that these things made her scared. That these things among many more made her uneasy.

 But there’s a difference between knowing and understanding. 

 And they could never understand exactly. 

 There were times when she’d drag her nails down her arms and legs, hard enough to make a faint red mark but not enough to ever actually hurt her. It was a physical release of pent up emotions and as bad as that was, it cooled her brain down enough so she could get her bearings. 

 There were times where she’d lash out against Mike, against Will or Joyce. It’s not that she wanted to hurt their feelings or that she was mad at them because she wasn’t at all. It’s just that so much was going on in her head that it needed out, it needed to be purged from her body and anyone who pushed the minuscule button was caught in the fire. 


 So here she sat, on the floor of her bathroom. Gripping her arms as hard and as close to her as she could and rocked backwards and forwards mumbling to herself in an attempt to pull herself together.

Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad." 

 The words slipped out in breathy whispers. Her hands going to uselessly claw at her hair, trying to get grounded to her surroundings. 

 She was in her bathroom. Will was home. She was safe. It would pass. She just needed to breathe. 

 You have to breathe, El. 

 But she wasn’t. But it wouldn’t. Everything was hurting. And she was alone. She was scared. And- 

 As another frustrated whimper slipped out, she heard the bathroom door creak open and saw Will cautiously approach her. Sinking to his knees and reaching for her arms as she was digging with her nails again. 

He grabbed both her wrists and held them for a moment, before very carefully pulling her into a hug, rocking her with him at a much slower pace then she had been doing previously. She let her body collapse from exhaustion and felt him hug her tighter as her breathing calmed down, tears escaping as she took in the comfort and warmth of Will. 

She pulled herself away and leaned her head back against the cold tile wall behind her. Will doing the same. The two of them sat there silently. El knew Will would wait until she was ready to speak, that he’d be patient.

 "Do you ever feel like you’re wired wrong? That everyone can look at you and know? A big red X displaying all the ways you’re different?” El asked, staring at the wall opposite her.

 "All the time.“ Will replied. A tone of solemn acceptance lacing his words.

 "How do you handle it? How do you move past it?" 

 "You don’t. You move forward and try to do something with it.”

 El turned to look at him after his reply, though he was still staring ahead. And she turned back to do the same. 

Will didn’t go through the same things she did. No one had. But they both faced the monster, they both faced the upside down, they both had wounds that would never heal. He’d never understand her completely. But she remembered that out of everyone who she ever snapped at in a moment’s notice, was frigid to; he always took it in grace. Never once lashing back at her, he had a quiet knowledge of knowing that it wasn’t at him but to him. That she was just trying to protect herself. 

Will wasn’t unfamiliar to the concept of hiding. He understood that this was her way. 

 She reached for his hand and clutched it tightly in her own. 

“Love you, Will." 

"Love you, El.”


She was here. Will was here. She was safe. It passed.

And she could breathe.

Imagine Being Scott’s Older Sister Headcannons..

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- Knowing Scott’s a werewolf from the very beginning.

“Remember when we would watch Danny Phantom, and I say I’d be like Jazz, because I’d know if you gained superpowers… Well spill, because I know damn well puberty isn’t this magical.”

-Yet still being surprised when he admits it.

“A what?! I thought you and Stiles might’ve just rolled around in toxic waste or something-”
“You didn’t actually expect to be right, did you?”
“Honestly no.”

- Punching Derek in the nose, when you first meet, because you don’t understand the whole werewolf hierarchy and believe he bit Scott.

- You see Stiles so often you might as well be related.

“Did I ever tell you that you’re my favorite sibling, Stiles?”
“Every time I bring you food.”

- Going to lacrosse games, only to embarrass Scott with your loud cheering. (Decked out in Beacon Hills’ gear too.)

- Helping your mother, Melissa come to terms with her werewolf son.

- Getting dragged into every supernatural mess that comes to Beacon Hills, yet always managing to be somewhat useful.

- Despite your humanity, you actually scare a few of the baddies thanks to your crazy mama bear attitude.

“Actually I find Scott’s sister scary than any of you morons.” Peter mentioned, looking at the alpha pack.
“That’s because she shot you repeatedly in the knee, after you came back.” Derek smirked.

- Honestly your not much of a Scallision fan, solely because you think it’ll get Scott killed.

“You know her family is a bunch of hunters, and that you’re a werewolf, right? ”
“I know, but Allison isn’t like that.”

- However you do have a small crush on Chris, which disgusts Scott to no end…

“So apparently dating your student’s parent isn’t against the rules…”
“(Y/n), he’s married.”
“Rain on my parade why don’t you, Scott?”

- Yes you’re a teacher at beacon hills, no you don’t give out free passes.

“I don’t care if you’re part of the alpha pack or not, start shit in my class, and you’ll be begging to be suspended.”
“I told you this when you were human, I’m telling you it again… I will fail, you brother or not.”

- Of course when teachers go missing, the pack freaks out, but you ain’t even worried cause you’ve got a baseball bat.

- Have I mention that you and Derek are actually friends….

“So she finds out you’re a werewolf and shortly after hops into bed with you, don’t you think that’s a little weird?”
“Better than being clocked in the nose.”
“That was only once

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Thor's always been good at spilling blood. But right now he'd give anything to staunch it. Anything to stop the flow, even as crimson seeps out from between his fingers, so very very red against the pallor of Loki's skin

[short thing! sort of handwavey Ragnarok related, laughably non-canon compliant I’m sure but wtf ever]

“Well,” Loki said, laughing. “This must feel familiar.”

“Hold still,” Thor snapped, anger half strangling him because anger was better than fear, and fear was the only alternative. “You foolish-”

“That’s familiar too,” Loki said, lips flickering up at the corners. Don’t you dare smile, Thor wanted to growl. You have no right to smile. He pressed his hands down harder and the smile did vanish as Loki sucked in an unsteady breath only to choke on it.

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Part Seven: Writing Siblings

Luckily for me, and all the stories I want to see, siblings tend to appear in stories quite a bit more than parents, but still not as often as a group of friends or acquaintances that come together to work as a team. Siblings are another tether to your character’s family–to their past and their roots, to all the secrets in their past you may have built into plot devices for later. They’re cut from the story as easy pressure points for evoking emotion; in a similar way to how significant others and date-mates may be killed off to serve the story, siblings often find themselves in a similar fate. Siblings are a fantastic resource for stories and provide an opportunity for intense relationships to your character if you bother to let them stay in the narrative.

Shared history: 

This is one of my favorite things about sibling characters: They share a special history. If they grew up together, they have many of the same experiences: holiday traditions and family trips, opinions about a family member and all the remember-when moments. They know the tics of their parents, know what happened when a certain button got pushed one too many times. They know what each other went through, and they know each others strengths and weaknesses; they know how to support each other with that shared history. Friends can come to develop that over time, but siblings come with it inherently if they were lucky enough to grow up together.

If a character didn’t grow up with their siblings, there’s a beautiful opportunity when/if they do meet to begin building that shared history they missed out on. You get to watch as two people not only come to be friends, but also realize that their friendship could become something deeper if they wanted it to: a true family relationship. If both characters accept the family tie and are interested in pursuing a connection between them, there’s so much story depth that can be added through scenes watching them go from laughing at the same joke to realizing that losing the other would tear them apart.

Shared history also extends to family background, too, so if your main character discovers something about their lineage, their sibling is also affected. This is an important thing to remember since you can spin more complex tales using it–all of a sudden, it’s not just your character dealing with the discovery, it’s also the sibling, and it’s not just how your character’s relationship to their family changes, but also how their relationship with their sibling changes, too. Your plot devices like prophecies and chosen heroes and go-it-alone-only-you-can quests and no-one-understands-the-struggle dilemmas all of a sudden get a lot more interesting, much more faceted, and provide lots of nooks and crannies of emotion and character development to explore.

Relationship with their sibling: 

We know that siblings share a connection deeper than just friendship–they’re family. Portraying that part of their relationship to your character is vital to making them feel right and real. There are a couple of things you can use to help get that across.

Using that shared history is going to help no matter what. Your siblings are going to be able to reach each other easier because they can bring up things they both experienced and relate those emotions back to what they’re going through currently. They’re more likely to be able to coach each other through situations and more likely to have things to say or remember that are poignant, relevant, or impactful in some way for your character. Because of this, an added side effect is that emotional reactions that are instinctual when it comes to other people may not be the same toward a sibling. For example, an acquaintance may say something that sends your character into a rage, however if a sibling had said something similar, it might have been funny instead. Our relationships with others slowly change our emotional reactions the more familiar and comfortable we become.

Take into consideration personality, as well. Do these siblings get along with each other? What contributed to that? My family moved a lot, so my sister and I wound up very close because we were our only constants in our lives; we knew we’d both be there to face new places, and we lived in cars and hotels together for weeks at a time, so we had to get along or we’d kill each other. It helped that we liked a lot of the same things, some of which were shared by our parents as well. Remember that while you want to have well-rounded characters that are capable of standing on their own as full individuals, it doesn’t mean that your siblings have to embody completely separate, opposite personalities in order to be effective characters. Maybe they’re both quiet and smart, which allows them to ping ideas off each other and solve super complex problems; maybe they’re both defensive and it causes them to butt heads because of it. Don’t lock yourself into the idea that they need to be juxtaposed against each other to create interesting dynamics between them.

Narrative Impact: 

Your siblings will provide an opportunity to portray a relationship full of familial love–just as deep as romantic love, but without any pressure from readers for it to get sexual. (And if you were planning that really common foster sibling or separated sibling love relationship, please don’t. It’s very awkward for literally everyone involved and there are 1,000 more conflict and emotional growth opportunities out there than that. Ugh.) That positive portrayal will go a long way toward not only reestablishing siblings in literature but also showing real-world siblings a reflection of themselves.

Think about your plot and whether their sibling status has any kind of impact toward the plot or whether it’s simply a minor detail. How will your siblings’ connection change how they react to certain situations by shading their goals? What are those goals for each sibling and are there ways they connect and interact? There should be some that each sibling doesn’t share–goals that are specific to each individual as a person, not solely joint goals as a functioning unit together. After all, these are not one person, but two people who care about each other. How can those goals feed into your plot or into the character development of either and serve to escalate or resolve other conflicts?

Do they like to stay in communication with each other? Is their communication mostly long-distance, or face-to-face? How often do they see each other? What are a couple of key memories and the emotional reactions that go with them? How do their personalities interact and how can you take advantage of that with the plot? Would manipulation of one bring out the best or worst in the other? What would happen to your character’s mental state if one of their siblings was to be put in danger or injured? How protective are they of each other, and how much would one sacrifice for the other? How well do they handle being apart, and how much do they respect each other’s space when it’s self-initiated vs. circumstance-initiated?

Next up: Immediate extended family!