my favorite shoujo manga

  • Akashi: Kouki, something interesting just happened at work today
  • Furihata: Oh?
  • Akashi: There’s a new employee.. and he looks like you
  • Furihata: .. What?
  • Akashi: [chuckles] Seriously, the resemblance is uncanny. His eyes a bit bigger though, and he has a mole under his lips
  • Furihata: .. And?
  • Akashi: He is a Tokyo University graduate.. I guess we’re lucky to have him? It seems that he has a great potential
  • Furihata:
  • Akashi: Are you okay?
  • Furihata: [smiles sadly] Sounds like a better version of me, huh?
  • Akashi:
  • Akashi: You’re jealous
  • Furihata: You were smiling nonstop when you were talking about him [pouts]
  • Akashi: I was smiling because he reminds me of you.. emphasis on “you”
  • Furihata: [shrugs] Maybe if you met him before me, who knows-
  • Akashi: Stop right there
  • Furihata:
  • Akashi: Kouki, look at me
  • Furihata: [refuses to look at Akashi]
  • Akashi:
  • Akashi: [sighs] If you think I’m attracted to him, I let you know that you are gravely mistaken
  • Furihata: [finally looks at Akashi]
  • Akashi: Because I’m incapable of doing that.. who cares about me meeting him before you, I’m too busy loving you right now, and might be even busier loving you in the future, I don’t have time to think about such matter
  • Furihata: [surprised]
  • Akashi: Believe me Kouki, there’s only you and no one else.. not even your clone, who would look and behave exactly like you, if you ever had one that is
  • Furihata:
  • Furihata: [smiles a bit] You’re saying you could differentiate between me and my clone?
  • Akashi: [scoffs] Of course. You could throw a hundred Kouki clones at my face and I’m confident I could tell which one is my Kouki
  • Furihata: [chuckles]
  • Akashi: Though, surrounded by a hundred Koukis doesn’t sound so bad now that I think about it-
  • Furihata: [laughs] Okay okay, point taken, Sei
  • Akashi: [grins] Good
  • Furihata: .. I love you too, you know [blushes slightly]
  • Akashi: And I’m forever grateful for that [smiles]

anonymous asked:

have you watched akagami no shirayuki-hime? it's one of my favorite shoujo manga/anime. it's a medieval romance where the two characters treat each other with love and respect, but they also have their own personal/professional goals that they work on and support each other with. it has literally none of the typical gross shoujo tropes.