my favorite shirt ever

I went to the zoo today and I thought I looked cute


So I bought this wonderfully adorable shirt designed by @artfulimpersonator and IT CAME. =D

As someone who sizes as an extra large I am routinely wary about sizing. This is an extra large and I am not disappointed!!! It fits wonderfully and it’s so comfy!!! The design is well made and ITS SO CUTE. Teespring has my plus size approval for shirts.

My favorite people and highest inspirations have made THE CUTEST SHIRT EVER. You know Peridot’s dorky squeals and giggles? THAT IS ME RIGHT NOW. I JUST. IM SO HAPPY. I’LL WEAR IT WITH PRIDE! THANK YOU!


AHHHH!!!!! Ok I have to brag about how much I love my baby brother. He an I are both huge fans of jack and he saved up his hard earned chore money like a boss and used it to get me a @therealjacksepticeye t-shirt for Christmas (even tho it came in the mail just now)!!! I am so happy and it’s definitely my most favorite shirt ever!!! 💕💕💕💕