my favorite selfies


The lovely Eliza, @canumoveyourseatup-no tagged me to post my 4 favorite selfies and while one is techinically not a selfie… it was taken on a friend’s phone so close enough. :D Hubby is clearly not a fan of my roadtrip selfies. You’d think he’d learn by now that every roadtrip gets a selfie. 

I tag: @thenightmarebeforebucky redeem yourself from your floppy disk disappointment, sweet summer child! @denialanderror even though you never post selfies, @mellifluous-melodramas I’m so tempted to delete that and type melliflie-mellosmoething, @hymnofthevalkyries because i insist you tag me in more than horrifying 80s monster movies! @marvelatthepeople because you tag me all the time and I’m so terrible lately about responding!


Someone tell me I look strong and masculine lol.

Also, I’m actually going to make a healthy dinner tonight. Roasted sweet potatoes and baked chicken parm!