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Fushimi Saruhiko + Yata Misaki :: Miyano Mamoru + Fukuyama Jun
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Maji Love Live Favorite Moments [7/∞]

ORIGINAL RESONANCE - 5th Stage (+ Bonus Backstage Shenanigans)

Happy Birthday to my favorite seiyuu!!!!!!

Hiroshi Kamiya, I

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You’ve made me laugh

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Laugh AND cry

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and I just love it like some sort of sociopath.

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I’ve watched heard you so many times that

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I can recognize your voice at once.

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And my question “Is that Hiroshi?” 

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is usually followed by 

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“IT IS!”

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It never fails to warm me up.

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Plus, you voice

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my all-time

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So, thank you so much

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Kamiya, Hiroshi

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Happy Birthday Hirakawa Daisuke

One of my favorite seiyuus and the very first seiyuu I became a fan of

I love you and have an amazing birthday you’re sweet, kawaii and very kind soul may you be blessed with more great voice acting roles in the future. Lots of love.

Miraculous of Hosoya Yoshimasa

My purpose for writing this post is to tribute Hosoya Yoshimasa.

Take care for your hiatus and your fans always wait your acting again…

Hosoya Yoshimasa is one of talented seiyuu. He is one of my top three, yet He is never release any single even though he gets appraising for his singing. He was in Unit before (Max Boys, together with Masuda Toshiki), but he never pursuing for singing career like other seiyuu. I read one of interview, when Interviewer asked about Sosuke’s song from Free! Eternal Summer!, He said that he has love – hate relationship with singing. YES!! He is the talented one. But you would be surprise how different when he singing in different characters. He is the one who can fit with the role.

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Tried doing Kaettekita quizpuri! :D
After 4 questions, they only got 30 points. So they asked the staff to make an exception. If they both catch the marshmallow, they get 100 points.
Kiiyan and Shoutan in the background were like, ‘that’s unfair!’

Yeah, I had to reupload it again because of youtube.
Hope you guys enjoy ^_^


空想のレトロ (Daydream’s Retro) by Growth - Eto Koki, Yaegashi Kensuke, Sakuraba Ryota, Fujimura Mamoru (CV: Toki Shunichi, Yamaya Yoshitaka, Yamashita Daiki, Terashima Junta)

A reverberating voice, calls out to the opening world,
It’s all here, everyone’s forgiveness.

Aria, show a smile, overflowing with love and emotion,
Lilia, sleep soundly.

Everyone who meets and parts over and over,
Their heartbeats circulate, and beautifully dream.

Aria, dry your tears,
Embrace the sorrow of love,
Furie, close your eyes and sleep.

Load a song with all that’s precious,
With the endlessly given possibilities;
And with this piling-up, daydreaming retro,
This body recording emotions as they pass -
Right now, there’s nothing scary, but,
After this, where shall I go?
To the future that nobody knows, and to you,
I shall fly, I shall fly.

Because you are here…
I am also here…
So that we’ll never part…
Our fingers interlace.

Guided as we go, with that eternal person,
Locking eyes with them, in a flowing dream,
Aria, approach the light.

Because you are here…
I am also here…
So that we’ll never part…
Our fingers interlace.

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Wish a very Happy Birthday to my ultimate favorite seiyuu ever ,Be-sama 🎂🎉
Thank you so much for all of your awesome hard work 💖
This man is absolutely fantastic 💖

So, somehow I discovered Nobuhiko Okamoto (Bakugou’s VA) sang Disney’s song, and honestly, for this song particularly, I can’t help but imagine young Bakugou mindlessly singing in his room in the dorms because he’s wearing headphones, and Kirishima overhearing it. It’d be cute.


Happy 37th Birthday Hiro~~!!! (04.21.17)

I haven’t greeted seiyuus in so long but of course, I can never miss to greet my favorite seiyuu 😀

Shimono Hiro is a seiyuu…

who always gets bullied by both his senpais and kouhais
whose voice is easily recognizable
who has had various amazing roles
who is always fun to watch and hear
who always amazes me whenever I hear him perform
who can make freestyle songs on the spot
who always works hard no matter what his roles are
who is really an expert in what he does
that I love to the core now and forever

Hiro, thank you for opening my eyes to the seiyuu world. Thank you for all the energy you gave me with your roles and your event participations. From now on, I hope you get a lot more job offers so that I may hear your voice more in various animes. I’ll always support you! 😁

Get along with Kaji-kun, Kiiyan, Tatsu and the other seiyuus now (I hope you get bullied more 😂)~ Love lots and I hope you enjoyed this day.

PS. Find Miss Right already. You’re not getting younger~~~ 😇😇