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day 7

“I told you I was a human being with rights and freedom, but I was wrong,” Sakura says, holding his eye as he watches her. “I’ve become more than that, haven’t I?”

His breathing is shallow, like hers had once been. “They told us a god would come for it. They said it needed a champion, so we went into the desert, where there were savages closer to their chakras, ones far stronger than ours. We wanted that honor, the honor of winning, but we also wanted to live. We wanted to survive the darkness of the end times. You will bring our world to a close, will you not?”

Sakura thought about gates and what happened to them after the dreamer moved on to a new kingdom. What became of the TeaLion Express, of The Monarch Woods, or the Marble Gardens? Did she care?

“I move from world to world. When I leave one behind, there is no purpose in its existence anymore. Maybe your world will fall apart once I leave. I can not say.”

“You will damn us all.”

“You’ve been dead for centuries already. It’s just your turn to move on.”

He struggles, but there is real anger weighing his words down. “You devil! We deserve better than this destruction, you can’t do this to us!”

Sakura reaches for the crown shaped wreath, feeling the dream around her shiver. “I am no devil, but this is my dream and I will be its god.”

She crowns herself and her destruction is undone in darkness as the world falls away.

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trade mistakes // panic! at the disco


Will someone dance in the streets to this with me at midnight like omg pls 

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I’ve only listened to this a total of 23 times in a row..

“She has her arms around your waist
With a balance that could keep us safe
Have you ever felt the warm embrace
Of the leather seat between your legs”

Not Breaking a Sweat

so this will be Elsanna and my very first one i saw a post regarding Elsa being very fit and doing an obstacle course in 3 minute flat while kristoff does it in 3.48 minutes and there was this convo there about a track and field au so i just whipped this one up and thought i’d share it with everyone here it is my first Elsanna story


Not Breaking a Sweat (don’t know if i should keep that title)

“Excuse me… Pardon me… just got to get to my seat… and there… we… go!” I finally got to my favorite seat in the bleachers right before they started the 500 meter dash. I was so excited this was the regional preliminaries and whoever wins this will be going to the nationals! Of course I had to be in the crowd to cheer and be, as she says ‘her good luck charm’ Kristoff had gotten here earlier and already saved me a seat.

“Hey you made it! And here I thought you’d miss this one” He said as he passed me a bottle of water, knowing full well I’ll be needing it once the race actually starts. I grabbed it, drank a little and recapped it.

“Are you kidding?! I wouldn’t miss this for the world! Elsa is totally going to leave them in the dust!” I exclaimed proudly as I look back into at the track and found Elsa stretching and taking a few running in place sets to warm-up.

“I heard there’s going to be tough competition this year… and it IS Elsa’s first year trying for the Nationals…”I quickly covered my ears trying to block out his next words. I know what he’s about to say… ‘Elsa might lose this one.’

“Kristoff what have I told you about jinxing any of Elsa’s races?!” I say as I backhanded him in the gut. I heard the much deserved ‘oof!’ and he rubbed his stomach.

“Fine… Fine, Feisty pants, not another word from me.” He said and drank from his own water bottle.

“Good! If anything happens I’m blaming you! Oh look the race is about to start!” I exclaimed excitedly and bounces in my seat. I always loved seeing Elsa run, she looked so graceful… beautiful… free…

I asked her one time why she liked running. I never really got the hang of it much, it required a certain… grace to it that I couldn’t quite get. Oh! But give me a shot-put and I can probably throw that very far… where was I? Oh yeah! Why Elsa likes running, she told me that when she was younger she felt different than other kids. Her parents finding out about the difference told her to keep it in and never let anyone know about it, and because of that she became isolated and recluse. But when she got to junior high she discovered track and field, and she says that when she runs she can just feel all her problem get left behind and she’s free from all of them, the faster and further she runs… the faster and further away she can be from those problems.

Now being a sophomore she had finally let go of that stupid mantra her parent’s made her remember ‘Conceal, Don’t Feel’ and embraced herself for being different and being different… with me. Yeah that’s right Elsa is my girlfriend and I am hers. She’s the scholar, athlete, poet… I’m the screw up… don’t I know it. But even if a lot of people think that way about me… I never really feel it, since Elsa makes me feel special every day. And if she loves me for the way I am then who am I to say no?

I was shaken out of my thought when I heard the signal gun fire and the runners… well started running of course. Elsa was falling behind in third place, and I instantly stood up and started cheering loudly.

“COME ON, ELSA! RUN FASTER YOU CAN DO IT! LEAVE THOSE SLOW POKES BEHIND!” I was yelling at the top of my lungs and I swear I saw Elsa smile as she ran faster stealing second place. She wasn’t even breaking a sweat! There was still time to win this just a little more! I started jumping in my place cheering louder and yelling.

“ELSA GO! GO! YOU CAN DO IT! COME ON! PICK UP THE PACE! STEAL THAT FIRST PLACE! AND YES I KNOW THAT RHYMES, NOW RUN FASTER! SO I CAN KISS A CHAMPION!” This… always happens at Elsa’s races… I get very… vocal… Kristoff just puts a palm to his face and shakes his head, then glares at the people whispering behind us about “There goes Arendelle again…” “Winters sure is lucky to have her own pep squad”. I on the other hand couldn’t care less what they were whispering about, as I saw Elsa almost impossibly overtake the first place runner and take it for herself.

“THAT’S IT ELSA! KEEP IT UP JUST A LITTLE MORE! THE FINISH LINE IS RIGHT THERE!” I keep yelling as the runners approach the finish line, that white strip just waiting to be broken. I held my breath as the runner Elsa passed ran faster and then it was neck and neck, finally they passed the finish line. It was too close to call from the stands everyone was silent on the bleachers. I heard the announcer yell that it was a photo finish and we have to wait for a few minutes before the winner was announced. I made my way off the bleachers and ran to Elsa who was breathing heavily… but not much, she always did have great stamina. I gave her the water bottle I always keep for her after races and she took a huge swallow.

“Thanks, Anna” she smiles and kisses my forehead. I feel the burn of a slight blush and clear my throat

“N-No problem, Elsa, s-so… what do you think?” I asked as I looked to the judge’s booth. Elsa shook her head. Her platinum blonde hair was it a ponytail and it swished side to side.

“It was too close even for me to call” She said as we started walking to the side benches reserved for runners. The waiting was agonizing but thankfully another minute or two had only passed when they finally had the result.

We all looked to the time board and everyone’s times were displayed on it, we waited for the first and second placers as the seconds go by almost in slow motion, and finally it was shown.

“Elsa…” it was the only thing I could say in the situation.

“Anna…” she looked back at me, and stayed silent.

“Y-you… YOU’RE GOING TO THE NATIONALS!!” I suddenly jump up and down in pure joy as Elsa’s name was in the first place spot along with her time. She won by a fraction of a second! I can’t believe it, she was going to the Nationals! The deafening cheers from the crowd were all drowned out as Elsa lifts me in the air laughing and celebrating. A few seconds later she finally puts me down and smiles at me. I smiled back and kissed her in front of the crowd, after I had pulled away and found her blushing like crazy I yelled over the loud cheering.

“Told you I’d kiss a champion!! And you didn’t even break a sweat!”