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operation love 💘 episode 6 

502 - Bad Gateway

I usually work in computer lab 203, the one on the second floor. It’s crowded and always noisy, a lot of the students from the techier fields frequent it.
It’s always filled with the noise of speaking, often conversations, but sometimes you can hear the hushed voices as well, the whispered rumors of the odd behaviour of some students at this place, about the weird rumors running around the other programmes, the “artsier” ones in particular.

They all whisper and scoff, as if they were insane, about how their weird superstitions and habits were unwarranted and nothing was odd or off about the university besides the students themselves.
Yet… as much as they laugh and shake their heads at these things, I’ve never seen any of them ever take a step into 502. The computer lab on the 5th floor, the highest floor in the building.
I’ve been there. Many times. Any time  my code is fighting against me and just not getting done, and I’m about to hit the deadline (admit it, we’ve all been there) I go up there.

That place… it’s like one of those weird corners in a library. Empty. Forgotten by everyone, even time. I’m not sure what it is about it, but I always seem to somehow be able to urge a couple more hours out of the day when I sit there. I like it up there, it’s quiet and calm, it lets me work in peace.
I always get to pick my favorite seat, the one rig that’s seated at the window, overlooking the grounds below, and letting me see the sun setting (and more then once: rising) accross the sky.
The first time I found it I asked some of my classmates why nobody ever used it. “It’s 3 stories higher than the other one, why bother?” They answer with a shrug.

I talked with some of the others about it, about the same answers from all of them. Until I met one of the english majors. They gave me a look as if I’d gone insane. I was then stuck in a almost hour-long rant about the same things we’d been told when we got here. How I shouldn’t visit “off” places and not go around this place “unprotected”. I didn’t really think too much about it, everyone has a right to think whatever they want and such. But going through all the trouble they insisted I should do? to hang out in a computer lab room? I just couldn’t see why that’d matter.

That attitude changed fast. I learned fast to bring an additional cup of cocoa and ‘smellows when I needed to visit. The cup would always be emptied when I came back, I’d check the login history of every machine. leave small traps in the door and leave clutter around in the room to check if anyone walked in when I wasn’t looking or if a cleaner just took it. It was always the same, only my “gift” was taken, nobody entered or used the room besides me and nobody was there to clean. There was always only me. Well, there were no other students or people at least.

I learned to ignore the brushing feeling that often ran across my shoulders. To put my music up extra loud in my ear, not listen to the other noises and conversations. I made a habit of buying  extra salty snacks, let the bags of leftover salt lie around where I moved a lot. I’ve started keeping my backups and more treasured files in a usb drive safely kept around my neck in an iron chain.

I’ve gotten used to it, and to be honest. The price is worth it. I have this entire room to myself now and have networked all the machines. I have more computing power than a lot of the other students could only dream to reach in the cluttered rooms below. And the alone time is honestly pretty nice. Even if it can get pretty difficult to leave the room sometimes… when the rising sun again paints the unused screens in the colors I pretend not to see, ignoring the promises and words they tell me…


My perfect day.

Movie Night Sentence Starters

“Let’s get popcorn!”

“What movie do you want to see?”

“I don’t want one that’s too long.”

“Is it okay if I talk while we watch?”

“Ohhh this is my favorite part!”

“Can we watch a different movie? I just watched that one recently.”

“Why don’t you like this movie?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve been to the movie theater. It’d be nice to see a movie there again.”

“This is turning into a movie marathon! I love it!”

“That’s my favorite seat on the couch! Can I have it back please?”

Not For Lovers

so I figured I should stop being a slacker and actually write another fic, so I wanted to write something cute for Valentine’s Day, and I love Jinyoung so enjoy :))) also this is in first person because all other pov’s seem nasty in my writing rip

Pairing: Jinyoung x Reader (Y/N)

Words: 3.1k rip it’s a lot longer than I expected

Genre: Fluff/small semi-smut at the end

Prompt: Jinyoung tries to convince you, a skeptic, that Valentine’s day is worthwhile. 

Valentine’s Day has always been just a day to me, no importance, no meaning. I mean, to me, it feels like an excuse for people to not fully express their love and just “save it up” for holidays like Valentine’s Day and their anniversary, it’s not for real lovers. I’ve never celebrated the holiday, and I don’t intend to in the future. That is, unless Jinyoung has anything to say about it.

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Could you please do a Kyoya x reader scene? .w.

This is part of a one-time only guest x character series. - Admin

Guest: *taps Kyoya on the shoulder*  Excuse me, but I believe we have an appointment.

Kyoya:  Ah, yes!  Apologies, I didn’t see you come in.  Please, this way to my favorite seat next to the window.  *pulls out her chair*

Guest: Oh my!  This view is spectacular!  

Kyoya: Naturally.  Personally I enjoy how the sunlight makes you glow.  

Guest: *blushes*

Kyoya: Tea?  Commoner’s coffee?

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Guest:  Tea, thank you.  *looks over shoulder* I think the rest of the hosts quit listening.  Now to discuss business…

Kyoya: *smirk* Well you are forward.  Please, continue.  

Guest: I think that if we get the correct backers, our business proposal will work!  We both will amass massive amounts of profit and notoriety.  This is practically a sure-thing!  Oh Kyoya-senpai, I can’t wait to see the surprise on our business rivals’ faces!!!  

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Kyoya: *I think I’m in love*

Alright kids, just when you were ready to count out the porch guy. I come back with what is easily on of my favorite non-porch outdoor seating areas / TRANSITIONAL SPACES.

I’m in a good mood today. I just put a deposit down on a dope ass apartment and I went to my parent’s house where my dad gave me some food and I took a little bit of gin so I could have a tasty beverage to write this post.

Today we’re all about TRANSITIONAL SPACES. What is a TRANSITIONAL SPACE you ask? Well, I don’t know the architectural academic definition, but to me and the people at work I discussed this with it’s a space that exists outside a dwelling that you then transition into or out of the greater space!

TRANSITIONAL SPACES are everything and as it turns out, they double as sick ass seating areas (SASA’s hope you’re not tired of dumb acronyms because I sure as hell am not).

So what we have here I guess could be called a stoop. Stoops are great. Stoop kid from hey! arnold is even better. I can’t believe it took me 4 posts to mention stoop kid on an outdoor seating blog, but hey I have some level of self control when it comes to stoop themed references!

This is a hot stoop for one reason, there are two levels. Why are two levels on a stoop important? Well what if that outdoor chair wasn’t there, where could you sit? Why you could post up on the sweet upper level all day! Or at least until you use the function of the TRANSITIONAL SPACE and go inside.

Aesthetically, I love this stoop. There’s lots of plants and it has a wild rustic feel (you have now entered HGTV). The chair is a nice touch and I’m really into that table because you could very comfortably fit an adult beverage on it (a child’s non alcoholic beverage could fit there too, but lets be real who sets down their capri-sun, you inhale that shit. I love the TRANSITIONAL SPACE door portal and the flowers hanging make sure that the area smells good. Flowers are like the potpourri of outdoor spaces. Its like natures potpourri (there’s several levels to this joke don’t tweet me about it just think okay).

All in all this is a hot stoop and on the Good Porches, Great Porches Stoop Rating System © I give it a hot 8/10. Drinkwise drinking on a front stoop is next level shit, so you better be rocking something in a can in a paper bag. Twisted Tea makes a wonderful Tall Boy I can heartily recommend.

If you want me to rate your porch or just want to follow my porch themed tweets, follow me over at


trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

Hard to Find

Summary: True love is hard to find, but Jensen Ackles may have stumbled upon it at a bed & breakfast in a small, Kansas town.

Part Twelve: Better Together
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 2780
Warnings: Implied sexy time. 


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Please for the love of all that is good and holy, please watch this movie

(Arc V fans I think you will appreciate the Koi Koi)

Ballerina (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Summary: You’re the reason why Bucky has developed a serious obsession with ballet plays.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1.141

This is my masterlist!

If you have any request please send it here!

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“Bucky, where are you going?”

He sighed. Here it goes again. 

He came to the Avengers Tower about a year ago because he got some of his memories back and he wanted to spend time with his friend Steve, plus some of the Avengers had been really good with him. 

He was not a fugitive anymore, but he never thought that living in the tower will mean that he would have a constant babysitter. He was not a four-year-old, and, like the other avengers had said, he was not a danger anymore.

He needed some time alone, but every time he tried to get out the house Steve would appear in front of him and start with his interminable list of questions.

“Steve, I appreciate your concern but it’s not your business… If you need something just call me to that phone that Tony gave me.”

With that, he exited the tower and went straight into the streets of New York City.

He tries to be free on Thursdays just to come there. He rejects missions and training. He even avoids team meetings on Thursday's afternoons.

He got off the metro and walked the two blocks that separated him from his destination… that important ballet theater.

“Good afternoon, sir. Is there anything I can help you with?” the girl in the box office said before she took her eyes off the screen before her “Oh! Bucky! How are you today?”

“I’m feeling great, Amy” he replied with a smile taking his time to get the money to pay his ticket to the rehearsal, half the price of a regular ticket “How are you? How’s that guy treating you?”

“He’s just perfect” she replied dreamily, her eyes showing how much in love she was. “I feel so lucky to have him”

“Just the way it should be… you know he’s the lucky one, don’t you?”

She giggled a little and got the money Bucky was handing in her direction.

“You always say that”

“Because is true, if he ever takes advantage in any form you let me know”

She nodded rolling her eyes as she gave him his ticket.

“Go and talk to her for once!” she screamed as she watched his form disappearing  in the stairs that lead to the balconies of the first ring.

He had acquired this routine 6 months ago. He was walking through the streets of New York and passed by this theater. The marquee was showing the title of a play he knew Natalia used to like, but that wasn’t what got his attention. In one of the doors, a poster was hanging. It was a ballet he watched as a kid, one of his mother’s favorites.

He got in like today and bought a ticket to the rehearsal only to be captivated by one of the protagonists. The ballerina was stunning… she was the most beautiful woman Bucky had ever seen; her movements were meticulous and delicates in a way he thought were impossible to combine. And there he was… fascinated by her.

He went to almost every public rehearsal and show he could attend. And when they changed the play, he went to the next one. Always alone. Keeping her as his secret.

Amy thought it was sweet, he thought that was pathetic but he did it anyway.

Today he sat in the same spot as always, staring at the stage searching for her.

She’s not here today, he thought worriedly, what if something bad happened to her?

“Would you mind if I sit beside you? This happens to be my favorite seat” 

He looked up to the sound of the familiar voice and got almost speechless. She was there. A few rows behind him. She was more beautiful close-up, and she was talking to him.

He cleared his throat before he muttered a “go ahead”.

She left the pair of crutches on the ground and hold a firm grip on the railing.

“Let me help you”, he said raising to his feet and getting closed to her. She nodded with a smile to his silent question before he wrapped his right arm around her waist and help her to the first row.

“Thanks…” she said sitting in the closest seat to the staircase “Hey, I do know you!”

He wanted to smile at her excitement but her comment made him frown. What does she know? He was a fugitive just a year ago after all. Was she scared? She didn’t seem scared. 

“You come here frequently! Do you like ballet? My name’s (Y/N) by the way”

“Nice to meet you, (Y/N). I do really enjoy your dancing.” his voice was soft and deep, contrasting with his posture “My name’s Bucky”

That was the first of the talks you had that month. Bucky made his work to put a smile on your face, even when you came with tears in your eyes because you weren’t able to dance.

The pain in your ankle became more bearable knowing that you will be able to spend some time with him. That was the reason you got a bittersweet feeling the day of the first public rehearsal in which one you were able to dance.

You had left a little piece of paper in the seat he always used and went to change. Remembering last Thursday when he had asked you out. He had been very sweet and you haven’t expected that but of course, you have said yes.

You were head over heels for him, and you suspected that the feeling was reciprocated.

When he arrived the ring of seats, he was surprised to find a piece of folded paper with his name on it. He took it before he sat and began to read it.


How are you?

I finally will be able to dance today!!! I just wanna let you know that I really had fun talking with you these days.

If you still wanna go on that date (and I hope you want to), you can wait for me in the hall. I’ll try to finish with everything as fast as I can after the rehearsal.

Hope to see you later!


During all the rehearsal you couldn’t avoid the fact that your attention was centered on the man with the metal arm. Even when you performed your eyes got lost in his direction. You danced for him the entire time.

And when you finished and met him in the central hall, Bucky could saw Amy’s wink in his direction and the kissing gestures she was doing just to embarrass him and he could also saw a blond haired man and a red headed woman that followed them from a “safe distance”. That didn’t matter to him when he couldn’t stop himself anymore from kissing you.

His lips softly touching yours as you reciprocate standing on your tip toes and linking your arms behind his neck.

If he thought that Steve’s questions were endless, he should get ready for the ones that were to come.

your perfume would always be the thing that i remember,
not your favorite dress or the amount of time you spent perfecting your hair,
but the very ghost of the scent of your skin mixed with the warm notes of vanilla and chamomile could have me at your side in moments.

when we made love the scent would be stuck on my wrists and the crooks of my elbows,
my bed would be covered in the scent too,
I craved these moments of discovery.

it was only a week after you left that i realized the scent was gone except that one pillow on my window seat, your favorite spot;
i picture you there sometimes
resting in the warm glow and smiling at me from across the room
waiting for me to sit next to you, breathe in your scent, breathe in you.

—  M.L. / national poetry month 19/30

Will someone dance in the streets to this with me at midnight like omg pls 

This song is SO freakin good I can’t handle it man

I’ve only listened to this a total of 23 times in a row..

“She has her arms around your waist
With a balance that could keep us safe
Have you ever felt the warm embrace
Of the leather seat between your legs”


I got a request a couple weeks ago from @simsza​ to recolor something from the Danish Dining set that he converted. Aside from being some of my favorite seating, the chairs were a pretty obvious choice. 

OK, so here they are in the Geo Cool and Colorfloral swatches. The Geo Cool swatches come in white and a lighter colored wood and the Colorfloral come in a med wood, white, black and their coordinating solid that has been used in all the other Colorfloral pieces so far. There are arm-less and armed versions of both!

Thank you, @simsza for asking and I hope you like them! 

Simsza’s mesh is needed! Get it here!

Danish Dining Chairs in Geo Cool + Colorfloral

  • custom thumbnails and swatches
  • design tool enabled
  • lots o’ options!
  • mesh needed!

DOWNLOAD: colorfloral | geo cool | merged

TOU: Please do not re-upload or claim as your own. And, if you wanna, tag #sjane4prezcc so I can see what you make!

Credits: conversion by Simsza, original mesh by Awesims