my favorite scene in the whole play followed by the anklet scene

mabesies  asked:

Hello ~ I love your edits/posts, and am wondering what some of your favorite "White Collar" moments are? Would love to see a post about that :D Thank you!!

Okay, this was hard! There are so many great moments – and some are just HAHAHAAA little moments while others are OMG SERIOUS moments. So the following list of 10 moments are mildly arbitrary – there are a couple handful more that could have also made the list. But these are what I decided upon at this moment! Without further ado, and in no particular order that’s a lie they’re in episode order, here are some of my favorite White Collar moments:

NEAL AND THE CEREAL BOX SHERIFF BADGE. (1x10). I just think this is so fucking cute. It plays into the “Neal is a child” personality trait really well. Plus, this whole scene where he just goes and invades the Burkes’ breakfast gives us a clue early on just how comfortable he is with Peter and El. I love it. I love this sheriff badge so much, I made a whole other post about it: [x]

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