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The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 3]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

It’s actually the middle of summer, but British summertime long ago gave up hope of impressing anyone. Unusually, though, no one is complaining: these just so happen to be the ideal conditions for filming a Christmas special, in particular one as unashamedly Christmassy as this. Blue skies and sunshine would have looked out of place.  T-shirts and short skirts likewise. It’s almost as though someone has planned this wintry weather in advance. (That’ll be the producer, Phil Collinson!)

The entire crew breaks into applause as David Tennant - wearing stripy pyjamas, slippers and a dressing gown - arrives on set. He greets James Hawes, the director, and they pat each other on the back. 

[…]The regulars share a group hug before their first shot together: looking up in the sky at a spaceship that isn’t really there.

[…] As the take is completed, James looks into his monitor and yells, “Cut!” He adds: “Everyone, that is David’s first shot of the series.”

“You can send wee Jimmy Krankie home,” shouts out David, as everyone on set applauds him again. “She’s not needed! That’s it, it’s in the can. You can’t get rid of me now.”

Not that anyone would want to.

“The extraordinary thing about David”, explains James, “is his incredible energy and enthusiasm. I mean, he literally bounces onto the set. It’s quite amazing. At the end of the first week, he texted me to say, ‘Thank you so much for a lovely first week, an inspiring first week. Honestly, I think I’m sad that I’m a week nearer to the end.’ which I thought was great. He’s a joy. He has what Billie has, which is that they both clearly get a real buzz out of the adventure of film-making itself, as well as the adventure in the story.”

Thank you to everyone who shares set photos!

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Okay but seriously, artists

Have you ever drawn or written about a character you like so much that your heart hurts whenever you think about them and when you pull up reference images of them you can’t help but sigh and blush and stare at them a little bc wow they’re so perfect and pretty and you love them so much

anonymous asked:

ive been following you for a while, and after seeing ons so much on my dash because of you, i finally got into it!!! >///< i just finished the second season, and omg!!! all the mikayuu feels!!!! out of curiosity, which was your favorite scene for them??

Hmmm…my most favorite scene for them would probably have to be this one: 

Don’t get me wrong, nonnie; like most other Mikayuu fans, I gushed hard over episode 10 of the second season, but to be quite honest, the scene pictured above was the only one that actually…legitimately moved me tears. 

This scene for me was probably the most heartbreaking, yet touching out of the entire series. After all, most of the time that he’s shown in the anime, Mikaela is depicted as this hardened youth fighting to get his family back. He’s cold and apathetic to most of the other characters he interacts with, and for most of the time, he has one facial expression towards all of them. Going by this, and the fact that he’s been trained as a vampire guard and soldier, he’s probably not the type to show affection in the middle of a battlefield, let alone letting his guard down in front of people he perceives to be his enemies. 

All the more reason that this scene jumps out at me, because of how he’s been shown up until this point in the anime. The way he’s holding Yuuichirou so close, the way his embrace is both tender and protective at the same time, it only goes to show that underneath that indifferent nature of his, Mika is actually a very passionate character. For someone who’s longed to be with Yuu again for four years, the affection he shows in this scene seems almost unconsciously done, considering the fact that at this time, he was also thinking about the dead children of the orphanage. 

The way he grits his teeth is especially telling, because, at least to me, it looks as if he’s also holding himself back, as if he’s confirming to himself that Yuuichirou is with him at that moment. It’s like a spell he unconsciously doesn’t want to break, if that makes any sense, nonnie. XD 

Did I mention how beautiful the music piece was for this scene, nonnie? ^^ It’s my most favorite out of the entire soundtrack!

I also love this shot of them from the back:

Personally, I thought it was a wonderful touch for the production team to have added in. We didn’t get this angle from the manga, so I’m so happy to have also seen their scene like this. The way Mika leans his cheek on top of Yuu’s head, the way he cradles him on top of his lap…literally everything about this scene was pure elegance and beauty to me. Although Yuuichirou is unconscious, it was very much an intimate moment for Mikaela’s part, I thought. 

This scene gives us a good insight into Mika’s character as well, so it’s not just for the emotional value that I love it so much! XD It’s one of the few scenes that I thought the anime did a lot better, compared to the manga. Much as I love the art and the manga in general, there are just some scenes that are always better pulled off when it goes on the television screen, y’know? 

If you’re willing to gush with me, won’t you please get off anon, nonnie and send me a private message? ^^ Which scene was your favorite? 


Limitless - 1x14 - Fundamentals of Naked Portraiture

“Zoltar says…you’re all the murderer! Actually, no, I programmed it to say that, but sit tight. You’re all under arrest and stuff.”

One of my favorite scenes in The Defectives (my upcoming young adult novel which you can read about here: x) actually comes very early on in the book, about two weeks after Juniper arrives at the academy. There’s a scene when she and Ryder are wheeling across the campus and she meets two new characters, Than and Winnie. The former has Down Syndrome, the latter is autistic. (Their superabilities are memory and super senses, respectively.) 

And so they’re talking to Juniper and Juniper gives them that smile.

And I know that most of my abled followers are probably confused when I say that smile. But I’m willing to bet that every single one of my disabled followers knows exactly what that smile is. And God, isn’t it the most annoying thing in the world? I’m a pretty passive person but my blood boils every single time I receive that smile or see someone giving that smile to someone else with a disability.


I hate it so much.

But even worse than that smile, Juniper starts talking to them using that voice.

Again, to all of my disabled followers, you guys know that voice. Don’t you just hate that voice? I hate that voice as much as that smile.

And so does Ryder, evidently, because he immediately gets mad at Juniper and she doesn’t understand why. And when Than and Winnie leave, Ryder growls, “If you ever do that smile and that voice again, I will stop being your mentor.”

And she doesn’t get it.

And then, just to add salt in the wound, she unintentionally says something along the lines of, “They’re adorable.”

And Ryder’s just like, “Oooohhhh…that’s unfortunate.”

“What is?”

“That mindset.”

And so, the next day, Ryder just starts doing that smile and that voice every single time that Juniper talks. And she gets more and more uncomfortable, especially when she’s trying to talk about something serious. And she finally expresses that it makes her uncomfortable and he’s like, “No shit, Sherlock!”

(It should be noted that at this point in the story, Juniper is still seeing everything from an abled mindset. Ryder gets rid of that pretty quickly, as well, and lets her know that whether she likes it or not, she’s not just an observer of their world, she’s a part of their world. But I digress.)

Juniper doesn’t ever have that smile or that voice again which is great because I hate that smile and that voice

To all of my followers, especially my disabled followers, what are your thoughts? Both on the scene and that smile and that voice? Do you hate them as much as I do?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s one of my favorite romantic scenes (well, more like pining). From ‘Holiday’ starring Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn. I love The Philadelphia Story and Bringing Up Baby (and enjoy Silvia Scarlett because Hepburn in drag), Holiday is my favorite of the Grant + Hepburn movies. This scene especially is so understated and sweet. 

macaroni-mikaila asked:

What is your favorite scene from a book?

my favorite scene from a book is definitely the end of Perks of Being a Wallflower! it makes me cry every single time because my god it’s so emotional. the fact that at the end charlie found happiness and how he starts describing his feelings get to me every single time, especially because i always related to charlie a lot and when he’s like “So, if this does end up being my last letter, please believe that things are good with me, and even when they’re not, they will be soon enough. And I will believe the same about you.” and i’m like SOBBING MY EYES OUT I FUCKING LOVE THAT BOOK SO MUCH so yes, that’s definitely my favorite scene of anything. ever.

(also probably the entire The Book Thief book because it’s an actual masterpiece)