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Famous musicians talk about Queen and Freddie Mercury.

Fujio Rock AU headcanons

made these…stuffs wwww

  • Oso is the leader of the group
  • Ichi and Kara are the ones in charge with music writing
  • Choro and Totty are the ones in charge of harmonizing and perfecting practices due to their perfectionist nature
  • Jyushi easily picks up music and creates beats for it
  • Oso and Kara are the ones who love to sneak out of practice just for the lols
  • Choro is the one who’s always paranoid about them being found out in public. He insists everyone to wear disguises when they go out.
  • Jyushi and Ichi always goes to confectionary shops just to consume a lot of sweets when they are in break. Choro insists that they make deliveries, but Ichi pushes that sweets are best consumed when they are served.
  • Most to least active in social media: Totty; Oso; Kara; Ichi; Choro; Jyushi
  • All other members are amazed on Jyushi’s stamina during practice. Being a drummer is energy-consuming, yet, he is always the one who’s still energetic at the end. It’s all thanks to his continuous training.
  • Most to least popular member: Oso; Kara; Totty; Ichi; Jyushi; Choro
  • Kara loves to perform raging solos during instrumental breaks at live concerts. Fans love it so much.
  • Kara also strips in the middle of the show. Until the end, he is topless playing guitar. FANGIRLS LOVE IT SO MUCH.
  • Jyushi breaks an average of 4 pairs of drumsticks in an average 2-hour show.
  • Totty is meticulous when it comes to graphics of the live. Like…how the lighting comes, how the visuals appear in time with the music.
  • On how they began the band:

They are not related with each other. Oso and Kara were childhood friends and they loved to jam with music. One day, Oso just impulsively decides to form a band. Kara just went with it.

They found Choro when they once watched a recital (which Oso didn’t really like coz classics are not his cup of tea but Kara insisted on watching). Long story short, Oso was amazed on how Choro played and insisted that classical is too boring for Choro’s skills. How about a shift to rock music?

Kara knew Ichi and Juice since they were workers at a local music store. Kara didn’t know that the two can play bass and drums respectively; that was, until one day when he passed by the shop (it was still closed lol), he overheard Juice fiddling around with drumsticks and Ichi growling into a rock song. That was the moment he pushed Ichi and Juice join the band.

Totty is an underground keyboardist and he just sort of played for different unpopular bands. He was honestly bored to it and wanted to be a permanent member in a band. One of his colleagues then recommended a newly formed band who was playing on a local park just for like…exposure. He watched them play and was highkey irked on the way they just sort of went around the places and like…no coordination at all. One day, he went into the studio where the band were practicing and requested for them to play a popular song as Totty held keyboard. Everyone was amazed on how everything sounded better, and pulled Totty into their band.

Read My Mind
The Killers
Read My Mind

Read My Mind by The Killers. <3

The good old days, the honest man;

The restless heart, the Promised Land

A subtle kiss that no one sees;

A broken wrist and a big trapeze

Oh well I don’t mind, if you don’t mind

‘Cause I don’t shine if you don’t shine

Before you go, can you read my mind?

Band merch?

Hey guys!
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I Had To- Simon Imagine

Miniminter x Reader

Requested: Nope from my own brain

Warnings: none really

This semi-based off of and I repeat semi-based off of an actual experience and that is a gif from that experience. And when I say semi- based off of I mean my cousin and I saw Coldplay in chicago and the show almost got cancelled bc of one thunderstorm and then we walked 6 miles back to our hotel in another thunderstorm and my shoes murdered my feet those are the only real things. Also sorry if this sucks I have no train of thought right now :/

Simon and I had been best friends since we were kids. We’d both always had a love for music but completely different kinds of music. I was more of an Alternative Rock and Pop kind of person while he preferred grime, rap and punk rock. My favorite band of all was Coldplay and Simon was well aware of it too. A couple months back I’d tried to get tickets to their concert at Wembley with no prevail but for my birthday Simon had surprised me with tickets and today was the day. About mid-afternoon there was a knock on the door of my flat.

“Are you ready for the best night of your life, Y/N?” Simon asked smiling

“Of course”, I laughed.

“Good we’re going to dinner first”, he said revealing a bouquet of red roses he had behind his back.

“These are beautiful”, I said admiring them, “you shouldn’t have.”

“It’s your day I had to”

I put the roses in a vase and followed Simon out the door. We walked a couple blocks to the place Simon ha picked for dinner. It was a fancy restaurant right between my flat and Wembley. We sat down at a table where they brought us glasses of wine and a basket of bread.

“You didn’t have to do this”, I smiled, “you could’ve gotten take out and we could’ve sat in my flat all evening and I would’ve been just as happy.”

“I had to, Y/N, you’ve been looking forward to this day basically your whole life I had to make it as special as possible. He then raised his glass,  "here’s to your patience.”

“To my patience”, I said with a laugh.

We clinked glasses and finished our dinner and walked a few blocks to Wembley. I was shaking with excitement walking to our seats. Simon had somehow managed to acquire perfect Seats looking straight down the stage and I was in awe.

“These are great”, I grinned, “you can see everything perfectly”

As the concert began my excitement was at an all-time high and Simon thought it was absolutely hilarious. I had basically become an insane fangirl right before his eyes and he was loving every bit of it. As the concert went on so did my rollercoaster of emotions tears were shed more laughs were shared and eventually it was all over. As we left Wembley, the beautiful summer evening had turned into a torrential rain storm and with no cabs in sight, we were forced to walk back to my flat. I hadn’t chosen the most comfortable shoes in the first place and then after drowning them and walking 6 kilometers they were extremely uncomfortable and had become rather painful.

I looked down to investigate and Simon must’ve followed my gaze to my bloody ankles. “Holy shit Y/N that does not look good do you want me to carry you the rest of the way because I can?”

“No it’s only a few more blocks but thanks”, I replied.

We walked the final few blocks to my flat. Upon entrance, I promptly removed my shoes bandaged my blistered heels and sat down on the sofa next to Simon.

“Thank you”, I said breaking the silence, “for the best night of my life and for being so wonderful no matter the rain or my horrible shoes.”

He laughed,  "You’re welcome, I had a pretty great time tonight too thanks to you.“

"You’re just easily entertained by my excitement.”

“I just love seeing you so happy.”

“Hey you made that happen, you bought the tickets, you brought me roses, you arranged dinner and you were there it was all you”, I said laying my head on the back of the couch

“You really think so”, he blushed bringing his face closer to mine.

“I know so”, I grinned.

He pressed his lips to mine passionately as if he’d been waiting the entire evening to do so. I ran my fingers through his damp hair as he slipped his arms around my neck.

We pulled away and he smiled, “I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile.”

“Me too”, I agreed laying my head on his shoulder.

marching band + tickling
  • person A needs to work on standing at attention but can’t because person B keeps tickling them
  • “you can’t stay on the drum major podium forever; when you get down here i’m so gonna get you” 
  • A being acutely aware that their band’s shakos have feather plumes, and B eventually notices A’s fixation and uses it to their advantage 
  • “the new members are so tiny and cute and oh what they’re ticklish too? that makes them even cuter”
  • A doesn’t feel like practicing their instrument but B tickles them in order to make it happen 
  • A using their drum sticks for pure evil – as in, for poking B in their sides 
  • “it’s so cold tonight and these gloves aren’t enough so i’m gonna stick my hands under your armpits for warmth and wait did you just giggle?”
  • A is in color guard and whenever they lift their flag over their head, B always seems to be there to tickle their vulnerable body
  • “i’m going to tickle you until you admit that the brass section is better than the woodwinds” 
  • post-performance; A is upset about a mistake they made on the field and B knows the perfect way to cheer them up 
  • A taking off their shirt on a particularly hot band camp day, and B taking advantage of the newly exposed tickle spots
  • “for every day you don’t have your music memorized, i’m going to tickle you for one minute” 


Kylo Ren and Ben Solo AU's

(None of the photos, art or aesthetic posts in this are mine, just used as visuals to go along with it)

We all know canon Kylo and how he looks, but what about those other AU’s? I present, the ultimate list of Kylo Ren and Ben Solo AU’s!!

First we’ve got Smuggler Ben Solo, aka what Kylo would have been in the SW universe had he not chosen the dark side and was not force sensitive who takes majorly after his father:

Then! We have another favorite, Jedi Ben Solo! Another SW universe AU had Kylo not chosen the dark side. Tends to take after Leia, but still has his fathers attitude for sure:

Much like Jedi Ben Solo there is also Senator Ben Solo/Amidala. Given his lineage to one of the most famous and successful rebellion leaders and public figures, the young senator not only has big shoes to fill but does so boldly. Still carrying that Solo charm, Ben negotiates his way through the galaxy, fighting for the policies and actions he sees as doing right by the galaxy:

Then there’s a big favorite, Emperor Kylo. Basically still in the SW universe, but this time Kylo is free from Snoke’s control and able to be the grey jedi we all know he wishes he was:

Then we have a whole LOT of modern AU’s.

First, my personal favorite, what we can consider triplet/punk/generic modern/rock band Kylo. Like canon Kylo he’s got a bit of an anger problem but is highly intelligent and skilled in his craft (whatever it may be), he also has a dicey relationship with his parents. Though his demeanor is off-putting and intimidating, he’s secretly very emotional and thoughtful. In the triplet AU he’s most likely either the oldest or middle brother and is also the most intimidating of the three.

Then we’ve got College AU Kylo, who knows what he’s studying but a lot like modern Kylo above he’s fairly mysterious, kind of brooding and quiet, but reader certainly notices him whenever he’s in their nearby proximity. Given how intense his presence is. Most likely has a tendency to stare.

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