my favorite robotboy

Being an aromantic-asexual on Valentine’s Day:


I friggen love this scene lakdshf.


Naive blue buddies who (accidentally) allow their human besties fall to their deaths but saves them just in time.

While Billy let Spencer go out of obliviousness, I’m fairly certain Ro was pulling a prank on Tommy since that’s what they were doing before akjsdg. I love Birb!Billy even if he looks like Sunny from Cocoa Puffs lksdh.


I friggen LOVE everything about this scene:

  • the dramatic slow motion of Tommy being chased by the Pirahna-Men
  • Robotboy’s most dramatic Superactivation
  • that fantastic pan up on his SA mode
  • the clones looking at him completely stupefied
  • how SA Ro blasted those clones apart as if he was like, “I KNOW you weren’t just about to make my lemon son your lunch!”
  • that lovely shot of Ro coming down to blast the clones a 2nd time
  • Tommy and Kamikazi raising their eyebrows for whatever reason
  • Constantine knowing that Kamikazi pretty much lost by now

“…the most prepared take it the worst. The proudest is the most damaged.”

My precious children have all been through so much.

  • Robotboy has a wish that may never happen and powers that are sometimes abused or sought after for evil purposes
  • Tommy suffers through physical, emotional, and mental abuse daily, mainly by his brother, father, and school bullies
  • Lola feels abandoned a lot because she’s a girl
  • Gus acts the way he does because of his upbringing

One thing I love about Robotboy is how gentle he is when he picks Tommy up by his shirt to catch or carry him:

Like, Ro knows where on Tommy’s shirt to grab so that he doesn’t choke his best friend or cause him discomfort, even when he’s Superactivated.

Ro is very gentle when handling his kids.

Unlike Protoboy and Affenkugel, who holds Tommy’s shirt with so much force and doesn’t care if it hurts him:

If you look closely you can see tears in Tommy’s eyes! Whether he knows this or not, Protoboy is slowly cutting off Tommy’s airway. Tommy would have probably passed out if Proto hadn’t let him go to let him fall to his death.