my favorite program


the holy uncle trinity of ijs men’s skaters


I did a side by side comparison between Kenji-sensei’s choreography and the final result. Tried to sync it the best I could but some discrepancies were unavoidable. This is my favorite program in YOI (and best animated, imho), and it looks stunning irl too!

Choreography footage is from Bonus DVD Vol. 1, the animation is from Episode 1.

My Favorite Yuzu Costumes

I’m not the best with words, but hopefully I’ll be able to accurately explain why I like these costumes in particular :) Hopefully this can help some new Yuzu fans, as I’m somewhat kind of new myself

None of the pictures are mine, I take no credit and give all credit to rightful owners. It was pretty difficult to find sources for all of these, since most of them came off of sites like Pinterest. I’m going to go back and try to source them all as soon as possible.

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today I said that my favorite programming language is C because it makes  you use your brain and Java is like a cute little chicken that you add 20 lbs of tumors to and someone tried to argue against what I was saying (bc for C you have to program to the processor and you can do one line of python for 20 lines of C… I digress) but like

how can you argue about an opinion on what someone’s favorite thing is. I don’t tell you you can’t like pizza as your favorite food bc it makes you fat. 

I just wanna like things yall, no I am not going to program Android in C bc I like C that much and will only program stuff in C


October Skating Challenge Day 28: Favorite move
↳ (Takahiko Kozuka’s) Spreadeagles


Jack tries to disguise himself and sneak into Groucho’s show, You Bet Your Life, to win the $3,000 jackpot.

Groucho Marx guest stars on The Jack Benny Program: Jack Is a Contestant (April 3, 1955) and adds a little to the script