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Notte Stellata || Yuzuru Hanyu 2016-2017

Unfailingly beautiful and calming—always a good fix for a stressful day. The Ina Bauer on the high note has given me so many goosebumps. Of his three programs this past season, I think I’ll miss this one the most. I hope he will perform this again someday.

once called a dreamer,
now you’re pushed to the ground
they run from you as you spill emotions 
they watch as you drown in your own
out-of-touch reality
they laugh in your face and tattoo “VICTIM” on your forehead
you are the one they belittle 

So cast them out with your trident
remind them that kindness can mask a fury
strike them down as they raise their voice
refuse to heal them with your tears
be their siren, seduce them towards your rocky heart
show them the passion they lust for,
then devour them whole with a silky smile 

You can be ferocious,
and heinous, and powerful
you can carry them storm inside your spirit 
you can pour your feelings out in a flood
Pisces, you are not weak
and watch them as they choke
on the downpour called your love

—  a Pisces’s proclamation // hnl 2017 

Nathan Chen - “Stole the Show” (Kygo)

2017 Stars on Ice @ Honda Center in Anaheim, CA

anonymous asked:

sup mr tuttle!!! how do you usually spend your day? and is your cat ok???

“Who are you? How do you know my name?? Well…usually I get up at 6 AM and have some rice pudding and do the crossword puzzle in the newspaper. I also feed my cats. I have seven of them: Spoosky, Howler, Hamlet, Gary, Pistachio, Gatsby, and Artichoke. They’re all fine except Spoosky still has an upset stomach from the pudding he ate. 

After my morning routine, I do my daily inspection of the apartment building and handle any complaints or grievances from the tenants. Then I watch my favorite television program, Bonanza. Sometimes if I’m lucky they’ll play three episodes in a row. I spend a lot of my time yelling at my gosh darned neighbors/tenants because they’re all hooligans. The only one that seems okay is that redhead woman, except her daughter is the devil. I don’t know what happened to that strange boy with the tattoos but I’m glad he’s gone. He was a nuisance. For dinner I usually make my favorite, meatloaf with mashed potatoes. If I want to treat myself I’ll go to Sal’s Diner and get the early bird special.”