my favorite play in the city


My favorite thing about City Living is the sheer number of sims that spawn on public lots. For example, Emma was out on her morning run when she spotted Nino playing for tips. Just a few yards away was Alya, jogging to meet with Marinette, who apparently went out for coffee with hat man ( forgot his name but I think they are in the same book club?) earlier in the day. Meanwhile, Lotte was searching Free boxes around the city while Luna checked out her ass in a very heterosexual way.

[TRANS] BTS Japan Official Fanclub Magazine - Jin’s Biography

Liked gaming since kindergarten
The vigorous boyhood

1~2 years after being born in Anyang City, Gyeonggi Province, I moved to the neighboring Gwacheon City. My memories started from Gwacheon. I was awkward about taking photos until just before debuting, so I hardly have any childhood photo. It’s hard to find photos from back then. When you take photos, you have to stand still. I hated hearing “Wait, let’s take just one photo!” and having to stand still.

My favorite thing in kindergarten days was the popular dinosaur character game back then. We only had one game but my hyung hogged it all, so I really wanted to play it at that time. I don’t know if it’s the reason why I like games now too.

I was a vigorous child in elementary school. After school, I would go play with my friends and come back at dinner time, then do my homework and sleep. It was my routine. I had a lot of friends too. We would only play every day and not study at all (laughs). My favorite subject was Physical Education. It’s the exact opposite to now (laughs). I liked running, swimming, tennis and also golfing that my father taught me how to play. He likes snowboarding and skiing so he often takes me to the ski resort, and I started from that. Although my father frequently went on business trips, when he came home, he would play his favorite sports with me. He often took me abroad too. Japan, Europe, Australia,.. But I’m not very into travelling so it felt like I was half-forced (laughs).

I talk with my 2-year-older hyung every day. We play games together and talk about this and that, it seems like our relationship got even better than before.

Grew up to be a hesitant guy in front of the opposite sex due to going to all-boy middle & high school!?

I was too into gaming since 1st year of middle school so I didn’t go out to play (laughs). Me and my friends kept staying in the PC room to play games in summer break. 

My best friends are friends from middle school. The relationship between us four people is quite good, even after we went to study higher, we would go to the valley and play together in summer break and go snowboarding in winter break. Even now we still contact each other every day and contend for each other’s old men’s jokes (laughs)

In terms of music, I liked Lee Seunggi sunbaenim’s ‘Delete’, KCM sunbaenim’s ‘Black & White Photos’ and Turtles sunbaenim’s ‘Airplane’. I also listen to Buzz sunbaenim’s music often so I like rock ballad even until now.

Since I went to all-boy school for both middle and high school, I had absolutely no contact with girls for 6 years. Even after going to university, I still couldn’t look into girls’ eyes. I would drop my eyes low and “Hey, how’s it going?” (laughs). I met an easy-going friend in university so he mended that manner too. He hit me and said “I told you to look in the eyes and talk!”… But still, I fit in better with guys (laughs).

The path to become a singer through scouting
Currently taking music composing with seriousness!

In 1st year of high school, my dream was to become a newspapers reporter to stand by the second-class citizens’ side. I used to read newspapers articles every day. The dream of becoming an actor was born in my 2nd year, after watching Kim Namgil-ssi in the drama ‘Queen Seondeok’. I was touched and thought that, I wanted to make people cry with my acting too. So I entered the Film Major in university .

3 months after entering, I was scouted and became a trainee. The rapper line was in the company already, and Jungkook joined 2 days after me. I came into the practice room and saw a kid with eyes like Bambi standing, I asked ‘…Who is this?’ and he stood up and said ‘Oh! My name is Jeon Jungkook!’. Even when I told him ‘Sit down,’ he said ‘Oh no! I’m okay!’ (laughs). The one with deepest first impression would be Namjoon who was practicing dancing. It was my first time seeing someone practicing dancing since I was born, so I thought ‘Wow, he’s a trainee. Cool.’

As I trained, I went to eat with other trainees as well and enjoyed my trainee life. I liked dancing back then. But after debuting, I heard people saying ‘He can’t dance’ so I lost my confidence… Despite that, thanks to ARMYs who always tell me ‘It’s cute’, ‘You did a great job’, I regained my confidence and now, it seems like I can dance.

My life right now is great, and I’m satisfied with being in BTS. My interest in music started after I met the members. Back in debut days, I couldn’t even think I can write songs. Thanks to the influence from our members, I’m now continuing to write songs. Even though they aren’t at the level of being put into albums yet, I got good responses and am working hard right now.

If someday the chance comes, I want to try acting. V is doing that now so I’m happy with it. Compared to acting,  I want to improve my skills in singing and performing more. It’s physically draining but I feel the joy in it.

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50 Asks
  1. What was your favorite 90s show?
  2. What is the last song you played?
  3. What is one character you feel particularly tied to?
  4. Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?
  5. How do you keep yourself organized, if you do?
  6. You’re in a bad mood. How do you choose to deal with it?
  7. You can marry one fictional character. Who?
  8. If you weren’t born in this era, which do you think you should have been born in?
  9. Coffee, tea, or water?
  10. Name one weird gift you’d like to be given.
  11. One thing that always creeps you out?
  12. What is your Starbucks order?
  13. Are you more like your mom or your dad?
  14. Does the toilet paper roll belong with paper coming from the top or the bottom?
  15. You get to meet one author of your choosing (dead or alive) and ask them all your unanswered questions about their book. Who do you talk to?
  16. Do all disasters have an up side? Or is that foolish thinking?
  17. What is your favorite rainy day album?
  18. Do you tan easily?
  19. Do/did you ever pass notes to your friends in school?
  20. You are going to be isolated with one person for a week straight. Who is with you?
  21. What is your feel good movie?
  22. If you had to dye your hair, what color would you choose?
  23. What is something you are proud of?
  24. Tell me a story about you.
  25. Name a lesson you have learned from a fictional character.
  26. Any recurring dreams?
  27. If you could take a long roadtrip anywhere, where would you go?
  28. What was the first concert/show you attended?
  29. Best sing-along-dance-alone-in-your-room songs?
  30. Weirdest phase you went through as a kid
  31. Pro- or anti-sleeping with socks?
  32. Are you still in touch with your first best friend?
  33. The moment when you realized you loved _____ (music, sports, etc)
  34. Jelly or jam?
  35. Have you ever learned to knit or crochet?
  36. Tell the story of your first love
  37. A book you would recommend to anyone who would listen
  38. A movie you would recommend to anyone who would listen
  39. Are you good at keeping plants alive?
  40. Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?
  41. Something you’ll admit to the internet but not people irl
  42. You’re in a tattoo parlor about to get inked. What are you getting done?
  43. What are you like when you are really really tired?
  44. Do you prefer taking notes on paper or online
  45. Are you a leg jiggler?
  46. What makes a song /good/ in your opinion?
  47. How many drafts do you have on your blog(s)?
  48. Are you an old soul or young soul?
  49. Frosted cupcakes or unfrosted cupcakes?
  50. What do you think your mid-life crisis will be about?

tv show meme: [3/5] tv show → girl meets world

“We think that we are the center of the universe, but the truth is… we need to circle the ones we love for as long as they’re here. We need to hold them close, because no matter how far we travel, they are the ones who hold us in place. It’s gravity, and without it, we’d just all float away from each other. We are not kings at all. We are just tiny little specs. My name is Riley Matthews from Greenwich Village, New York City, the United States of America, the continent of North America, the western atmosphere, the Earth, the Solar System, the universe, the mind of God. That’s from “Our Town”, my father’s favorite play. Just for a moment, we’re all together. Let’s really look at one another.”


“Who’s ‘Madre’? You have, like, six voicemails from them.”
“Don’t go through my phone.”
“Jeez, don’t get so touchy. I just wanted to play Pokémon Go. My friend told me there was a Blastoise down at the shipyard.”
“Seriously? And you didn’t tell me until now?

you know ive been a registered webkinz user since 2006 and i used to go on all the time.
eventually i got caught up in school and forgot about it for 5 years and hadn’t logged on in literally that long
a few months ago i logged on because a friend mentioned webkinz and..
i was absolutely devastated. dr quack fucking died. nothing looks the same (the fuck is that huge city now that was never there as i remember)
i went the arcade to make some cash and like..all the games i used to play were only available if you have a premium account now?? half the clothing shop was for premium users only. even the fuckin food places

so i tried to go to my favorite hangout spot when i was like 5, the chatrooms.
fucking only available to premium users.

my pets surprisingly werent dead and my account didnt expire?? but im so pissed that 95% of the site is off limits for users w/o premium now, that of which i used to always be able to access for FREE

i felt really bad for my pets because there was nothing to do for them. i used to love them like my own children. i cant earn enough money to make them happy or even fucking feed them. felt like a fish out of water. finally know what ford feels like coming back to his dimension after 30 years and everything is different.
basically it all comes down to this: capitalism kills your fuckin childhood

also i still to this day have no fuckin clue how to play wacky zingoz
bubble oopsy
  • me: hiya daddy!!
  • Daddy: hi Princess, what can daddy hep you with today?
  • me: nothing really,I've been playing in bubbles!
  • Daddy: Babygirl, daddy told you to put your cloths in the washer.
  • me: uh huh! I did!
  • Daddy: you put them in and put soap in?
  • me: duh, where do you think all the bubbles I've been playing in came from?
  • Daddy: many bubbles?
  • me: they're in the kitchen now sooo....lots!!
  • Daddy: i love you babygirl but i can't take my eyes off you for 5 minutes, can i?
  • me: nope!! i like your eyes. they're my favorite.
  • Daddy: .....come one cutie, time to clean up Bubble City.
  • me: oh!! i should have made a fort out of all the bubbles!!

This was my favorite part of winter as a kid. I spent endless hours by myself playing on snow piles like this, building forts and digging tunnels. I’d come home from school, bundle up, and pretend I was Steve McQueen in The Great Escape until the streetlights came on. Life was peaceful and quiet and simple. I love the snow, I love the cold, I love winter.

Photos: Adam Young


And as promised, more RBACC spammery! Say hello to my favorite new thing in the entire hood: Old Town

Nested on the cliffs just above what will soon become the beachfront city centre, this fascinating fortress was made in the likeness of similar fortified towns that can be found all across the Mediterranean. I loved the idea of giving my hood a bit of ‘history’, and in addition, having an ‘old town’ gives me the perfect excuse to mess around with castle lots without actually having to play a strictly medieval game. My wizard and elven families have all been moved here, as have the vampires; I also plan on adding some touristy community lots, like a museum and a clock tower, but all in good time. For now though, this is what I have. Pics are captioned.

If you like Hamilton then give “In The Heights” a try

I’m seeing a lot of non-musical listening people loving Hamilton so I feel I must direct them to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s OTHER amazing musical “In the Heights” 

My absolute favorite musical, it touches on topics like gentrification, community ties, city life in New York,

 preserving culture and identity in a place where you feel both at home but unwelcome, 

and a whole lot of Latin-based cultural quirks that I as a Filipino found to be extremely familiar, 

like reactions to extremes of heat in the summer, hardworking and tired people, 

that one street vendor who goes around selling his wares like a trooper on hot days, 

that one old lady matriarch of the community who everybody considers their grandma, 

responsibility to family, the pressure of one kid from a poor community to be educated and to go far not just for themselves but for the entire community, 

the gossip from the chattering ladies at the local salon, 

every excuse you can get to party and eat and drink and sing and dance you gotta take it, 

inviting the whole barrio to eat at your place during a celebration, etc etc ad infinitum 

The music is ridiculously good and energetic and gorgeous with a very engaging Latin flare 

and amazing raps written and performed by our favorite Lin-Manuel

and the drama is so powerful it’ll bring tears to your eyes 

You might also see some familiar faces/hear some familiar voices as some of the actors in In The Heights perform in Hamilton, like Chris Jackson as George Washington, previously the rapping young entrepreneur Benny 

You can listen to the full soundtrack online, I believe there are tracks on Spotify and I don’t have iTunes but you can check there, and I also know all the tracks are on youtube if you can’t access either

It is my absolute favorite musical of all time, it’s fun and funny and triumphant and heartbreaking and utterly beautiful and I highly recommend it. 

city folk writin’ voltron fics:

Keith yawned in Texan as he headed to the kitchen to pour himself a bowl of cowboy boots like he did every morning. As he took a bite, he turned on the radio to Lone Star radio (a/n: that means Texas too, i looked it up in google) which was playing one of his favorite songs, ‘She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy’. He didn’t feel at ease unless he listened to country at the start of his day. (x)

my paper for my lighting design class about my favorite play/musical
  • Teacher: I love drama. Make it dramatic.
  • Me: "My very favorite moment with the lighting design in Newsies was at the very beginning of the Musical. Jack and Crutchie are on the rooftop of the lodging house, just standing on Jack’s “penthouse” admiring the view, looking at the stars, breathing fresh air, high above the stinking streets of New York City. Jack put his arm around his friend, his best friend, his brother, Crutchie, with a wide grin, talking about how much better the new town of Santa Fe is than New York. He told him that if he wanted, he could see it too, Jack’s dream place, Santa Fe. The minute he began to sing, “Close your eyes, come with me, where it’s clean and green and pretty-” the background lighting went from a dull, boring blue grey, to a bright vibrant orange, yellow, and red. It was like the scene was so powerful and wonderful, it shook my soul to my very core when the colors changed like that, because I too, like Crutchie, could see it too, and my eye’s weren’t even closed."
Baby Moo

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okay sorry this is late, i had a panic attack today but I’m fine now :) also who knew that niall saying moo would be so hot???

“I’m guessing you like the outfit?” Niall asked, feeling his smile on me, “say moo if ya do.”
“Moo, baby moo.”

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Hi, Everybody!

My Name is Azalea Collete, I'm a 22-year-old Toy Designer from Arizona but I recently moved to Nashville Tennessee.I heard that it was known as Music City, And I really like music and stuff so I felt like it was perfect for me.I hope that made sense lol.I'm going to stop talking now and just list some facts about me.Don't be afraid to hit me up!I don’t bite…Well only if your into that type of stuff

  • I play the guitar
  • I have a youtube channel 
  • I'm a foster child 
  • I love all the colors of the rainbow 
  • My favorite song is Xo tour life 
  • My favorite sport is Hockey 
  • My eyes are brown
  • I love different color contacts 

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Pets: i don’ t have pets (My mom will not let me have pets. ; - ;)

Last song listened to:  It’s Quiet Uptown - Hamilton (en este momento :v XD)

Favorite Cartoon: STAR VS THE FORCES OF EVIL!!!!! >:v (i lovit -w-)

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First Fandom: danny pahntom 

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Hobbies: I like to read, drawing , i play the guitar ,and listen music  ._.

Books: i am  number four!  *-* (te amo nueve <3 :v)

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scorpio city and satanás :3 (te amo mario mendoza :v)

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