my favorite place in paris!


«I created this bookstore like a man would write a novel, building each room like a chapter, and I like people to open the door the way they open a book, a book that leads into a magic world in their imaginations.» —George Whitman

One of my favorite places in Paris, it’s magical.   


The Louvre, my favorite place to hang in Paris. 

I have been to Paris many times now, and this time around the weather was just horrible, which made it perfect to stay indoors. I cannot think of a better place to spend a few hours if not a few days than The Louvre. 

My Favorite Places to Eat in Paris

I, Anndi, am a serious foodie. About 99% of the reason I ever leave my house is to try new food. Since the city is jam packed with restaurants on every corner, it’s hard to know which ones are truly worth your hard-earned coins. Well I am here to help you! Below is a list of my Top 5 Favorite Places to Eat in Paris. 

1. Gumbo Yaya

Fried Chicken? Collard Greens? HUSH PUPPIES?! By far my favorite place to eat in Paris and it has nothing to do with french food. With a cool hip-hop ambiance and cookout style decor, Gumbo Yaya is a great relaxed place to dine with friends. In all honesty, it’s not incredibly authentic soul food (having a southern family I’m a harsh critic), but the fried chicken is BANGIN’ and it beats going to a french KFC any day. It’s fairly priced, with a good sized portion meal being between 11-15 euros. 

Pro Tip: Get the Big Homie or the Chicken&Waffle Burger. Thank me later. 

3 rue Charles Robin, Metro stop Colonel Fabien (line 2)

2. Ménélik

If you have never had Ethiopian cuisine before, just know it is entirely TOO LIT. Food full of overwhelmingly savory flavors that is meant to be shared among a large group and eaten with your hands (Take lots of napkins). From the authentic ethiopian artwork, multi-colorful tapestries, and mesmerizing east african music, this spot bathes in authenticity. The best part is easily the free mystery wine you get before your meal. It will have you feeling good in no time. But if you feel like paying for alcohol, I would try Tej which is a wine brewed with honey. 

Pro Tip: Ask for more sourdough bread. You’re going to need it. 

4 rue Sauffroy, Metro Stop Brochant (line 2)

3. HolyBelly

Oh, HolyBelly. Are we in old town Paris or gentrified Williamsburg, Brooklyn? It took two times of waiting in line for over an HOUR until I actually tried your savory goodness. But boy was it worth the wait! This French-American spot, located at the heart of the 10th, is a hipster haven and has perhaps the best brunch in town. With its impeccable attention to plate presentation, it has the most “Instagram-able” meals in the city. If you order the Savory Stack you will have dreams about it several weeks after. 

Pro Tip: Try to get in line before 11am. After that its all over champ. 

19 Rue Lucien Sampaix , Metro stop Jacques Bonsergent (line 8)

4. Churrasquiera Galo

This portuguese restaurant has a pretty underwhelming decor and even less impressive service. It’s small and has the community-style seating I loathe quite dearly. BUT the food is awesome!! The portion size is super generous by European standards and you can get a full, hearty meal for less than 13 euros! What’s best is that its located only a 8 min walk away from the Sacré-Coeur in Montmartre, the highest point in the city. It may not be phenomenal in all respects but the food makes it worth a lunch stop after sight-seeing.

Pro Trip: Only go if super hungry. Or wear stretchy pants. 

69 rue du Dunkerque, Anvers (line 2), Barbes-Rochechouart (line 4)

5. La Crêperie Bretonne

My absolute favorite french meal is crêpes and galettes. Sweet or savory. I will take them however I can get them. PLEASE resist the temptation to try your first crêpe from a cheap fast food hole-in-the-wall in Saint-Michel and instead opt for one of the many tasty sit-downs on Rue du Montparnasse. This long, narrow street is lined with nothing but restaurants that specialize in this french delicacy. The most popular of these is La Crêperie Bretonne. I personally like to top my crepes with ham, egg, cheese, mushroom, and spinach but you don’t have to start or stop there! You will be overwhelmed by the options. So go here! Your taste buds will thank you for it. 

Pro Trip: Cider is the best pairing with galettes (savory crepes). Highly recommend!

56 rue de Montparnasse, Metro Stop Edgar Quinet (line 6), Vanvin (line 4), or Gare Montparnasse (line 4, 6, 12, & 13)

Just spent the best day with @julescecilia and @joliejanine showing them around Paris 🇫🇷 Last year they welcomed me to their hometown Munich 🇩🇪 and now it’s my turn to be a guide ! We had lunch at one of my favorite vegan place in Paris called Wild and the Moon, the vibe and interior are super chill, the furniture is so cute, they have all the trendy food (avo toast, black lemonade, acai bowls) and all the food, juices, salads, raw cakes are delicious there. It’s so healthy and nourishing ! Then we strolled around Le Marais for its great fashion scene and to more historical parts of Paris. It was all a blast 💕 Can’t wait to meet again!
Oh and pictured is their quinoa bowl with a green detox juice while Julia and Janine enjoyed some acai bowls !

stardusttree00  asked:

Where is your favorite place in the world? (I don't need an address but I'd love to know what makes you happy)

i love this question. my favorite place is paris late at night. especially in the warm months when the heat leads you to delerium. the glow of the street lamps and the echoes of voices in the silent streets, stragglers after-hours telling stories. i feel at home there.

ML Fanfic Appreciation Week Day 3 - Under Appreciated Gem

Hey, it’s day three, and I’ve actually kept up!

This day I want to dedicate it to one of the most masterful, beautiful pieces I’ve read in the entire fandom, and that is Tourists by @mahaliciously. This oneshot, made for the 1 Year Anniversary of the show, is pure magic, and made me feel like I was actually in Paris. And it is insanely underrated. Hope you like this!

(On a side note, I listened to a playlist with a song from Edith Piaf, because I just had to)

Tourists (fanfic of a fanfic)

The sun was setting in the horizon of a particularly sunny day. Normally, Chat Noir would be around Notre Dame at this hour. Or the Eiffel Tower. Or even sitting on Champ Élysées.

But not this evening.

It had been one of days that just felt… stuffy. Hanging around small crowded places, people fussing over him a little too much, a lot of homework to do. Well, an extra dose of the usual.

So, when everything was done an over, Chat Noir felt the need to go somewhere less crowded. Somewhere he could breathe. And that was when he remembered where Ladybug had taken him some time ago.

He was then sitting on a plexiglass roof of a terrace, filled with the most breathtaking paintings he had ever seen. He stared off into the oranges and pinks of the setting bright star, remembering how, last time he had been there, he had seen it from the other side of the roof, rising.

It wasn’t damp or rainy this time. The roof was still warm from the sun that had hit it all day, but the breeze had become cooler, welcoming the incoming night. Despite Belleville street not being as quiet as last time, it was still much more peaceful than being in the heart of Paris, where it was filled with tourists and onlookers.

“I thought I’d find you here,” a soft voice said behind him. A tender smile curled his lips before turning to his partner.

“Nice to see you too, Ladybug,” he said, as he beckoned her to come closer. Without needing to be told twice, the spotted heroine took a seat beside him.

“It’s almost time to start patrol,” she stated, staring away into the horizon.

“I know,” Chat nodded. “Just needed to take a breather before getting into it.”

Ladybug hummed in understanding. They sat silently for a few minutes.

“You liked it here, then?” she asked quietly.

“It’s my new favorite place in Paris,” Chat Noir beamed.

Ladybug smiled. “That’s good.”

They turned quiet again, comforted by each other’s presence. There was something about this place the needed no words from the two heroes. It was a place of full understanding for both. They stayed there until the last rays of the day disappeared, letting the very few visible stars shine the little they could in the city of lights.

“We should get going,” Ladybug whispered.

“Just a few more minutes,” Chat Noir asked.

Ladybug took a wistful breath. “Okay.”

Slowly, Ladybug scooted closer to her partner and rested her head on his shoulder. Chat Noir smiled once again.

This place was not his favorite in Paris. This was his favorite place in the world.


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Hair color? Brown

Do you like your name? Yes! Although I’m not a fan of the other 130 spellings of Caitlin if I’m being perfectly honest.

Is it easy for people to get under your skin? Sometimes. It depends what mood I am in.

Relationship status? Single Pringle .

Favorite time of the day? Probably the evenings. I like to put on my candles (led ones as my mum thinks I will burn down the house if given real candles, probably true) and read my book or watch a movie.

Bedspread colour? Duck egg and white

Last thing you ate? The last thing I ate was toast and jam

Favorite colour? Blue, pink and yellow

Favorite album? To many do choose from I’m afraid

Favorite song (at this moment): Boys by Charli XCX

Favorite place: Either my bed (oh so very cozy) or Paris (if it’s a geographic location).

Wake up time? 7am on a school day and 8/9am at the weekends

Cat or dog? Dogs for the win!.

Pets? Two dogs, one of which im convinced is possessed

Coke or Pepsi? Neither.

Text or call? Depends, I will call my family members but text my friends

Chapstick or lipstick? Lipstick, definitely

Coolest Halloween costume? Last year my friend and I went as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s world (I was Wayne) and that was really cool. This year I’m going as a Ravenclaw student - possible Moany Myrtle

Where do you shop? E v e r y w h e r e .

Tattoos? Nada

Piercings? The basic piercings - two in each ear

How did your last relationship end (if ever)? Single Pringle 4 ever.

Worst place you’ve ever been to? I’m not sure really?

Biggest fear? Creepy dolls

Emotion rn? Tired, I’ve just woken up

Pick one of your favorite quotes? “And so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past” - The Great Gatsby

A song that makes you cry: I do not feel emotion. Just kidding, probably the “ I wasn’t expecting that ” song, I cannot for the life of my remember it title but the music video made me cry like a blubbering idiot

Last song listened to: Get Schwifty by Rick


For @megatraven This is their secret Santa gift! @mlsecretsanta 


Alya was elated to see her hero sitting before her. She couldn’t believe Marinette got the Ladybug to do an interview for her.

“So how did Marinette get a hold of you? What do you do when your not in costume? What’s your favorite color? Are you free this weekend?” Alya gushed out questions before her mind could catch up with her mouth.

Ladybug laughed, it wasn’t an uncomfortable chuckle but a kind gentle laugh. “Slow down.” Ladybug said, “One at a time.” She smiled at Alya, who took a deep breath and started again.

“Okay so, what is it like fighting akumas?” She asked before adding, “were you ever scared?”

Ladybug put a finger to her bottom lip, tapping it softly. Pondering how to answer this without getting carried away. “It’s always a bit scary to be honest. Because I don’t know what I’m up against at first. But when I figure it out, it’s thrilling.”

“Amazing.” Alya smiled at her hero before asking another question. “So you can’t possibly be ladybug all the time, what do you do when you aren’t her?” Alya knew this was a bit forward of a question but she had to know.

“Well, hmmm.” Ladybug sat back in her chair quickly thinking up a clever lie. “I’m as normal as anybody else. I mean you won’t see me go to a supermarket dressed as ladybug you know?” She laughed as Alya laughed.

“Fair point.” Alya giggled. “Alright, what’s your favorite place in Paris?”

Ladybug jumped in excitement “Oh that’s easy it’s….” she took a pause before a devilish smile spread a crossed her lips “well… let me show you.” She stands and held out her hand for Alya.

“You want to show me?” Alya asked, not sure how to respond.

“Of course, but it will be a surprise so close your eyes and no peeking.” Ladybug smiled.

Alya turned her phone to face her. “I guess that ends this interview I’ll post where Ladybug’s favorite place in Paris is on my blog.”

She turned off her phone and gripped Ladybug’s hand. Alya felt ladybug pull her close, and she smelt the faint sent of baked goods.

“Hold on tight and keep your eyes closed.” Ladybug whispers into Alya’s ear, which made The faintest of blush spread across her face.

Alya felt the wind suddenly hit her as she was being carried away into the city. She felt herself swinging around, up and down and side to side, all the while she had her face buried into her hero’s neck. Holding on as tight as possible for the fear of falling.

When they had stopped moving, she still felt like she was going to fall and didn’t let go.

“You can open your eyes now.” Ladybug giggled.

Slowly Alya opened her eyes and gasped in amazement and fear as she saw thousands upon thousands of lights a cross the city, from on top of the Eiffel Tower. “It’s amazing.” She finally said after taking in her surroundings.

Alya was at loss for words.

“I come here to think.” Ladybug admitted, finally breaking the silence. “Sometimes…this job is stressful or if something went wrong in my personal life I come here.”

Alya looked towards Ladybug and looked concerned. “I can imagine how stressful it is.”

“Yeah, sometimes I wonder if I can’t protect people I care about, people like you.” It took a while for either of them to realize what Ladybug just said. The last part was supposed to be internal dialogue.

“You care about me?” Alya asked, smiling.

Ladybug blushed. “Well yeah, I mean, uh, um. You run the lady blog and I look at it all the time and I-”

“You look at my blog?” Alya asked raising an eyebrow at her hero. “And you act like you don’t know me.”

Ladybug blushed even more.“Well, um, you see, I like the way you get my good side and you are a starting out reporter and I like you so I thou-”

“You like me?” Alya loved her hero and hearing that her hero liked her, made her blush back at Ladybug.

Ladybug was freaking out as she was stuttering “I think I should get you back to your friend.”

Alya nodded, still processing everything and before long she was back on the stage, still holding on tight to Ladybug.

“Thank you for the interview.” She whispered before pulling away from ladybug.

“A-anytime.” She replied getting ready to toss her yoyo out the window.

“Wait, one last question.” Alya blurted out, stopping Ladybug from leaving, waiting for the question Alya had been pondering to ask the whole way back. “Can I kiss you?”

Ladybug blushed looking away for a moment as if she was thinking of something, before pulling Alya in, kissing her lips softly.

It felt weird kissing her hero, but a good weird. As if she was kissing a life long friend, but it was also more than that. It felt passionate, full of love.

Alya’s heart skipped a few beats and as passionate as the kiss was, it was just as quick.

Ladybug left without saying a word and Alya slowly walked down the stairs to the door.

Paul Wesley at New Jersey Con :
  • Fan asked if he can be any other character who would he be and he said who sleeps with Daniel Gillies? Paul: "I would be Katherine!".
  • Paul would be JoMo for week or whoever gets to sleep with Daniel Gillies.
  • Fan: "nurse, cop, or school girl costume, which do you want Daniel Gillies to show up at your house in"? Paul: "no costume".
  • Paul: My sisters are because there's a rager at the Wasilewski house.
  • Paul chooses hard liquor over beer.
  • Paul: NYC and Paris are My favorite places of all.
  • Paul thinks Ariellel is his biggest fan. She was very amused.
  • Arielle gave Paul an awesome painting of a frog for his birthday.
  • Paul: While directing I wouldn't watch my own playbacks.
  • Paul will direct again in s6, they gave him a tentative episode it might change but its midseason.
  • Paul: "You're just gonna use me and leave and not stay for breakfast!" on Arielle leaving the stage.
  • If paul could eat one food for the rest of his life it would be a polish dish from his grandma.
  • Fav moment with Ian on set, Paul: "End of the day when we leave!".
  • What's your fav thing about being on set? Paul: "I don't have any!".
  • Paul originally auditioned for Bens role on the O. C.
  • Paul: I'm a fan of 1960s culture.
  • Paul told a fan that he loved her and she started crying.
  • Fan asked why he's hasn't tweeted? he said cause he hasn't felt inspired to tweet.
  • Paul: "I'm an old man" cause he's been instagramming more than tweeting and he needs to link them.
  • Paul describes: Ian: smoldy, Daniel: he blushes, sweet cheeks, Nina: boss woman, Candice: bubbly bubbles.
  • Paul wants to guest star on Game of Thrones.
  • Fan (shouting): 'Your hair's not right for GOT",Paul: "I WILL MAKE IT RIGHT".
  • Paul: "I started watching GOT, Everyone is naked, I'd probably die and I like period pieces".
  • Paul: "Ian's a tweet machine! 'I'm tweeting from a helicopter 50000ft in the air. Just got a jet with George bush. Chill out dude. Relax'".
  • Paul Impersonating Ian: "oh I'm tweeting from a helicopter 2819911 feet in the air and then I'm going to Zimbabwe".
  • Paul: "I need a minute." about missing Ian.
  • When asked if he got hurt on set Paul: " I hurt Ian A LOT!".
  • Paul: after every fight scene with damon and stefan Ian had to go to the chiropractor because l hurt him.
  • Paul used to listen to hip hop and wear his pants low and they fell to the ground in front of everyone.
  • Paul: "I don't really do dates".
  • Paul has asked his sister onstage with him!
  • Julia says she'll post the baggy pants picture on twitter, Paul: "Thanks Julia".
  • Paul: "If I'm ever in a good mood I search [Roll Bounce] and get depressed".
  • Paul: I had to take a 2 week long roller skating class with Lil Bow.
  • " how many boobs have to signed!"? Paul: "One male boob. Waxed chest".
  • Paul: "I love when Klaus and I were lovers".
  • Craziest Fan Experience Paul signing a baby's head: "Would you sign my baby!".
  • Paul: "I do not want to see Stefan in the 70's in roll bounce again!".
  • Paul's agent tried to get Paul an Edward Cullen audition but they wouldn't see him. He never tried out for Edward Cullen.
  • Paul: "I don't know any embarrassing moments. What's your most embarrassing moments?" Fan: "I don't know!" Paul: "Well what the hell!".
  • Paul: "This Daniel Gillies thing has gotten out of hand and I'm going to keep it going for as long as I can".
  • When Julia got her first boyfriend she texted Paul and Paul texted her back: "TEXT ME IMMEDIATELY".
  • Paul: I won't be as forgiving as Stefan with Damon and I'll say "peace" to the version of Elena.

twodrifters2  asked:

Hii! I love your page,it's amazing,you're doing great job!I love Audrey so much,she's my inspiration and I can't really describe how much I love her.I watched a lot of her movies,and one of my favorites are Roman Holiday,Sabrina,Funny Face,Breakfast at Tiffany's,Charade,but also there are some movies that I didn't watch,but I really wanna watch them(Two for The Road,How to still a Million,Wait Until Dark,Love In the afternoon),so can you help me which one should I watch first? Thank you

Two for the Road showcases some of Audrey’s best acting.  The plot is unlike any of Audrey’s other films and displays a rawer more mature side of her.  Albert Finney brings out the best of Audrey in this film.  She can go from playful to heartbroken in a matter of seconds.  The fashion, as always, is enviable.

How to Steal a Million is the perfect rom-com caper.  Audrey and Peter O’Toole are the ideal onscreen couple and their humor shines through in every scene.  Audrey’s collaboration with Givenchy may be it’s best and Audrey embraces the 60s mod fashions with elegance and ease. 

Wait Until Dark is a brilliant suspense-thriller and Audrey, once again, has the opportunity to truly show off her acting chops and dedication to her craft.  There is one scene in it that makes me jump every time!  She and Alan Arkin are perfectly matched.  The script is strong and so is the direction. I usually watch this around Halloween.

Love in the Afternoon is an underrated film in my opinion.  The age difference between Audrey and Gary is significant but Audrey is perfectly cast as Ariane.  She is innocent, sweet, and funny.  Her wardrobe has some of my favorite Givenchy pieces and it takes place in Paris and costars Maurice Chevalier.  If I’m being honest, I watch this film almost weekly.  It’s just the epitome of sweet and romantic.

I hope this helps with your selection process! Xo

georgiefinchs  asked:

hii!! i'm going to paris in a few days and i'm short in ideas of new places to go, to visit, could you share your favourite things to do there, please? :)

Hi! Paris is one of my favorite places, so narrowing down a list of favorites could prove slightly tricky, but I’ll try to keep it under 10 items! Each place has a link to its location on Google Maps. 

1) The Louvre. I am a firm believer that everyone should experience the Louvre at least once in their life. Obviously there’s the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo to see, but did you know that you can tour the Imperial State Apartments of Emperor Napoléon III and Empress Eugenie? In the collection of 17th-18th century paintings there are a few paintings of Henri IV, my favorite King in history and a rather cheeky painting of two of his mistresses. To avoid the crowds I would recommend getting off the metro at Palais-Royale-Musée du Louvre, where you can enter through the Carousel du Louvre (which is a great spot for free WiFi.) For the obligatory Pyramid photo you can leave at ground level. I would also try to go a couple of hours before closing when most people have had their fill of art and moved onto something else! I wouldn’t ever recommend spending more than a couple of hours here though, it can all get a bit overwhelming! 

2) Le Musée de l’Orangerie. This is where Monet’s beautiful waterlilies are. It’s a haven of tranquility at the other end of the Tuilleries from the Louvre. The only let in a certain number of people at a time so it’s never packed like the other museums can get. Take your time, sitting at observing the Waterlilies before heading downstairs to look at the rest of the pieces.

3) Sainte-Chapelle. I’ve seen my share of churches and chapels, thanks mum (!) and this is one of the best. It’s one of Paris’ oldest surviving structures. The glasswork is absolutely breathtaking. There are no words to describe it. It sits within government buildings, I think the Palais de Justice, so your bag absolutely will be searched and you will most likely have to go through a metal detector and may be frisked after passing gendarmes. Bring an official form of id, preferably your passport. I haven’t visited since before the Charlie Hebdo attacks so security measures may have increased from this. Don’t let anything put you off, a brisk pat down from a surly Frenchman quickly fades to blurred memory when you walk into the upper level of the former Royal chapel.

4) City-Pharma. Moving from culture to shopping, no trip to Paris would be complete for me without a visit to the Mothership. It’s basically a stack em high, sell em cheap pharmacy. I always stock up on thing I can’t get outside of France, or that cost twice as much anywhere else. 6€ Bioderma? Yes, please! Sharpen your elbows and prepare to push a little to get to the shelves. For the first timer, I would recommend anything from Embryolisse, Nuxe and Bioderma. 

5) Printemps. Most department stores leave me felling panicky and I want to leave after 2 minutes, looking at you Debenhams. Printemps doesn’t. To avoid the tourists, but also experience all the affordable luxury items, i.e. cosmetics, in one place head to Printemps. You may even get ever so slightly better customer service then in Galleries Lafayette as the staff aren’t dealing with 4 different tourists at once. I also get the impression that like Brits will head to Harvey Nichols and Liberty rather that Harrods Parisians will head here rather than Galleries Lafayette, feel free to correct me on this though! 

6) Passage Joffroy. There are loads these arcades around the city, but this is by far my favorite. They’re especially good for window shopping as there are always adorable antique and book shops. There are usually quite a few tourists, there’s a waxwork museum next door, but it’s still the most charming one I’ve come across. 

7) Librarie Galignani. Heaven on earth. The first English Language bookshop in Paris. The walls are packed with books by everyone from Simone de Beauvoir to Zadie Smith. I am forever tempted to buy the beautiful but whole unnecessary to my collection hardback set of the Harry Potter books in translation! Take your time browsing the stacks before picking up a new read that you’ll forever remember buying opposite the Tuileries in Paris. Once you’ve bought your book head next door to…

8) Angelina. L’Africain is the best hot chocolate in the world. It’s an undisputed fact. What isn’t s great, however, is the quest to get in or the hoards of tourists all intent on getting at the chocolate/macaron sugar rush inside. Instead, go to the side and get a half size (and half price) take away cup of hot chocolate and sit in the Tuilleries with your book. None can drink a full cup without feeling nauseated anyway. I’ve also heard great things about the gelato. 

9) The Opéra Garnier. Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful buildings in Paris, I’ve only ever been into the lobby, but I’ve heard that you can do a tour with a member of staff and if you’re lucky, score some cheap tickets to that evenings performance. 

10) Falafel from Chez Marianne and a bottle of wine by the Seine. This is probably the most cliché activity on the list, but I don’t care. I rarely sit in an actual restaurant when I’m in Pairs. My visits are always too short to spend time sat inside. Instead, I go to the little windows on falafel restaurants and crêperies (La Drougerie is a new favourite, thanks to a recommendation from innogensimaginarium) and get food to take away. Bottle of 6€ wine from the supermarket and supper in hand, wander down to the banks of the Seine and sit on the banks watching the sunset and waving at the passengers on the bateaux-mouches. It’s a wonderful way to pass a Spring or Summer evening. 

11) Flea markets. Wander around looking at all of the gems, challenge your group to find the most exquisite/crazy/wild item under a set budget or just decorate your fantasy home. There tends to be a different market every day so check google on the day so you aren’t disappointed when you get to a location and find there isn’t a market!  

This New York Times piece and this Buzzfeed article are also really good if you’re still stuck for ideas. I could probably list another 50 places and things to do, but I think 11 is probably enough to be going on for now! 

I hope you have a magical time in Paris, don’t forget to take loads of photos!


Yesterday’s yummy burger @hankrestaurant at Veggie World 🍔 I’m still recovering from the food coma with all these decadent vegan goodies. Hank Burger can be found in Le Marais which is one of my favorite place to stroll around in Paris so definitely check them out ! I love seeing more and more veggie restaurants popping up in Paris