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Y'all do know that the movie WALL•E isn’t only about two robots falling in love but actually about the controversial global issue of climate change, excess wasting, laziness, and humans destroying the Earth to the point where it is no longer inhabitable.

This is one of my favorite Pixar movies (all of them are my favorite) and it touched on a topic that is so relevant to today. Especially with the election and the news that our future president is appointing a climate change denier as head of the EPA.

I just hope that the American people will educate themselves on the serious issue that is climate change. If we have enough people talking and understanding what a true threat we are, to not only ourselves but to the Earth, that we can make this change and make the government change. All in all I hope I don’t see a future where we are still solely relying on fossil fuels to go about day to day lives.

Some colored doodles to celebrate getting done with finals :,P I started these a few days before having to get into my final projects and just now got to sit down n’ finish them <3

Monster’s inc is my favorite Pixar movie by FAR, and I wanted to do this crossover even if somewhere else another fan already did ;v;

Papyrus n’ Sans both have enough traits that they could fit well in either of the rolls, but I ultimately made Pap sully and Sans mike because of Pap’s passion for work contrasting Sans passion for comedy (and also the height difference xD) Plus, there’s a handful of other characters I imagine in this sort of AU that make more sense with Sans being mike than if Papyrus was

Wasn’t sure what lil Frisk would nickname Papy, but I went with ‘Snowy’ cause they’d probably think he n’ Sans were snowmen before thinking they were skeletons xD I dunno

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I know a BUNCH of little details on Cars too like dude I pay so much attention to everything because it's my favorite Pixar movie. Tell me your favorite tiny details those clever animators put in. ;)


  • I could literally rant about this for hours and I have, but THE ENVIRONMENT MAPPING. YALL DON’T EVEN REALIZE HOW REVOLUTIONARY THAT WAS FOR 2006!!! (for those of you who aren’t familiar, I’m referring to how the scene was reflected onto the surfaces of the cars.) And it’s really showcased in the Sh-Boom scene, I could cry over how perfectly the neon was mirrored onto the characters. Also, the metaphor there? That reviving the town literally lit them up? So pure.
  • The uplighting on the “Here It Is!” sign.
  • D U S T    O N    D O C S     P I S T O N     C U P.
  • The rust!!! All of the rust!!! All of it!!!
  • The cracks in the asphalt were so realistic and I’m sure measured out.
  • the polish on the wooden floor of the court house because Goddamn if they weren’t proud of that fucking envirnment mapping and wanted to show it off at every possible opportunity. I do not blame them in the slightest.

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7, 8, and 10 (AWESOME ask game Maria!) ^_^

haha thank you Ami! I’d had it saved in my drafts for ages and I decided just to play it. 

7.) what do you think of the movie ratatouille? 

what a great question, thank you for asking! *wink emoji* I love it. It is hands down my favorite pixar movie and definitely one of my favorite movies in general! There’s something very magical and very human about it at the same time. The story is wonderfully unique, the visuals are so pretty, and the characters are memorable. Also it’s really clever and funny! But I think what gets me the most about it is the whole arc with the food critic and his reaction to the ratatouille. 

The flashback to his childhood is so unexpectedly sweet and poignant, and the look on his ridiculous pointy-villain face when he takes his first bite kills me. He’s not exuberantly delighted by it nor is he grudgingly overcome by its brilliance and so forced to eat humble pie (haha…haha)- two predictable routes the movie could have gone. He’s moved by the food. It uncovers something in him he thought has died, it brings up memories of love and simplicity he’s spent years burying with harsh criticism and a cold intellectual approach to food. Watching him remember is so unexpected because ratatouille belongs to a genre of movies whose approach to villains is understandably black and white, but what happens is much subtler and much more beautiful. It takes a classic over-the-top mean villain who is practically begging for a spectacular comeuppance and instead of giving you that, it breaks him. Really gently. Through food and the memory of his mother. Everything else in the movie is appropriately light and funny but at its core it’s about the power of art to move hearts. And I mean!! it’s a kids’ movie about a RAT who wants to coOK in a restaurant in Paris!!!!

8.) what’s the most helpful thing anyone has ever told you?

Answering this again and differently. :) This was something I noticed but then had a conversation with some people about but it’s been super helpful so I’m sharing. When you’re a student in a class it behooves you to pay attention, be respectful, do your work, show up etc. for many different reasons obviously, but one of the lesser known ones is that if you do, you’ll have an easier time when disaster strikes and accidents happen. It’s like building up credit with the teacher. If you’re a good student regularly they’ll be much more inclined to cut you some slack when your alarm doesn’t go off and you miss a test or you forget something important. If you’re not a good student, they don’t accept your excuse. It’s interesting because on the one hand…duh. But if you take two exactly identical cases of students missing tests or forgetting an assignment (or even cases where neither are at all to blame) teachers will react differently. The reaction will depend entirely on what kind of students both of them are. 

This is all very obvious and I’m talking too much but it helps me understand why teachers react the way they do sometimes. On the surface it can seem unfair, but if you’ve built up a bad history with them they’re not going to be as willing to forgive you your accidents.  

10.) Favorite Authors and Why.

Jane Austen, GK Chesterton, PG Wodehouse and Elizabeth Goudge. They are my standard four favorite authors. What they all have in common is a wonderful sense of humor and a great love for and understanding of people. They’re also all wonderfully themselves and never fail to bring me joy.

This was FUN. And super wordy. :D

Seven-Headed Dragon
  • Seven-Headed Dragon
  • Brian H. Kim
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Diaz Family Vacation

From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Diaz Family Vacation. Daron and Dominic wanted this scene to be more “weird” than “scary,” so I went with synths that were all bendy. Also, the temp music for this scene was from The Incredibles and it messed with my head so it felt better to do something completely different. (Aside: The Incredibles is my favorite Pixar movie.)