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my favorite thing about watching fantasia now is the bit where the guy is introducing the nutcracker suite and he’s like, “it wasn’t very popular and nobody performs it nowadays” because fantasia was made in 1940 and in fact it wasn’t popular and nobody performed it. tho the ballet was first performed in russia in 1892, it wasn’t performed outside of russia until 1934 and then only in abridged versions. it didn’t start to gain popularity until the san francisco ballet performed the complete version it in 1944 on christmas eve, and it was such a huge success that they started doing it every year. then in 1954 the new york city ballet ran a production of it, and suddenly by the 1960s ballet companies nationwide were doing holiday productions of the nutcracker and now it’s become this incredible huge holiday tradition. anyway live your dreams. be the nutcracker. it might have been sixty years late but goddamn if we don’t all listen to it at least once a year now to make up for it. 

I think one of my favorite pieces of Scooby Doo trivia is that Tim Curry really really wanted to play the main bad guy in the live action Scooby Doo movie, but then he heard that Scrappy was going to be in the movie and his dislike for the character was so strong that he ended up cutting ties with the project when they refused to write Scrappy out of it.

my favorite piece of video game music trivia is that there’s this guy named tim follin who used to write music for older video game systems like the commodore 64, amiga, nes, and snes among others. he was never formally musically trained and didn’t really play video games but this dude could program and churned out banger after fucking banger and made music for these old systems that sound like they could be from today

and one of his best pieces is the title screen for the video game version of fucking PICTIONARY that has NO BUSINESS GOING SO DAMN HARD

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Hi, Mark. It's my birthday and I was wondering if you could pass along a piece of trivia about my favorite plane, Rath. I know it's awful high on the Rabia Scale and may be irreverseibly merged with some other plane, but it was the current thing when I started playing and I'll never forget it.

The name for Rath came from the, then playtest, name of Death Pits of Rath. As soon as the name for the plane was agreed upon by Michael Ryan and myself (we wrote the initial Weatherlight Saga) I created Apes of Rath.

Happy Birthday!

One of my favorite pieces of horror movie trivia:

After the release of Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock received an angry letter from the father of a girl who refused to have a bath after seeing Les Diaboliques and now refused to shower after seeing this film. Hitchcock sent a note back simply saying, “Send her to the dry cleaners.”

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i think my favorite piece of Poe Party trivia is that in the opening credits, every author who is still alive has their name card set down by Poe, but every author who died has their name card lifted away.

One of my favorite pieces of linguistic trivia- and please correct me if I’m wrong about any of this, it’s just something I remember hearing in a class years ago- is that the Arabic equivalent of Alexander is just Eksander (?), because “al” means “the” in Arabic and somewhere along the line the name got misunderstood as being just “the Exander”

My favorite piece of trivia about The Shining is that when they built the door for Jack to bust through with the ax, they built one that could easily be torn apart (for the average person).  What they didn't know was that Jack Nicholson worked as a volunteer firefighter (presumably before he became a star) and broke through TOO easily.  So they needed to build a stronger door.

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Favorite Spock Thing #9725

One of my favorite things is when Spock suddenly grasps a piece of trivia and get’s so caught up in it that he’s like, “Ah, yes. The thing. Also known as other thing, similar to second thing and existing under the umbrella concept of group of closely related things. Not to be confused with other, unrelated thing, commonly known as–”

and Jim is like, “Spock. Yes, Spock. But, sPOCK, WE GET IT SPOCK. LET’S MOVE ON, SPOCK.”

but jim secretly loves it that spock is a big ole dork

My favorite bit of fighting game trivia is that Baiken from Guilty Gear gets a bust size increase every so often because she’s canonically got the largest breasts in the cast so whenever they end up designing a character that’s bigger than her they gotta update her design to make sure she stays top dog.

It’s just such a stupid fucking thing but I respect how much they stick to established canon regardless of how unimportant certain things are. 

Okay so my favorite piece of American trivia by far is the Yankee Doodle Dandy song

Because we all know that it was originally an insult used by the British and the Americans reclaimed it in a valiant “fuck you” to their home country.

But if you know what “dandy” meant at the time period, it was basically a well dressed dude who was possible gay. And then there’s the line “stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni” which was a popular hairstyle back then.

So not only are the British calling the Americans a bunch of queers, they’re calling them a bunch of queers that can’t even dress well

probably my favorite piece of cartoon trivia ever is the fact that american dragon: jake long was created by the author of infamous yiff story/play poona the fuckdog, which is about pretty much exactly what you’d expect and which has a cover drawn by none other than jay naylor

that paints american dragon: jake long in such a hilariously disturbing light. i love it