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Take a break. What's your favorite dog picture?

This picture of me and my dog the first week I got her, she is so much bigger now but she still loves being carried like this and constantly giving me love. She is 100% one of the best things in my life and I love her to pieces and don’t know what I would do without her.

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First, a BIG thank you for sharing your drawings with us ! I really liked the colors used in the last pictures on your other blog *thumbs up* Secondly, is it ok to request some hugs from behind (Eddy hugging Edd or vice versa, what you prefer)? And thirdly, do you have a favorite art (picture, animation, etc.) amongst those you have created and if so, which one ? Have a nice week :)

hmmmmmm my favorite picture.. out of all of my pictures i’ve ever done?  I’d say it’s the one where they’re really drunk (link) but that’s just the first thing that comes to mind.  my favorite of all the requests so far is the frotting one on spicyeggy (but i still have a lot more to do lol)

I didn’t chose my favorite band member… My favorite band member chose me.

This picture surfaced about a week after my 2016 concert, which is when Sav knelt down in front of me and serenaded me… I’m pretty sure this is actually that moment because I had to stand on the guard rail in order to see over the end of the ramp. Consequently, my head was above everyone else’s. I’d hunch down a little when they got closer.

This was one of several beautiful moments that night, but by far my favorite. Hysteria now has a special place in my heart because of it… Sav had already been there, and now forever will be.

I hope he realizes he made a kid’s dream come true that night.

Imagine your favorite character being someone who prefers pineapple pizza


OMFG! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! You guys don’t even understand I started this blog so I could save my favorite Jeff imagines/fanfics/pictures/headcanons etc. and in less then two weeks I have 100 fucking followers that share the same love for Jeff Atkins and we all agree that he deserves better and everything. It’s ABSOLUTELY insane. I truly don’t have words except to the writers; just keep writing Jeff imagines we all love them! I love you all so much don’t be afraid to inbox me it always makes me smile.😆💗

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Anna x Bates Appreciation Week

This is my favorite picture of Anna and Bates. The look of happiness on their faces just before their first kiss as man and wife gets to me everytime.


I think I can say I had the time of my life at anime expo // here are some of my favorite cosplayers !! If you see yourself in these please feel free to tag yourself. (:

Chris Wood appreciation week Day 4: Favorite Pictures

My favorite pictures of Chris are basically all pictures that show him on his motorcycles because I love Chris Wood and I love riding on motorcycles although I can’t drive them myself.

I also love all pictures of Chris smiling. Sadly I can’t find them but there was a picture of him sitting in his car and smiling so beautiful. 

Again credit goes to whoever made those pictures and Chris.