my favorite picture of tyler

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite photo of Tyler?

I should probably start off by saying I am terrible at making decisions when it comes to anything so it’s no surprise that it is impossible for my brain to pick just one ultimate favorite picture of him. Even going through pictures I found it extremely hard to really REALLY narrow it down to just a few. I wanted to keep adding to the list but I made myself settle. 

* Before I post them I also want to add any picture where he is laughing or smiling. Those will always be my first favorites. His genuine, real smile is the most amazing thing on this planet and could brighten the darkest day.

* I’m a sucker for his body so abs, arms, back, you get the idea. Those are going to be my second favorites. I’m not ashamed. I’m only human.

* His longer hair. God, I wish he would stop cutting his hair every week and let his hair grow out. The “flow” was amazing…especially without gel in it, which is rare but it has happened.

So whenever I hear “favorite picture of Tyler” this picture is the first one that comes to mind. It has everything I love. Smile, body, hair. LOVE this picture.

This one also has hair and smile…and he’s even clothed! Aren’t you proud of me?

Again, I am a sucker for his smile. 

His eyes are amazing in this picture. Don’t you dare tell me that brown eyes aren’t beautiful. (Bonus : longer hair)

This one screams passion and intensity and I just love it so much and honestly it’s such photography goals. Such a great capture.

This one just gives me all of the feels. I love it. It’s perfect. He’s perfect.

I could go on and on but I am going to stop here. These are my top favorite pictures of Tyler Seguin. I need to post this before I decide to add more.