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Sing crossover version: The Auditions

Some draw I did last night of my favorite scene from the movie

Grizz as Gunter - Bad Romance by Lady Gaga (it’s my favorite one, so funny)

Luna Loud as Ash - I don’t wanna by Scarlett Johansson and Beck Bennett

Max Goof as Johnny - Stay with me by Sam Smith

Fluttershy (human) as Meena - Chandelier by Sia (But, she just too afraid. Because of her stage fright.)

Branch as Mike - Pennies from Heaven by Frank Sinatra

Nicole Watterson as Rosita - Firework by Katy Perry

Greg Universe n’ Tree Trunks as Buster Moon n’ Ms. Crawley

Sing © Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures

Other cartoons © other studios


The Blue Lamp is one of my very favorite songs. Blue Lamp was written about a blue lamp that my mother gave me when I first joined Fleetwood Mac. A very heavy leaded glass lamp that I carried on an airplane home with a friend of mine, she carried the base and I carried the shade, home to L.A. And we were really afraid it was going to get broken because it was this, you know, leaded glass lamp. They didn’t want us to take it on the plane cause it was too big. Well, we got it on the plane, by screaming and yelling and crying. So that is the lamp that I carried from my mother’s home. And it became and has remained my favorite possesion. It is the one thing that never changes. It is without a doubt the only light that shines through the shining night much of the time for me.
And the blue lamp was supposed to be on the cover of Bella Donna, the picture of the blue lamp. And I decided to change the cover so there are some very, very wonderful pictures of this group of women and this room and stuff around this blue lamp. So someday those pictures will come out and you’ll get to really see the blue lamp. Cause it really is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, it looks like a huge blue mushroom. And it’s a wonderful thing for my mom, too, because it’s all so real, even though it sounds like sort of a gothic fairy tale song, you know, it’s totally real, every line in it is real.“

16: Afterglow

By @smoothdogsgirl:#16 “wait you’re what?” I hope 🤞 i got the instructions right. Also congrats 🎉🎈🍾🎊!!!!

Word Count: 922

A/N: I love Nine Lashes. Seriously, guys, check them out. There’s something just so full and open about their music. I didn’t even have to listen to this song over and over to capture the kind of feeling I wanted for this drabble because it’s basically ingrained in my head from all the times I’ve listened to it over the years. Plus, this is one of my favorite songs by them so… Also, doing this challenge has made me realize how much bittersweet music I have.

Song 16: Afterglow by Nine Lashes

“That one!” Your daughter pointed to a picture from the album that was open on your lap. “I wanna know that story.”

That ping of pain raced through your heart as it did every night when you put Rachel to bed and let her pick a picture of her father. Ever since Sam died, you made it a point to keep him alive in Rachel’s mind. Sure, he might be gone, but he would never be forgotten.

“That’s a good story. The time daddy and Uncle Dean got into a prank war.”

Rachel giggled softly and snuggled under your arm, already picturing the kinds of antics Sam and Dean could get into.

“It all started when daddy took Uncle Dean’s car into town and parked in a different parking spot when he came home. And you know how much your uncle loves his car, right?”

“More than I love kangaroos.”

You nodded at her sober answer. “More than you love kangaroos. So can you imagine what Uncle Dean did when he couldn’t find his car?”

Rachel thought about her answer long and hard. “Um… he cried?”

“A little bit,” you confided quietly. “But then he decided to get daddy back.”

You went on to describe the escalation of pranks, enjoying your daughter’s giggles and laughter, until you finally finished the story, fully explaining why Dean had a horrible spray tan and Sam’s hair was bright green while they were yelling at each other. Just after you snapped the picture, they turned their glares on you, but you showed them the picture and that was when they realized just how ridiculous they were being.

“One more story?” Rachel begged, watching you with wide, innocent, puppy-dog eyes. She must have inherited those eyes from her father, because you couldn’t say no.

“One more. Then it’s bed time.”

As she flipped through the pages of memories, you found yourself missing Sam so much more than you ever had before. He’d been gone for over a year, and moving on was still so far out of reach. It was like there was a giant, gaping whole inside of you. If it hadn’t been for Rachel in your life, you would have been lost with no idea what to do with your life.

“Mommy! You’re in this one!” Excitedly, Rachel pointed at a photo that Dean had taken.

Tears immediately sprang to your eyes when you saw the hesitant joy on Sam’s face, reflecting from the apprehension and uncertainty on yours. It was a tenderly real moment forever captured on film.

Wrapping your arms around your daughter, you kissed the top of her head and kept your eyes on the picture. “Daddy and I had been together for two years when that picture was taken…”

Nerves tangled with fear, wreaking havoc in your stomach. He looked so relaxed for the first time in months. This hunt had gone well and now he was gearing up for an entire week at home. The three of you had agreed that the world could survive seven days without the Winchesters.

But you weren’t sure you were going to survive the next seven hours with your secret.

“Smile, you two!” Dean held his phone out and snapped a picture just as you rolled your eyes. He grinned. “What? You’re rubbing off on me, Y/N. Gotta document every minute that we’re still alive.”

“We’re not doing anything right now, Dean,” Sam said, closing his eyes and leaning back against the cushions of the couch.

You couldn’t take it anymore. This doing nothing. You had to do something to distract yourself or you were just going to blurt it out and you definitely needed more time to get used to the idea before anyone else knew.

So you pushed off the couch and headed over to the DVD shelf. “How about we watch a movie? There’s Finding Nemo, Prometheus, Kingsman, Indiana Jones, I’m pregnant by the way, Megamind, The Book of Eli, Tex—“

“Wait,” Sam cut in, sitting straight up and staring at you. “You’re what?”

“I’m, um, I’m pregnant?”

That’s when Dean took the second picture. The one that Rachel was running her finger over, tracing Sam’s outline. Everything had changed in that moment. Sure, being pregnant brought about its own problems, especially in the hunter’s life. You and Sam had different ideas about how to parent. But having Rachel seemed to lock you and Sam in place. Everything had more meaning. Each touch and kiss. Each shared grin and teasing jokes.

Rachel looked up at you with wide eyes. “He was happy?”

“Of course he was happy, sweetie. How could he not be happy when we got such a perfect baby girl like you?”

“Do you think he misses me?”

“I know he misses you. He loved you so much, Rachel.”

“And he’s in Heaven, right?”

“Yes he is. Uncle Cas made sure of that.”

“Good,” Rachel nodded assuredly. “Because I’m going to Heaven when I die and I want to be with Daddy and you. We can be a family again!”

There was a lump in your throat as you stared down at your innocent little girl. You had so much love for her. “That’s a long ways away, sweetie.”

“I’ll remember him. And he’ll remember me. It doesn’t matter if it’s forever away. We’ll all be together in Heaven and there won’t be any crying and we’ll always be happy.” With another decisive nod, her mind was made up.

And something told you that your daughter was right.

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Dating vinny

-jimmy johns every night
-playing video games together
-him teaching you how to play drums or play
-your favorite song
-going on tour and watching from side stage
-butt touches
-helping him with new beats for TRaP DEMoN
-sexual italian sausage jokes
-“make that ass clap so loud it turns my
lights on”
-“o” face pictures specifically for you

|| I have weird convos with people at night who give me these ideas


I traded out Friday as my stay-home day for today.  It is still pouring rain, and I am kind of an emotional mess and not remotely interested in people this morning.  Our new tv is being delivered today anyway, and I need to be here to sign for it. 

There’s no real reason for this spam of lots of my favorite pictures of me and the husband…but seeing them makes me feel better and I wanted that right now.  That bottom picture is our very first picture together–it’s from 1999!  Last night on our dog walk we were talking about some of our friends’ recent issues with dating/new relationships.  A common question we’re asked is always some form of “when do I bring up _________?” or “should I tell him/her about ________” or “how do I ask about ______?” I try to come up with thoughtful answers…but it’s difficult.  I feel extremely fortunate that I have known my husband since we were fifteen years old. We have a foundation of many nights spent sitting on the hood of his car talking all night, skipping school to go out hiking and talking over a picnic lunch at Chalk Ridge Falls.  He was right there to witness the worst mistakes I’ve ever made in my life.  There’s really not much he doesn’t know about me…and if there’s anything, I probably don’t remember it myself, so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .  We were friends for a long time–well before we ever dated.  And, at that time in my life, that definitely was a better thing to be to me–a friend.  (I was a freakin’ walking nightmare as a person to date.) 

I have a really difficult time being vulnerable in the moment.  I can always talk about anything after the fact, but in the moment when I’m feeling sad/scared/hurt–that’s when I have a tendency to isolate myself. I’m having a pretty tough week, so there aren’t even words for how much it means to me that my husband knows me so well that just a flash of a look, a minor alteration in my tone of voice–anything–can indicate to him how I feel and he knows to be there for me in the way that I need him. I texted him at work this morning to tell him that I appreciate and love him SO MUCH every day, and that is so incredibly true.  That husband of mine.  He’s my favorite.


as soon as I went up to van last night he told me to sit with him and hang out after everyone else left- I couldnt be happier, being with him for so long and talking about everything felt just like the old shows!! he sang me songs from the new album and told me the tracklist and we were looking through pictures joking about how old he looks now compared to last year. we talked about literally everything there was to say and catch up on with each other, he is genuinely one of the kindest people and I’ll appreciate it always :)

Even as a kid, Mike Wheeler never saw himself or his future in Hawkins. Not that he thought about it particularly often, of course, but in those elementary school class projects with crudely drawn stick figures and crayon scribbles about “When I Grow Up,” little Mike always pictured himself somewhere else. He loved the close proximity of his best friends’ houses and the freedom to explore the mysterious woods behind his home and the unmistakable familiarity of all his neighbors, but there was some grand allure in the bustling cities on television and the soaring skyscrapers in movies and the enchanting colorful images in his big sister’s magazines. There was a world beyond his self-contained little town, and Mike Wheeler was going to find it. As he grew up, the bleakness of Hawkins began creeping into his vision once more. He was becoming exhausted with the entire town watching his every move and the way bullies’ teasing names for him spread throughout the school like wildfire. Nancy always talked about her intricate plans to go off to college in a big city and forge a path for herself, and Mike ate this up. He wouldn’t leave his friends behind, though—all three of them would make a name for themselves, get out and into the world. Beyond the dreary, sleepy town of Hawkins (where the most excitement they’d had in years was tied between the Henderson’s Super Bowl party where one of the neighbors had a bit too much to drink and the time an owl got himself caught in a poor woman’s tangled hair.) There wasn’t a future for them here. They insisted that their lives would begin outside of there. 

And yet, several years, five graduation caps, innumerable road trips, two wedding rings, and enough-Eggo-waffles-to-feed-a small-country down the road, Mike Wheeler would look back at that small, dreary town of Hawkins, Indiana and remark on how much his life changed there. For the better. More excitement and strangeness than he would ever experience in even the grandest of cities. He wouldn’t have it any other way 

Perhaps a different kind of fic rec...

So I have been working on a tattoo sleeve for a while now. It’s a little strange because instead of pictures it’s all quotes from movies/books/music and fics!

Last night I added the intro to my all time favorite fic!

The lines are from @redlance​‘s one shot ‘A Moment’s Reprieve’. If you haven’t had a chance to read the fic yet guys then take a second and do so! As a matter of fact, take a second and read all of her stuff. Girl is talented!
Also, check out the amazing GIF set made by @bechloe-beatchell​.
I won’t lie, I saw the set first and I think it influenced a lot of how I saw the fic. 

(And a little shout out to Swen who can see the LFW tattoo too)

As I sat there, in the cold sand. Wearing your favorite sweater, I had tears in my eyes as you snapped the picture as the sun was rising. The wild night we had, it was 6:34 am when the sun started to rise. The night was just about to end. We had both lied to our parents saying we were staying at our friends house when we really were out all night with each other. We end up at the beach to end the perfect day. It was three days before you graduated. I knew it was gonna be trouble when we started dating, I knew being younger and you moving off to college was going to be a struggle but I was willing to risk it. So those tears, they were much more then missing you. I think at that very moment I realized you weren’t the one and that one day things were going to end. You know that thing your brain and heart does where you still have that little hope that the happy ever ending you wanted so badly to happen could still happen. I had that, I didn’t cry, I didn’t want you to ask questions I wanted you to remember this night as an amazing night. We sat in the sand in silence, I was watching you watch the sunrise and how much I’d miss that smile and the kisses we shared. He was I my first everything, boyfriend, time, kiss. All of it. We had so much in common and I thought I did love you, I really did. Maybe that’s why it hurt so much because there was so much there and so much hope for us that I thought I loved you.
—  From a book that I’ll never write

Okay…so I was tagged by a lot of people to do the six selfies from 2016 thing, but here’s the problem:

I didn’t take six selfies this year.

So here’s two good ones, my favorite selfie, and some supplemental pet pictures.

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Word count: 770

Genre: Angsty(kinda, maybe)

Anon:  Hello omg I just found out that you write for Yelows Mob, God bless you 🙏 Could I possible request for a Lee Gwangmin angst/smut? Maybe when it’s your first time with him? Thank you 😭💗💗💗

Lee Gwangmin; My troublesome boyfriend who I can’t get enough of. People classify him as a bad boy, stoner etc. but the truth was that he is the most  sweetest and kindest person I knew. At least towards me.

It was a Saturday night, or Sunday morning. It was past midnight and I’ve been sitting on my couch cuddling to my gray blanket I brought with me, while watching on of my favorite movies on Netflix, waiting for Gwangmin to come back. All of a sudden I got multiple picture messages from his friend Minsik, also known as Sik-k. Me and Minsik never really got along, well he never really tried to anyways. I saw the messages and didn’t like them at all, it had the caption “I think you’ve been replaced” said the text with two pictures of Gwangmin back hugging a girl I have never seen before and kissing her on the cheek. “He wouldn’t do that” I said to myself while gripping the phone to my chest. All of a sudden, my thoughts were interrupted by the front door opening and closing. I stood up once I saw Gwangmin walk in with his hair all messy and tired eyes and damn did he still look sexy, but I quickly shook my head and looked at Gwangmin with sad eyes. “Who is she and where have you been?” It sounds like two simple question that I asked, but both me and him know that I’ll need a full explanation.  

He sighed and took off his jacket and frowned a bit. He moved towards me and raised his eyebrow. “I was at the club and who her? (Y/N) you know I would never-”

I cut him off by pushing him away from me slightly, try to keep a fair distance between the two of us.

“Your friend Minsik? Yeah, he send me this picture of you and some random chick, so who is she?” I said trying to sound calm and showing him the pictures with the little text. His face went from serious to a huge smile as he started laughing and taking off his shoes. “(Y/N) do you really believe what he say? It’s all lies.” I frowned and threw my phone on the couch and pushed him passed him and walking into the kitchen. “Do you think that I’m stupid? That I don’t know what everyone says about you, “He’s a player, stay away” but I ignored everyone thinking that you were different but these pictures and the rumors online are just too much!” I yelled and moved a bit back once I noticed Gwangmins facial expressions changing. He was mad. He straightened his back and scoffed.  "Wow (Y/N)…” He breaths out.

‘’I didn’t know that you caught me. Is hugging my cousin a sin? Cheating? Or that other girl that you say are rumors, my cousin? Don’t you trust me? Huh (Y/N)? Really… I didn’t expect this… don’t you know how much I love you? and you’d really think I’d cheat on you? How low do you think I am?“

My jealousy has brought me to the level of disappointment. I felt relieved that he’s not cheating, but still had some doubts, but I called him a liar and hurt him. It’s not that I didn’t trust him, I do trust him, I just don’t trust the alcohol…. And his friends. I loved his friends, their like my brothers, really but they sometimes are a bit daring when drunk.

I looked down and whispered a weak "I’m sorry Gwangmin…” but then suddenly I felt warm, rough hands on my cheek, bringing my head up to his. He kissed me softly and moved his hands to my neck. “I know you didn’t mean it. You’re not that type of person.” He said quietly and kept on giving my lips little pecks, he then moved down to my chin, down my neck. “And I want to prove something to you.” He said quietly against my neck as I bit my lip and looked at him. “Prove what?”

He picked me up, making me wrap my legs around his waist. He walks both of us to our shared bedroom while still kissing my neck. I moaned softly once I felt him bite my neck, it all felt so good until I feel him laying me down our bed, he hovering over me and kissed my lips ever so softly. “I want to prove that I love you (Y/N). And I want to prove that I’m yours and that you can trust me.” He whispered before kissing my lips….

A/N: sorry that there isn’t smut like you wanted, i just suck at writing smut in so many levels.


The other night I was messing around with some stickers and a few of my favorite pictures of Pearl and designed a wallpaper for my desktop (the top image) bc I love her. I really liked the simplicity and color scheme, so I made some matching/similar wallpaper for my phone!

I really like the way Pearl was drawn in the extended opening can you tell

These are the ones I liked the most from the batch so I decided to share them! hopefully I made them long enough so you can fit them the way you want on your phone/whatever and won’t tank in quality. They’re super basic and tbh this was entirely self indulgent, but feel free to use any if you see one you like!! (like/rb if you do!!)